The 8 Greatest Four-Cylinder Engines Of The Last 20 Years

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A lot of four-cylinder engines get overlooked because they have as much flair as a side salad. But there are a few 4-pots that quickly gained iconic status. Here they are!SUBSCRIBE:

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Vauxhall redtop
Adrian Ramriez
Honda B series fit more applications and hade type R models they also introduced VTEC they more deserving the the F22 you also forgot Toyota two best 4 cylinders the truly bulletproof 22RE which was not a powerful engine but did live a two decades and saw fuel injection and carburetors and let’s not forget 4AGE the legendary beating heart of the AE86 and last but not less the Mazda BP engine series which gave live to best selling car of all time the M-X5 or eunos roadster sue not powerful and the turbo model wasn’t much better but you can’t forget these engines hope you add them to a later video
Aksty Woodpecker
Alex Morrison
Being a mechanic and seeing varied issues and what not. Where is the vauxhall c20let. Turbo 160v. \nThe rover k series. More power to engine weight of any car of the time. 160 ps from a vvc unit you can carry with your bare hands. And last but not least the long lasting ford based cosworth 2.0 unit found in export and rs500 alike. Absolute iconic. If u wanted to include the Scrooby who chews gaskets and rattles cranks out at 30 k then congratulations
Altrai Govender
Ford focus RS and Focus ST ?
when you realize 20 years ago was 1997... time flies
Ben Hayes
Guys, if you're going to have an engines 'best of' video can we please have some clear audio of each one? Surely worth a few seconds of extra video length ;)
Braddah E
3tc. Hemi pushrod 4cyl that may be weak in stock form, but is pretty much indestructible.
Bucs Fan
Chance Smith
I think you’re forgetting the 2.0 8v from the Golf Mk3! It’s on the smaller side, but that doesn’t make it any less fun!
Charles Caltrop
Obviously you have a preference for Japanese engines or maybe the only ones you know about. You missed the B205 and B235 from SAAB those are legendary engines that are tunable to more than 480 BHP properly done. Even though the engines had reputation of oil and coolant leaks that does not diminishes their capability and power...just watch the Nordic Tunng videos to get a taste.
Conner DiPasquale
No Cummins 4BT?
classic saab 900 and 9000
What about Honda K20 motors ?
DJ Prad
Next: top v10 engines (because not many cars have v10s any more)
BMW S42B20 the great unknown =))
You forgot the C20XE/C20LET engines! \u003c3
Daniel Gómez Soto
You forgot the c20xe !!! engine
Dr. Ezekiel
Ford 2.0 liter. That's in Ken blocks fiesta and the caterham 7.
Edward Weston
a series, k series and the audi 8n 20 valve
Japanese best 4 cylinder.
Greg Rose
Mazda BPZE, 1.6 and 1.8 in MX-5's, 323's and Astina/Lantis. Reliable, forged crank, oil squrters for the pistons and 7k red line. And its a non-interference design to boot.
Hagen Herrmann
BMW S14 from the E30 M3!!!
Greatest... but not reliable/durable.
You guys are too obsessed with \
Irfan Din
H22 engine from the Honda Prelude
James 3rd
Vauxhall redtop
Jamie Gormer
Forgot the vauxhall 2.0 16v red top, fitted in the astra gte and cavalier gsi
Janson Mathew
Where is The Holy 4AGE
Jerry Lor
Missing two engines, the B18C5 and the 3SGTE (3rd gen). Every tuners knows those engines.
Jo Rudler
What about the F4R-F4Rt, they are really good engines.
