Mercedes-AMG GT3 chasing Audi R8 LMS GT3 at Nürburgring

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Watch Manuel Metzger, winner of the Nürburgring 24 Hours, chasing the Audi R8 LMS GT3 of the Busch twins at the 5th round of the VLN Endurance Championship. Have fun watching this stunning recording!Please don't forget to like and subscribe for more!Check out my Facebook page at:

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This blew me onboard video in years
Angus Anthony
I wish racing in gran turismo was like this...
Anthony McLaren
Gran turismo in the windshield :)
Anthony Rodemus
Good god... what a phenomenal display of skill, from both drivers. I'm sitting here in an office chair, and I'm sweating, just from watching it.
This AUDI is fast as hell. Great Drive from both of them
Atul Gusain
It's like I'm playing real racing 3
Ayman Abouhamda
I thought the Benz was gonna be able to overtake on the straight.
That was Breath Taking!, The sound of the AMG is just outstanding!
Bryan Awkwardson
That AMG has a really bad-ass sound :-)
This looks and sounds like Gran Turismo Sport, but GTS has better graphics 😂
...nice try, sucka...\n\n-R8
Wow. That game of chicken on the straight was nuts!!
Charles K
absolutely fantastic
Charlie Besley
Absolutely insane. Phenomenal skill
Chetan R
That R8 is very good on straights but the AMG seems to catch up on it at the corners. Absolute brilliant driving. Best on-board action in along time.
Chris Boulas
Holy shit incredible drive from them both.
Chris Calderin
What a f ing ride that must of been. Wow.
Clinton X
This video should have many more likes. These guys can drive.
I can't wait to be able to go to that track one day...\n\n\n\n\n\nWith my Prius.\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nJust kidding. I'd actually like to go with a Camaro ZL1 1LE.
Daniel Sadjadian
What makes this even more awesome is the fact that the GT3 still features the 6.2 V8 AMG engine :)
David McCappin
Stunning. Just stunning !!!
Diamond 187
Does it even matter what car it is once it's GT3?
Dieter Reitstätter
amazing!!\nI`ve been there for many times.\nIt´s allways a pleasure to watch them
I always love the steady climb in tone of the straight cut gears in these cars, it gives me goosebumps.
Dzul Harel
daammmnnnn that chasing....\nthe top speed battle at the last straight....god damn fast....\n\nmake my heartbeat faster.\n\nthe best video i've ever watched this week
Fleisch Berg
Ghosthunt 5
Props to the Audi driver. The Mercedes driver was pretty good aswell but he had the Audi driver in front of him to adjust his breaking. Just imagine how skilled that guy in the Audi has to be to drive in this pace with no one in front of him to look at... 😲
The Audi R8 driver is shit imo. Not aggressive enough, too conservative on the braking
Harry Howells
legend has it the mercedes is still chasing the audi to this day
Hichem Mettiti
my gf: \
Hiperhen x
Sounds very similar to gran turismo sport
Horst Hammer
Great german cars, great german track... racing at its best!
I hate it when people complain about GTSport's transmission whine a.k.a vacuum. Now YouTube recommends this and it still has transmission whine. There's even a giant GRAN TURISMO on the windscreen. Thanks YouTube. NOW STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT THE WHINE
Jacob Standley
I'm in a trance watching these
Jonathan West
Jesus christ and ithought I could drive this is .... I dont even know what ive just seen its like madness my brain feels tired like a just ran a marathon I need some water I respect these guys to the max im not sure if what I just saw was real it cant be can cars run circuits that fast shit I feel like all my years of experience these guys are like light years ahead
Jorge Miller
5:51 this head to head race is just insane....
Joseph Halliday
I watch this video at least 2-3 times a week.
Yesyesyes! Fantastic video.
after watching this video I turned on my ps4 to play some AMG GT in Assetto Corsa. sounds just like the one in game.
Gt3 seems to lack straight line speed
MKL Reda
Holly shiit, Even in a video game i cant drive like them
Mahkee HD
One word:\n\nAmazing.
Marco Mathar
awesome! must be frustrating not having enough power to get past him on the straight ... just shows how little difference there is between the cars ... just great to watch pure racing
Mario Roberto Hernandez Flores
Excelent and brilliant work of the Audi's Driver!!! What a lap!!!
