Urgent! Forbidden information,a must watch! 5G is a kill grid that will lead to forced vaccinations.

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I live on Staten Island... there are not even towers here. They are top of apartments, government buildings, fake trees with cells on them all down the highway. At the bridge they are at ground level and have been called \
And She Was
Dude we know this. But what about everyone has a mortgage, two car payments, put food on the table, medications, 2.1 kids and on and on and we are all just trying to keep our heads above water.
This is spiritual warfare
Antonio Salazar
Just wanna keep microwaving their hotpockets 😂😂💀
B train 8
The worst part is that everything runs on Internet now; the entire infrastructure is online .\nFrom paying bills, to checking your work hours, to reading the news.\nKids don't go to the library to do a report. They just sit in front of computer and \
Barry Jenkins
I felt sooo good when my power was out this is why
Benji Yamamoto
I'm also a grad of UCI with B.S. in biology and chemistry. Anyway, If this is really weapons grade and unregulated tech as you state, then give it to the terrorists and let them go at it. It works both ways - put this in the hands of ISIS and Antifa and let them them have a holiday. I suggest hitting Washington D.C. first, then NYC
Bobby Wheaton
I am jacks complete lack of surprise.
Bonnie LouTube
My trust is in the Lord and He will protect those who trust in Him.
Brian Andrews
Trying to wake up people is almost impossible.
Brian Williams
Turn to Jesus now !!! Don’t be afraid the devil is a liar!!
Broken 55 Muffler
Cant we just start... breaking these towers??? “Accidentally crash into one!??” Lol.. keep the Mexican immigrants and use us as vandalism squads!!
The safest area to be is by a fire station. Firefighters won a lawsuit related to wireless radiation that made them sick, so towers arent allowed near them. They will put one up right next to the damn shopping centre instead.
Charles pulley
Handing out tin foil hats immediately. ...get yous now
Chrisli Durison
When I try to explain to ppl about all this I just get a blank stare,as if Im talking in another language. If my 3 sons who are very young adults can understand whats going on,then why are full grown adults walking around like damn zombies? I know I am not being paranoid when I say that ever since the towers went up right by my home,my husband and I both seem to always have something wrong with us. Im so tired all the time,no energy ,he began to have migraines and seizures out of nowhere and the Docs have no explanation for this. I had to have my thyroid removed and when they took it out it was covered in tumors. I was 36 at the time and the Docs said they had never seen anyone my age with a thyroid like that. My perfect vision has become blurry. ...I am just sick,and I know why ! So ,when I try to spread the word about chem-trails and the towers u would think ppl would listen. I am not an ignorant person ,,I usually am listened to when I am speaking about other matters. ,,just not this one. God help us!
Comewi Yoli
You guys are luky to at least be granted to die smiling and laughing. They send us hemorrhaging Ebola virus and the like😕. They poison our waters and soft drinks... thanks Coca cola... \nBut one QUESTION though\nIf they saturate the environment with those killer microwaves how do the elite protect themselves while living in the midst of it all? Or is they satanic Masonic endeavor so dear to them that they are on a suicide mission ? \nAnyway thank you for posting this wake up slap.
5G will be a 100-fold of radiation/electrosmog. People will become totally switched (mind controlled) and killed on more levels day by day. It's already beyond bad. The LIFE FORCE in people has been decreased increasingly since 2010 - people have become shadows of themselves - so numbed-down. It's wicked beyond our understandiing. Great, Joe, you have the guts that must men have forgot about while flirting/dating/cheating on Facehook, etc.\n\nHUMANITY HAS BEEN SWITCHED DEEPLY SINCE 2010 - so many people are suffering and feeling strange and many have changed behaviour/personality - we are experiencing and ONSLAUGHT ON LIFE in reality - please dig into what the phenomenon \
People watch the movie running man
Debra Vega
😦😮i keep passing out alway low on vitimam D.. I tried everything to get back to normal doing everything I've done before I can't get back to where I used to feel better multi tasking in lucky to walk around right now \nYep your actually 100% right \nComputer tv's stealing pigments from our eyes kid's wearing glasses younger children start using computers in day care pre school.\n looked at the power my smart t.v. cable using it's incredibly high I was shocked when it shows you how much more energy used \nWE are being exposed to devices that have high frequency gaming systems children..\n throughout our home's rsch householdd neighbor to neighbors.. alot of frequency explosions micro wave and other things that you make life easier is killing us all sick health issues it's crazy \nWhat happened regular t.v. id rather go back to yrs ago with basic living \nEveryone has a ssi # identification.. each household.
