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This is a must watch. Please get this to the masses. This is how we are all going to live if we don't stop it.

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It's about getting people used to diminished expectations.
Angela Clark
This woman is annoying!!!  Every other sentence is trains this and trains or busses.  God I wish I had her life where my only worry is trains stations and bus traffic.  Good lord!!!
Ann Bertoli
I just bought a place in the country. Thank God every day. I currently live in apartment now but in November 1 acres of land is mine. I don't care to live near a Train Station. I worry for my kids future so I made my will they can't sell until they are 40. Homeless I been and don't wish my children to experience. Fingers crossed.
Beachy Keen
Total crap, tandem parking. People need to wise-up and quit buying this garbage. In Chicago, the only apts located this close to trains were slum-dwellings, like in The Blues Brothers.
Billy Graham
The American public living in California has gone mad, accepting this \
Bonnie Glover
Let me out!!!
Boom tendo
Totally insane what they are expecting for that space
Butterfly Whisperer
Tressys humor is funny lol. I laughed through most of it. We need some humor in this reality.
C Kellim
it's a bit Hitlerish especially next to train station!
CSAcitizen Feather
No teaching your kid to ride a bike. NO yards, no nature.
Christina Bobitch
Wow..there's the train again. Duh you're telling me your intelligence level. You're actually a bit paranoid but that's ok. Good to be that way I suppose if you're right about us being in a modern day holocast. You might be able too sell copies of these videos to save people time from going out to them personally. Maybe it would be a good idea to tone it down on your opinions on the styles of others. And be careful you know...the NWO is here....the trains, busses, extra spaces, brick, oh, wait the train is here...the camera...I wonder who is watching me and from where? Oh look the police department....did you just see that guy walking? He was on his phone. The cameras watching people. Look at this guy. What is he doing? Oh looks like he's in the shade resting. OMG Tessy, this video is a great detourrant for potential future residents Mission accomplished if that is your intention.
Clare McHugh
Single family homes are not attached .
Cliff MacFarlane
Vomit Pictures!.... :D Brilliant.
D Wood
Look how small those rooms are? Lol And the Train brings all kinds of Riff Raff to your community. Looks like a Prison. Nothing Looks homely about it.
Negative Nancy? naw, more like Realistic Rita, and with the tandem garages they are going to need the cop station right there for all the fights... my 1060 sf house looks bigger and roomier than those sardine boxes... think of the kids rolling down 3 flights of stairs, wonder if the parents will be forced to sign a release of liability... and...
Deborah Elliott
They would have to literally FORCE me to stay in that...Prison guards outside the house too?
Dogs Sing
I've seen exactly the same looking complexes randomly popping up everywhere near where I live. Since it's california, maybe it's for immigration.
I saw a charcoal grill(prop), that is not \
Ed Felty
Ok, why does Obama own the mountains?
El Okim
prison like compound lol
Frank Keller
communes... for communists... and illegal immigrants... how nice....minimum spec built cells....
Franklin Sharp
This place is not for me but I don't hate it, it beats towers.\nI'm not sure why this is hated so bad, no its not my lifestyle or location but I'm not looking either. They are small and not my ideal location but they didn't seem loud from the inside and I liked that it was a mix of buildings also there is no way I'm paying 500,000 for under 2000sf.\n\nWe have places like this in Vegas but they don't mix up the buildings and they are single homes with microscopic land the ones that are well for me not bad are modern design with roof top decks and with elevator options going for between 3-400,000.\n\nPeople need places to live and just because you don't like it doesn't make it bad just different, and you don't have to live there.
Iraida Lopez
Ok nice concentration camp ja!!!decorate like hell
James Black
That is the City of Montclair, Ca. At the train stop you just viewed, The Dept of Corrections (Chino Mens and Women Penitentiary) releases prisoners every 1st of the month to ride trains and buses home.
James Halloran
I am really impressed. Kidnap Park is an added value for child predators who can just drag your kid right onto the train...?
Hi I loved your expertise in evaluating this Agenda-2030 Housing of the Herds complex. Seems like they throw a pool in there to make one feel like they have a great place. Stacked up and 3 stAirways to get to your car..if you can get out!!! 🐗🐸🐸🐸🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷
K Shwayzy
Just awful, I'd never want to live there...
Kathleen Winser
I would never want to live there!
L. A. McDonough
Rental townhouses about same size in most cities, people have too much junk, older people downsize their crap and luv these low maint. (less cleaning house apts.
