Mercedes-Benz 2012 C-Class VS Snow Mobile HD

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The showdown between the Mercedes-Benz 2012 C-Class and the snow mobile takes place in Sosele, Sweden, where the Mercedes-Benz Winter Driving Event is held every year.

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Arthur Viktor Hoffmann
it is a 4Matic. you never driven on ice before\n
Austin Becker
also its a ski do
Bill M
lets see which one does better without the plowed roads
Brent Christeson
For those haters on the new skidoos...what the hell is wrong with them? nothing. they are the most dependable sled made right now. I have had all sleds and my new 2012 skidoo 800 etec is by far the best. you cant even compare a benz to a sled cause it easily is a joke its not even a competition!!
Brian Privé
I got that car and its awesome!
I have a 800 skidoo but mine is studded exactly because of icy conditions. I don't think that sled was studded.
i have this car and its a beast !!\n
Daniel Hoyt
thats an 800
Eric Levkovich
I got that sled and its awesome!
Haryo Prakoso
i dont understand,what 4matic is?
Highway Star Mercedes-Benz
4Matic is the name of an AWD four-wheel drive system developed and used by Mercedes-Benz., It is designed to increase traction in slippery conditions!
Joe Arnold
sled needs some studs
John Carter
hey smartass now do it on asphalt how does that sounds ah?
See...even a car is faster than a Ski-Doo on snow lol, Ski-Doo sucks.
Kyle C
aww daddy gonna let you get one to
Mister Steel
pure driver experience and nothing to do with power, you cant not say anything about the vehicle. that car is a masterpiece.
I think it is a \
um, nice...I remember the first time I drove a snowmobile I drove like that too...
Nathan Schultz
its a snot mobile not an icemobile why not but mxz on the snow
Nick Warne
my dad has one\n
Noah Zizian
snowmobile sucks! Mercedes all the way
Quay Painter
ok, that's a skidoo rev moutain sled with what looks like a 153in. track. You get yourselft a studded up 121 with a good set of carbides, there wouldn't even be a race. Even at that, very impressive car.
Rami Abandeh
god bless ur words of wisdon
Ross Sizonenko
I also think that
Looks like the Mercedes drive have more fun :)
I find this one a little hard to believe.
Whoa ... the Benz is not even 4Matic, it is RWD!!
@logartt haha i agree
amiran kvesiashvili
music name?
Benz should make snowmobile next year
yamahas are for old people.... nuf said
id like to see every other person try to ride a sled on pure ice going 60+ its sketchy one wrong move and you'll be done.\n
of course noone drive like that person , but turkish people have a sentences.. you can buy a car or you can buy a mercedes.. \n\ngreat adv.
ez kurdim
why a beast bro?
yet your name is polarisericson\n
Give him a studded short track and watch what he do with it.
the test is wrong, the snowmobile is not studded and is on ice where a bare track has no grip you can hear the driver of the sled pumping the gas to find grip
does it handle well in the snow? i have a rwd cts which sucks in snow and i also have a gtr that i would not take out when theres snow so i was gonna get a c350 or a c300 4matic but i wasnt sure whether it would be worth it or not. i dont wanna get stuck in the snow and my dad has an suv and i dont like it
Why didn't they race the 4matic AWD version of this car? Isn't the 4matic AWD better on slippery roads than the rear wheel drive versions? I'd think the 4matic AWD would win the race against the snowmobile because it's faster and handles better during slippery conditions than rear wheel drive. I think they drove the C 350 but they needed to drive the C 300.
2012 C-class on Michelin CrossClimate + three 25kg sacks of gravel in the boot. Never got stuck, not even in the frozen gutter between the street and the pavement! Climbs like a chamois too.
Try that with the C63 and come back to me.
i say i can do better on the sled, BRP 1200 or 800, i've driven on an ice track and snow covered roads with one and I can go faster. the Renegade is an awesome, long track rocket. skiis need not touch the ground. :)
nakul .s.kumar
its not 4matic its a RWD
amazing car, but snowmobile needs some studs and a better driver then it wouldn't even be a close race.
NO way a c class can outrun a snow bike. Needs perfect winter tires and a hell of a pilot. IRL if you caught out in snow you just wouldn't move. The MErcs are very tail happy.. too much for these condition... Though I am still tempted to get one. Merc has really improved the design and the interior of their cars.
Mercedes builds a HELL of a car...they always have.
wakka chaka
one word, studs. although you still cant steer but you can stop real fast
Ага Иваныч
видео лажа! на снегоходе лошара