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Note: I forgot to show the title of the article. Article is titled "50 Shades of Green" by Gareth Kelly.Please get this to the masses. I find it very interesting that the small town newspapers are the ones saying this information.

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so when they get kicked out of their homes, they can live in the woods and live off the land,,,,,,
This sounds worse than the Soviet Union under Stalin; during the purges.
GTFO while you can.
Alan Thompson
Well its 2018 now. Trump won and is our President. California is a disaster and out of money.
Just keep on putting those crooked democrat liberals in office California. Maxine Watters. Jerry Brown, Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris, and on and on...good grief can't you people see who the enemy is yet? You have the highest housing cost, highest fuel cost, highest tax rates, highest utility cost, highest insurance rates, and yet your also the most broke ass State. Wake up California stop listening to those Hollywood pedo criminals who are in bed with the liberal democrat crooks who are stealing you blind.
Another Agent
And this explains why the massive cubicle apartments are springing up within the city, they plan to enforce this by mandating all code-violating homes and buildings be demolished which naturally will displace a lot of citizens outside city limits. I wonder what they plan to do with those who don't comply with this...\nThanks for all your hard work, grindall61, at least we can watch it come instead of be taken by complete surprise.
No more money.
Art Lover
This is landgrab. They do not want YOU on the land. Thjey do not want Farmers on the land. They want you on basic survival levels in every area and every level of your being, controlled slaves.
Bee Shaw
The citizens of Ca are responsible for bringing this on themselves. they have consistently voted for ultra liberal politicians. YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW NOW LIVE WITH IT
Bella Femme
That's why (it's now 2017). California is burning down to the ground. Sooo many homes have burned and continuing to burn. WTF.
Ben Joseph
Use yellow highlighter so we can read it...\n\nGreatest Videos man!!!\n...subbed
In the 1970's, we had several very, very cold winters and the \
Brett Bowcutt
Dec. 2017 California has hit it's bottom, no money from government for law enforcement. It's on fire, homes are burning, people are homeless. Insurance companies are not paying up on insurance's paid out. Leaving citizen's broke and homeless. Insurance was a back stabber from day one, CEO's make all the money and the people that bought the insurance get screwed
CSAcitizen Feather
Solar power is a dirty energy - they produce tremendous radiation ! Only wind turbines are cleaner. but they are noisy. ALL these laws are totally UN-Constitutional ! ALL this is UNlawful ! This is beyond Communist.
study the law and you'll find that if you vote to be represented (vote in their fictional system), they can do what they want to you. Legally. good luck with that.
CometCupCakes14 DC
LOL instead of believing others..even well known conspiracy theorist about agenda 21..Maybe you should do your own home work for once..I think you'd be surprised in knowing what agenda 21 is really about. Pick a language.. US residents.. Type United States. Then type in search your state only. Not your city. Over seas people..same process. Country..Then state or Provence.. Then when it loads.. type in search Agenda 21 // Agenda 21 is for after NWO.. After population control has ended.. Meaning only 500 million people left on all the earth .. 7.5 billion will die.. Agenda 21 is, Sustainable Living after NWO.. Food water medical housing and so on.. But 100% in a controlled environment. So continue to believe these people or do your own research properly .. And everything you think you know by others will go right out the window..It's best to place those that, think they know with facts..then it is on hearsay.
And here is the solution to ending this tyranny, of course some of the people involved will have to be cut some slack because of their stupidity to realize the BS of the UN's Extortion and Racketeering Plot with the Nonsense called \
Dale Eastern brat
Lex malo lex nullo. (An evil law is not a law.) An ancient Roman legal principle.
Dan Carrol
All you people still won't listen to me. The only thing politicians understand is death. Kill them and their families..
The #1 cause of climatic change is the Sun, #2 is Stratospheric Aerosol don't hear them saying much about that do you...
