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Agenda 21 Cars Megacities Sustainable Transit UN United Nations

A Baller
A feminized society is less likely to fight back against tyranny? I agree.\n\nI never considered that that is why homosexuality and gender confusion is promoted.
Alicia Barnett
Every Christian should be fasting and praying against this. Wake up you do t want blood on your hands!
Amanda Hammond
I was on the Nextdoor app earlier today reading people in the community feud about the \
So basically agenda 2030 is running shit as its the decisions which run the world
Antonia Hynes
Awareness is great as the first step but I think IT WOULD BE HELPFUL IF SOMEBODY TOLD US HOW TO PREPARE AGAINST THIS!!!! #tiredofbeingscared!
Bas Bizar
Well, my Father has his own agenda. Translation: the Bible explains it in detail. Jezus comes soon en rescues us from the devil, putting him in bodemless pit.
Bernadine Schacht
It’s hard to believe that I have lived into a time In Which the lunatic leftist libtard regressives and their frightening one world agenda and their intent to enslave everybody but their own select elitist group and their intent to “do away with” anyone who disagrees with them is being so openly discussed. When did this horrible nauseatingly disgusting group of libtards decide they were going to surveil and enslave the rest of us? Who put these greedy conscienceless would-be despots in the driver’s seat? Not I. If the Buddhist monks in Myanmar (traditionally the most peaceful people anywhere) can rise up against their Islamofascist suppressors, so can we. It is time to say enough to all these repressive laws and greedy politicians, neither of which we support—but who rip money out of our pockets in the form of taxes to support insane programs that not only DO NOT benefit us but which force us into slavery and genocide.
Berni Venter
How the hell did we end up in this situation?\nSeems to me that the road to hell is indeed paved with \
Beth Cialek
End Poverty and Hunger by working and learning how to grow your own Food! Problem solved!
Brian W
give a man a fish and he will eat that day, teach a man to fish and he will eat everyday...\n\n\n\n\n\nIf he's black, make sure you don't make him mad or you're racist....
Broussard's Trinkets
The Hunger Games comes to mind. Predictive programming?
Your efforts are awsome. Thank you
Carlos Mbaziira
wont happen, humanity is waking up faster than they can put us down :)
Casper Debelbesin
agenda 21 was aimed for completion by the 21st century. 2030 in hopes of full implementation by the year 2030. its always been a global agenda
Cheryl Jensen
Goal. Start fires & stop water flow. Sale land cheap to red China. To stack and pack people and charge HIGH RENT. \nNo one will be allowed to rebuild due to gov. Regulations & high costs.\nThen you are all slaves.
Cheryl Johnson
Thanks for this. Great tool to help WAKE people up. God bless you!
I am well aware of the dangers of globalist ideology... and it scares the hell out of me, but some of these several points are legitimate issues our planet is facing... (example: i live with in 20 miles of 3 superfund sights. And that shit is real, people are dying). I think too many of these serious issues are being dictated, mandated, regulated, and policy driven by the larger and larger forms of government, and that needs to change... but that does not mean that all of these problems are null and void... several of these issues would be better dealt with by local communities, and I understand that this is getting more and more difficult as globalist agenda creep in... but I fear that the tone and intention of some of these anti-globalist videos are advocating throwing the baby out with the bath water... how do we find balance? How do we as a species and as individuals acknowledge that problems exist and stay true to American ideology, valuing property rights, independence, and self determination? This is getting to be a serious challenge to overcome.
Darth Xero
Thank god there are 100 million armed patriots, with over 400 million weapons, and 13 trillion rounds of ammunition to fight the un and keep the republic free. This subversion will result in revolution
December Leigh
Having 100 Million chronic pain pts commit suicide by cutting their meds under a fake \
Demera Myklos
Great video, and sickening. And we see it happening. 5G is just one of the deadly means of implementing this. Horrible.
Derus B
Sounds like South Africa
Thanks for the information!
Dissident D.J.
great video! I been awake for a few years now and lately been working so much i feel like i slipped back into \
Dood Moe
Sounds like communism.
The 'Common Core' you have in the US is probably similar to/the same as the 'National Curiculum' in the UK.
EzyPzy LmnSqzy
So what's the plan of attack in all of this? I'm from Canada myself. How can everyone stop this Agenda 21 ? Is this the end of mankind as we know it? Just curious on everyone's opinion
Fay H
I think I'll buy a Guy Fawkes mask or a couple dozen masks for my family  & me .They may say it's too extreme but I will wear one each time I  leave my property.
