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A Child of King Jesus Alejo
# America and the nation's need king Jesus!
What a DIFFERENCE 3 blocks make \n DJT 2020🇺🇸AMERICANS 1ST
Andrea Yates
This is what these elites do to course a race war. It's ugly, under the agenda 21, they will house 60% and rest will be left. A spiritual awakening is starting to happen in the UK, I see this daily. God bless to you all in America. The whole world is going through the same thing
Andy Guedea
there is a lot of illegal inmigrantas working with illegal birth certificates and social security number taking away millions of jobs and on the top of it they give birth to childs hered in the states because the go and apply for goverment benefits as if the were unemployed. they get food stamps, housing, medicaid and free education. thet is the mayor causd of our economic crisis. Because they are so many of them . I mean ILLEGAL inmigrants.
Anne Pham
Anthony Willis
And you seriously think Trump cares! This ain’t about foreigners, this is about Trump and his rich buddies corralling the dollars. There is only so much money in the world. It doesn’t keep growing it just circulates, but what is happening is the super rich are cutting it off at the pass, which means it doesn’t filter down. Corporate bailouts are huge in America. Welfare would have been better. It ensure funds are spread throughout communities and small business, creating jobs etc etc! The nasty and spiteful manner of Americans is the downfall. It breeds stupidity!
Reminds me of Biffs World in the Back to the Future movie
Bill Bill
i know that area very well, its been like that for over 30 years, at one time you had illegals selling crack openly with pistols hanging out their pants, no joke, about 35 years ago, downtown still had old wooden buildings, serving as brothels and bars, the city started polishing up downtown, with cast iron street lights, but you could go a mile to the east, and find dirt roads with no stop signs..
Black whiskey 7
That My friend is the Obama legacy....\nAnd that is what liberals want for the entire world...
Bridget Yorke
Bryochemical Intuition
Trump can and will fix this if the establishment corrupt politicians stop fighting him. Support our president and help him try and fix this!
Clarissa Packer
Columbus Abercombie
hey you acting real nit picky in the beginning, Yes we have a LightRail in Phoenix and I see tons of people use. I dont know what that was all about
Curtis Shaw
This area is called the infamous \
At least the good news is that much of the illegals are gone because of Arpaio and SB 1070!
I think a lot of illegals are going to clear out because Trump is going to end them mooching off the U.S.
Daniel Whelan
this is happen every where. I'm in Ireland there are thousands of homeless Irish people mass unimplemented refugees every where . The new Irish as we are told to call them get housing jobs car's places in are school's while the Irish again. The sooner the EU dies the better.
Jeezuz....leave the complaining vajayjay home next time!
Darren Espiritu
What a total hellhole. Disgraceful. AMERICANS living like dogs while the government build wasteful, shockingly expensive transportation projects a few blocks away. This is WRONG.
Darren R
How is a private bicycle renting busienss a \
Dave Carnov
Look at LA, San Diego, Vegas or San Antonio....they have much worse homelessness than whats on this video. Card board sign wavers at every other stoplight. Face to face with bums in most drive throughs. Its become the new normal.
FYI, the officers were in large numbers at Comicon due to a threat against officers at the event, not because of the Ariana Grande concert terrorist attack. Just look up 'Matthew Sterling - The Punisher' to find out more. A ton of people do use the public transporation as well. Phoenix is spotty with homelessness mixed with working/middle class in different neighborhoods all around. Otherwise, I do live here and homelessness is a huge problem. It is definitely not a ghost-town though.
Elizabeth Teran
Most of those homeless people are probably American Vets, mentally disturbed American citizens, or drug addicts. They all need help!
Ernesto Estrella
the homeless in San Diego are getting more aggressive and no one is doing anything about it
taxation without representation creates lots of homelessness!! Taxing the citizens for everything makes you homeless!!
Foolishnessof Preaching
In my experience most if not all people are where they are because they want to be there. I would venture to say that if you picked randomly one of those persons and set them up in a house and paid two months rent and furnished the house, they would be back on the street within a few months if not earlier.
Fueled by Coffee
He drove around the Worst to the west side of Phoenix and portrayed it as the normal, All cities ( That I know of) have issues on their east side, that doesn’t mean that the entire city is poverty stricken while stadiums are built. You should go to a homeless shelter or a soup kitchen to see how Phoenix can really work. And, believe or not, Phoenix has a terrible public transportation system, it’s only centered in downtown Phoenix. Other areas of Arizona rely on busses and Uber. Phoenix isn’t perfect, no city is , no matter how hard you look you will not find a city that doesn’t have at least one person on the streets. Cities in West Arizona , other than Mesa, are a pleasant place to live and the only thing you have to worry about when walking late at night is buglers(not unique to Arizona) and coyotes. Also, were you in Phoenix the whole time? Gila river arena which is where Comic-Con was hosted is in Glendale. Not Phoenix.
point and blame Illegals, but you're missing the real culprit criminals that keep robbing America for years-The Bankers.The Federal Reserve gotta go.They're the ones that are making you a slave and have funded and brainwashing the Liberals to be at arms with the other simpleton sheeps-the basic conservatives.While you're fighting among each other,they been continue to rob, destitute and impoverished everyone at a worldwide level...Wake up, did you forget the Robbery heist of 2008???
