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Twitter: This is all original footage that we have taken across Southern California. Show this to everyone so they can see this is not a conspiracy theory.

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The Orwellian nightmare begins in the Communist State of Kalifornia. Pure evil, God help us!
They look like a step above the ghetto projects in Detroit, bronx, etc. Nice n shiny to start ... but within 5 years a gang infested and gang rules enforced ghetto. The upside is that when they burn down ... they all burn down. And exactly what jobs will the leasers have to pay the rent? You want uninformed ignorant illegals with bad drug habits ... legal rx ... living next dooe and sharing a wall, ceiling, or floor with you? RV life is where we are headed.
Aaron McC
Keep fighting it
Please read \
Beef Supreme
Just so long as Dredd doesn't take off his helmet.
Notice how THEY don't bike, bus, walk, or live where they work. Dog birthday parties because they are doing away with the family.
Bob Jones
WTF? This is a cult, clear and simple
It’s so Sad, You Have all these immigrants telling You how to Live!, I Say get the BIGGEST V8 Ever, & use that EVERYDAY, Because these A-holes are all a Hypocrites & I Really feel Bad for You Actual Americans, I am So Lucky, so far, I live in New Zealand & so far, apart from the 800.000 freakin Immigrants John key imported, We can still drive V8s!!!, Stay Strong REAL ACTUAL AMERICANS
Brooks K.
Here the problem about stackable apartments in CA.
Carl Carter
Whoever is thinking this Shit up is now preparing \nCalifornia for a 1984 Lifestyle. Some of the speakers' accents sound like Russians or Middle-eastern. America is lost if we follow the California Plans. They're nuts! I left 30 years ago and was glad to get out. I lived in San Diego, Mission Hills, and biked less than a mile to work as well as use my car. I had a nice 3 BR 2 Bath Spanish style home. Loved living in SD, also Ventura County, but I'm better of here in Florida. Not as many rules or Libtards.
Casper Debelbesin
smell your neighbors farts
Challis Kelvin
stuf there agenda 21 i got kids and i go to war with these dum arses
Corey Scott
I would really like to talk to some of these people! \
DLynn Golladay
Backs to the community, is extremely disrespectful. And some of these speakers act like toddlers when someone dares to speak to them.
Dave Mann
We are going to take over and enslave everyone but first we must destroy the white race. Please help us to genocide the white race. Please fight against David Duke, Richard Spenser and Red Ice Radio.
Dean Harrington
A large number of people in positions of power, playing along with Agenda 21, most certainly have their eyes on personal profit. The whole concept is being developed to divide and conquer along racial lines and that is meant to control populations to the point whereby all assets, movement and ideas are designated in the interests of those in powerful positions to stay in control. That is not what a Republic is supposed to be about! What has occurred, DARPA's use of DEWs, in Santa Rosa, Napa and Sonoma counties last week are criminal. This whole Agenda 21 has to continue to be exposed on the Local, County, State and Federal level. These local 'regional board' politicians are so twisted in their ignorant views that they re marching the public into a fascist government system and it's apparent they need to be stopped.
Dick Flinghammer
I do cabinets and trim in these things all over Florida. Half the cabinetry jobs I see are for these stacked shacks.
Dicky Strike
Same thing is happening in Moscow Russia: all this tolls and bike lines. The only difference that they demolish every housing that is less then 5 floors and deport people into 25 floor condos. Be prepated! Protestors are put to jail\n\nAlso the same issue as you have with blacks and hispanic 'minorities' in Moscow there are islamic Usbeks (mongoloid). And ultimately strict antirasist lows for Russians.
Dr. Ho Lee Phuk
So they're building some apartments in urban areas? So how is this a problem?
The globalists are building a world of vertical urban prisons for the masses.
Eagle Eye
Digital money you can produce as much as you can in federal banks but those are just digits not paper or gold or even silver behind those.... that's why they led us first with paper once we were used to paper money then they digitised us ......let me tell you a story once upon a time people use to carry carry gold and silver in old days and they have to do trade (where you sell and buy stuff) and order to do trade they have to travel a lot and some time robbers rob them on there way.... so there was a one guy who told them what about if you give me your gold and it will be safe with me I have very safe place so when you go out for traveling for trade you don't have to carry all of your gold and I will issue a receipt for it and when you come back give me a receipt and i will give you your gold back because people had fear of theafs and borglers robbers those days so they accepted his deal and keep on depositing their gold to him and he will charge them some and issue them a receipt but as time passed he gained a trust of people. so now people would leave their gold and go to traveling and just were relaying on receipts and as time pass that's when that one guy had all of thier gold and every body had receipt instead of gold and had a paper receipt with not real value behind it .. so ladies and gentlemen long story short that's how banking started so those receipts are paper dollars we carry these days and that guy ownd the bank and have all the gold we all use to have with us ! I hope you got my point ,,, I think these days governments don't need tax money or any prove order to produce digital money because after all it's all computer based..... just like crypto money trend these days so basically digital money for digital money... so banks control every thing and they can generate as much as they can to control this world!
