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Daybreak First Kiss Touch anime day good on amv

Best AMV ever!!!!!!!! I love dis so much man \u003e.\u003c
AMV Strat
In my opinion, there's AMVs bad, good.. then there are masterpieces (unique, irreplaceable and invaluable). This is one of these masterpiece, but saying that is the greatest AMV in history is a little weird. When most I watch, less sure I am about the \
This set the bar for what a good amv should be
Albert Einstein
la cancion que buscado por mucho tiempo la he que encontrado :'D
Aly the Alligator
If \
Amber M
Samurai Dan attends many cons as a samurai instructor and guest, but recently his dream to be a published author was crushed when a fraudulent publishing company took his families money. Please help support them in any way you can! Even if its not by donating, please spread the word! The anime community is very strong and always pulls through to save the day when people are down on their luck. Lets help someone's dream come true! If you've ever had a dream obliterated, even if its just on that notion alone, please at the very least share this page link! \nThank you\n\n
What's the title of the Anime in 0:44-0:45??
Arianne Wingard
What's the anime  at 0:29 ?  \nAlso, this is still one of my favorite amvs 
Ashley Dean
ok, I love this AMV..... But I just gotta...\n2:42 Firefox
Oh man it reminds me of the time when i started watching anime almost 5 years ago.\nI never though it would besuch a great Journey! :)
Caleb Josúe Rivera Ramos
Me encuentro con un notepad en un pen drive que no usaba desde hace 5 años con el enlace a este video :'v Mi mente se lleno de tantos recuerdos C': Esta canción......
Caro Bug
and to this day i still come back
Cordell Sullivan
RE-POSTED 0:14 toradora; 0:17 toradora; 0:24 angel beat; 0:37 strike witches; 0:55 true tears;1:07 angel beat; 1:15 sora no otoshimono; 1:20 shana of the blazing eyes; 1:42 ladies versus butlers!; 1:43 toradora; 1:44 saki; 1:53 ladies versus butlers!; 1:54 sora no otoshimono; 1:57 saki1:59 angel beat; 2:09 durarara!; 2:15 sora no otoshimono; 2:17 angel beat; 2:29 strike witches; 2:35 shana of the blazing eyes; 2:37 sora no otoshimono; 2:43 spice and wolf
D Flame
Old anime, new anime, the anime it's always chaging and it's funny how anime changed my life
Destin fletcher
remember when this was new I was a straight young boy. who still watching July 28 2p16
Doan Nhat
Am I the only one who thought this going to be a Daft Punk amv? :v
*-2018??? Like-*
Edward Elric
Title. Misleading.\n\nThis is Fireflies by Owl City.\n\nLove what you did with the video and song, but I'm a bit disappointed that I didn't hear the song I thought this video was going to play =I
Emanuel Fratean
amazing,this amv is sooo good, for me its this one of the best amv what i see
Emily Colon
Epidox Nidwen
The original song  to me was about the sadness of letting go of childhood, the remix kinda says we're never letting go. :P
Erick Christensen
I would very much like it if someone were to post a reply on this here comment as many of the anime's that they can figure out are in this video, because I only recognize like 3 of them.
Fat Kat17
i remember watching this when it only has a few views. look at it now
THIS IS THE GREATEST AMV IN HISTORY!!!!!\nor at least in my opinion
jesus i watched this amv over 5 years ago one day it just popped up in my head and i really wanted to see it again and now ive found it...
I just keep coming back to this. It's so perfect (~‾▿‾)~
G -aro
Legendary Class AMV
GA y Y AYYAYY YA YY ay y YYAGA Y Gaya yag ay GAYA GAGAYA Ygay yakashi fuck mehard bruh gay ya
This is where  i found amv's back then, fantastically amazing... 'till now :P\nI'm glad this video exist ^^
Golden Crow04
haven't watched this in years
Hideki Hinata
What program was used to make this?
History's Strongest Prince
when i saw how many views this video got, i was like ''you cant be serious. it has this many views? alright. guess ill take a look and see whats so good about it''\n\nthen i heard the fireflies song and not only that but it was remixed and i immediately understood.
Hwa Yi Milk
I remember when I just found this and it was one of the things that got me into the anime community, and that was 5 or so years ago... time flies I'm already 21 now! and I regret nothing ❤ Thank you 💪
I dont care anymore
Illyasviel Von Einzbern
2016 BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ioryogi San
Como me gusta....ha conmocionado mi sentidos...hizo que mi corazón se emocione por segunda vez... :)
Jimin's Jams
Jρ Μυsικ
Love it!!!
2:42 MOZILLA FIREFOX LOL !! (I know that sucks but i had to say that)
Even in 2016 this song is amazing!
Kris Russu
Still best AMV of 2014!
can someone please give me a link to this remix? or even a name!!
Leonardo Arcangelo
I thought it was Around the world by Daft Punk x)
This is absolutely one of the best music videos I have ever seen in my entire life!
MTT Brand Cookie Cats
this is how I first heard an Owl City song! I still come here to watch this epic masterpiece. also thanks for making the amv that made me an Owl City fan!