Delusionalmyass Citizen
Brown only has six months left as our governor, and none of us in CA were paying attention to our state government like we should have been, because Brown actually changed the laws in our state to enable himself to remain governor for so long. But it's imperative that we who live in CA elect a new governor who loves America and wants CA to be a state in our country and wants CA to keep the land for farming, so that everyone both in America and the rest of the world have a good food supply. God blessed CA with the soil and climate needed to do this- and there are very few farmers who want to give up farming so they can become rich by selling their land to developers. We all need to support our farmers-unless we want to eat poisoned, genetically modified food which assists the DEpopulation agenda.
I think those massive wildfires were intentionally set to push this agenda.
Dennis H
So glad I moved out of CA 25 years ago. Anyway, the number one thing we can do to stop climate change, is stopping the ongoing onslaught of GEOENGINEERING! Stop destroying what is left of earths life support system. Since that will NEVER happen people will just have to ACCEPT Agenda 21. Kind of all part of the plan. They spray, WE pay.
Diogenes Laertius
Gary, what if you found out that feinstein's hubby bought, at auction, the spoils from the proposed high speed rail tunnel through the San Gabriels to Vegas . I told you about the gold here through the range, right?
Douglas Griffiths
We don't live in CA, and our home is already solar powered.
these FREAKS making the laws say on one hand  reduce emissions and pollution but, they will penalize you rather than help you. What happened to the car that runs on water ? why not focus on the oil spills and the pollution from Fracking ? excessive migrants and illegal foreigners and homeless people.  And so forth. too much poorly run GOVERNMENT
El Okim
not if you already live in approved by agenda 21 for human use zone :)
Elle Pendleton
So Governor Moonbeam thinks he can stop the weather by charging you $58,000 ... Can't we all just pitch in and institutionalize him... it would be MUCH Cheaper
Enuf Alrdy
Class action lawsuit once people realize what's gonna happen.
If homes and buildings in general are being forced onto Agenda 21, then why are people that are not on the grid to start with, and are self sufficient now, being prosecuted for not being connected to the grid? Municipalities are fining people and revoking their occupancy permits if they are not connected to the grid. Now with Agenda 21, they want all homes to be self-sufficient. These people already are, and are being penalized.
French Fry
moonbeam is moonbat?
Greg Susca
Recall agenda 21 has to be high on our next governors agenda
Gri Court
I love your reports BUT the way you talk is stressing us more than you can imagine, also because you have this high pitch voice which increases the whole thing. Talking with a more relax voice would be fine; the message will pass too. My husband doesn’t want to listen although you provide valuable information because your way of talking irritates him. I tried and insisted but no...
HD Candela
You are missing another point. Retrofitting will require permits. They will not give approval. If they do, then you will be said to default on the mortgage. If a developer, counsel member, code enforcement agent, or any other insider wants your property they will condemn it or repo it and take it at auction, with or without your being locked up for one trumped up charge or another. The law prohibits sharing electricity and other utilities with your neighbors. So, do not think that you will be able to work together. People have been locked up for harvesting rain water, putting up panels or windmills, going off grid, and gardening without permits. This is chaos resulting from a lack of adherence to the US Constitution.
Hiram Abiff From Sirius
So tearing down homes and then rebuilding them is green? True sustainability comes from Cannabis, anything less is propaganda.
I Ate Eight
Strictly speaking, its no the law, its the rules of a club ( a democratic society is a voting club). I know I did not join a voting club, there is no membership contract, just some bullying bigots.
Civil War will happen if they try this! Speaking from an 11 year home owner.. unless they take our guns this is not happening. The sellouts they use on us also have homes at the end of the day.