Emmanuel Reyna
It drives me mad. Thank you for the work in bringing this video
Fiddlekrazy Steve
Finally I am Awake
I am completely sickened.. This One World Order aka Sustainable Development aka Give US your life, kids, grandkids, houses, Cars and so what we say. I am a while 51 year old woman that is born & raised in Southern California and I now have no rights to what live in my house & drive my. car to visit my kids & grandkids in the future because we DON'T live in the same screwed up community. .. I have to find away to do my part.. I hope others will to. If you don't live in California & think this won't effect you someday I recommend you research the United Nations Sustainable Development. That's how I found out about this. And I am shocked to find out how long this has been going on all throughout American & the World. .
Remember Agenda 21 motto..... \
Gabriel Jackson
Next they'll have sidewalk portable jails for j walkers and spitting on sidewalks!Everything crystal ain't clear! The HIGHLANDER
Gemini Sun
Keep watching the false flags of them using people driving cars running over pedestrians to push this agenda. Also the raising of car insurance.
Guided Meditation
Non-Elected elites in their luxury sky boxes are going to herd people like cattle into Fema camps. Confiscate their property and force them to live in urban hell holes. But only if we let them. Supporting Globalists, supporting Antifa, supporting Hillary, and what the Democrat party has become, is all helping to ensure your children live in a Megacity Hell Hole.\n\nThe Globalists use carrots and sticks to herd people into thinking what they are doing is their own idea. Like staging tragedies like the Vegas Shooting to confiscate guns. They inject hundreds of millions of dollars into groups like BLM to spread hatred and mistrust in Police departments in hopes that the people will demand the federalization of all 18,000 police departments and 640,000 full-time police officers. A Massive Power Grab.\n\nOur whole legal system and government is multi tiered with one set of rules for elites and another set for ordinary people. We even have to constitutions. Both political parties are stacked with Freemason and deep state loyalists so that no matter which party wins -- THEY are in power. People don't like to believe that old familiar faces in politics and on network news are actually agents of the elites and the one world police state. Republicans have their RINOs (Republicans in name only) that always can be counted on to stop legislation and tow the Elite party line. And there are kind and friendly faces on the News like Diane Sawyer that are praised for their help and silence by the Council on foreign relations, in promoting the one world police state. \n\nProtecting American Sovereignty, Securing our borders and stamping out Globalism like the cancer it is, will be the best ways for us to stay free. Notice how loving your country and being proud of your flag and anthem are suddenly a bad thing? Well don't believe it. They are trying to undermine the United States from within so they can destroy it. Megacities will be our eternal bondage.
Heinrich smith
Reminds me of the Gulag.
Jane Winkles
My advice is write collectively and demand the resignations of all these slime balls that are intent in building a living prison , Stop the chemtrails that are causing the temperature to rise Climate change is a falsehood
Jennie Walsh
The Satanic Globalist DEEP STATE, New World Order ORGANIZED CRIME CABAL (Kingdom of Satan) are determined to create hell on earth, with themselves in control of everyone and everything.
You know its getting bad when they just past a law in 29 states! That they can tell you what you can grow in your garden,and even confiscate already grown produce..!
Joe Sovereign
So are we ever gonna join up with a group of people in order to try and stop this? Or should we all just make tons of videos about it?\nI think you do great work but everyone should consider what I'm saying.
John Metzger
California socialism: where freedom is a thing of the past.
Jubal’ movie corner
Justin Burfitt
....and they're hypocrites. \
Kathy Johnson
they're already built here in Virginia Beach for people living in them everywhere there's so many people here it's hard to drive it's ridiculous and now tourist season
Ken Reyes
why do they have all these foreigners making these speeches. i am very leery about all these people. telling me what to do.
LISA of the Clan Mac Innes
Where were all these people trained! Wtf is going on crazy land!
Lawrence Hamm
I see an unbelievable amount of deception. Anything they label SUSTAINABLE is BULLSHIT.
Little Lamb
How come TV is mentioned as a status symbol or thing to strive for? I don't want a TV in my home. The guy with the beard is scary.
Lyon Mngu
This is the commencement, lets put large bike lanes for people trying to be \
Mag Kyt
These supposedly \
Michael DiRocco
and he caused all rich and poor, small and great, free and bond to receive the mark in their right hand or forehead...
Mr. 2cents.
But people don't want to get out of their cars. They love their independence.
Myesha Mitchell
These chairmen ALL have already turned their backs to us literally! Smh in agony👎
Names of flames clovesoffiremusick
This stuff is happening all over the country,even in Boston ,mass. Also this same or similar stuff is going on in Central Asia too!
