Kelly Clarkson - Walk Away

Kelly Clarkson's official music video for 'Walk Away'. Click to listen to Kelly Clarkson on Spotify: ---------Lyrics:You've got your mother and your brotherEvery other undercoverTellin' you what to say (say)You think I'm stupidBut the truth isThat it's cupid, babyLovin' you has made me this waySo before you point your fingerGet your hands off of my triggerOh yeahYou need to know this situation's getting oldAnd now the more you talkThe less I can take, ohI'm looking for attentionNot another questionShould you stay or should you go?Well, if you don't have the answerWhy are you still standin' here?Hey, hey, hey, heyJust walk awayJust walk awayJust walk away

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ACE 6210
I remember trying to just mimic what she was singing because I could not understand this song that well as a kid. That's like most songs though for me haha. Now, it is 2017, and I think I got this \u003e.\u003c. Such memories
Aims Clibery
I love this video haha
Ainah Legaspi
Sometimes music is all you need to make you feel better. 😍❤️
Alex Manrique
this is still til this day her best song and video.
Alexia Peterson
Dude in the bathroom always makes me laugh
AllyEvilRegal Yerkes
The best is the end were the cop hands the woman her ticket and just walks away last. Good videos and music.
Andre Palhares
2017 anyone?
Andy Nguyen
WOW Lyric and #WalkAway Movement are similar in meaning. \
Angel Guardado
Should you stay or should u go?
Angelia Harman
When your JAM comes on, stop what you're doing, then sing and dance like no one's watching!! Love this still! 💓
Anngy Grajales
Kelly Clarkson rocking the Cosima eye makeup before Cosima even existed
Remember when music videos were still watched on TV? Well, this was from that time. Good times.
Auttum Noble
One day till 2016 and still listening to this
Baltazar Zuñiga Cervantes
A total monday song.
Ben De la portilla
What a throwback !!!!! good times, ironically I dig this song way more now than I did 12 years ago.. what are the odds.. maybe is nostalgia hitting me..
Carys Feliciano
When music was good
lol that cop makes her watch him dancing and then hands her a ticket
Chris Jones
I have been a Democrat for over 40 years, but I haven't voted Democrat for the last 8 years - they just weren't representing me anymore. \nOne month ago I started watching alternate news videos on Youtube. I promptly cancelled my California home town daily newspaper ( 40 year subscription, but now very bias). Two weeks ago I registered as a Republican. I hadn't heard of this campaign, but I Walked AWAY! GO TRUMP!
Costanza Morchio
7 years since I first listened to it and I still love it!!
Daniel Jakubowski
2:16 uhhhh, ma'am I just want my breakfast :|
David Dennis
Kelly Clarkson has a beautiful voice. I love her.
Diego de Vasconcellos
Best music vídeo still (2016)
Dorsa Arvandi
this song is perfect for when u mad at ur parents
Even before this video was made I'd play this loud and lip sync in my mirror with a hairbrush. It's that type of song.
Eduardo McGhaney
Her voice is insane, I love it!
Elma Cavcic
Beautiful, natural and very talented woman. Unlike a lot of others young singers...
Emily Monroe
i love a lot of kelly's songs but the way she dressed and danced for this video is making me start to doubt my fan loyalty to her.
Fortunate Kidd
1:10 anyone? she was killing that
Garrett TotallyNOTCrona
Anyone else realize it's been 7 years since this came out and then feel really old?
Gloriana Marín
This was my jam when I was like 10 😂😂
Greg Paula
This is a really good song. Thank you, Ms. Clarkson, for this delight. I'll have to find out who wrote it. 
Kelly looks SO SEXY in this video! It just makes Kelly look so inviting that you really DO want to die for her!
Hotaru Tomoe
i absolutely love this song Kelly is awesome :)
Humble Bumble bee
Just walk awaayyyyy😍😩😂
One of the few singers of this century that actually can sing.
There needs to be a redo of this song, but the ones dancing in the cuts are characters from the walking dead
Jade book
gotta love the guy who just gets outta the car starts having a jam fest on the highway!! xD
James Hutchens
I think her hairstylist watched Joe Dirt before he did her hair that day...
James N. O'Sullivan
I can remember seeing this when it first came out and being absolutely SCANDALIZED by it. Now, I'm just like, oh, yeah, her stomach is bare.
Jillian Riggs
OMG the football player! He has no shame! He's dancing and he could care less what the other guys say!
Joe D.
BAHAHAHAHA!!!!! More like #WalkAway lol, sorry Kelly jokes on YOU!!!
Johnny Stars
I need to say: Kelly is so hot here, she's dressed perfectly in this video!
