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I told you my AMG GT R was not going to be a garage queen! The snow was falling so I took it to a nearby mountain to have a little fun and see what it's like in some proper snow...Joined by @sebastiantphotography for some photos along the way, we set off from Frankfurt towards Grosser Feldberg for a journey to the top. Needless to say, the first place we could find to park the car for some shots we made sure that we did and then it was time to continue up the mountain against worsening conditions. However, that didn't stop the 585hp rear wheel drive AMG, no in fact it just triggered unlimited smiles! With the AMG traction control toggle allowing adjustment as seen fit we made our way up with little trouble thanks to the Pirelli Sottozero winter tyres fitted to the car. This was my kind of day and we then ventured over to the Nurburgring to catch up with Misha from Apex and Lukas from RENNtech before some obligatory photos at the Ring. This is the kind of day the AMG GT R is made for! Shout out to Seb T at

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I love you mercedes amg gtr😍😍😍
That BLACK and the WHITE. DAMN!
Adam Newman
Very menacing from the front veiw!
Aditya Khandelwal
Ali RS
Tim, you absolute joker, you need to be like this all year round!!!
Antonio Alfred Hodge
Thanks a million Shmee.Always appreciative of your vlogs
Area of Interest
BLACK beast of the WHITE hell... ❤❤❤
Great vid! That's really using the car.
BC96 Productions
Bastian Zimmermann
Respect, I almost struggled with my all-wheel-drive\u200b Tesla going up and was amazed to see you on top!
1:30 - thats photogenic as
Black Water
Hey Shmee, you may possibly have the most beautiful AMG GTR on the globe. Lucky you. Cheers
Meanwhile in England it snows 2 mm and the whole country grinds to a halt,and all the schools close.
I'd like a GT R for 2018.... and a hot chocolate. Thanks.
Daniel Sadjadian
It's truly amazing that the GTR can handle all that snow and ice. Great video!
Deep C 6
This video is going to be a major breakthrough to your channel amazing just how you use your cars not nly upto their limit but over the limit 💯😀
Dilyan Tsvetanov
The ShmeeTR is doing great :D
Driving Emotion
That's the spirit! \nIf the car is just hungry enough, it will eventually find some tarmac to eat.
Edge Adventures
Awesome video man! Love it when you are going out when it's snowing. Take care!
Emily W
Respect Tim!!!!
Big respect to you for doing this. Not many people/nobody else would! Awesome!
Black AMG GT R + snow = 🤩❤️
I want a Wallpaper with that !
Foreign Made It
I’m starting to really like the AMG gtr. I just wish it had sls style doors.
Great video! One of your best in a while in my opinion. Love the casual messing around type of vlog! Hope to see more like this! All the best and happy holidays.
Props for this :D great video :D
Man, dont you ever get cold? You never wear a coat even when it snows haha
Gregory Beau
More miles on the snow than Ale put on his 911R over its whole life
Guts Berserk
What I really love about shmee is his car choices! All of them are the best \
Haider Siddique
Horia Popescu
It is the beast of the ShmeeHell
love this car on the channel so much... great video Tim
João Daniel
Fair play Tim... Car sounds awesome and you have just done what most of us would love too ☺
Kevin Neal
One of the best videos of the year Tim. My top 3 have been this, the safari in the g650 and probably one of the Lafferari Aperta videos, great work!
Kumaran Karthikeyan
An epic and white filled winter video to get your senses and chills going. The way cars were meant to be driven.
4:17 wrong mate ;) in real winter conditions you want wide tires ;) but in wet and wetsnow conditions you want thiner tires ;) because water and wetsnow wants to go around your tires ;) and hard snow stays in place just like a normal road would do and i'm living in austria and tested some diffrent tires on my own car :P
MK Automotive
Finally someone uses his car for its purpose! Awesome Tim!!! Greetings from Autobahn POV Videos :)
Maikel K
The rest of the owners are getting heartattacks all over the world after seeing this :) They are like you don't use an AMG GT-R like that? You drive it on sunny days and take it to get some Gucci bags and thats it! And @Schmee150 i thought running a car in was something from the past? Before they leave the factory they get the beans on a test track or something if i'm not mistaking? And getting them of the boat is a time sensitive job and i've seen a load of BMW 1 series getting unloaded and that went fast!
Manuel Koch
Nice to see you in Germany so often, Tim! Did you already learn some German words? :)
Mark Adkins
That thing is amazing
How many Sebs are there in the UK car scene?...seems like every other guy
Michael-Edward James
Great content Shmee. Germany looks beautiful in the winter. I need to head back there in the near future
Mirko ko
Best sportscar for value today!