Nkosinathi Hlengiwe
Folks, if anyone has any sense, he or she knows that this is the dismantling of America as free nation and the establishment of Communism as the rule. They are using the herding method to force people to move in urban centers so that they can easily control them and enslave their consciences through controlling the necessaries of life. The Devil is in the equation and as a warning, I will advise you to secure lands far away from the cities and learn to live off the grid because soon or later, this evil plan will come to fruition and the majority of the people having been careless and indifferent to providential warnings, will find themselves trapped. Cities will be prisons without walls and the people desperate for food and other essentials of life will become demoralized and even be instruments of persecution in the hands of corrupt powers against those who will not violate conscience for a loaf of bread. All the proponents of Globalism are in on this plot against God and mankind. Social Justice is a Catholic notion focused on redistributing wealth; they are playing God and it will end up in bloodshed. Get a Bible while you can and study the prophecies for they do talk about these eventualities and give you sure and reliable counsels. God bless you.
By definition \
Patrick Butler
Sickening, these pushers & sust develope prostitutes are beyond morally bankrupt spreading these falsities to trick the already over propagandized youngsters into imprisoning themselves willingly. These aren't people, they are some kind of devils parading as people, how could it have gotten this far and how can there be so many morally bankrupt cephalopods willing to push this crap already. This hurts my soul to see
Patriot Jefferson
The definition of a minority is the SMALLER group. The government will simply IGNORE THIS. *America supposed to be a REPUBLIC in which each INDIVIDUALS rights are PROTECTED & can NOT be taken away by any minority or majority!*
Paul Simmonds
Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, The New World Oder, whatever you want to call it; is the epitome of evil. It will be built around herding people into smaller and smaller communities. 'Stack and pack' do not work. I live in the UK. People were moved into blocks of flats, one of which near to where I used to live, was over 20 storeys tall and half a mile long! Not even the Police would enter on their own! There was no community spirit at all. Nobody had neighbours. Well, they did, but once you were contained within your dwelling, you became isolated and insulated against all other human contact. The balconies connecting all the front doors were not like your back garden (yard). Neighbours can't meet in the morning on their driveway, or mow their lawns and chat over the fence. And because it was a breeding ground for crime, residents locked themselves away as soon as possible!. \nAlso, the NWO can never work where there is abundance. Money, fuel, food, water etc will start to become expensive commodities. We will have to work longer and longer hours just to make ends meet. The whole system will be driven by scarcity and once we are locked into that, there is no getting out. We will be debt and work slaves to the system!.
Prissy Lovejoy
Just curious, but how many of you believe in the mark of the beast as described in the book of Revelations?
Ramiro Martinez
This is such bulshit... sustainable development??? We've been using gas automobiles for over 100 years... seems very sustainable to me. Global warming is such bullshit. It's still hot when its supposed to be hot and cold when it's supposed to be cold... wake up people!
Rhonda Taylor
the speaker sounds idiotic by saying he never flushes his toilet, crisis actor nd i remember a time when there wasnt water to sell, its plentiful nd GOD provides it thou the rich rations it; sell it in with different names nd most of them arent purified spring water anyways....ijs
Richard Campbell
I am fortunate to live far outside of the city masses. If they come for me and mine. They will have to carry me out cold. WACO and RUBY RIDGE are only precursors to the globalist agenda.. To paint resisters as the lunatic fringe.
Ro Yebot
We do not want this. We have free will to stop this. We will stop this.
S White
They are taking way independence and establishing gov't dependency. The more independent the people are the less power the gov't has over the population. Millennials are being conditioned to believe this is what they want, when in actuality they have never been given to opportunity to think for themselves. You repeat a lie too many times and eventually someone will believe it. And it metastasizes like a malignant cancer.
Nobody should move in those match box units! Let them stay empty! Do not move in!
See Through
Flee the city, don't live in cities- it's very very unhealthy . God is soon going to destroy all the major cities because it is the devil's playground. Live closer to nature, the way God has intended it for us. Don't sacrifice your freedom for safety and security which the city forces us to do.
Sharon M.
They’re turning California into NEW YORK CITY!😟 How SAD!!!
Shifty Goose
This has already been predictively programmed with films and other media like Judge Dread, Megopolis, The Fifth Element, Blade Runner and plenty of others...
Stars and Bars
And they talk population control, yet they fight to import muslims with 5 wives , makes sense to me ,your mind just caught a wave California!!
Steve Ryan
The agenda is well underway in my city. Frigging control freaks.
Sue Burgess
I DON'T WANT TO LIVE IN THIS NEW WORLD!!  Perhaps that makes me one of the undesirables?