Fish Carcass
I hate this guys voice
FranK w. Barrett
As a homeless man for the past few years I have recognized the many things taken place. It doesn’t matter what you was or what you had, you will be forced to conform to the dictators. The rights of many are being taking away. I am disabled and now told by companies that I do not qualified for the job. I can’t stand or pick up weight or move quick enough. I don’t make enough to to get a room or any kind of an apartment. \nNow we know the truth that America is no longer a safe place to live. We must come to the facts of being here in this country but not of it. Soon very soon we will see the power of God and His mighty power. Let us keep hope in that we do not see rather than put our hopes in this evil and corrupted world. Say good bye to America the home of Satan and hello to Jesus Christ savior
FreefromtheMatrix #73
i remember telling people on benefit how the system would change and the day will come when you can no longer use the system or get money in times of crises and they all said it would not happen,,, Fools and now it has happened and i told people how society is being manipulated and also the future to come,, i never been wrong yet and all my premonitions come true and i have been hated on by those who don't like the truth nor understand the truth to life,,, they think you will tell them all the secrets and what life is about,,, like the sort of people who read the back of a book claiming to know the full story,, too lazy to work it out or too stupid to understand the Agenda which is now in motion,,, too many people in denial and ignorant so they react due to the brainwashing by media or peer pressure,,, free thinkers and those that think outside the box are labelled crazy or dillusional,,, again brainwashed people who are cogs within the system,,
We know this was suppose to happen....May God help us thru his son our messiah
Giant Robot
This is basically Communism on steroids.The 🇺🇸 needs to leave the United Nations(Zionists puppets)and kick them out of 🇺🇸!
great video... elections are a show this is what is happening people,,, watch the barry the firestarter video's on my channel to see the blm group get permitted to cause trouble.. its all controlled
Human league
The United Nations, such a very demonic globalist organization with their foot soldiers the socialist, left, feminist, political correct, liberals through out the West, trying to bring humanity to the point of war by using islam to create the conditions necessary for WW3, as well as using the socialist, left wing approach to more government less autonomy of the individual. So evil, this absolutely evil organization must be wiped off the face of the earth.
James Cooper
Bingo. Globalism is edging to a centralised world power base. Too many sheep, not enough wolves... yet!
James H
Eye opening
Janet Idlett
They want everyone to think it is a utopia when it is not. I am a glad ppl are breaking down what these really mean. thanks.
Jason Bourne
Sounds just like the UK!
Jennifer Smith
Jim Man
anyone who supports man made global warming is just as guilty as these \ncriminals who create these agendas and support all the new world order \nagendas and are the enemies of liberty and mankind all in the lie of \nsaving mankind which is nothing less then a way for the elite and \nbankers to control the world and every aspect of humans from cradle to \ngrave... wake up you fools
John Smith
Its time for another civil war to protect our way of life rather than let some corporations rule over us.  Back to the kitchen knife bows and arrows. The Bible warns about this type of future event. The people who will be in control will they have different air and water for survival than the rest of us?
Johnny Walker
Jorge Lahiff
America's Agenda 21 Map looks strikingly similar to the maps of the West Bank and Gaza. More and more land for the Master Race and less land for the subordinate races. We and the Palestinians seem to have simular problems and the same enemy.