I remember watching this on MTV as a kid 😭
Keeng Marbulz
So weird.. I havent heard this song in years and I just randomly started singing the chorus out of no where lol
Kelli Hix
my toothbrush used to play this song 😭😭
Kevin Saggers
Who else is watching in 2019 ?
Camera guy who cuts her off is bae
Kelly Clarkson, the original American “Idol,” and this has all new meaning in 2018 #WalkAway
The song that encouraged me to breakup with an abusive, cheating, manipulating boyfriend.
MC Claire
I really kelly Clarkson.. very talented. I am a fan for more than 10 yrs.. hehe
MaeDay Friday
I love her then, love her now.
Mark Taylor
1,107 people walked away.
Mckenzi Taylor
this girl was my childhood seriously. I used to dance in my underwear to her and she was the queen of my slumber parties and now well...NOTHINGS CHANGED! IM LOOKIN FOR ATTENTION NOT A NOTHER QUESTION SHOULD YOU STAY OR SHOULD YOU GO! Nothings changed...nothing. I still fangirl when i hear her on the radio.
She is an absolute babe in this video. She is still pretty today, but back then... smokin' XD
Melissa Angelik
I don't get the insults about how her stomach looks here. She looks good.
Michael R
This #Walkaway theme song is fantastic, better than Del Shannon's which I had also noted for #Walkaway
Miriam Jansen
This used to be the song my toothbrush played when I brushed my teeth.
haha, i miss this song so much
Nicole Rendler
Kelly slays but I question her fashion choices at times
Peter Darker
Hard to friggin believe this song is 12 years old...I still dig it and come back to it often. Simple pop genius (and VERY easy to play on guitar by the way)!
Pratibha Jain
2018 anyone? No takers?
Rain Vio
i see Kelly still has that attractive eyebrow wink :D
Red Lotus
2018? Oh hell yeahhhh 😊
Robert Delgadillo
Describe 2000 in one video...
Sam Rocha
My uber driver played this in the car the other day. YAAAAS.
Sierra Morris
Why am I stuck listening to this one repeat?\nMaybe I should just _walk away_? XD\n\n\n\nI'll go now. 😂
Sindri Pindri
Her outfit loks líkt one of P!nk's outfit
her music borders hard rock... always liked her style
I like how she was hot af and all she had to show was her belly. If this was modernized her outfit would be completely inverted.
Love 1:40 that power is amazing I love Kelly she's so underrated it's crazy!!\u003c3
Where can i get that jacket?
Oh man, I forgot about this song until I heard it on the radio yesterday and I remembered how much I used to love this song haha.
everyone had a crush on the dude in the car don't lie
Virgínio Marcello
I Love This Song & The Vídeo Too Kelly Looks so sexy❤❤❤❤
Damn Kelly is pretty today but she was smokin hot back in the day.
Willian Gomes
the first english song i ever liked
To be honest, I'd be pretty pissed too if the cop who was about to give me a ticket gave me a 3 mins dance routine before handing me the ticket, lol.
Yamzie Moyo
This is one of the best Music Videos.
This video is seriously brilliant. Love this song!
I can never get why people are so bothered by her weight, whether gaining or lossing. It's not like she is suddenly tone deaf and can't sing.\n\nAh well... There will always people who wants to judge others but cant take one themselves.
This was my favorite song when I was like 10 and I still fucking love it still
ashley nicole
How did she do her hair like this? I've been wondering this for years...
This song never gets old! Always one of my favorite jams!
bro horse
god shes a knockout
catherine monk
I adore this woman, she has been the soundtrack to my life for 14 years, She is amazing, thanks Kelly. xx
darius rogers
i am a very straight guy but i will lose my mind when this comes on the radio lol
girls fun
kelly was so attractive and strong
ibr gue
Can't hear this song without dancing on a weird manner.
jocelyn Copado Segura
I love this song \u003c3 
its 2013 and I still remember those glorious hip movements 
One of those songs I've always liked. But lately, really really loving it.
My song from my Jr High soundtrack
ronnie toots
Kelly was soo of the best songs and videos ever, BEST song of 2000's, my best so if you have a better one, lets hear this song kicks ass for dexcades...just wondering, love this powerful lady, she can kick everyones ass. period
That guy in the bathroom feeling all over himself is me. Love yourself! 😂❤
tsumiki san
kelly to be cool, I relly like style is so strong ^^ \u003e0\u003c
2018 anyone?
xena xoxo
i love her outfit
Hace 10 años (2006) sonaba siempre en las mañanas de MTV cuando pasaban puro vídeo musical!
خوبصورتی سے سحر میں گرفتار خوبصورتی سے تیار
Skinny whiteguy dancing in the shower made me laugh hahahaha😂😂😂😂
This song is great but seriously people need to stop kissing the mic whenever they sing its a little unsanitary lol