I´m a big race sports fan but man.... one mistake at those speeds and its over
Mark Ferris
This is how it's done...
Mark Wray
That Audi must have been running pretty low downforce to have kept up with the Merc like that in a straight line. Usually their speed difference is pretty big.
Matty D
I still say Project Cars 2 has better graphics
Now THAT'S racing.
Michael Dufault
I want this to play at my wedding.
Mohamed Sameer
Joystick wheel...🤔
Nayr Albertone
Bellissimo !! AMG GT Sound like the old Mercedes C11 Group C... when i saw the gt3 at monza last weekend , when Mercedes pass on the straight and in the corner , sound almost exactly like Mercedes C11
Nelson Gj
Skilled drivers ....HATS OFF
Some say the AMG is still trying to pass to this day
Nick Zhou
The R8 is actually pulling in straight line....
Nurburgring burner
It is like a 6'40min nordschleife
wow: held my breath for almost 7 min i think
Pertev Aky00
Hahaha I love how the Mercedes Driver presses the light signal button so many times in first half part of the track. You can see the flashy yellow reflection on the bumper of the R8 :D\nIt's like the driver is screaming: \
Pickle Rick
Simply amazing! love the driving of both drivers and omg that freaking sound!? :o sucks that the car didn't have enough top end speed to overtake the audi at the end though x)
RE Marketing
Let's face it as much as I like AMG that Audi had the measure of the Merc in every respect ... even at full bore on the final straight the AMG was unable to answer the R8 even with the 8 pulling well to the left. I'm kind of surprised Stuttgart could not get that car to get past the R8.
Rafael Oliveira
Holy shit! O.o
ReaperSide Gaming
worth it 6 mins of my life
Move you glorified Volkswagen! ////AMG hooning by
0:40 he put traction control on 9 :) Btw awesome driving(racing)
Shawn C
These two are obviously highly skilled Nurb vets. That's a pretty breakneck pace and the Benz might as well have been pinned to the back of that Audi. Great show, fellas!
Shenmue is life
Is that we call \
Loss of words. That was incredible. Nailed the entire track to a mm.
At 5:50, holy moly that was close!
Reminds me of how accurate the laser scanned Nürburgring in Assetto Corsa is. And been driving GT3 cars around the track as well - at least virtually :)
Sr le
You must have a big balls to drive this fast at Nurburgring ... perfection.. Respect.
Suliman M F
I hpe next time to show us the speedometer 😍😍
Tomáš Váňa
Excellent driving !
Venom A
the AMG driver is an absolute beast! he's just being held up lol wow
good god that is some racing right there
William Peng
R8 has a better straight line speed, the AMG is much faster in the corners.
man my arsehole twitched a few times and I'm not even driving lol
Yunus Emre Öztürk
Mercedes can chase, but never gonna catch ;)
That was epic. I thought Merc will get him on the straight.
adam foong
Mercedes : The best or nothing
This is one of the best displays of GT3 skill/knowledge of the Nurburgring out there!
chanchan ahmad
It's still everyday bro?
dank the jank
thank you so much! and NO MUSIC THANK YOU!!!! amazing, beautiful, inspiring....and no rain.\n\nsubscribed.
This Gran Turismo has a fantastic graphic! Is this for ps5?
Some say the AMG is still trying to overtake the R8 to this day.
iliq filiq
pretty nice fight on the straight line :)
joel stephen
it is near immpossible to pass on this track.
AMG better in the corners and braking. Audi better top end speed and better mid to high end acceleration it seems. Is best chance of Merc overtaking (bar a mistake from the Audi) to dive bomb into a corner or pit stop undercut?
mister Moody
Legend says that to this day they are still raceing
Year 2030, amg still trying to overtake Audi.
nikos bakas
one of the most exciting videos in youtube 👏💪👍✊
Those GT3 cars are notorious for having specially build engines that can produce the necessary amount of torque to carry the massive balls of steels of their drivers
richard thompson
Amazing skill to follow so closely on such a tight unforgiving track.
my face was glued to the screen and i was hoping that the Audi driver makes a little mistake, but nooo... :D thats a good race! thanks for the video
siga raga
Granturismo Sport looks awesome!
Mercedes isn't good at 0-60 kph or 0-80 kmph
*M E S M E R I S I N G*