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We really need to vote these lunatic ultra liberal politicians out of or state. These wack job progressive thinkers are destroying our beautiful state like a cancer. 🖕🏻
I agree with Autumn. look down for her very accurate comment.
Adam Dye
Alan Malcheski
this reminds me of all the no smoking signs in Santa Monica. I swear to God, they say that smoking puts cancer particles in the air. Cancer particles. If cancer particles exist (which they don't) then I think the cars that are literally Everywhere that the signs are might also release \
Ang Warren
Instead of creating a utopia with the public’s money, they are creating a elohtihs!Stealing money to pay illegals!
Ann G.
The goal here seems to be establishing and increasing a PERMANENT, favored racial/ethnic (illegal) \
Anthony Estep
Is the gov of cali full of mentally deficient low iq thieves and robber barons, why are non minority groups not making a stand?
Anthony Peter Senecal
These people are running off at the mouth with FECES———de leon should not be allowed to live long enough to run for a cushy federal job, just sayin’ !!!!
Bernard Hibbard
You wanna stop global warming, talk to the Paris talks members. They are the ones voting to control the weather, and the talks that we pulled out of, (which explains WHY they are hitting us so hard with disasters). Oh, and California has \
Big B
I had a job interview a few years ago just north of LA. I'm sooooo glad I didn't get it. The city I was in was like 75% hispanic. Anyway, this thing they're implementing is just a smoke screen. I don't know how they're going to get the spicks the money. Tax breaks depending on your physical address? Send a check? I wish someone would a stood up and asked those people in the seminar if they had a map of the \
Bobbi P
So what is really being said is that the MILLIONS/BILLIONS ARE going to \
Leading a racist political rally. In the streets they waive Mexican and commie flags and attack White people. Their brown beret wearing shock troops claim the streets. The MS 13, Mexican Mafia and Brown Pride criminal gangs enforce the concept of La Raza.
Carlton Firoved
this just goes to show.... the California once big business out. They want wealthy people to pack up and get the hell out of California. when it's all over with California is going to be Juarez Mexico . prosecute and execute these people immediately. kick these illegal bastards out of the country and take the state of California back. it's time for local state and federal employees to pay with their assets lives and Legacies. Let the prosecution's begin today.
Charles Little
California is nearly a trillion dollars in debt to our government if they're going to give it out for free let's ask for it all back let them go bankrupt and watch them implode
Cheyenne Brown
My family is vietnamese. Very hard workers, get no help, take care of each other, and their community
Chris carlson
The entitiled Hispanic person at the end posing as a woman is an OBVIOUS TRANSVESTITE.
Christopher Bedenbaugh
Liberalism eats itself
Coni Edward's
Deb B
I'm back. Took a break from all the craziness. I see California is still stupid as ever. The thing that has bothered me for many months now is the huge homelessness. It's so clearly an emergency that the state is failing to fix.\np.s. Great reporting
Debbie Bradley
Hmmm? And they wonder why all the hard working people are leaving California. I won't even go there to vacation, or Florida.
Debbie Villalobos
Global warming was a joke is all making huelga richer and richer and richer with his big big money Al Gore
Stop all federal aid to California please Mr Trump take back California. Thank you for all your work to uncover these people and there dastardly Deeds.
Very racist biased policies benefiting the illegals that need to be stopped!
ERGA 2016
Homelessness, taxes, and immigration\nIn his tweet, O’Reilly echoed what many conservatives have said about the most progressive state for years — but while California has long been liberal, the destruction done by left-wing ideas is rapidly accelerating in the era of Donald Trump, due to what O’Reilly says is a combination of high levels of immigration and unionized education.\n\nHe wrote in a blog on his website on Tuesday:\n\nFirst, millions of foreign born folks now call California home and many of them want government assistance. Therefore the party that provides entitlements has amassed millions of new registrations. Democrats dominate the California political scene.\n\nBut even more important than that is the Golden State’s educational system. The far left teacher’s unions have wiped out any kind of ideological balance in the classroom. If you want to prosper on campus as a teacher or administrator, you almost have to be an ardent liberal. The kids are indoctrinated rather than taught in many schools.\n\nThis mass indoctrination is sowing the seeds of social breakdown, according to O’Reilly — and the results are paralyzing.
California takes better care of illegals than they do their taxpayers. California is a total embarrassment, to its people. It used to be proud, its just dirty, crime ridden and disgusting now. Crime rates have risen 36%. Thanks jerry. Your handy work is showing.