Gary bigie
That looks like atlanta Georgia. One neighborhood fixed up and expensive, but go just half a mile and there is extreme poverty.
Graph kings / mixtape & logo designs
illegals dont beg thats the difference between rednecks & illegals also illegals pay taxes rednecks beg for tax free money & some still collect welfsre checks while on thr street illegals cant get wellfare cuz they dont have a social security #
A lot of people use the light rail. Especially the collage kids.
Helen Ubiña
And I have to Chime in: we have been going through this here in California for many years. Between The homeless who are not from this state and the ILLEGALS living 10 to a 1 bedroom. This has made our quality of life SHIT here.
Yep.......and it's the exact same way in EVERY major US city. Ya have \
Humberto Buenrostro
don't blame the illegals blame the people that hire them those people on the streets choose to do drugs nobody puts guns to their head they made the choice don't blame the Mexicans for your problems
Jim Britt
I don't think young people get summer jobs any more, illegals took them all.
Jim Porter
Gary, you are a total jagoff, and you don't know what you're talking about. In Phoenix, every time we want to do something about the homeless, your people, the libtards including the Chicanos, the Mexican-American veterans organizations, the Mexican Chamber of Commerce, and the local Mexican politicians all get together and scream RACISM! and BIGOTRY! They are NOT open to negotiation or finding reasonable solutions--they simply are trying to sneak in the illegals so they can change the Democrat political profile in Arizona. So if these homeless folks are suffering, it isn't because of the people of Phoenix. It's because of the local Mexican efforts to keep them hidden until they can get them onto the voting rolls. You apparently do what you do because you are stupid and/or misinformed. Not because you have a reasoned and intelligent approach to the homeless matters. I heard nothing in your presentation here that demonstrates you have studied the matter locally and gotten information.
Joe surfer
The Reason the globalists are importing illegals and stripping the power and wealth and jobs from the middle class is to create an un-elected one world government with two class's. The filthy rich and the dirt poor who work for them. The armed American middle class is the most powerfull people on earth and the only thing standing in the way of globalists like most of congress, Obama, George soros  is the power and wealth of the American middle class.
Johnny Bandit
Looks like L.A... she sounds like my GF haha
Jonny Appleseed
yea ...bad seen, many out there completely lost. ..sad\n..
Juan Espinoza
well , well , well indeed : ????\nhuhhhhhhhmmmnn?????\nthe veterans have always been treated in this particular manner ??\nstop using them to propagate your foolishness of hatred ?? veterans should be treated with the utmost respect ? bush & his cronies are the true cause , as to why so many people are homeless & jobless ?\nbush and the republicans did allowed the bankers to fleece the entire country ?? we are still reeling from that economic mess he and his cronies along with the republicans created ?? set your gun sights on the true perpetrators ?
Juan Gonzalez
This people have just giving up on life that's all there's plenty of work out there people just don't want to work any more..
Juan Reyes
this homo euro snow flake don't know $#!+ about real life!
Junior 84 cutty
they need to stay off that crack that's a perfect example of what's drugs do to you so do try and blame the Mexicans for what they have. it's white people that are taking advantage of this great country they have and don't appreciate what they can have. so that being said I feel for homeless family's that live on the streets God bless there soul's and hope they can get back up on there feet.
Laura Adair
is this a blue sanctuary city? if so then its their problem. they voted for Hillery so give her a call and tell her to help.
Lisa speaks truth
BRAVO, Gary!! Thank you sooooo much! You are correct. Americans have been oppressed and their futures have been stolen, in order to provide for illegal aliens. This must change.
Mannard Mann
Correction, Ariana Grande \
Mark Harman
Grindal I have a question? I understand that you are against those stupid bike rental things. But why do you hate public transportation so much? Don't you understand that cars are super expensive and that if we had public transportation that was actually affordable it could be a great way to save money? Cars have insurance, gas, maintenance charges. That is something that you don't have to worry about if you take public transportation. + Public transportation provides more jobs in the economy. It's just that the way most public transportation is set up in America is a problem because it's to expensive and the public transportation is really hard to navigate and can be unsafe. You claim not to want to raise the minimum wage but than if you're working a wagecuck job at minimum wage in california it's going to be hard to afford all the shit that it costs to have a vehicle. I thought conservatives were all about saving money just saying.