Magic potato
Such beautiful amv..
Mark Samenfink
I love that this has 6 million views
Mark Zolueta
This is owl city- fireflies it's NOT \
Matthew Vasquez
What anime where used in this
Maxence Baumgarten
6 years and still awsome brings me chills and nostalgia
MegaLord Jack
v.v what is this feeling its make me cry ... i dosnt know why D:
Miku Resonance
the first amv i thought i'd ever give a subscribe for. AMAZING
Milli91 quartz
This song is so awesome it makes me strong and it wakes me up! It completes my life!
Momen Abdalfattah
It's the first amv I watched
2:38 anime name anyone?
I aspire to be one day edit something as creative and awe inspiring as this one day.\nYou're (the main editor/group who do these music videos) my role model for video editing.\nIt's always A LOT easier to push with something when you know for sure that there are a lot of others out there who share your particular hobby of interest.\nYou're reading this and you want to see samples of my edits then:\nCheck the intros in my gaming videos here on MrPokemon907 or check out my \
Nutchapol Salawej
OMG,A OLD LONG-LASTING VIDEO THAT LOST IN MY MEMORIES(+5 years ago when i didn't have a channel of my own)\nnow im 11,wow what a luck that i found this video and it is not deleted or privated... and you got a sub!
Pastel Toast
what version of \
Where can I find the song?
Preston Wilkins
its a good song only if I knew all the anime it shows
I absolutely cannot get enough of this remix
i guess this is what happens when u do an internet anime style
Sabina Tsang
cool song and video :p
One of the best AMV's I've ever seen
Shai Loveless
The remix is Dj Strobe Remix.
Sheyshya Remady
This AMV just opened my eyes. Awesome  and #BestAMVofalltime
Taha Yacine
AmAziNg wOnDeRfuL bEauTiFUl\nu Make mY mOUtH oPen until 3 munit
The Enderman Nest
In my opinion what makes one piece such a great anime is because of the connection between the fans and the characters. You don't just grow to love the characters but you also embody there dreams, and believe in their purposes. Even though yes its all fiction, that doesn't change how real the sadness is , the deaths, and the deep friendships. There are moments in one piece that feel tremendously sad and tremendously uplifting. Being able to place your faith into every member of the straw hat pirates, whilst there on the brink of death. Just shows the power of fiction and its lasting effect. So to those who say that all of this anime stuff is fake, well you will never be able to understand a word of what I just said unless you've experienced the same! SO I CAN GET AS EMOTIONAL AS I WANT, BECAUSE I CARE!
el mejor puto AMV de la historia
I should not say that this is the best amv, through the ages, but it's the amv that set the standard for amv`s !! \n\nAND IT`s A MASTERPIECE!!!
Theolaire Glaceau
Good Game !
Tiago Manfrin
what are the animes ?
Trainer Gold
Wow...I remember watching this the day it came out 6 years ago. @[email protected] The nostalgia. I'm getting old.
Tyler Giesen
2:12 what is this?... i must know the name of it. cant tell if its an anime or a game and i want to know
Yari V
there is a loot animes that i want to see in this video \u003e-\u003c....:c
Yume no Teikoku
For anyone looking for the name of anime in AMVs that don't list them, here's a trick you can use:\n1) Take a screen shot of the clip you want to know the anime of  (works best if you get a clear shot without blurriness or a lot of editing)\n2) Paste it to and save it on Paint (you may need to crop out everything other than the image of the anime you want identified)\n3) Go to and drag the file of the image you saved into the search box and you should get your answer in the results.\ufeff
Yuno Gasai
Man, this is simply beautiful~ I love watching this! \u003c3
[AMV] Phúc HF
Video 8 wơ
great.. i just wish this was a full on amv..
die mango
this is freaking good!
5 years later and I'm still loving this video :3
2017 and I can't believe this is probably still one of the best amvs on youtube.\n\nand this one was made in 2010 when it was so hard to edit shit.
karl champion
katana kirikizu
I like the video
khoi nguyen
already 4 year from the i begin watch this video. Wow! that was fast
louis alexander
7 years ..... :)
Still in love with this amv
smitty webenjagermanjensen
whats the anime AFTER the clip of Celti, the rider with the yellow helmet.
The amount of editing scares me :D
will statham
Don't be over
Just so beautiful. everything. the transitions to effects everything. It flowed evenly and fit like a gorgeous masterpiece together.
Honestly it's still fireflies by Owl City and I don't really see the point on changing its name its just pointless I mean remix maybe but come on a new name entirely?
Вікуся Ремус
i know the anime have:\n0:14 toradora\n0:17 toradora\n0:37 strike witches\n1:07 angel beat\n1:15 sora no otoshimono\n1:20 shana of the blazing eyes\n1:43 toradora\n1:44 saki\n1:54 sora no otoshimono\n1:57 saki\n1:59 angel beat\n2:15 sora no otoshimono\n2:29 strike witches\n2:35 shana of the blazing eyes\n2:37 sora no otoshimono\n2:43 spice and wolf