Justin Turner
Seeking the gifts the word is of aid as well as asking for understanding and knowledge of godly men of leadership daily asking for words none can contest as asking forgiveness of sins forgiving others that God's Will prevails in matters I loose angels to rebuke and to stand guard on curses brazenness brokenness as well on gifts of the spirit loosing angels to interrogate demons is of aid well as to over take the ranks of evil going up the ranks civil war in Satan's kingdoms is of loosing angels to bind demonic leadership positions and turn their underlings upon them have the angels mark the leaders of the ranks that are bound with the name of our savior and and direct the underlings to cast them out at demon interrogation doing deliverance Win Worley noted that the demons get punished by their management due to loss of ground controlling mankind this is an opting moment to apply Psalms 109 furthing the losses of the ranks at punishment of their own I often intercede as to pray about those of Catholicism and false doctrines of annoyance in such means applying loosed Judgment upon all for every transgression of the Father's Law known and unknown asking for understanding and knowledge when loosing angels to interrogate the demons I ask for a report through the Holy Spirit in. intersession for others I loose rebuke on those of faith around the persons of country area city ect that those being prayed for are lead to salvation .\nAttention and note to loose adoption and deliverance on those you return attacks unto psalms 109 and all of the Heavenly Father's destruction on.\nDaily asking for understanding and knowledge of the godly women of proverbs 31 along with the fruit of the spirit too.\nArrest in spirit and soul as well false gifts we bind loose angels to stand guard on curses broken to keep them from coming back having a covering as to headship of ministry forgiveness of them that curses be sent back to the senders past generations further back than the garden is of aid in dealing with connections of Catholicism and Free Masons back to the first sin include those of soul ties and soul ties soul back to the first sins well that would include those of past generations and fellowship.\n《Turn my heart toward your statutes\n and not toward selfish gain.\n37 Turn my eyes away from worthless things;\n preserve my life according to your word.\n38 Fulfill your promise to your servant,\n made to those who fear you.\n39 Take away the disgrace I dread,\n for your laws are good.\n40 How I long for your precepts!\n In your righteousness preserve my life.\n41 May your unfailing love come to me, Lord,\n your salvation, according to your promise;\n42 then I can answer anyone who taunts me,\n for I trust in your word.\n43 Never take your word of truth from my mouth,\n for I have put my hope in your laws.\n44 I will always obey your law,\n for ever and ever.\
Kevin Hodge
grinddall 61 i know you don't know me but i thank you need to watch these Walter Veith videos rekindling the reformation 933 thay have made void thy law part 1 and 934 the Beamable sustainable princes and 935 they have made void thy law part 2 . and I'm sure you will understand exactly where we are heading and i pray you are right with God . and i wish i could get your email address to get your opinion of them .
LA Prepper
So...they want to control everything under the guise of keeping us \
Laurie Van Tuyl
If you look at some of the things he's saying in regards to Agenda 21 articles they're already doing that with trying to emasculate men pushing the LGBT community getting to our children to turn little boys into little girls...... PS Ted Turner is a big supporter of this and his wife Hanoi Jane has been all over trying to get Trump out of the way....... We can never let go of our 2nd Amendment.....
Lazy2Bur K
Thomas Jefferson, an immigrant, warned us not to accept private banks into the country.
Libertarian Prime US1
Congrats bro, if this wasn't their plan before definitely is now, they own the internet you know. WAY TO GO BRO
Linden Ziegler
It means you payed for home s and landed and cars it will be taken away by taxing you so you can't. Pay for them are passing laws under your noses are there a war they need to build something on your property they take it away Marshall law they can move you out, flood us out,burn you out.start a flu or diseases to kill us out.move us in to smart cities killing older people and handicap. So theses big companies are going to take every thing it not going to be about going green .The govment with be no more it will become like the holocaust and if you have no money and don't bow down to them and take the mark you won't be out cast they kill you.I pray to Jesus Christ to help me to be Strong not to turn my back are mind on him. Because my soul is the main thing and for people to started. Twittering asking about this mess too President Trump. because we needed something that protect people , from a laws that can take it away and no taxes on land That you are supposed to own and a law against agenda trying to depopulation earth .They are in process take information about you they have been chemical engineering are sky's for years and have Patton on it no one vote to give are heavenly father sky's to them to spray this mess in,The water. Air, land ,poor animals And messing the water up so you have to buy water it would be free and no freedom.we all need to wake up ask questions to Trump. Because this. Is some crazy deep state mess and America is not that small but there are wick sick people behind this for money .And some thing needs to be done now are children will not know freedom of speech or traveling are any thing are family.A nd to take care of the earth work together . But we have been lie to and take advantage of by people we have elected in the pass. Twitter Trump and ask.
Lisa JW
Your translations assumes that the worldwide population has not been drastically reduced FIRST to weed out those humans deemed useless and unnecessary for achieving a perfect world of the perfect human race.
Lynn Tilly
These things have already begun! Thank god Trump pulled out of the Paris Agreement before it is too late! Hopefully we, as Americans, can reverse this in our country.
Marco Digital
Sounds very similar to communism. I was born in the USSR
Michael Rivadavia
On TARGET!Cheers!
Mr. E Atlas_94
Speaking of which. The idea of those dense, highly packed (restricted) megacities where everybody's confined in such an unhealthy, unsanitary tight space that looks like a rotting third world city is bad enough, yet the fact nobody will be able to live in a rural place, nor drive a car, nor travel out of town for vacation will sadly be a law. Plus, with millions of people being mind controlled and surveiled 24/7 in those \
Trump wouldn't allow this
Ending poverty = ending people, exactly correct grindall.
Patricia Salvatore
One of my daughters thinks it's all nonsense, one isn't worried, neither one can see whats happening because they have no perspective of being about to look back. They see the changes as progress, but they lack the ability to see that progess could have happened eithout these extremely restrictive measures Agenda 30 will impose. They'll see it when it's too late. It might be too late already.