Denim Lowe
I got rid of my iphone, refused the smart meter and will be paying the extortion fee, I am going to get rid of my wifi and go back to hard wire. No cable either. Land line phone. Back to basics.
EMF Safety Zone
I am the creator of the EMF Safety Zone channel on YouTube, educating people about the dangers of wireless radiation. I study a lot and watch and listen to many people on YouTube. I want to say this...LISTEN TO THIS GUY. I am not often impressed with people's presentations and am picky about how I spend my precious time. This guy knows what he is talking about and is way ahead of his time. Only the few will hear and take action. The rest will go over the cliff with their faces stuck in their cell phones. Get rid of wireless devices in your homes, move out of cities. Do anything within your power to reduce your exposure to microwave radiation.
El Gato Fresco420
Damn this is good information, thank you. I knew it would happen but damnnnnn. these ppl that control things are sneaky and evil.
Eula Winfrey
Ive moved to a tiny country town just BELOW South Carolina ....And I am so glad I did ! 3 traffic lights and trees .
I agree that wifi and smart phones and 3G 4G and 5G are dangerous. But it seems like a very costly round about way to genocide us. A tailor made airborn bacteria or retro virus with a long infection window, invisible symptoms and a 80 or 90% fatality rate would be cheaper, more effective, quicker, if genocide or herd thinning was their end game.
Gabbie McCarty
We all appreciate your input as anything is possible here on this earth as we know it. I only hope that what you are doing to warn us won't find you in a bad place for doing so. Thank you for sharing. Stay safe.
Gabrielle Budd
this is tremendous information... And phenomenal... People are hypnotized with their cell phones... I've noticed when I'm on it too long looking up YouTube I get dizzy spells later on and I just don't feel right... It exhaust me... I always felt it had something to do with my phone and I don't put it near my ear but coming face-to-face with it drawers radiation like a microwave would do the same and laptops even worse... I feel so sorry for the Young Generation they're so hooked on their phones... I'm going to have to share this video with all my friends and my grandchildren and Families... Thank you so much for your intellectual information we all have to be proactive and learn how to live more simpler way of life like it used to be... When people were happier unless info what's going on in the world... It's chaos it's no wonder we have such division in the world to begin with... It's a Battleground which should be unnecessarily happened... I keep my faith with God and he leads me to things I should know and he led me to this video from you to share the importance of it all in our future... Thank you and God bless you
Henry Soylent greens
Satan is the 'prince of the power of the air' (frequencies, emf, microwaves, WiFi, radio waves, etc,.)-Airwaves\nSatan is also known as the 'Light Bearer' (Blue Light emitted via devices such as I Pad, Android SmartPhone)\nJesus Christ is the Doorway out of this prison matrix!
Hulahoney 70
I am a Nurse and I noticed and increased incidence of anemia, vitamin D deficiency and migraines. The xorrwlation is blowing my mind right now! This is truly a public service department.
Jackie Turner
Verizon told my boyfriend in 2 years they will no longer support anything that is not 5G.
Jamie Arrowood
So sad!
Jay Crew
I agree with this video. We are so Addicted to technology and fancy gadgets. I first got my smart phone back n 2011 and I was Enamered by the internet use and checking and send emails instinley. But now that i think about it is dumming us down to the point of where we cannot think for ourselves. Also the fact that he mentioned how were are such “zombies” walking around. I try to limit my usage of my smart phone but it’s so hard to put it down. I think I wil have to train myself do lessen my phone usage.
Jeralee Maynard
It's so scary! One of the reasons we have to trust in Jesus!
Joe Promedio
I work for a company that builds, modifies and maintains cell sites for all the big carriers. This guy is wrong about so many things I would have to write a six page letter to explain. But I will try to explain a couple things.\n There is no difference in power output between 5G or 4G, 3G. The big difference is the use of fiber optic cables that can handle \n many times more data than the old coax. Plus the upgraded equipment that controls the the transmissions location and destination.\n The big rooms the \
John Donwood
This video is incredibly truthful and informative. Thank you.
John Kassel
All you yanks have guns. You creep out at night and shoot the boxes down. Job done. Man up.
Joseph Collins
Remember no matter what God is in control
Karen Ashley
You know Andrew Norton Webber has some superb videos addressing the benefits of distilled waters to combat this. You are so on the ball about the contempt the human race is held in by those in power. Most of us are so poisoned already that they are thinking too slow to realize they are thinking slow. Going to an organic raw vegan diet helps tremendously and so does the distilled waters.
Kevin madrigal
Silent wars exist were being controlled by all the distractions the world gives us and they keep us conditioned and they keep us nice and ignorant making us waste our money/time we need a revolution
Kim Masuen
You're not going to get ppl's attention by insulting them.