Susan Brown
People you better start fighting this!! They are telling where to live. What if you don’t want to live like this
Same stack & pack buildings going up all over Salt Lake City. Like 20+ popped up over the past 2 years, crazy overpriced
Thom Wright
Millennials are being raised to be slaves and they are embracing it with both arms. Fools! Hey kid want to take a free shower, gas included for free?
Trickster Mixer
Will judge dredd be patrolling these cities 😂
I don't understand why people would disagree with this. Paranoid conspiracy theorist. Any of you have a better solution to the exploding population growth and the dwindling world resources. Would you all prefer to be wiped out by a virus or world war??? Idiots.
Wake up World
It seems the only people who are pro Agenda 21 are those who are being paid to enforce it. Problem is they all want us dead. Solution, kill them first.
Welcome To Sky Valley
Welcome to USA INC
Zac Tolan
You can tell that not even the people spewing this BS even believe in what they push. They spew BS cause they get paid to do it, simple as that. All of them are weak, as well, like someone who is lying, but really doesn't want to, so the lie comes out weak. There is no strength of conviction in their speech. It exudes a sense of those types of people, always looking around at the others for hints of approval, because they really have no bearings. They are trying, in a huge way, to fit in with, via enslavement of soul, to the enslaved and blackmailed satanists who have weaseled their way to power.
All those buildings are constructed of WOOD.!!!! High density fiery traps.!!!!!!!!!!
back bone
1984 = AGENDA 21 they want herded into pigsty 's. micro chipped & electric shock collars .So they can ZAP YOU WHEN YOU FAIL TO BEHAVE .
can tho
Holy mother of God!! It’s really happening....many pieces of the puzzle slowly forming a disturbing picture of the New Order!!!
38:34 of lying, delusional people.
florence smith smith
This is change people nothing stays the same what's wrong with change.I'm assuming whom ever is against this is old and stuck in their ways ...
Follow my social media \n\nTwitter: \nFacebook: \n\nOther youtube channels to watch (people I know/work with) \n\nArthur Christopher Schaper: \nWe the People Rising: \nFullerton Informer: \nPatriot Fire: \nNeverlosetruth:
ian reynolds
stack and pack with a public transport rail stations .. hold on this is a victorian idea.. put the workers near the factories.. tbh whats wrong with that.. walk or cycle to work.. no more commutting hours each day? save money, fuel less carbon and more free time less stress..this agenda 21 dont look so bad.. so far.. The majority of the worlds pollution comes from America and west, who are they to tell the developing world China and India to slow down when they will not even cut there own green house gas productiion and reduce plastic waste.. Yes too many people in world , no more five year world wars, no big flu pandemics. medical science enabling people to live longer.. Familes world wide are smaller in all developing countries two kids is now norm becuase infant death reate has been reduced.. estimated population is expected to peak at 11 billion .. and that is too much for planet to support and have room fro wild life , we either need to get off planet and terror form Mars or simply stop fornicating !
ionel sandra
...But nobody speaks how is possible shopping and food buying for the whole family, with the Bicycle ??,
It a bunch of lies,,it ain't about gasses. It's hard to control a large mass of's about greed.It's about power. It's about time my Lord comes back.
jennifer siagian
this is scary
joe white
as someone who has lived in a mega city..(sao Paulo, Brazil). you do not want to live like sucks big time..don't do it
just me, colleen
kenneth Thomas
We called them the projects in the 90,s , only difference now is you,ll have to pay all your wages to live like a prisoner
kiay marie
I still want a home with land.. Not stack apartment... I need a backyard!
These proposals aren't about Agenda 21 but living the same lifestyle as in Europe. Agenda 21 means no travel at all and stack and pack housing not reducing car travel and bike lines.
I don't want to walk to the nearest recreational area, I want to take a drive and go to different places, life would be boring if we stayed in the same areas all the time....
Listen to what I say: The future of this world is being hijacked by man-hating pantheists. \
Toronto Canada now called the GTA - greater toronto area. Is a mega city. We have been going through this already for the last decade. Every inch of every street corner is now a condo ants nest. Traffic out of control, public transport a huge mess....
All those stack and pack construction projects appear to be stick built with nothing more than stucco siding? What's that about? They're going to pack people in these and wait for a good earthquake to bring them down killing probably 90% of the occupants? I'm not so sure that's a bad idea really, considering that at lest 80% of Californians are mentally challenged sheep anyways. The elites that these mentally challenged sheep love so much, see them as worthless eaters. These evil people who feel worthless eaters are steeling their natural resources, yet they (sheep) buy into all the hype fed to them. I would say they deserve what they get.
they want to kill us all.
wanda sewell
Communists have a mental disorder. This is so dangerous, and insane.
In a Generation these Stack-and-Pack Apartments will become Literal Shit Holes .. Crime will be Rampart.. What a Shame..