Top 10 Soccer Anime 2014 (Football Anime)

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►You Want More? Subscribe: Song: Carl Mike - I am the party#01 Inazuma ElevenScore: 7.90 (scored by 8,370 users)#02 Hungry Heart: Wild StrikerScore: 7.83 (scored by 5,383 users)#03 Giant KillingScore: 7.81 (scored by 12,814 users)#04 Whistle!Score: 7.58 (scored by 2,900 users)#05 Aoki Densetsu Shoot!Score: 7.54 (scored by 2,253 users)#06 Area no KishiScore: 7.47 (scored by 10,672 users)#07 Ginga e Kickoff!!Score: 7.45 (scored by 2,989 users)#08 Captain Tsubasa: Road to 2002Score: 7.42 (scored by 7,567 users)#09 Ganbare! KickersScore: 6.89 (scored by 2,333 users)#10 Moero! Top StrikerScore: 6.78 (scored by 796 users)

Captain Tsubasa: Road to 2002 Ganbare! Kickers Ginga ... Moero! Top Striker Top 10 Soccer anime 2014 TuzoAnime best soccer anime ever made football Anime

Adam Asshidiq
Inazuma eleven?\nare you kidding me? it is so cheesy..\n\nthe best and based on real life are GIANT KILLING and AREA NO KISHI\nthe second best is Captain Tsubasa and Whistle
Aimad Aguero
Captain tsubasa and hungry heart Wilde Striker the best
Alexander Quispe Ramirez
que coños es esto tu primero es inazuma level go parese juegos de niños o mejor dicho de bebes ya que no me gusta cuado usan varios poderes como si fueran dioses mitologicos mmm ggg parese que el que iso este video es un bebe de 3 años gggghhgh hay que aceptar su opinion
Amal Chikhaoui
Inazuma Eleven 10 seasons 6 and so many people loved it but it ended no one bothered to know how great it was 😥
Amuk Tz
I looked some of these on youtube and most of them look shit and cheaply made compare to Captain Tsubasa J which is one of best  looking anime ever made . and its number 8.  wtf?!  :))
Anas Abbas Ali
Andi Shala
hungry heart wild striker is the best
Andy Díaz
Hungry Heart Es El Mejor De Todos!❤⚽💪 \nLos Demas Me Valen xD
Ariana Sanchez clemente
inazuma eleven el mejor anime del mundo me encanta
Arif Saepuloh
Offside ko g ada😭😭😭
Arnab Rahman
inazuma 11 is awesome
Ashonada and Dolcie
Yes someone finally noticed whistle
BeAlive BG
inazuma eleven is the BEST
Bhavish Shah
Inazuma 11 :D
Osea Amo Inazuma Eleven Y Sale De Primer Lugar Que Alegria
CRG JoJoMace9
Inazuma eleven definatly the best!
How is Tsubasa only #8?\nthese other anime better be mind-blowing
Dark angle
i love inazuma eleven so much!!!!!
David Gerald Xavier
Area no Kishi is the best!
David Zarate
hungry heart #1
Denis Albu
is used to watch inazuma eleven along time ago on the super crappy tv in my home country, used to be my favorite show
Diabolic Esper
there a new anime called days days should be 2 Inazuma has lots of season never ending seaon\nrecommend to watch if you haven
Evelina Gonzalez Romero
sin duda inazuma eleven es el mejor .... lo amo
inazuma jamás tendrá comparación con los super Campeones hay mejores series que ellos esta Nice el anime pero hasta ahí.
Faris Dokmak
Put inazuma eleven go\nAt #2
Footballing Genius
Which one has the most training?
God message
Inazuma eleven 👍🏻
Gyasi Zardes
hungry heart is the best
Where the hell is days tv
Finally someone puts Inazuma eleven first
Here am i Kalafat
So many dislikes why ?
Hi Anh
Hoàng Duy Gaming
Inazuma Eleven Go\n
Iinda Balajadia
omg yass inazuma eleven why not add go on it
Isaac Luna
hungry heart
Area no kishi is number
Jamie Magan
YASS!!!\nInazuma Eleven went 1!\nYASSSSS!!!\nI thought they weren't in for a second. -phew-
Jean Ramos
Captain tsubasa will always be #1
Juan Pablo