Misha Charoudin
It was fun revving her, now let's do that ON the track next time!
Mogen Cheng
Why would u want to keep a super car in the garage during the winter? Shmee knows what’s up
yeah really cool video Shmee. awesome with the GTR in snowy Germany 😃🤗
Man Black gtr is 10000x better than green
Nido Carlos
Amazing content! God bless you
Nizar DB
Did anyone in the comments actually said shquad or whatever ? it's a bit cringy...
Oli King
I love how you and GregB have both taken your cars out in the snow!
Remember when he was called Boris and we were called ghello comrades....
Pasi Sallinen
This is exactly where a powerful German car should be
Pastor Maldonado
Patrick Blair
The AMG GTR is nice... 😎
Patriot extraordinaire
You sure got some balls to drive your skidding GTR in snow. Kudos!
Pedro Leão
Your AMG is definitely the Darth Vader mobile!
Ruben Frencken
every day i see the black gtr i love it more. perfect choice, you always can wrap it when you want to go to another color. that snowy decor is beautiful
SC&DC Sports cars and diecast Channel
what a scenery....EPIC
That was an epic video! Love this type of content.
Semi Kolon
That’s were I normally ride my bike :D Greetings from Frankfurt!
*_drifting in the winterwonderland_* 🎵 😂\n\n🚗💨❄️
I told you my AMG GT R was not going to be a garage queen! The snow was falling so I took it to a nearby mountain to have a little fun and see what it's like in some proper snow...
Smolfespark _
This have most definitely been one of your best videos in a while
Smr Kec
This is the real purpose of cars! Congrats shmee for car and everything. You deserve it. This deserves respect from people!
Srihari Sidharth
The last time I was this early, BMW M used to make N/A M cars. #shquad
Loved the video Shmee! Black with white is gorgeous. I've no idea how many screenshots I've taken from this video. 😉😁
PorNsche for the wn!\n\
Shmee, Benz NEEDS to pay you for these vids and pics. The imagery is absolutely epic
Tivon Sanders
What's funny is that the GT R is loving those cold temps, because not a single part of that car will be overheating. lol
Todd Robinson
Nice tim good too see you aren't storing your babe away for the winter, wish more higher end car owner's were like you do have a great day and enjoy that brutal amg gt-r cheer's from canada,ontario.
I smell dde anyone?? Damon?
Vladimir Ivan
Filming yourself from the left really helps you loosen up. Take some time with yourself ;). Great video btw, you feel like a genuinely nice guy!
Web crawler
If I would have an amg gtr I would be so careful and you're just drifting the snowy corners wtf 🤣
Zack Spencer
Should of bought a Porsche... Grand Tour
At first I thought that this was filmed somewhere in the UK (because of the right-sided steering wheel and the number plates), then I realized that this was filmed 50km south from my city, lol
brunner patrick
Shmee in my opinion you are always cooler when you are filming with Misha.
Car looks awsome against the snow......Quality!!
hafnium 911
This should be a commercial for Mercedes :P
john air
The Black GT R looks stunning in the white snow.
john pardo
Great to see the GTR being used properly.
john willis
Next video shmee , dry road drifts or burn outs?easy on snow in fairness
michael xxx
very good Video Tim, very Important too. Funny for Germans when filming out on the left side, quite like the viewer drives like himself 😃
mike Z
Great to see someone who drive a high horsepower rear-wheel drive car in winter like I do!! I drive a Hellcat in the snow in Canada.
mohd yasir faridi
First COMMENT can only be SHQUAD........
Tim, it’s simply a question of your winter tires. I live in Gstaad and drive all manner of sports cars all year round. They will serve you well for two seasons and after that, even if they seem to have plenty of tread left, the compound will have hardened and they will lose at least 60% of their effectiveness. Winter tires are a miracle that have to be experienced to be you know. However, watch out for black ice.....not even your tires will save have been warned !
omar rashid
great video shmee, enjoy your car buddy.
oops memes have short lifespans
You really bought the right spec.
What a view with that black beast on white snow....looks fantastic
I love how you are constantly giggling like a little girl, and don't get embarrassed...most men are not secure enough to giggle like a little girl, and not care who hears them.
At least your driving the thing.... speaking of that... where is your girlfriend or are you gaylord?
Good work dude! Cars are made for driving!
travel er
#wow this is a fantastic 😍💓
I like the places you took for shooting and filming 10/10
спеед hunter tr