Isaiah Welch
This idea is stupid, ESPECIALLY from a constitutional standpoint.\n\nBasically, people, California law CANNOT RETROACTIVELY FORCE PEOPLE TO MAKE THEIR HOMES MORE EFFICIENT - under the US Constitution, these supposed \
Moonbeam needs to move in with the Amish if he is serious, otherwise shut the hell up
Jacquie Walton
Excellent Report Thank-you! • Every Home Should Have A Backup Generator To Power The House Or Business IF A Solar Flare Or EMP Should Fry The Electrical Grid Like NASA, FEMA Remote Viewers EXPECT Like The Book ONE SECOND AFTER • These Backup Generators Are Powered By Gasoline Or Diesel Which EVENTUALLY Ppl Run Out Of However This IS NO PROBLEM All EVERYONE Needs Its To Create An Adapter For The Generator So It Is Powered By HHO Sometimes Called Hydrogen Or Browns Gas Or Cold Fusion Or LENR
Jim Bàrn
I cannot believe that the people of California or letting their government get away with this are you all stupid I think you'll be a lot of people moving out of California once they find out what they let happen with their government
Jim Costigan
I got a home in heaven Jesus said in my father's house are many mansions if it were not so I would have told you I go to prepare a place for you if I go to prepare a place for you I will come again and receive you unto myself that where I am there you may be also the disciple said how can we know the way Jesus said I am the way the truth and the life no man comes to the father but by me people I'm glad I have a place in heaven this world is not my home I'm just passing through like Abraham
Jim Man
this is tyranny to say the least...
Jimmie Little
We The People need to \
Jimmy Biggs
Americans will not comply to the low standards of agenda 21!!
John McNally
Governor Brown worthless POS. He ruined California his first term, he's ruining California his second term. Maybe he needs to run for president, the worthless POS.
K Schallert
This requires BURNING DOWN ALL HOMES that are not energy compliant. October 9, 2017.... THEY burned down over 11,000 structures! I was right in the middle of those fires! Those demons are BURNING DOWN home after home, business after business, ALL OVER California! They have NO conscience! It is MANDATORY that every new home being built MUST be State Energy Compliant, at YOUR OWN EXPENSE! People are moving out of the area, out of the State because their fire insurance wasn't enough to rebuild!!!\n\nPeople, buy an RV!!
Katheryn Holman
Hunt them down and stop them. Remove them remove laws. Burn up their buildings where laws are kept as these are not laws but enslavement.
Lalla Gammon
Refinance programs and special financing? Who stands to gain from this? Huber needs to be investigated.\nHow are they going to appease the historic groups that want to preserve historic icons?
Laura Larrett
Screw Jerry Brown. climate change is a farce.
Len Misner
Agenda 21...Gerald Ford played football at University of Michigan. So did my father's step-father. And when 'Grandpa John' passed away in 1974, I answered a knock at the door to see Gerald Ford standing in the doorway, visiting to show respects at Grandpa John's funeral there up in Sand Lake, Michigan. I had just graduated high school. Dad grabbed my arm and we followed the soon-to-be 38th President of the U.S. out to the front porch. This was just a week after Gerald Ford had been de-briefed for the Presidency, and he was upset and he vented, \
London Bell
Glad I got the EF out of there. My last tax bill from California could have set my kids up for life.
MS Bonz
Mark Lokken
Left California 12 years ago....whoooo that was close
Marten Trudeau
California Governor Jerry Brown is Jesuit trained, educated, no doubt swears allegiance to the Pope, Vatican and is a Jesuit coadjutor.\nThe Roman Catholic Church doesn't agree with the Genesis chapter 1 creation account, they teach evolution.\nThe “Big Bang Theory” was first presented by the Jesuit trained Catholic priest Georges Lemaître who obtained the theory out of the Zohar Kabbalah, the ancient Jewish mystical interpretation of the Bible. This is a spiritual book but not of the God. It is so called science based on these mystical teachings and it's taught as scientific fact and we are entertained by media teaching the same false science.\nKabbalism predicted modern scientific theories more than 1,800 years ago, such as:\nCopernicus theory\nDarwin Evolution theory\nThe ancient age of the Earth, currently at 4.5 trillion years old\nRelativity and Quantum theory\n\nJerry Brown is a fool because he believes in the Devil's lie to Eve \
Mary Gregory
Will the politicians be living in these bet not they will still be in their huge houses that use more energy than a neighborhood of homes.