Jr Nieto
This Just Got Me Mad !! Where Is The KA24DE From Nissan Altima Or 240sx 🤦🏻\u200d♂️
Juan Vazquez-Rodriguez
Justinas Vosylius
vw ea827 kr, pl, 9a, abf dohc man
Kevin Manson
Sr20 neo vvl
Great video! \nBut you guys forgot the 4AGE from the famous AE86 Sprinter Trueno and the B18C6 from the Acura or Honda Integra Type R
I would choose 4G63 anyday over some kinds of engine out there
Larry 21603
Performance can also be described as a cheap 4cylinder engine in cheap cars that run a long time with very little maintenance and survive a lot of abuse. That would make the Toyota 1NZ-FE 1.5L engine a great 4cylinder engine that is found in over 20 different Toyota vehicles. Here we pull them out of wrecked Scions and Yaris's, use them in generator sets and run them on CNG. They out perform expensive heavy duty commercial engines in similar applications. We call them great engines.
Lee Redfern
My personal favourites are the Vauxhall c20xe and let along with the ford 1.6 cvh RS turbo engines. The RS being my all time favourite especially when you couple it with the 2.0 litre displacement of the 2.0 ltr zetec silver top bottom end to create a monstrous 2.1 zvh turbo that not only sound's gorgeous but also pulls like an absolute steam train...
Lincoln Massey
Volkswagen abf 16 valve, Toyota 4age, Opel c20xe.
M Ridware
Matt Green
Honda k 20 and b 16
Mattias Filander
I'm an Alfisti so I'm glad to see the TS, but I really think that the C20XE should have made the list. Used in the Opel Kadett GSi 16v and variations of it was used by Chevrolet as late as 2012 I think in the WTCC cars.
Matúš Brežinský
What about VW/Audi 1.8Turbo ? Mazda 2.3disi 191kW stock ?
Maxus Anurux
Twin spark?
Mačak u čizmama
ts \u003c3 it has charcater, despite it does not feel fast at all
Mitch Phillips
4age and the cosworth
C20let and c20xe are excellent engines should have had a mention
Murdo McDonald
Definitely should of done Honda k20 and especially the impressive little b16b, i’m sure that engine held the highest bhp per litre record for a while!?
Nathaniel Couey
Saab's turbocharged 4 cylinders, even though GM killed Saab.
Ojciec Pijo
Saab b201/b202 turbo from 900 model. Legendary engines which starts the turbo era.
Oki NaWaa
What about the red top 3S-GE wich powered the Celica SSIII and the 3S-GTE of the Celica GT-Four ST205? lol
Renault Enthusiasts
The Renault F7R (Clio Williams) and F4R NA (Clio 2 RS, Clio 3RS) are also two nice engines :)
Robert Lettieri
4b11t? no, just me, ok then
Robert Trageser
No Toyota 22R? They may be old but still used all over the world. Parts are cheap and plentiful. Mine has not been treated nice but starts up even after sitting cold for 2 months! Its taken me up and down the Sierras and over the Rubicon Trail. Toyota trucks rule!!
Robert Warnick
yall forgot to add the Toyota 2zz motor that went into the celiac and vibe and back when lotus was around it was supercharged and put into the lotus elis
Robin Boots
Ford zetec engines\nThose things just keep on going
Rodrigo Bastos
×presses on throttle×\n\n15 minutes later\n\nVTEC kicked in Yo!
Audi 1.8 T
Stellan Piacun
don't forget the original twin cam that all other brands copied..the fiat 2.0l 8v/16v in the 70's 80's and 90's
Sven Schwingel
The 3.0 from Porsche's 944 S2 and especially 968 models belongs in there as well.
Ford/Mazda 2.2l turbo engine 🙄🙄 sure 165hp from factory but can/will hold 400whp tuners have made 533whp on a single run lol that's with all stock internals too
Taj Tomlinson
Takumi Fujiwara
Before some people rant about it, I'll say why the 4A-GE is a legendary piece of JDM machinery.\nIt was featured is a few cars, including the 1st gen MR2 and AE86, both of which are good-known cars.\nIt may not have been powerful, but it sounded great, and thats why its also a shame that that engine isnt made anymore.
