How to MINE OPAL gems in the OUTBACK - Smarter Every Day 164

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Opals are great. A strange coincidence is that opal is my birthstone and it's also my favourite
Looks like he's mining his own business
Destin makes friends with everyone he meets and I think it's magical. Destin, you have a superpower right there
What kind of accent does that guy have?
that is a cool dood
Alistair Davis
I live in Australia
Andrew Cash
Im not being rude but...Australians are wierd
Asher Joseph
Who else is from Australia
This is perhaps my favourite smarter every day episode! Such a great adventure!
Atharwa Choudhari
George will always be remembered as 'the happy old miner'
If a man drops you into a hole and leaves you there, you better hope he is your friend xD
Beastly Bird
That old man made this video entertaining.
Bill Bass
What I put the rope for. Hahaha! Awesome video, thanks again!
Brandon M
Absolutely incredible.
Gardashi is medic
Carrey John
I never left my country and OH BOY do I want to go to Australia one day!!!
Chick-a-Woof Ranch
Can you have George on every episode?
Christopher Grimm
If this old man started his own YouTube channel, I would defiantly subscribe.
Cody Findlay
That old guy needs more cameras on him. He's a national treasure like Steve Irwin!
Daniel Renard
That fine balance between being a genius and/or having gone _completely mad_ within the field of work you do.\nFantastic guy. I shall indeed think of him, whenever I see opals, haha! 😄
Dapper Ozzy
G'day 😉
David Tiareh
Victor Reznov has aged so much!
Digital Pyro
This episode is sponsored by Opel
E Wild
10,000 😂😂
Eli J
Thay got some Minecraft X-ray hacks
Finally, something different thn audible!! Will def check it out!! looks nice
Ernie C
xD haha that dude had me rolling!!!! haha if i cant use the rope y i bring!!! haha that was great!
FaZeGAMER 1080
Your frickin rich you don’t need that sponsor
I just showed this video to my dad, we were talking about mining and stuff like that.\nAfter about half a minute he said \
I think in experiences like these, the people you meet are more valuable than the journey itself.
Galen Staunton
That's a VERY cool experience!!! I really envy you!
Georgie is the best
He is from Greece, cool accent.
JSpace Game's
Goerge sounds Russian
so you had the space stone
John Paulo_YT
Very Inspiring Video Lots Of Respect For Gardashi 👍👊👍👊👍
I Guarantee You he was so happy to get out of that hole.
Kevin R.
5:34 \
I recently went to Coober peedy and I found heaps of opals
Legit gorgie is dope af that dude is hella chill I wanna be his friend like if u agree
Madis O
Mario Guzman
wow I just found this channel such a quality content. !
Marshall Kell
Martin Fisher
This is one of my all time favourite youtube videos, Kudos Destin
Max's Droning
that guy is on out back opal hunters he is greek
Mexie Mex
Tunnels *NOT* shafts! LOL
This one has been a long time coming, I remember asking about if you were looking into this subject, what, two years ago now? Awesome.
Nik Nak
old wogs are the greatest
PTC man
looking down, and pres dig....
Excellent video. The only thing I missed was a few words about how the land claim system regarding opal lots is specifically set up to allow small enterprises to succeed and keep big corporations out.
Pavlos Pavlou
I Love the Old Greek George Guy is Very Funny.\nGeorge and Yiannis.\n:D
Ruka Erika
No joke that old man is really badass .
My god that old man is full of life and happiness it brought a smile to my face the entire time
got a lot of laughs from georgie! love the part where you ask him if he's still fit enough to climb out without the winch, the response was pretty much \
He said \
Shay Bowskill
wonderful men like George keep making my days much brighter. thank you for sharing this wonderful experience!
I love you. I love what you do. Thank you for bringing such amazing content.
