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Agenda 2030 Agenda 21 California Conservation Jerry Brown Rationing Water

Any city or state run by Democratic policies are broke, loosing population, with empty buildings and high crime rates . Look it up.
Anna Tullison
Antidragon 4185
The reason the initial Californian drought was so severe is because environmental nuts in the state government didn't want the flood the reservoirs as that would drown several hundred square miles of wildland. Once the drought hit and they realized they really needed that water, it was too late.\r\nA wise man learns from his mistake; an idiot doubles down on them.
Ashley Delgado
Reminds of an episode of King of the Hill! The city paid for new low flush toilets, ppl had to flush 5+ times to make the Brown go down!
Bob Marslek
The Commies are making our water so expensive and at the same time prohibiting us from installing wells on suburban property. This is in order to force us off our land thru fines that will inevitably be levied against the property from excessive water usage. More Agenda 21 here!!
Brian Moomey
I live in a smaller town in the North Bay. When I was younger we couldn't ride bikes across town without seeing many people we knew. They have since brought in a Wal-Mart, Target, Home Depot, Lowes, 10 Starbucks, several food chains, motels, concert hall, and a damn casino! They're now building 6 new neighborhoods and I can drive around all day and not see the same face twice or anybody I know. A buddy I have has a little pub and the city won't let him remodel and install more toilets and urinals because \
Vote for Cox for Governor!
Cheryl Lee
More and more games of power and control. Disgusted!!
Chris Ricker
Assclown Jerry Brown
Christine D
Wait, what about the fires? Does this mean California won't fight fires anymore?
Dave Marr
It does not surprise me, the people who wrote and passed these laws, never brush they teeth, and only take a shower once a year, that how they get by with no shower and laundry on the same day, and the people they wanted to import probably have the same habits.
David N
The rest of the states should pass a law banning anyone from california moving to their state.
Deep Verma
Limiting water resources, falling birth rates, inflated petro dollar it just keeps getting better.
Dennis Weifenbach
Well you're a bit of an idiot.  They do not have low flow pipes.  There is a restrictor in the shower head.  However I do agree with the stupidity that is taking place in California.  The cost of supporting all the illegals in California for one year is enough to build 10 large size desalinaziton plants and with in a couple years the problem would be solved.
Dogs Sing
California is a testing ground for the upcoming luciferian surveillance state. Creeps from the nsa with no conscience will be watching your kids shower through the state mandated bathroom camera. While your tax dollars pay their salaries. \n\nEvil people are everywhere. All we can do is accept reality, accept that these conspiracies are quite real, and try to push back against them the best we can. Or the communists will win. \n\nRESIST the new world order at all costs.
Eben Rummell
this state needs to collapse and be rebuilt correctly...with all of the Marxist politicians who put it there on a chain gang to clean out the sewers and portapotties. Then deport them to snake island.
Edmond Casasa
Moonbeam spent the money that would have brought water to California but he spent on welfare for illegal immigrants and aliens!!
California is what America will become if the Democrats take power.
Eugene Godley
Well they wanted to seperate themselves from the U. S so you got it
Filiberto Barrera
Yeah heard from California residents ,will only be allowed to spend 55 gallons a day or get penalized.One load of washing clothes takes 40 gallons to wash and rinse.That leaves 5 gallon for shower and five for toilet.Or get fined.Wow wonder if the leaders need to follow same restrictions.
Games & Entertainment Animator & Fiddler
SCREW THIS AD. SCREW THE NRDC. THESE SICK PERVERTS are not telling the TRUTH. Until it was HIJACKED by Communists, socialists and Trans-nationalist Progressives, I was a member of the Sierra Club. They came in and started Shouting down anyone who disagreed or Challenged Anything they declared. Lying Bastards. Evidently, the same people have taken the Government in Sacramento, L.A., and San Francisco.
Hell they've been doing that to Canadians for the last twenty five years especially Ontario. They synchronized rising water prices with low flow aerator and shower heads toilets. Mini fluorescent bulbs now LEDs etc. By the way when a fluorescent burns out it's dead no heat. LEDs start flickering and they begin to super heat up. The bulb is handleable but base, you could fry an egg it gets so hot. Hell they might even be responsible for the rise in house fires. I'll bet fire marshals won't be very quick to reveal that fact will they. Especially the MSM.