Martin Silva
most of the homeless does not want to follow the laws and rules that is why they want 2 live like that, no rules and no laws to follow!
Ms. Sonshine
Phoenix has not been the best of the cities in Arizona, in years. They also have a big problem with Mexican drug cartel.
Naz Far
The reason why the have the illegals is because the elites get cheap labour from them aka trump
grindall61 I like your videos but listen to your girlfriend and maybe have someone else next time to drive!
Omar Diaz
I saw a lot of black and white lazy homeless leeching of the system.
Oscar Rosales
Let me blame the 1% for all my issues no better yet illegals lmao get a life people. The man in the miror life is what you make it. If any of use ever gets the privilege to stand amongst the creator submit your complaints accordingly. For now just suck it up and coexist.
Peter Johnson
America is ZOG, Zionist Occupied Government. Welcome to the Matrix.
Popeye The Sailor
thanks to trump America is going down this way
Professor Curtis is Dock of the Bay
Thank you!
Renee` Hill
I drove a church van & had to go pick up children who lived in HUD housing because the church had outreach programs for children. The HUD apt complexes were packed with Muslim immigrants. Then I'd take the illegal hispanic children I picked up who were Christian to take them to the church to feed them & the two homeless missions & tent city was down near the church. The homeless are all American as far as I can tell. I've seen black people & a few hispanic people but most are white & black & no signs of any of them being foreign or muslim. Not that they aren't , but generally speaking the homeless are Americans & the \
Richard Rodriguez
Saharra Quasar
I've spent time in Pheonix more than once. Close friends live there. I have witnessed many many foreign, illegals having everything while the poor and homeless are rejectec,get no help.This
Thank Reagan and his Amnesty in the 80's. Do most illegals work hard? Yes , but not all. Cheap labor, lousy \
Watch out for drunk homeless people throwing bottle into your car Cyrus.You should keep the car window just slightly open for your own safety.They look like zombies dude.And every individual got a their own separate issues.You can never tell which is a drunk,which is a drug addict,which is mentally ill,which is a serial killer,which a career criminal,which is a legal and which is an illegal.The street is unpredictable.They all qualified as a 50/50 patient.....
Sonia Nixon
And it's going to get worse!
Spartan boi
some guy brought 5 guns at the comic Con and was arrested. He wanted to kill cops because he was taking Thier pics and wanted to kill the guy who played the green ranger at the power ranger movie
Stand Down
The area the homeless were in, was outside of the food bank. The police were there because, there was guy caught with several weapons inside Comicon. He was arrested and admitted he was there to kill the green power ranger and some police....They were not there because of what happened at the Ariana Grande concert in England...That was just a small pocket of the homeless we have here in Phoenix...
Steve W
As with ALL Local Governments, follow the MONEY.
The blunt report
the poor illegal's are not the problem.... corrupt Corporation's and politicians are.... deport them
Thomas Curry
Foreigners are America
Todd Tarum
Good lord you are a negative nelly. Why don't you find somewhere you like and do a video from there so we can see that you do have the potential to be a happy, not negative person. Everything to you is run through your little sociopolitical filters in your mind. I like you, but believe you are becoming a little bit narrow-minded. But your chick supports you, so blah blah blah. Dude, wake up and look at the entire picture, not just the shit you think makes your point. I even agree with you, but you fail to see the good things that work in favor of your purpose and vision of \
Tom Sanders
actually even if illegals weren't gives one penny, homeless people will still be homeless and broke
Uncle Randy
This is the reality, Illegals get foodstamps, huge tax returns, free healthcare, free education, is like being an illegal is better than being a US citizen, this is insane, these people are draining our social programs
Van Litespeed
Ok, first off who are you to say everyone homeless is suffering? To you it may be suffering, but going to a full time job and \
Vella Clayton
Most of what you say is completely wrong. I actually *live* in phoenix and I've lived here all my life. You can't expect to fly into another city and make quick assumptions about it only being here a few days. And how could you stand up for Americans in this video and then also say that there are too many security protecting Americans? No sense.