Lalehan Lale
Don't you know a kids bedroom when you see it according to the Agenda 21?? Hint it's in the small considerate of them to give the kids their own bathroom...LOL
Lynn Roberts
these are obviously only for young & healthy people, a select few others will live nearby in the 'houses'. they are packing the young & healthy next to train and bus depot. where are the old, sick and lame to live? has anyone researched or asked where this part of society is to live, and how will they get around without cars, even if they don't drive, they have people who drive them. bus or train is even out of question for many. walk to bus stop? up stairs? ride bike? what if you have to go to appointment and it's raining ... walk to bus stop? and why?
Marcia Barlow
It is time to take stock of who the Agenda 21 people are and place a target on their backs. After all, they, whomever 'they' are, have placed a target on ours. We do not need a currency printed by the Rothschilds, we do not need computers by IBM or operating systems by Gate's company. We do not need monopolies. Whenever one rears its ugly head, lop it off! Oh, and we DO NOT NEED SMART ANYTHING! We need to make 'smart' items go by way of the dinosaur!
Mark Dial
The train so close is a pain in the behind due to noise. No storage here. A tandem garage in a disabled situation designed for it. It would be fine for a cut down to one seat custom electric golf cart. But the use of stairs as is here not so. Such carts could also be used in narrow underground lighted roads. For underground one can wire fiber optic cables above to take sunlight underground for day. That blocks UV b rays and can grow plants under it. Buildings can be inserted mostly into walls
Mark Vehar
This is in sane you're packed & stacked into a tiny area everything including the single family homes are small. Worse yet are the so called \
Me Too
Love the sales bullshit...dont have any of the cheaper models and the prices are only going to go up, love how the appreciation is so rapid but the surrounding areas real estate is flat
thats depresing
Michelle Evans
Nope, nope, nope! We paid $118,000 for our 4bdrm, 2 bath house built in 2005, just about 3,000 sqft. I wouldn't trade for a trillion bucks! We also have just about an acre of land. Huge back yard privacy fenced.
OnlyJesus saves
Oh look, a fema station pick up point right out back how thoughtful.
The worst part is how they're laid out vertically vs each unit being on only one or two floors which makes them seem much more claustrophobic than a dwelling that size normally would be.
Patriot Jefferson
*EXCELLENT JOB POSTING THIS VIDEO ONLINE FOR PATRIOTS TO SEE!* I enjoyed your descriptions of the delusions & all that was lacking & the reality. Trapped indoors, big brother watching 1984, NO yard, NO privacy crappy parking for VERY small vehicles only. \n*You forgot to mention NO storage to prepare for an earthquake or any emergency situtation, so you have to go to a FEMA building!*\n(The filming was poor & too up close & shaky. )\nDay care is a FACT of life because the government planned it to be that way. \nIncreased taxes = INFLATION Flooding in over 1 MILLION Legal immigrants per year increasing the demand for housing =INFLATION!
look how hight he fence is!!very weird.wont be able to get over that.:O
I wanted to ask you what your thoughts are on the \
Rick Martinez
What kind of idiots would buy one of these units that has the tandem garage with their neighbor where they each park their car one in front of the other?
Band Starbucks,this is a new world that the younger generation can play their video games and live no children not buying cars.
While you're by the pool you get to see and hear the train pull up , how nice and they expect you to hop train every time you need coffee or sugar or toilette paper , nice ..... and see how narrow those hallways are , its the same reason why msm is pushing \
I can not tell the difference between the Townhouses, Condos and the Houses? They all look the same, SMALL & CRAMPED! These are just over priced Apartments...
Sandy Rene'
The camera is to keep an eye on all the strangers eyeballing the apartments.
Scotto Wd
Stack and pack over priced condos.
How do they stop randoms coming in and just stealing all the fixtures and pillows and stuff.\n\n\nAnd if you lived there - all the commuters looking into your house, or directly at you while you pretended you enjoyed being at the pool. So much for privacy.
You will do what you are told by your masters, and you will not complain about it.
Sledge Hammer
Haha @ \
You think the fires they set this year in 2017 were bad. Just wait till 18'. \n New records of houses burned will be set, guaranteed.\nTressy couple word of advice for your tours. Camera gimbal and slow down your movements. Please.
Squeaky 1967
2:40 \
This kids station is a nightmare. Surrounded by massive parking lot, train tracks and bus route. You hear what the microphone is picking up, now imagine being a child and having to endure this loud noise all day long, while inhaling the progressive air. Also the massive barred fence must be a real pleasure to experience from inside every day, gets you used to your future.
Sue Burgess
This type of living will have people ACTING OUT and not in a good way!! Humans are not meant to live this way.