Do not be surprise if China that owns California after the Gay Muslim Barack Obama defaulted in 2015, are the ones who are behind the water reduction. Take Australia for example, is not part of China but the Government is enforcing Agenda 21/30. In 2016 an Australian Politician showed proof that the Farmers water were either reduced to 10% or 50%, and in a number of cases Farmers were forced to Close Down their Farms after the Water was Shut Off by the Government. completely shut off. Australian's Farmers they could not give water to all the Animals neither were they able to irrigate all the Seeds that they planted, so they had to kill thousands of Animals and lost Millions of Dollars buying Seeds that they could not irrigate. Where was all that other 50% of the Water that was being taken from the Australian Farmers disappeared to? It turns out that China was taking all the water from Australian's Farmers and taking it to China using UN Agenda 21/30. The Australian Government they were keeping it all Secret, the Farmers were Fed Lies that \
I'm looking at my frickn bill .... I've always used 8 HCF (look at your bill where it says usage hcf. They've explained 1 HCF equals 748 gallons! We aren't water wasters! have no lawn to water...we went efficient lawn (rocks)... Thats just basic daily use! OMG! ARE THEY SERIOUS!?\nI came back to edit and ad info... Your basic bathtub is about 40-50 gal. So forget taking a bath, unless you want to trade it for washing dishes or clothes LOL... If you have dogs, pool, or any other water usage're screwed! \nHow many of us can just up and relocate? This is crazy!
Greg Lum Ho
How much water does moonbeam get allocated, next your electricity will be cut.\nCalifornia run by damncrats, gavin will do the same.
Harold Smith
China and the Soviets have almost completely morphed into free countries, slowly but surely, meanwhile - back at the ranch - the US is slowly becoming more tyrannical.\n\n…..go figure.
Harry Kuheim
Enjoy your Nanny State and Illegals....Vote Republican this Nov....It Matters.
Harry Nobutee
Cali is on its way to living like a 3rd world country... sad... very sad...
Hashmaster General
I will use water the way I always have! I will save rain water for irrigation or anything else I want to use it for. Jerry Brown is a crook.
J.L. Herington
There is no water shortage in California. It's huge scam & a lie! See Debra Tavares video on PRIMARY WATER.
James Sang
California should not be focusing on water restriction, but how to increase water supply such as desalinazation
Janet O'Hara
Hotel shower will take 3 times as long. That state has gone completely insane! Restrict water like that, the people will smell like ass. Their cities already smell like pee and poo. Nasty!
Jessica A. Shafer Art
I lived in an apartment in the city of Stanton in California. Last year, the water pressure was lowered and not as strong. It took longer to wash dishes especially by hand. I don’t use dishwashers so I can save money on my water bill. \nI thought it was just that apartment complex, but now it’s clear why they did it. I’m glad I moved to a different state. 🤔
Jet Campbell
And Billions of gallons in California are diverted to save some snail or something like it.
Jimmy Wood
The political elite will cut your water off but they will use all the water they want. And they will have high pressure showers for themselves. You Californians should all join together and throw these jack asses off one of those many high tension bridges to the hammer heads and bull sharks!
Joan Ols
Joe Weeks
Theres a lunatic running California
John Pratt
California 🤣,too much Hollywood not enough reality
John sarab
I washed and bathed on the same day today. Water usage can't be tacked that finely!
Jon Triebsch
I noticed the salton sea is full now. Two years ago it was empty.
Judo Johnny
After the last drought in California people conserve water and after the drought was over the water companies raise prices to make up for lost revenues because people conserved. So why would we do that again?
Kai Rai
I live in Germany and I am forced for as long as I live to take weak shower pressures, and I totally disaggre with this stupid agenda
Kathryn Boyle
the only problem with this, is the Democrats will have ALL the water they want!!!!!! including Brown, his cronies, and Hollywood!!!!!!!! and the pot fields!!!!!!!!!
Kelly Obrien
They need to rethink there stupid thinking.