Gary, you definitely know how to go out of your way to show a girl a good time and are even willing to go back the second time, she is one lucky girl. Ha Ha. Just making light of a very bad situation this country is going through, there are many more areas in Phoenix that are incredibly dangerous.
grindall\u003e Right on, thnx for the glimpse at real life conditions there for homeless.The libs ignore facts like these, the violence, rape, destruction of property so many Muslim immigrants do. It's all part of the plan to dilute American populace & make enough suffering & loss & poverty that more will embrace the AC, then nWO issues full force & beast system. Yes, the \
angelo Rodriguez
Denver is getting the same way Bums everywhere and getting over populated
Homeless is a choice
christopher thornburgh
They just closed down a homeless shelter in STL mo , because the rich demanded it , in hopes they can buy the building and turn it in it $250,000 lofts .
cobra venon
so if Trump is so American why he do share $$ he is so rich
do more videos more often and i stick to the channel and dont unsub
eddie castro
Phoenix is not a ghost town.
I agree with the title! Illegals come to this country and in one month they have all benefits including medical care while the citizens have a hard time to get them. I wonder, why does that happen? Illegals risk their lives to get here aiming for a better life, not by working but by draining the welfare system. Men work while the women have kids every year and claim to be alone to get benefits and send money to their country to support their families there while the citizens here are suffering. Only Trump can do something about this and the political system does not allow it. The next presidents will worsen the situation. That is for sure!
Hard call on this one but, if homelessness is anything like it is in California majority of homeless shelters require you to be drug free. Don't get me wrong I'm all for deporting illegal immigrants but, this is technically a separate issue depending on where in America.
gargoyle gangster
we should have a program wherein a illegal gets deported a vet or homeless gets that apt house or whatnot and all their property hold auctions for the cars campers travel trailers etc and donate the proceeds to needy Americans be they hispanic white or whatever all except muzzies tie them to the deportees and ship them out too.
For the record, this video was shot yesterday May 27. I am already home.
jade foshee
if illegals are well fed they feed themselves, how do you think they can get welfare and you can't. you tell me.... they are willing to do the jobs americans don't want to do. packing plants, slaughterhouses, farms where you work dawn to dusk. chicken processing plants. etc. you figure it out.
Its so sad whats going on and they would love to bring TRUMP down.k
lilac npink
This is heartbreaking, they suffers from cold too, here Philippines homeless don't suffer from cold.
Most those people are really down and out .. They have lost all hope and are addicts \n\nIf you think this represents America you're sadly mistaken .... Who's funding you're group and agenda
Never,mid illegals, the wealthiest in America receive more welfare than all others combines. Walmart alone (this family own40% of all wealth in America), also receives more welfare than all individuals put together. Support people,who need it, focus on those that are the real problem.
moist faucet
Since when your policy is for other people ? Grow up dude.....every nation always for themselves. the foreign grant is not even 1% of your budget. Maybe you bankrupt because of your fantasy entitlement.
I'm Mexican man, and my own parents who have always been loving people and who are illegal kicked me out of the house leaving me homeless, They've completly changed they're not the same people anymore. i was homeless and living out of my car for like 6 or 7 months, Its not a race thing man you have to look deeper than that, there is SERIOUSLY something else going on in this world please look into the Mandela Effect. Or Read David Icke's book The Phantom Self.
Law Enforcement comes in and clears areas of the homeless where and when large conventions are to be held. They try to hide the fact that most folks never came out of the 2nd Great Depression that has lasted for 8 years now! The Nation is much worse off b/c of the O Years, thank goodness we have a President who now cares what happens within our economy and our job market. Trump has already caused us to actually have a surplus of billions in just a few months of service. Everything will start getting back on it's feet under Trump, but it will take years to regain what was destroyed by design. God bless.
why buses? those buses were cull of people, dumb dumb. Bike share? God forbid everyone not waist money on a car if they can get by with a bike. I am for America first but you based your whole story on what it APPEARS to you all those people were doing. Hanging out ready to pounce on you. give me a break. The town is a ghost town because it Memorial weekend, they are all gone on picnics and people that can't afford to get out of town are having their picnic on the side of the street.
Connecticut going bankrupt and still try to give financial aid to undocumented
the legend
As someone who lives in Phoenix yea there are a lot of homeless people here but that same thing goes for just about every big city, not only in the US but all over the world. It’s not illegal people’s fault either. But yea I do agree we definitely need to try to end homelessness. Honestly it’s something that seems impossible to completely eliminate tho.
yvonne manuel
No to me people are on the streets because that's the life they want.They rather not have a home to pay bills then be happy.There happyness is living on the streets doing drugs receiveing 199.00in free food stamps to sell for their habit I know I've seen it.Not only they are suffering the ones who work live on a fix income live hard if your rent keeps going up.The place it's all that windows need fixing doors everything they want there rent they don't fix.So people move to where they can live better.In hopes the rent isn't to high.Some place are drug people they don't care as long as they get their rent.Charge you late fee when you pay your rent on time.What a greed some landlord can be.