Paula Gardner
Alot of this has already happened...look at the snowflakes...Trump is surrouonded by deeply imbedded policies. He would have to take over completely, shut it down, stop it and restart everything....voting is not going to get rid of this...you also have appointees, etc...way imbedded in our government. Electric Co smartboxes, reads data on how many people are in you home at what time of day, etc..and what appliances are being used at any time...now how does that box know how many people are home and when? Smart Tvs, phones, etc...anything Smart...is recording everything. Even if your cell is off, it still gives a radio transmit...the only way you get away from this crap, is leave your phone in the car, go walk in the woods, away from the city....
Pilar Flores
This theory is not very practical 😂
Question Haley
I agreed with some of this but WOW Goal 10's translation is complete BULLSHIT! Impoverished Europeans march around the world stealing resources (and killing people) in EVERY nation they could, then they created a monetary system to keep people who were then made poor from their world conquest from ever getting their land or resources back. This system has kept the majority of human begins out of wealth via its corrupt practices!!!!! Now you want to cry foul because the system is failing? It was never designed for sustainability only profit and exploitation! This is called KARMA have fun I hope you get what you deserve you greedy sons of bitches!
Looks like Trurmp is trying to destroy this horrible system****GOOD\nHe needs to deal with Monsanto....stop them now.
Rob Merrill
No so far fetched if you actually take a look at what's going on around you. Not the propaganda fed by MSM, but actually take a look at what's going on in not our our country, but around the world. These steps are currently in progress, with only the final step of \
Robert Cartledge
i've seen some studies that claim green energy can generate the same amount of power per square kilometer as nuclear power, although i don't know if it was just propagander or if it was a genuine scientific study. also we HAVE to start working on replacing fossil fuels, because over the next century, perhaps sooner, our fossil fuels will be depleted.\n\n also a lot of your 'translations' are worst case scenarios that may have nothing to do with what is actually intended. a good example of this is your translation of point 15 was an extreme stretch of the imagination as none of your examples are much if any impact on terrestrial eco systems.\n\nall the points you have made have basically just been twisted to fit with the current political climate, but thats just because the left is insane and think their ideology is a good thing and that anything to the right is basically hittler. they do need to be stopped, but good news, us conservatives are pushing back hard against the left now. and the fact that their ideas playing out in the real world is causing all sorts of problems is only speeding up the lefts downfall, especially since all they ever do is blame other people for the problems they cause and people are not buying their lies anymore.\n\n anyway the only point you have made that I agree with is that big government is bad so all we need to fight against more government control.
Goal #8 shows a totally incorrect explanation. Globalism has no minimum wage. In fact, one of the main impetus for globalism is that it seeks the lowest wages anywhere in the world, and then ships those jobs to that region. All the countries with the highest standard of living are the countries with the highest wages, strong unions, and a high minimum wage. These include Australia, France, Denmark and similar Western nations. America used to be #1 back in the 1960s and 70s. That was when almost every job in America was a union job that forced the large corporations to pay the highest wages in the world, with excellent benefits too. As America broke up the unions starting in the 1980s, other advanced nations ignored this race to lower wages and instead kept their wages very high. Further proof that high wages are what make a nation great is when we see that virtually all the Third world nations of the world have very low wages and no minimum wage. The average wage in Mexico is $5.00 a day, which thus causes millions of Mexicans each year to flock to America. If Mexico would implement a basic minimum wage of $50.00 a day, the immigration problem would cease overnight. \n\nHaving super low wages is the exact same reason why so many Muslims have left their home countries and flooded into Europe, Britain and Sweden. The Third World countries they are fleeing from are ruled by despotic governments with a very tiny super rich class that governs everyone else. Living in Third World countries like Mexico and Pakistan means you are basically a slave working for a tiny ruling class of super rich. why would Muslims want to live in Pakistan where the average wage is $5.00 a day if they can get to Germany or Sweden and get on welfare that pays 5 times as much or more. The easiest way to stop the massive Muslim immigration into Europe and Britain is for the western govts to force regime changes in all those Muslim countries and install govts that immediately mandate a high minimum wage and allow strong unions. Same thing with Mexico. If the American govt would force the Mexican govt to raise its minimum wage from $5.00 a day to $50.00 a day, there would be no immigration problem. \n\nYou can easily verify what I am saying by googling \
This is a reason they want the guns & ammo, because they know these radical/insane policies no one is going to go along with, like \
Sandra Frazier
I am frustrated beyond belief! Know one believe ‘s me! They think I am absolutely insane! They have no idea what’s coming! I have a 15 year old daughter and a 20 year old son. A husband of 21yrs. I am getting medical exemption for my daughter! She became paralyzed after the flu shot. Because of an underlying illness my doctor insisted we get them. We got the flu bad a month later and again during the beginning of the summer. We always get our Shot at the 1st of October! But I am not doing it this year! No Way! I will never live in the city I am getting land that you can only get to by hiking and building a cabin or a camper of some sort run by solar completely off grid! I am following Jesus’s advice flee to the mountains. I found the perfect spot owner Fianance! I can grow anything ! I am out of here as soon as my daughter is 18 in 2 years! I will camouflage everything with Benners fencing. It’s cheap and so easy to use. I have a ton of it. All I need is a couple goats and chickens. Then forage!