Lally Lilley
Agreed people are zombies self absorbed blind asleep. They need to wake up!
Leslie Katzenmeier
Parents remove their kids from wi- fried school
Machella 123
It is not about the money. Its the wicked against the righteous. Time is speeding up.
Male MENtorship
Chemtrails are also used to create poisonous clouds that block the sun. The weather modifications are real. Stop funding a government that is actively trying to kill you.
Mark Suttner
As a WIsConSin born American and Retired USMC Seargeant, I have the knowledge and understanding of what is, really happening. Behind what you see on mainstream media and local news. Trust me, when I say this, what you see on TV, is nothing but propaganda. Every single commercial, every single show, is in some form, a way of propaganda. In some way or form, to get you glued to that screen. That way, it's pretty easy for everybody's ideals & imagination, to go right out the window ! It begins with K1, (kindergarten) for Christ's sake ! What is \
Matthew Burns
DNA they are producing mutants
America, wake the heck up!! I've seen extremely accomplished people saying the same thing as the guy in this video. ---------------------------- WAKE UP!!
Miz Mack
Whoa. Those of us 60, 70 and 80s are some of the most \
Monica Mayh3m
I think people realize it’s not good and are awakening to what’s happening but many feel like there’s nothing they can do about it and are trying to enjoy the little life they have left. The elites run our world. So unless a coup forms to kill those people idk what we would do except self sustain and be prepared.
My brand new phone is bugging up while watching this video, coincidence? \n\n\n\nI think not
Try as you must my friend but nobody wakes up until a switch is flipped in their own head. Nothing they're told will do anything until that person sees something that makes them realize that things aren't right. Our journeys are personal and and in our own perspectives. I hope and pray daily that this nation wakes up fast. We're in deep shit if we don't unite and demand that people are put above profits.
It makes trees die near it man.. imagine what can it do to humans and living beings who have much more advanced bio chemical cycle it's a slow and painful death with many diseases in a row there's only so much a body can handle. I also have a wi-fi router i need to get rid of but my house has 3 of them in total :/ and only one is mine. Like this mans video so it can be seen by many we need more people to be aware of it.
Nothing Less Than Epic
Most could care less too busy in the slave rat race thinking they own something.
Olav Gunnar Flåten
The fire from the sky is not nukes, It's 5G! Nukes are fake, thank God! \
Olli Garch
They’re also indoctrinating kids with Marxist propaganda. They are bringing in diversity which really means division. Classic divide and conquer. They teach kids how the evil white man stole all the land they live on. They are teaching white child to be ashamed of the color of their skin because they are inherently evil white bigots who want to kill all the minority’s when white people worldwide are the minority’s. It sickens me. I thought the world moved past all of this racism shit but they are bringing it back and trying to make whites the minority’s in the countries they have lived in for years and destroying our culture. People will say I’m a right wing nazi for saying this but I’m not. I want peace on earth. These globalist or whatever you wish to call them want war and division. Twenty years ago I would have laughed if someone said that but it’s true if you open your eyes and look at what a going on around the world. It’s an evil plan. Communism has always failed terribly and people won’t open their eyes much less so something about it.
The government ain’t putting nothing in my body. They’d have to kill me
There's some super retarded shit on YouTube but I think this just raised the bar a few notches. Next level retardation. Very well done!
Pink Acid
Why bother? This program this plan has been ran through a simulation and it was 100% successful. The truth is stranger fiction. Go off grid and either prepare for everything or nothing. This is happening world wide. So why bother? People just don't care.
They want you dead... read the Georgia Guide stones, they want to get the population down to 500 000 000
Raymond Lau
Raymond Lau\n1 second ago\nThe governments and their corporate friends would use energy weapons to control or destroy anyone who will not obey if the power systems remain functional. If an outside enemy sets off an EMP, the entire power systems of society would collapse and then the raping, looting, pillaging, killing, and chaos would ensue. Either way, the future of humanity leaks bleak.
Reiki on the Run
Yup. I have to home school my kids by next year before the next shots are due. I'm a single mom, so it's a struggle, but I do work from home. I'll be ready by next year.
Ricky Ricardo
I have attempted to reach the ZOMBIE MASSES on several occasions and this is my conclusion: They couldn't care less!!! It won't be long before TOTAL COLLAPSE!