Susie Arviso
I wouldn't thrive in such housing. It would be a prison of hopelessness and oppression. I would rather die. Sunlight, space and windows are very important. This Agenda comes straight from Satan.
Swapster .com
I was paying attention to trim details…. cheap. The bathrooms were all with those cheap fiberglass inserts. They really cut a lot of corners.
Come be the ultimate slave in your ultimate slave life of ignorant pawns.
Tom Simpson
Can somebody seriously explain this to me? I thought I understood the \
Trams Am
Hell no, this is agenda 21. And the end of America. They have to be stopped. These are dumps and very high priced.this is just like Miami condos, the sold units are bought by people who are going to try to resale them for a profit. So far Miami is not selling theirs. This is hell.
UTubeIsMuhKrakane Literally
Vintage Souffle, LLC
500k and the first thing you see is orange table and chairs.
Good God! Extra fees extra fees extra fees. Thank God I live on 25 acres in a home that I own with no fees, no neighbors, no people!
Whaddya I Know
They are really using the TRANS word, all over, lol
I think its nice ! The units are nice looking . A house you need to worry about the Landscaping The Cutting on the grass every month the gardener . The roof the house insurance make sure the house is painted in the outside every x amount of years it's a lot to deal with but in one of these units you don't have to worry about none of that all that is inclusive even the pool is taken care of but too expensive the units are too expensive
Theres the train...theres the train, say it again theres the train. You should come to London there are train stations everywhere, busses everywhere. Cyclists everywhere. Be careful, get out for a walk with your dog, this Agenda 21 stuff is making you sound so negative and paranoid and is a dis service to those who are genually trying to open peoples eyes to Agenda 21 - 30
The commies will keep the HOA system, very profitable indeed.
fladave99 Mills
Wood siding for 300K. In Miami you get cement slab, hi rise , stucco.
Heck no! This looks like the closest thing to hell I've seen on earth, and to think of having to pay $300k or more to live here. Views are terrible. We are all cattle now! Crazy!\n\nHousing is the biggest racket (costs, taxes)! Americans ought to rebel against the tyranny of housing costs, being forced into Agenda-21-like living, and high property taxes. This is tyranny, folks. Nobody with a choice would want to live like this, so don't buy into properties like this and continue to expose them for what they are.
38.22 Hebrew numbers: vav vav vav\nLook it up.
The size of the appartment looks for you very small. In the Netherlands I think 70 % lives like this haha. But I understand your concern because of the trainstation etc. The government want you out of your cars.
jarla naudic
This stacked living concept will be a big failure.
Moving the furniture into the place is going to be an adventure with the 1entry door and 3 stair cases. Oh look the guy with a broken leg is trying to go up the steps.  It could be worse, he could be in a wheelchair trying go up the  steps
what about ADA compliance? and it's a smart home to spy on residents?
You should have looked to see where the hidden cams and mics are planted.
8:30 mins oh my god there is 0 privacy it's like living in a hotel at a beach resort or sth..... but they are raking it in... how much is it in building materials to build a house one wonders... not 500 K let me tell you that! It s just builders making tons of money of people.
Where is this? Seniors like to downsize but their knees give out and can't do stairs.This is like moving the the Bronx or Brooklyn 1920's and 1930's
compared to some Apartments here in Brazil, those are huge. 3 floors just for you?! jesus, my apartment barely even got 150m².
400000 + 1000 a month and no privacy and no space well sign me right up
I have a friend that lives in University employee housing that's right off a light rail station. OMG, every five minutes it's like that episode of \
shawn sullivan
Those grills on the wall are for coarse filtering of the bug slurry they're going to be feeding us soon!
UN Agenda 21.    It will be a cold day in hell before I or any member of my family lives in one of these NWO ghetto boxes.
The whole place gave me the creeps, quite frankly; and reminded me of how dwellings were described in Orwell's classic book \
Doesn't look like they expect you to have any visitors either.
timothy kearns
$500,000? This video is a few years old......I wonder how much they are NOW?
toxic monsanto
very claustrophobic! An RV is larger and you can leave the US when agenda 21 swings in.
SO... You're NOT buying these homes.. You are renting.. ??? It'll be nice to hear that Train Bell at 2am in the mornings..
you tube
youd stick your dog in closet?wtf
It's beautiful..... if you lived alone... and if the price was sold at $80,000 instead of $500,000, but you just will have to keep the windows closed, cause don't want the neighbors to hear private conversations or important information on the phone.... oh and heaven forbid you wanna walk around naked with the widows open, someone might see you....