Ken Barb
I'm in Minnesota Minneapolis and here they are building these high-rises or low Rises by the tons, after they're done building all these high rises or these Luxury Apartments, there will be a recession because no one will be working anymore making the big wages anymore building these apartments and they will lose their houses, and have to live in these apartments, the latest mayor in this town is a carpetbagger Jew no doubt set up for the upcoming agenda 21/30, the previous mayor didn't run, which is very strange in this town incumbent Mayors usually never lose. unless they have did something seriously wrong. which is she really didn't. the US untracked becoming a third world nation.\nthey must get rid of the Constitution this is the only thing the people have here, to keep this government in check. soon the Constitution will have to be overthrown some way, for them to have total control over the people.
Kevin Pereira
Let the rat's flood the ship, then share your cheese with them.
Konaalii Alohaohana
Latisha Carroll
You are completely 100% correct
Lord Ba'al
Of course it was democrats that passed this stupid bill.
Love Talks
There's more than enough water, this is modern slavery against the citizens if America.
M James
Communist ideas
Redo your entire house so they can collect taxes on work & sales so they can pay for illegals
Matthew Lee
Dems are striving to push out the middle class from California and leave only the richest left. Then open the flood gates of illegal immigration in to turn the state into a poverty stricken third world. Which will eventually cause the rich to leave the state. So all that’s left is the homeless and the government that will have complete control over them.
Matthew ferrari
The state has a duty to the citizens of California, why not stop selling 10000 gallons to Nestle for 8 cents a gallon
Mdk Mdk
What about the rich people water in the golf course
Michael Johnson
This is a Roth$child land grab, by any other name. It also tricks us into their next three scams.
Mike B
My household uses an average of 180 gallons each person. Just washing my dog takes 60 gallons +. I have a garden too. Gov Brown probably uses a dry-cleaner—I wash my clothes.
Mike X
*Get a 5000 litre tank. Feed the mains water into the tank on a ball valve. Now install a constant pressure water pump to feed the house from the tank. I did this at my Thailand home = civilization.*
Miriam Jewett
Happy to live in a conservative state....In the middle of nowhere.. I would rather live in redneck country than in liberal hell.
What's next? Oh yeah..only flush twice per week. I cannot fathom the inner mental workings of these people's warped brains.
Myelectric Bluechevy
WOW!! First, they raise the apartment rent so high that residents are becoming homeless & have to live in their vehicles (if they're fortunate to have) ; but then, they tell these very homeless that they are NOT allowed to live in their vehicles because it's a violation of some b*llshit new law or whatever ; and now, they're going after residents who worked hard to have a home that they have to redo the entire plumbing in their home because of an alleged \
Patricia Marquez
California ceo's, management will be complaining why co workers and employees are smelling soo bad!
Paul Kline
They want more American citizens to more out of the state so they have more room for illegals.
Phillip Martin
California wanted it. California got it.\nI don't feel sorry for them at all.
sick of CA elitist voting districts controlling what the rest of the State gets to do, whether it's water, power or using a fireplace, or burn pit.... CA Gov can't even properly manage their Forrest Fires, or capture the incredible amount of rain water that over fills Reservoirs several times a year!!!
Random American
How can you not hate democrats? Think about this. They just legalized weed. And then took away the water needed to grow it. And backyard vegetable gardens are in danger as well. Farmers Markets are usually run by urban farmers. This is going to affect a lot of people in a big way. They are preparing for population growth. But not of the citizens. The state wants you to let your yard die in \
Rebecca D
Last year we had no choice but to get solar:/ PG&E’s second tier went in to place (rate increase) for peek hours. We are a family of 6, and knew we had to get solar before 3rd increase. Even with running around and being the electric police, I couldn’t get the summer Month bills below 600$. It was cutting into the grocery bill. Now we pay solar payment and a PG&E bill! Not much of a difference, 100-200. Feels like a scam! \nIf we would have known better, we would have sold as much as possible and got out of California! Now we have to stay 3 or 4 years. But we are planning to leave this money pit!
Richard Fay
Who needs water when you have a high speed train ?
Rob Kitchen
So California legislatiors will lead the way right?... They are moving into stack n pack apartments.... Nancy Polosi n Diane Feinstein both are getting ready to take up residence in one of these right
Robin Jacobs
If those \
Ronda Kelly
No worries, the BIG EARTHQUAKE will take down California.
Stack em and Pack em next to rail station and what about those mansions ? Think Spielberg is going to flush once a day or not shower , HA ....
Savannah Hall
Why isn't no one stopping it?
