Mia Shauri

Mia Shauri Belly Dance with Tambourine


One of the most beautiful and sexiest belly dancer Mia Shauri belly dancing with Tambourine in a very sexy and lovely belly ...

Arielle and Mia Shauri's Fierce Fantasy Fusion at Belly Dance Masters


Some of the students of Belly 2 Abs, a dance and fitness studio in Miami perform alongside their teachers Arielle and Mia Sha'uri ...

Mia Shauri dancing in Geisha Moth Designs


Mia Shauri freestyling in Geisha Moth Designs Yaa Halla Y'all TEXAS 2009.



Mia Shauri Bellydancer performing with Fan Veils in Orlando at Stellar Advantage Event 2009 - Train with her in 2011 at Belly ...

Mia Sha'uri from 2014 Belly Dance Masters


Beautiful Romantic Fan Dance from 2014 Belly Dance Masters. For more information about Mia Sha'uri see ...

Mia Shauri: Belly Dance Improvisation with Veil and Zills @ Rakkasah Spring Caravan


Mia Shauri: Belly Dance with Veil and Zills (Finger Cymbals) @ Rakkasah's 2nd Spring Caravan Belly Dance Fusion Festival.

Al Hassan Ameed: Male Belly Dance Drum Solo


Al Hassan: Male Belly Dance Drum Solo. Al Hassan (El guapo) is Mia Shauri's brother. Al Hassan is the Little Belly Dancer of the ...

Mia Shauri: Belly Dance Improvisation with [email protected] Rakkasah Spring Caravan


Queen of Props and Improvisation. Mia Shauri. Bellydance improvisation @ Rakkasah's 2nd Spring Caravan: Belly Dance Fusion ...

Mia Sha'uri at Ya Halla Y'all 2014


Using some of Fusion Jonda's music (fabulous group!) I put together this feel good solo! A little taxim, a little Bomba, a sprinkling of ...

Mia Shauri Fan Veil 2010


Mia Sha'uri performing Fan Veil in August 2010.

Mia Shauri: Belly Dance with Tambourine Queen of Props and Improvisation


Mia Shauri: Bellydance with Tambourine. August 27, 2007 at Aziza's Birthday Bash. Song: Drama Queen. Queen of Props and ...

Mia Sha'uri Cabaret Fusion 2009 Orlando


This exciting performance begins with Bomba and evolves into a hot drum solo. Enjoy it!

Mia Sha'uri of Puerto Rico with Fan Veil Fusion at Ya Halla Y'all 2014.


This is one of those pieces where I found the music and felt like it had been written for me. I love it and this dance helped me ...

Dance routine - young woman with thick knee length long hair


I cannot imagine a more beautiful head of hair than on this woman, absolutely perfect.

Mia Shauri 1st Runner Up @ Belly Dancer of the Year 2008 Semi-Finals.


Mia Shauri 1st Runner Up @ Belly Dancer of the Year 2008 Semi-Finals. Song: Tales of the Sahara by Bellydance Superstars Vol ...

Mia Shauri Performing Tribal Fusion in Dallas


The versatile Mia Sha'uri of Puerto Rico performing Tribal Fusion in Dallas, Texas.