Robyn M
Dr. Hulda R. Clark (a biophysisist- passed away Sept. 2009) created the Zapper and learned that every living thing has its own frequency. Everything can be killed if their frequency is hit.\nShe used her inventions to help cure diseases. Now they have an updated model called a SyncroZap Model A11. She was working for the govt. and was Leary of them having this info. and using it as a weapon. They took all her research findings, shut her down and imprisoned her. She had help and escaped and fled to Mexico to help cure many people and animals of multiple diseases using supplements and oscillating frequencies to kill pathogens within her patients. She has written many books, I have 8 or so. She created supplement kits to rid the body of parasites and their sickness that they give off as the host parasites die. They don't use flowing agents or magnesium stearate. They use gelatin capsules and vegetarian capsules.\nYou can check them out at this link: drclarkstore.com their # is 866.372.5275.\n She was ahead of her time and dearly missed. I've learned so much from her. \n God bless all who are doing their part to help wake others up to what's happening to us and our planet. \nMay God help us spread the word and protect us from the wicked that are power crazy monsters! Amen 🙏🙋\u200d♀️
Ruby Colvin
Thanks for a great video!
Russ Dowling
My name is Norma Dowling. My town has had 5G for 3 years. 6 people have died on my street during the last 3 years. All from things concerning blood. Strokes, heart attacks, and in my case major blood clots. You are 100 % right about oxygen, it's affects the blood. I got a 2 ft. long blood clot in my leg. It was vacuumed out. 2 days later I was peppered with clots. But I don't have WiFi working in my house. I have it wired my computer's and tv. My cell phone is only using cellular. . But I am about a block away from a cell tower that has all the 5G equipment on it , and on the power polls that go up the main road. You are telling absolute truth, and you have the most accurate information on what it does and why it exists. It is actually owned by the Rothschilds Luciferian Illuminati.The other thing you left out is there is no way to get out of it because it randomly shoots out 1,000 to 3,000 gigahertz, which are then pull into receivers on your phone, computer, TV, etc at the rate needed for them to work at top speed. The rest of the microwaves flow in random curving patterns all around us, and those are almost the most dangerous because they are random intensities and random patterns, and they shoot out at extreme numbers per minute. Something absurd like 90,000 per minute. Don't quote me on that number. I am telling you this without any notes in front of me. In my research, I have not found anything to stop the super high gigahertz. It goes right into our walls. I am 4 houses down from the source of 5G on the power pole. This is a vinyl sided double wide mobile home. Now that is deadly. But that isn't even the weaponized part. Forgot to mention it goes into the smart meters too, it is the smart meters that hone it down to a grid pattern. The weaponized part is the pin pointed laser capabilities it has. The Secret Service Agent that died in Scotland when traveling with Trump probably got hit with a direct laser shot to his head, hence the huge blood clot/ Stroke that killed a man in perfect health. To stay alive till it is taken down , I take potassium, sodium and kelp iodide, Prevagen to heal brain cells, and warfarin and iron to try to get my blood to uptake oxygen. It is not a cure, but I am still alive which is a lot more than I can say for my neighbors. Obama put a rush on it before he left office, when he realized Hillary wouldn't win. Donald Trump was conned into finishing it, I listened to the presentation of it to him. He was told it would not be activated across the US till mid 2019, and that it was perfectly safe. He thought he had plenty of time to stop it. Ooooops , just not so. I contacted them with all the research I had, as well as the fact that I was being killed by it. Since the 5G grid system has some artificial intelligence in the system and can probably defend itself, it could take a while to get it down. I just hope they hurry. It isn't as if this was the only problem to fix. At least some major arrests are coming quickly, there will be less danger to the US when they are taken off the streets as the well over 55,000, sealed endictments to be unsealed. That is headed up by Huber and Sessions. Back to 5G: It is active all over the US and will have to be dismantled everywhere, and this is a big country. The power will have to be turned off to accomplish this, so it is just logical that can't turn the whole US off at the same time because it will require huge numbers of people who know how to take it down.. The main towers that were part of it's big brother spy network ,were shut down on the east coast to block Illuminati control. I assume they got them all...?. It also might have had something to do with the shutting down of the observatories in various places. Don't know if you are aware that certain areas in the US, even some military bases are still loyal to Obama, and the Illuminati UN Agenda 21. Hopefully that will be taken care of soon . I am in contact with QAnons, and anything important like 5G got to Q quickly. The huge HAARP created storm sent with love from the Illiminati via the Rogue CIA did not make things easy but did provide cover to get the towers shut down. We are essentially at war, but the weapons are like nothing used against us in any other way. Huge numbers of Obama sleeper cell have been given the wake-up call. The west coast is the most dangerous place to be because the Dew Lasers and 5 G have already destroyed a whole lot of property. We hope to regain control, but keep in mind a large part of our military isn't under our control. Check out YouTubes with a man with an English accent on Lucid Dreamer. He has explained a whole lot of things going on that very few people know. God Bless you, Norma Dowling
S Justice
if your so smart...why are you still living in California??