The Becks
Tim Bajohr
The Saab b207 engine was pretty damn good. it pushed more HP than a couple of these easily. A modified b207 was what was used in the Chevy Cobalt SS, aka the fwd car that can beat the GTR when tuned right. Great mileage and amazing power output.
Tom McGowan
i know this is about engines from 20 years ago but my fav 4bang was and is the 22RE-Fi by toyota. not in terms of performance but the sheer ability to keep going with nothing but the basic maintenance . rip my 88 toyota pick up. the engine lasted longer than the frame.
Tommy Gleason
8 greatest 6 cylinder engines ever
Rover K - Series vvc engines make a lovely sound going through the rev range, very light weight as well
Talking about the Volvo B230FT but showing the picture of a B234F xD, welp still happy to see the red block in the list
Troll Profi
F20c . K20. H22. Dont't even care about other engines
Victor Cavalcanti
A lot of engines missing, C20XE, K series, B series, ae86 4A-GE, old Volkswagen/Audi 1.8l engines from a3 for example... But it's ok to miss some of them, but twin spark from alfa romeu? Not in this world
Sorry, but the Saab 2.0Turbo engines (like the B204L)?! smash the GTI engine away and put in this please!
Youtube User Andy
A Saab b234 or b204 can handle over 500bhp on stock internals but was not mentioned on this list......
Zane Yacoob
Toyota 4AGE 20v
aSslim YT
Opel C20LET
The evo can make 450 \
How about SR20VET?
christopher walker
Wow. Mazda gets no love. What about the 2.2 f2t, the 1.8 bpt or let's not forget the 2.0 fe3!
no 4age? probably the best sounding 4 banger in existance and was used as recently as the late 90's
don toure
Saab 2.0 aero! B207R
japanese fan boy much?!? Where is alfa romeo and peugeot and citroen and fiat engines which are all superior over to japanese engines?!?
gary lawlor
Can't leave out the Honda b engines bud
I think the Ford/Mazda 2.3 liter PZEV engine of the mid 2000’s was a great engine that should be included as one of the best of the last 20 years. Smooth as silk, relatively powerful, fuel efficient, partial zero emissions and bulletproof. Great engine.
lord baelish
Toyota 22RE It’s not fast but very reliable
malisa chayhuad
Check out Mrbman youtube channel and see how much he made out of his SAAB 9-5 Aero, with stock engine internals.
mian fazle razik
The k20a I guess.
No z20let
yes where is toyota 4age and honda B series engine or the K series engine.
VW EA827/EA113 petrols - (Brasilian AP)\n\nthere are many cars today, equiped with 2.0 16v engines \n& tuned up to 1300-1500 hp also this engine easily can rev as high as 10k rpm even in Turbo aplication !
where is the Famous 4AGE or B16B ??????
Surely the Opel / Cosworth developped red top should be in that list, the great 20XE and the turbo version the C20LET should be high on that list. Their fuel economy was great but that's not all. They had really great quality components from stock (pre machined inlet and exhaust ports, sodium filled valves, forged pistons ...) great power and torque capability and great running capability
Are you crazy, where is the K20, B18, B16 engines
tamer ursavas
Opel c20LET !!!!
LOL. One of the worst lists i've ever seen.
whotookmypenisissmall 101
Well older then them but weigh more affordable (except one) first of all the Ford pinto engine it's been in hotrods and f2 stocks for over 40 years and at one point the pinto and rover v8 where the most modifiable engines in the world and it was in all generations of the capri, mk3, 4,5 cortina, every generation of granada and the Sierra. Next the vauxhall redtop engine which has been used in hotrods for over 30years and cheaper than almost every engine on ur list. But a bit of an expensive one but by far the best 4 pot of all time the cosworth which at the start of its racing life cosworth scrapped 370hp but by the end they were getting almost 550 hp from it that's in the late 80s yes that's a group a car but the engine was put in Sierras for any to modify from its still impressive for the time