Sandra Salerno
Only God through Jesus Christ can save us, people
Scott Drake
Please look into Port Charlotte, FL takeover by NWO land grab.
Selena Dansfield
They make it sound so GOOD...until you break it down and see the evil they have planned.
THANK YOU grindall61 so very much for the invaluable & very clear breakdown of Agenda 2030. Those of us who find it difficult to uncover the covert intentions of the globalist truly appreciate your work.
Snow McSnow
Worldwide communism and the enslavement of the entire human race.
Steve Curtis
Great Presentation\nThank You for delivering important information.
Wade Harten
The MSM and the people pushing this agenda will always tell the dumb downed masses it's all a conspiracy. Just remember, every conspiracy grows from a seed of truth. Never turn your back on it. Fight to the bitter end!
bugzy c
They usually warn you in their films e.g. Hunger Games
No. Get that right. The void of masculinity in our society will not help us battle against the elite. Women like me will be up for the fight and strong enough to do so but women cannot run independently of men and so will need the masculine support. It's important to have both female and male aspects to fight against oppression as both sides together will use emotion and logic. Like bringing up children the success of parenting can be determined by the involvement of both parents. Both the masculine and feminine energy. It is important to have us both. But yes I agree, they are determined to rid the man
da fe
News Alert!!! Agenda 2050 is out!! this is a global agenda.
dharma poozle
Exit The UN. Cease All Foreign Aid.
Global Zionism and their central banks are the initiators of the 21 and 30 programs, and it goes back 100 years when they hijacked the printing of America;s currency to insure their 30 and 40 year increments of 1.demoralization. 2  destabilization..3  false flag crisis and 4 . the most important ...Normalization of the 1st 3...They insured the enslavement of Americans with their Liberty smashing 911 debacle , installing 3 more central banks of issue in Afghanistan...Iraq and Libya...There are only 3 countries left on the planet without a Rothschild/Rockefeller central bank...Cuba...Iran...and N.Korea...We could add Iceland , as they jailed their Rothschild bankers and printed money backed by silver which brought their economy back on track and prosperity as America's would if a politician ever has the BALLS to write a law outlawing fiat currency as JFK did in 1963...
hbb8672 v2.0
Excellent analysis my man. The sad fact is that the social engineering is working extremely well, as people comply with the monopolisation and corporisation of their freely God-given natural resources.\nVictimisation and the entrained guilt complex are the key to compliance. Predictive programming indeed.
Wow its Portland Oregon took all of this and just ran with it!.
kelli blue
Actually, that's not quite correct. Agenda 21 global has been _renamed_ Agenda _2030._ Agenda 21/2030 at the _local_ level is now called \
lightspeed horse
The most annoying tone of speaking, I don't know why your talking like that, I can't even get to the 2 min mark listening to this. I'll just mute and read
My daughter & son in law, both 46 DO NOT get this! They have 2 daughters, aged 18 & 15 who are programmed by them & the schooling they've received! They listen to their parents who I wish listened to me!!!!!! I'm WIDE AWAKE & have been for over 6 years now!!!!!!
mike .D
BTW I can almost not read at night now sonce we had these wanky new light bulbs. Low consumtion = low light !
persha shoji
THANK YOU MIKE ADAMS and Grindall for the TRUTH of one more of the NWOs NOBLE LIES see Platos NAZI Ideal
scott clark
To those that think Trump's involed he stopped the three so called trade treaties that in five years in three signatures the Asian Pacific pac Atlantic pac and the biggy un world trade pac thank God for trump
wil scott
Libtards don't believe this...\nThough , the truth is obvious ...
the civilian population needs more guns to protect them self from tyrant