TINA, K 1965
Damn, I forgot I left my Hot Pocket in the microwave. Thanks man.
Terri Emge
I am so tired of trying to get people to believe me...its effecting my hearing ..the pressure is crazy...
The Fullerton Informer
https://thefullertoninformer.com/apple-666-project-inkwell-and-agenda-21-an-expose-with-an-all-star-cast/\nVery important information you will hear nowhere else! Joe Imbriano discusses the plan to microwave all of us and how it eventually will result in forced vaccinations unless we thwart their evil plans for culling humanity. www.5gdangers.com \n\nhttps://thefullertoninformer.com/\nI also entered this into the public record at the 2-6-18 Fullerton City Council Meeting-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZrjcD...\nhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZrjcD...
they need to kill us because of the 24x7 low-cost workforce is coming to take over the world. i am talking about artificial intelligence. The working class- us, which is 80% of the world population will turn into trash.
Todd Lavigne
people are so obsessed with speed and being zombified by their phones and pads. I can't count the times I've almost hit someone walking through an intersection looking at their phone. 2.4 ghz is fast enough
Tooraj Noori
Travis Engleman
Man the marijuana now adays is crazy strong
Oxygenated cells are healthy cells! If oxygen is affected and can't get into the cells, they turn into cancer! That's why ppl who do alternative cancer treatment use hyperbaric chamber therapy.
USN 4 America
Question: Is the current 2.4 Gig wifi gonna disappear?
Uncle Quack
Its all true, I see it happening .
Vast land Traverse
EMF Safety Zone said this: \
RIGHT ON!! I recently got back in touch with nature and I hate my phone
Everything you say resonates with my spirit. The Holy Spirit has shown me over many years what you are warning us about. But, you must go to the Father repent and ask him for forgiveness of any foul language that you have spoken on the your videos. The Holy Spirit is warning all of us that the hour is very late and God's Judgement is upon this land. Right now the remnant must cleanse and purify ourselves for what is coming. God is righteous and holy. Please take this to Abba Father. There is a falling away right now and God is separating the wheat from the tares. Even, I am asking the Father to cleanse myself. Here is a Pastor that is on fire located in Georgia. He tells it like it is and it is raw truth. Hope you can hear his message. God bless, peace and love in Jesus name. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJPS9AYAl3c
Wild On Wheels
All wifi and cell frequencies are dangerous not only 5g.
Anyone notice a ringing in there ears that wont go away????
William Arbuckle
There is a video out regarding testing the WiFi signal off the simple water meters in our houses, 6 subjects standing next to the meters for extended periods of time, 2 had to be removed due to fear of fainting, the blood of each subject was put under a microscope seconds after the tests, the cells were elongating!!!. I agree with this guy 100%
So, lets do somthing about it, we need to send a message, 5G goes down the same the day it was instaled, something like every 5th teleaphone poll, is another opertunity to get the mesage driven home, the naster they get, the more corageus we will have to be. So whats the plan? You keep saying, heres what will happen, this is going to happen to you. It wont happen if we can stop this treason in there tracks.
brooks townsley
They only do this because they hate us
buoyancy density2017
Its cause there sleeping stay woke brother!
I live in R U R A L Colorado and we are already being fried. The people want more, bigger, more powerful, stronger... We are already being cooked. It's not something that will happen in the future. It is happening now. Think we are Zombies now? Just wait. 2/3 of all pollinators are gone. The canaries in the coal mine have sung their last song.
jesus is King
This explains ALOT! Thanks so Much. In Jesus name I pray that every single person is healed and protected by these weapons from Satan and his slaves in the government. No weapon formed against every1 shall prosper in Jesus mighty name! Amen!
solid truth
~ Do a You-Tube search on Deborah Tavares. She's been doing this type of 'INVESTIGATION' for many years.
spiten kitten
All these idiots marching in Washington against guns but could care less that soon 5G will destroy them all,but that is alright because they will get their movie downloaded in 30 seconds.
susan hamann
Mindless brain washed media eating zombies
You are correct in everything you say. As someone who has been attempting to awaken the masses for ten years (the last 4 via FM radio) I can tell you the apathy is incredible! It's like they have aerosoled apathy and are spraying the world with it every hour. People - as you say - are so self-absorbed that the truth we attempt to share is an \
time traveller
Show us your 2 degrees with your full name and where you got them from
vanderburen van
i feel great and less tired when i keep myself away from my phone and wifi
When will the people rise up ??