El Okim
they are trying to steal funds , period. its not even constitutional. government is not a charity organization
EpicBad Ideas
The best part of the disadvantaged tax dollar argument is how easily it can be reversed to strip funding or even grant reasons for deportation. The way in which this stat map has been arranged creates an argument that pollution is largely caused by low income and illegal immigrants. Levying a pollution tax on states such as California could lead to a civil unrest and mass deportation of illegals.\n\nIt is important to remember that in some cases, the best way to prove a point is to side with your opponents arguments. California would have to admit the flaws in their arguments or double down and display their totalitarian hypocrisy to the entire world. If the latter went full force, im sure there's a means in the constitution to settle that matter.
Ernest Reichardt
You people in California are getting Just what you deserve ! You elected these people or you didn’t vote either way , you built your boat and now you have to live with the fact that it’s full of holes and slowly sinking ! If I were stuck in California I would vote Republican next time ! What ever ! How do you like having illegal aliens run the state of California ? LOL keep voting Democrat and illegal aliens will take your homes from you !
Frank Mann
The Deep State aka new world order is behind all this terrorism against our Constitutional protections. This is the worse run state and has been since at least the 1920s. The Hollywood pharisees run the state from behind the scenes. These jackasses use their media to twist what is important into foolish bullshit. The parasites Jesus mentioned in John 8:44 want to turn this into their own little Soviet Union the way they did Russia in 1917. They constantly create poverty communities while laundering billions through Real Estate projects throughout the state. Illegal immigration is an intentional method to remove progress from the black community as well as the white community who wants to live the American dream protected by the US Constitution. They want to try to make confusion normal. They will use the black community against the white community and the hispanic community against both communities while not actually giving a damn about the hispanic illegals. Their main goal is to keep their goyim fighting each other while they, the pharisee continues to rape the freedom and prosperity of us all. By way of deception they do war against the masses of goy. They are parasites
Free Thinker
I think it's time to build a wall to keep California out of America
Guy Romine
Stop paying taxes.
Haji al Kidya
Ah, the grand Marxist scheme...!
Hutcheson Thervil
Nothing to see here but majorities getting a taste of their own medicine in California.
No jobs and no business will do wonders to transform this state into the homeless capital of the USA, increasing more and more as time goes on. Nice job to kill your own economy. Feels good, until the state falls into bankruptcy!.
Jan Johnson
Now you see why Mexico don't want them back!
Jerome Bychowski
There has been a false narrative in the United States for the past 80 years, about \
Jim J
This is making me sick to my stomach
Josephcat Sanchez
Katta Lady
Wait....if they practically don't pay taxes because we all know they have tons of kids for meal tickets (0 withholding = low income taxes, and huge Earned Income amounts from tax returns each year)...and barely any housing costs because three or four generations live in one house....HOW ARE THEY DISADVANTAGED? \n\nCan someone tell me?
L A So Cal
The burdens are coming across the border, not minority citizens, illegal crossing INVADERS. Btw ppl, do you realize this is the only true actual news coming out of communisr CA? no one reports like this guy. This is true journalism, and he probably didnt go to journalist school. Just a natural bold truth teller. Yall need to wake up and get red pilled before the whole state becomes a san francisco cesspool.
Latitude North
Excellent documentary! C.A.P. & Trade... Climate Action Plan [U.N.Agenda 21/2030, etc].... Pr0m0ting [reverse] R a c i s m + $tealth invaZ!0n by The UN_d0cUmented [illegals], a standard practice UN_der previous/current Dictat0r$hips, and UN_der FALSE Narratives & FALSE Pretenses [\
Luntau Sintan
Gov Ca St ,AG and Officials And Lawmakers should be solely responsible for their policies which are clearly Pro illegal Aliens and Anti-Constitution of the Republic.\nGod Bless the Republic.
Manuel G Chapa Jr
CA time to VOTE RED!!!
Mark Bivens
The Democrats and the crazy liberals are destroying California watch what happens when the money that the illegal sent back to their countries starts being taxed by the Democrats when that happens the illegals or run out of the country like a person walking into the kitchen to turn the lights on and see the roaches run. Turn that light on taxpayers save your state.
But the descendants of African American / Native American Black Aborigines slaves, who literally built this country. Are not considered by the United States to receive reparations, or even considered by society as being dehumanizing, demoralized, and held against their will ( kidnapping ) do to unjustified enforcement of labor, cruelty and unusual punishment, lynching, torture, and violation of human rights laws, even infringing of illegal international humanitarian laws.