Scott Johnson
Something tells me they’ll find water for the golf courses and football fields.
Silvana 7
Time for one shower a week, thanks Jerry you should too....
Stacey Story
Time to go
Stan Lyman
There is a reason that there is a mass exodus of people leaving California in droves. The only problem is they are moving to my State and demanding that things run like they did in their broken state.
Tom Bruner
Here's a couple of scenarios. \n\nFirst is a person in the country illegally, living in a two-bedroom apartment with about 20 relatives. They get 1,100 gallons per day (55x20) and wash their clothes in the river. So no problem.\n\nSecond is a pop star living in a 25-room cottage in Malibu. She has a 10,000 gallon water tank installed and trucks in her water, bypassing the the smart meter. So no problem.\n\nEveryone in the middle is pretty much screwed, and that's the plan. California is becoming a feudal society with a very wealthy and powerful overclass ruling a large, impoverished, and largely uneducated underclass. It isn't just the water, it's everything from transportation to food to health care delivery.
They say one minute there's not enough water and then they start fracking which uses millions of gallons of clean water which cannot be recycled. Look into it.
Turd Ferguson
The billions that California spends on supporting illegals could be better spent building desalinization plants.
Tyg Rahof
Bet they won't stop watering the greens at the thousands of golf courses though.
Warren Peece
I guarantee that J Brown and the rest of CA lawmakers are not going to be using 50 gallons a day.
Only in California. Left destroys everything it touches
Wow, it's like the governors just want this state to self destruct.
cathie whoknows
Not that I think it's fair, because my daughter and son in law live in Corona where the freeways and tow lanes are mounting and it's a dam parking lot, so the state of CA is to blame and Agenda 21 (I do not doubt that). However, realize that Southern CA is a desert and most of your water comes from the Colorado River as well as Oregon (where I reside, and we're not happy that our water is being sent down to Southern CA)....and Washington State (where they're not happy either), yet CA continues to build and grow for NEWCOMERS because so many are leaving the state. Water has always been an issue in CA (if you do your research), but what is equally alarming is CA goes after everything for YOUR $$. Look at your registration for your vehicle. Look at you having to pay to have your emissions checked. Your taxes (omg!) CRAZY. Why anyone lives in CA is beyond me. I moved out in 1997, and glad I did (born and raised)...and if it wasn't for my daughter and son-in-law? I would never be back for any reason. Just driving there is a fricken nightmare! So, don't be thinking the water situation has just started, deals have been made to ensure water to CA from other states. You have to ask yourself. Is it worth it to live there, and if you think it is, why? Restaurants? Disneyland? Huntington Beach? What? Seriously, NOTHING can make me move back there, and I'm hoping my daughter with family move out. Don't care if it's to Missouri, just get the heck out of can only get worse. And yes, I'm a patriot who supports our POTUS. Take care and live happy (somewhere else).
Time to get out the torches and pitchforks and drive the tyrannical bast**** out of the state.
Gaaaaa!!! WE have to live like 3rd world countries, yet bring in more people from 3rd world countries????????? Hell NO!
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high pockets
Liberalism is a sickness .look at the unhinged treatment you see libtards doing to Trump and his family and his people in his cabinet . These libtards are evil and deranged .
Every time some new law is passed by whoever, it is always for the people beneath them.\nFor example. If there was a new law which would limit 50 gallons of water per residence, then this law would only apply to everyone except the homes of politicians and their business friends and associates.\nSure their homes would have unlimited supply of whatever but everyone else has to deal with it.
Nestle probably owns all the drinking water supplies in california, there isn't enough left to go around for citizens anymore.
john estock
When I think that CA can't become any more of a shithole, it does!
ladie Cawthon
Brown's time is done. He should be fired!
These people have alot of nerve to try and control water. People need water to live.
theresa flynn
Dam progressive democrates. Vote them out folks.
tim coker
DAMN...Living in the old trailer park here in Georgia doesn't look so bad now. Think I'll fill the tub slap full and take a long hot bath. Later I'll wash the old 1974 Dodge Charger, and that's a pretty big car. Gonna take a lot of water to wash that bad boy! Later on get the slip and slide out for about an hour for my grandson. LIFE IS GOOD!
violeta violet
How pitiful are the people in California if that is the case.