Matthew Green
Need the president of the United States to step in and stop Agenda 21 2030 and the United Nations
Melanie's husband, US Army retired
So glad I moved my family to Idaho. Reasonable housing and cost of living, constitutional based laws, NONE OF THE CALIFORNIA INSANITY!!!\nBest decision i ever made for my kids
Michelle Cayson
This video is 3 years old and what CA has done since then is adding water usage to the list. Dropping household water usage to 55 gallons A DAY. The end goal is to have \
Miguel Moreno
even though this gay is racists, i like it that he stays vigilant and woke
Mike Wilson
Have civil War to get our state back.
Nicholas Tesla,look him up and see how these elites screwed him over!
Nancy Williams
Cali better wake up Agenda 21 wants everyone in 500 or less sq ft home and everyone in the city no one living outside the city. This is U.N. Agenda 21 plans.
Nicholas Graham
alert...this is really hitting home watch lumber nick videos..the threats they sent to my mother are cut down about 100 trees from 10 to 30 years old some are well over 100 feet tall i would say about 20 or so..dig out the pond so it cant run off at all..and an all brand new fence..this has taken over a year..if the charge us what the letter states the fines will b a half of a million parents are both senior citizens so i tt fish himself..timothy assured me that they make it sound bad but dont charge the fines as long as there is progress..this isnt how the law works..the fact that these guys wont sign anything with there name tells you something is god how many properties have they stole....
Nunya Biznis
Better stockpile guns and ammo. It's time to restore the republic.
*The land policy of the United Nations was first officially articulated at the United Nations Conference on Human Settlements (Habitat I), held in Vancouver, May 31 - June 11, 1976. Agenda Item 10 of the Conference Report sets forth the UN's official policy on land. The Preamble says: \
Randy Lewis
Funny when someone trying too go off grid and not buy utilities they are forced to get on the grid and pass laws to force people to be reliant not selfreliant even trying too make it illegal to grow food
The people of Commiefornia will just keep bending over asking for more.
Robert Svehla
Most of the pollution from California is coming out of politician's mouths.
Ronald Daub
this is the biggest bunch of crap in the history of mankind
The canary in the coal mine for all of this was, of course, the anti-cigarette-smoking hysteria that started back in the 1960s. The first target was browbeating as many smokers as possible into quitting. Next came no smoking in elevators and airplanes. Next came no smoking (for teachers and staff) at elementary and high schools. Next came no smoking in churches or on church property. Next came separate smoking sections in restaurants. Next came no smoking at all in restaurants and cafes. Next came a law forbidding adults (in their own home or automobile) smoking when children are present. \n\nNext came no smoking in or near medical facilities. Next came no smoking indoors or outdoors on military bases and college campuses. Next came no smoking in bars. Next came no smoking in restaurant, bar, and cafe patios. Next came no smoking in or near government buildings. Next came no smoking in office buildings or business parks -- even if you were the only person working in your office. Next came no smoking in multi-family housing, indoor or outdoor. Next came no smoking on the beach, the beach boardwalk, or in parks. Next came no smoking in hotels, indoor or outdoor.\n\nNext came no smoking (outside) near \
Learn these words I mean not what you think they mean but what they actually mean. (Subjugation) (War of Aggression) (Terrorist) (Tyranny) (Gang) (Grunt) (Subject) and understand you are fighting something much bigger. The cops are only the grunts; orders come from the top, Learn about what is actually going on.\n\n\nDefinition of tyr·an·ny \n\ntyr·an·ny [tírrənee](plural tyr·an·nies) \n\n1. cruel use of power: cruelty and injustice in the exercise of power or authority over others (think Waco TX and Ruby Ridge)\n\n2. oppressive government: oppressive government by one or more people who exercise absolute power cruelly and unjustly \n\n3. state ruled by tyrant: a country or state under the power of an oppressive ruler (Think California) \n\n4. cruel act: a cruel or oppressive act, especially one committed by a person or persons wielding great power\n\n5. unlawfully using violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims. \
Terrence A Bascom
Three years later 2018, they are now burning these homes down in the purposed area. Using beams to start the fires. They have a timeline that is now being implemented.