Newton Groves
Brainwashed by their own coruption
Nicholas Napier
if they were really worried about global warming and all that stuff like that why not go to hydrogen Vapor not liquid there's a huge difference in the way these politicians run their lives it's setup on an evil trophy base with everybody else want that money they're going to do it no matter what they got to do to get in the pocket of the American worker and it's terrible that they keep trying to devise ways to do it all of the name of not doing this for that and I keep building more Mega project homes down here in Florida developers Mega Developers ridiculous cuz it keep both building on the land they wonder why we're having sinkholes water has nowhere to go and dries up and then there's your sinkhole
Patrick McLeod
**Wonder which 'preferred companies' were granted this money, and for what types of services, aside from housing etc**\nIn the minds of most leftists, it's only certain races of people who should qualify to reap the benefits of other peoples' tax dollars. Is anyone else tired of hearing these stories of unfairness and oppression, that only ever seem to affect immigrants from Latin America and Mexico? But how often do any of these leftist activists openly acknowledge the vast resources and benefits that have uplifted so many Latino immigrants to a much better life than the ones they left behind?\n They only acknowledge the benefits to immigrants when specifically questioned or criticized. But aside from those rare instances, pretty much all of their speeches focus on the notion that Latino immigrants(primarily illegals) are victims of all sorts of mass oppression, victimization and unfairness. The reality is, as much as most illegal immigrants love their home countries, they still CHOOSE to stay here. If things were as bad as the propagandists claim, most would have clearly chosen to return to their home lands!\n\n The truth is, we have bent over backwards for people from 1 region of the world(Latin America) more so than for any other group or race of people who've ever immigrated here. We grant them sanctuary after they illegally cross our borders. We look the other way as they forge important identification documents, whereas our own citizens would be criminally charged for doing it! We offer free health care for their entire families, paid for by American citizens in the form of MUCH higher healthcare and insurance costs. \n\nWe pay an average of around $12,000 per kid, per year for their education. We offer taxpayer subsidized housing AND welfare payments in some states. We offer in-state tuition for college, at taxpayer expense in some states. They are also paid many, MANY times more dollars per hour, for work than in Mexico etc. We also grant 'affirmative action' based racial discrimination in their favor, but against OUR OWN CITIZENS, that guarantee them a 'racial advantage' when it comes to education and govt jobs in some cases! \n\nYet, the 'progressive' leaders would have us ignore all those benefits, and only see Latinos as horribly mistreated victims.
Paul Holley
Boy that's dirty put them in there and make us fight for the jobs isn't that dirty that's f****** an American man I'm 50 years old this documentary is f****** me up man wow
Paul Newsom
Calif has been in a serious downfall since 84 ,now a cesspool Rathole ,
Phd Craven Moorehead
Thanks Grindall for your relentless efforts and sharing .
Ralph Lizarraga
I'm a American born Latino veteran, and looking at that map, I live in supposed impoverished community. where the heck is my money or help... And who the heck is paying for this???
Randy Douglas
This is absolutely sickening! They don't call it Commiefornia for nothing!
Richard Rodriguez
Gerry brown communist in charge.
Ricky Daigle
these politicians have no morals they should live in the street to to really show the people we are with you but won't these politicians are bullies to treat people like shit an go home an eat caviar while the people eat shit from the street
Rob Lee
California needs their funds cut immediately🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸☝👈👺👆👆🚨
Roberto Tamil
America DOES NOT want ANY illegal from ANY county or of ANY color! Illegals steal our benefits and raise crime and welfare budgets! Illegals, STAY OUT! Not welcome here!
Ru Cottage
Just cut Cal from the natiom
Ryan The Dog
I love seeing stupid white people protesting for people who actually want to get rid of them LOL
Saharra Quasar
She says STRESS. Ha!! What they caused to themselves and everyone. else.....UGH. So racisf, so arrogant with their self entitlements and RECONQUESTA. Agenda.Quit breeding!!
Sami Storm
Fight California what's wrong with you? Texas will be next fools, grow a set already! Supreme Court sided with Trump, don't give up the rest of America is watching you damn
Illegals and Democrats are ruining California.... Beware and pray the other states don't follow or the whole US is going to be a ruined.
Satya Veda
Scott S
Cali is so screwed up!\nApparently they are \nracist too!\nIf you run a business or are middle class you need to get out now!\nIf you don’t leave you will pay for this unconstitutional cap and trade tax!\nFunny if you go to other countries they make you prove that you have a income source cause they won’t give you \nanything!\nWe are so stupid!
Seth B
California needs some more blue lazes to burn more houses and business to keep them in line instead of breaking more laws . Yes its a war on California for being disobedient take them all the way down until nothing is left . Then go over and work on Oregon to wipe them into line because they wont want to end up looking like California in the end .