Whistle es una de las mejores series que he visto. Infravalorada para la mayoría. Pero su guión es mucho más realista que las otras series. Me recuerda a Slam Dunk (aunque no es el mismo deporte), ya que no es necesario la fantasía de hacer tiros y jugadas imposibles, o estadios repletos, como si fueran partidos de primera división, cuando tan sólo son partidos infantiles. La trama realista se agradece en los animes. Y que mejor cuando dejan una verdadera enseñanza. Lástima que en Chile no se emitió.
Kazumi :3
Aoki 3 Tsubasa, Area no Kishi 3 Whistle 3
Kim Ling
Inazuma eleven is the best,and inazuma eleven Go is also one of the best
Kobe Edje
Giant Killing and Captain Tsubasa are the best. but aoki densetsu shoot,whistle and hungry heart wild striker are also very good. ginga e kickoff and the knight in the area kinda suck
Liban Mohamed
inazuma eleven will always be number #1 no football anime can ever match up to favourite character is axel blaze
Lol Edition
Inazuma Eleven is awesome... I wish Inazuma Eleven Go would have been as good as the old one.....
Lord Beerus
Fun Fact: Naruto's voice actor also voices the main character of Inazuma Eleven
Michael Myers
OMG I LOVE YOU😍😍 Inazuma eleven is the best one ich like your video with my four account and 1 subscribe you
Moh Rizky Rahmanda
giant killing is the best one !
Mozaniel ola
ginga vao
Namfah Fonkaow
Natureza Lover
8 my uncle nostilga is this he watches evreday ov a tape do t judge him he has a brain sikness and dsont know anything poor him we will become 40 and only write his name :(
Pablo Escobar
Captain Tsubasa is Forever #1
first of all, its football. not soccer
Piyush Pal
your numbering is worst
Potetoes et quiquiche Studio
And days
Prince Kaushal
What about galactik football
Puma Ash
i like inazuma eleven is the best anime ever
Reza Arianto Sultan
always inazuma eleven and captain tsubasa
Rich Jammy
Inazuma 11 is soccer?
Shawn Frost
Yeah......Inazuma eleven is always the best
Shubham Ranga
#offside ...........a motivational anime???
Stanislav Genkov
Galactic Football ? ??
Sünnetsiz Rm
Tarek Mahmud Opu
Ganbare! Kickers should be always in #1
The Wise Old Man
screw inazuma eleven
Giant killing is nummer 1
Tsubasa is the 1# !
Tian Rui Lu ZhOU
Whistle will allways be the number 1#
i dunno what people are thinking tsubasa should be farther up the list its a classic and inazuma eleven for me is too much talk not enough soccer
Tony Sandoval
hungry heart is the best
Foot 2 Rue, Galactick Football ? Pourquoi ne pas les avoirs mis ?
Umie Umairah
Gingga e kickof...fav🤗
Video Viral
ada yang bisa upload Area No Kishi episode 38 dan seterusnya?
White Rose
ohh did you all forget the Aoki densetsu shoot!! it's a legend and it's more reality and dramatic.I really love it more than anyone else in this list
Captain Tsubasa will always be the best.
Inazuma eleven IMO is not only the best soccer anime, BUT also the best sports anime
i think this video needs an update...\n\nDays(TV) ROCKS!!!
chu trop contente que tu ai mis Inazuma eleven en n 1 j ai cru tu aller pas le mettre
ali salih
andrianto anto
ariadna grande
en vez de inazuma eleven porqie no inazuma eleven go , o inazuma eleven go chrono stone o inazuma eleven go galaxi
candaş karabıyık
1 benjamin 2 tsubasa yasatam tersi tabi sadece 83 yılındakinden bahsediyorum
darkflash 59
où es ce que on peut regarder whistle svp !!!
dunya wafa
فوتبالیست ها بهترینه قسمت های بعدی اون را بگذارید سپاس
empereur glacial
tes un bon
fuzzy wuzzy
islam Alsarawi
بالنسبة الي شوت هو بالمرتبة الأولى بلا منازع انمي رائع بكل تفاصيله . 😍😍\nSHOOT IS THE BEST 😌✌ and for ever \nانمي اسطووري ما رح يتكرر
killerfast GFPT
caralho achei os animes que queria ver vlw msm man muito foda!
laith ahmad
inazuma eleven is awesome if someone said inazuma eleven is stupid he is stupid
luis aparicio
inazuma eleven es una mierda
one piece
inazuma is the best
violet blizzard
inazuma 11 forever
علي المهاجر
Aoki Densetsu Shoot