Meanwhile China is ever increasing it's green house gases to the point it's not safe to go out side. Don't hear too much about that, though. And yes, they still burn coal.
2ed amendment anyone?
Tracy Lynn
My area has SEMCOG, the unelected South East Michigan Council of Governments. By checking with them and my township I can find out details on the Agenda 21 plans they have been slowly implementing fairly easily. But I don't know how to find out if my state is planning to force us to have the zero net energy homes mentioned in this article. I assume the state government will be trying to sneak that one by us and definitely won't be announcing it. How do I go about finding out if this is in the plans for my state?
Trblemkr1 D
Some were so stupid as to wonder why it was important to defend the Bundy's and Hammonds . Did they really believe the theft of land and property would stop there ! When did people lose the ability to say NO and fight back ! PK
Trish Robinson
Jerry Brown is deranged.
Tulsatom Bob
It's time to execute the Bolsheviks, Illuminists, Elitists Terrorists and Tyrranical International Banksters.
I remember, nearly 20 years ago, my Dad telling me that this is how it would happen.
Zareth Shahara
ALL based on bullshit LIEnce - to further enslave the herd by keeping them in nice, tight 'pens' they want us to believe are 'green' cities - where we're all stacked on top of each other - so they can surveil and monitor our every move. \n\n\
american woman
Our problem is overpopulation, so why allow more illegal aliens into our state? Overpopulation is our biggest problem. Illegals don't pay for fixes, we do. Overpopulation results in more traffic, less clean air, water , more expensive housing, fewer well paying jobs, higher taxes, overcrowded schools with higher operating costs, higher crime and police budgets, court and prison costs. BUILD THE WALL! Deport all Illegals and their children and extended families along with them. Don't separate families, send them back together.
bob .right
The past 150 years we only have had two political parties, the Democrats & Republicans. They have passed all the tyrannical laws & regulations that has took our freedoms & liberties away from the people. No other country, or terrorist group has taken any of our freedoms. only the Democrats & Republican party that has taken the American people's freedom & liberty. By passing tyrannical laws & regulations. They are the main enemy of the Constitution & your personal safety & freedoms
cheryl scally
What did he mean by\
God will take back the world soon. Be prepared for the three days of darkness.
grant manewal
Gotta start with a legal concept so basic it was referenced in The Constitution, ex post facto. The universal idea behind every \
Jerry Brown is insane and all of his remarks are inane! \nGet rid of this piece of offal.
You are so awesome in these vids grindall61. I can vouch, visit . Our skies are being 'blocked' from the sun by 30% we are being brought into an ice age, carbon dioxide keeps plants alive. So many lies by these thugs.
This is what the Smart meters are for.
MANY will die on Their Feet rather than on Their Knees worshipping the Coming Antichrist Pope! PREPARE spiritually Folks, you will need Christ in this Battle. There is NO Hope without Him.   God bless.
Man made climate change - a complete fraud!
So these \
riccardo estavans
It is easier to fool the peasants than to convince them they have been fooled.
shawn sullivan
Get your land patent sorted out on your land. Do not claim the fictional title, have perfected title back to the land patent. That is the supreme and Paramount title to land in this country that not even the government or its administrative agency you can mess with according to the us Supreme Court. The warranty deed you have now is literally called \
stacey del bucchia
God bless...sick...evil...elites....enough is is march 2018...full speed ahead...I am in CA...I feel. Truly it is for all the USA...lets pray...stand up...wake up...time is short...eyes on Jesus💜