Seymore 84
From your mouth to gods ears. Im Mexican and i remember being told that California, Arizona, Texas, and a few other states belong to Mexicans. All that mattered were the gang you belong to and stealing from white people. The politicians in Southern California we're stealing from the government to better their situation but we didn't care. Since ive moved on mentally emotionally and physically I sure as hell care now. I wish trump would send in the Marines and lock this crooked ass State down.
Stop Blaming the white man
Americans are a minority in California what the hell.....
The GreyJedi2112
commiefornia needs to fall into the ocean already
Unspoken Voices Inside Media
Thank You for doing this video and the term of undocumented should be removed in how we communicate policy/law. This word is used to remove the correct term of illegal immigration. The correct term should be used to identify the State, County, and Federal criminal law/policy. US citizens that break the law/policy have to face the justice system and the punishment system. Please do a video the budget and who is receiving the contract? The employer should be providing these farm workers/other low wage illegal/illegal immigrant worker/business. I guess all the different types of H1 Visa should also be include in this allocation of US citizens taxpayer dollars.
War N Peace
Giving aid and comfort to the enemies of America is TREASON punishable by imprisonment and death do your jobs law enforcement you all take an oath to uphold the constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic
Well I Ain't Never
This state needs to be used as an example of how not to EVER run a state again in this country!!
William Arendt Arendt
Our citizens deserve some help an our veterans! Illegals deserve nothing except a ride back to their country of origin! Nothing else! When are we going to start taking care of our own. We have black an white working class suffering an barely making their bills an most aren't making their bills! It should be we need to quit taking care of the illegal immigrants an start taking care of our own people! When citizens start fighting back don't say you weren't warned!!! People are getting more than tired trust me!!!!!
*Racially based Policies?* ...and that's not RACIST at all, right?\n\nLiberalism *is* a mental disease.
The last great democrat of California was Mayor Tom Bradley of Los Angeles. A black mayor, and former police chief, that worked with downtown businesses to bridge these minority communities that lived in their districts as a result of covenants and lending red lining that was deemed illegal by the supreme court in the late 40s. As a result, LA experienced \
ace of spade
Yes God is not man on Earth but God is going to do a cleansing and removal of evil that are in power what's going on is to divide and conquer sometimes it's got to hurt to make a change but people need to obey the laws of the land and stop being ignorant and prideful and hard-headed and ask for someone who is going to read this and know it's them maybe their eyeballs will open and they would see clearly and all the wax in the ears will be removed so they can hear and learned that there is a God
autumn terrill
We need these corrupt politicians arrested and jailed.
baja joes
How the Hell is the Majority really a Minority? 50% Hispanic is still a Minority!\nAnd it is by definition so it cannot change!
barbara oconnor
This is a unconstitutional fraudulent act against the citizens aka sedition and treason.
brian lupinsky
just nuke illeagls problem soveled.
this is so screwed up
dark window
Donald j Trump and his goons are going to bring pain to the USA 👿🤡
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ian pennack
This is what happens when Jews are allowed to live in your country. \nNow they are everywhere, setting up their supremacist agenda for world domination.
kathy kamka
If everyone would vote Republican we might be able to undo this mess. You must understand that this craziness starts a city level. You must understand that they are allowing the illegals to vote and are encouraging them to!
lion fish
LA RAZA , Means the Race. They are a Fascist Hispanic organization. They have a, \
shrooms 4u
North Tijuana
sonny shiner
They'll get there fair share of lead!!!
spot light
I knew things were very bad in California with a flood of ILLEGAL immigrants. But to see how far all this has infiltrated the state and local governments to the point of BILLIONS of dollars racially distributed to ILLEGAL immigrant communities! California doesn't even seem to be part of the United States any more! Trump needs to declare martial law in California and let the military work with ICE to do a massive round-up and deportation sweep of ALL ILLEGAL ALIEN IMMIGRANTS!
texas 2009
im guess the beans in Hispanic's diet causing them to fart a lot more, therefore causing pollution. hahahhahaha
yoholo ho
Didn't Trump declare California in a State of rebellion? And I think Trump met with the leaders of New California. Trump has to protect the patriots Citizens there and would consider the illegals, Enemy Combatants under Martial Law or Federal wartime law. Union Federal Invasion would occur to Liberate California. Removal of Illegals on mass would occur. \n\nBrown would go to Gitmo or be executed for treason. Federal Invasion forces would easily arrest all Cali politicians, and begin removing illegals. New California could pick a capital as Old California is Re Colonized be Legal Americans. Economy would BOOM.\n\nResearch Q ANON! too. you will see.