You're not my friend, you're my brother, my friend
Stan Baldos
The cool old man sounds like PaszaBiceps in 5:07.. If you're familiar with CS:GO ;p
Steven Stammler
Where is that drill from? 🤣
Subjective Object
btw to add a little more basic knowledge, once you \
Tanmay Luthia
-where you live ? \n- Alabama \n- Ah ! that's why you don't know 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Tawé Lo
6:26 Someone can translate in English ?
Thamer Alfaryan
I really like this old guy lol
Tiago de Pádua
hahah that old dude is awesome!
Tim Pavic
i like george
Tom Roberts
Such a great video, interesting, entertaining and educational!\nYou just earned a new subscriber :)
Tristian Hughes
2:13 hols the movie
Turtle God
I got confused when you were in the truck... *OH WAIT IT'S AUSTRALIA!!!*
Tyler Furrison Tech
Who else was waiting for them to suddenly drive into a hole
Such a great video and such a great adventure!
William O'reilly
I was born in cooper pedy. Love the vids. Come to australian and go to the opal place near aussie world in qld
William Times
hahaha i recognized this guy is greek just by the first word he said.εκλαψα οταν ειπε οτι ειναι απο Ελλαδα.
Use a diamond pickaxe with max efficiency enchantment and never did straight down.
alisa katonve
all I want to see is a gaunt women \n a gaunt women love Steven universe
Love Georgie. What a cool guy! Most people in the world are great, but those who are doing what they love and work really hard at it seem to have a character about them. They know who they are, they are happy with who they are, and they inspire others to do the same.
chris j
Absolutely recommend coober pedy for a visit. Really is in the middle of bloody nowhere. Underground living is certainly a unique experience.
many times!
i. Teodor
that old dude is sooooooo funny )))))))))))))))
janghoon lee
9:06 That's really dumb(insane laughter) good thing you came back alive!
josh dichiera
Hi, I've watched a fair few of your videos, all of which I have enjoyed, but as a south Australian myself, this one absolutely blew me away, amazing the world is definitely smaller than we think 👍
king Arthur
havent they learned nothing from minecraft , dont dig vertical shafts
imagine if gorgie left him hanging there lmao
I heard that sunlight can effect opals because there is traces of water in the stones can you confirm or deny this
U need ur own show on tv man. I would definitely watch it.
pendo pendo
LOL Welcome to South Australia\nHope you had the chance to drop into Mintabie, open cut opal mining. Plenty of these characters there, my wife was invited to learn to drive a D12 (?) dozer by a guy in the pub. It was parked at the tin shed service station tanking up on 900 liters of diesel across the road.\nLOL cowboy towns are always full of characters.\n\nFinding opal like that is pretty lucky, its not as common as this vid, that is why he was so excited, it could lead to a huge vien.\nAlways a treasure hunt, very addictive. Oh and yes, I have a few nice sample shellfish and worm tube opals 🖖
Been to Coober Pedy before and seeing the mines and town, very fascinating place Wommera is just down the road (well few hundred km) and well worth a look aswell, interesting story testing top secrete rockets in the outback. Gotta say really enjoyed this and wish it was longer.
rear production
Do a behind the scenes of this episodes
robert ward
I am coming to Australia in July to take all that Opel back to France, we will show you how it's done
rodgy gormin
that greek is a true blue aussie digger.
i toured this few years back, was 55 celsius in Summer with flies everywhere. as soon as you even go a few meters into a tunnel the flies bugger off and the temp drops. you can even camp under ground . the place is crazy. the hotel pool was so hot it was like a bath. not a single person stayed in pool they would simply dip into water for literally seconds then get out to let the breeze do its thing. Its not a exaggeration to consider this place Mars like
smol taco
This little peice, maybe 10 thousand... 😂😂😂
Meets strange guy, goes out in the desert and gets dropped in a hole... sounds like a weird date to me :-)
Θάνος Γεωργακάκης
Μαλακες καταλαβα απο την αρχη οτι ο τυπος ηταν Ελληναρας
Να είσαι καλά αδερφέ (Σαλονίκη Καρντάσι) με έκανες και δάκρυσα.
\u003ewalked *straight in*\nYea you better