How I Took The Red Pill And Realized Everything In Our Cult(ure) Is a Lie - Jeff Berwick @ Red Pill

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Jeff discusses his early experiences in business and the dot com crash, his long series of awakenings starting with reading 'The Creature From Jekyll Island'. Health and well being, fasting, what is going on in the USA and how to get out, finding freedom and much more. Apologies for the poor video qualitySubscribe to the TDV newsletter here:

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The perfect slave is the one who think he is free!
American by Birth Southern by the Grace of GOD
Ok I give up. Idk how or why I just wasted 16mins of my life.
Andre XX
I was expecting something useful, but this guy is a conspiracy theory nut job mental case. At first I was surprised he didn't claim the moon landings were a hoax, but then sure enough, up it pops! I wonder why he didn't claim we are being watched by aliens,
Anthony Saunders
Please don't speak about biology, immune systems, and vaccines. They're obviously way beyond the realm of your knowledge,
Arr Jee
Hold up!! Stop right there!! 8::11 Never thought of that. How are my unvaccinated children a danger to your vaccinated children?? Isn’t that what the vaccination is for?? To protect you?? If the unvaccinated children are a threat to the vaccinated children, what good is it for?
Arvind Kulkarni
I thought they add chlorine to water not fluorides. Ummm
BFoReal Son
It is written. He is the greatest of all deceivers and it is he who controls this fallen world. Satan said to Jesus, if you bow to me I will give you all the riches of this world. Wake up sheep this is not by chance... there is a dark force waging war on Gods children. This force wants your soul ..... accept Jesus Christ in your heart!!!!!
Bang Duck
if he is wrong about Stephen Hawking's equipment, which was operated using a specific cheek muscle movement, what else? All these known problems, and no solutions. Just watching another person skimming the surface of third party conspiracy theories in no particular order without adding anything new. My takeaway this person is promoting a book and fasting. May I humbly suggest in no particular order things to view that will help you better understand people that want to expose problems and solutions in depth. Critical Thinking Skills, Edward Snowden, Sam Harris, Jordan Peterson, Sadhguru.
Bass Fishing with the Antichrist
Without Government Life would be Peaceful, Fair and Tax Free.
Baymax Targaryen
George H W Bush finally died
Bill Sanders
Jeff is quite the BS artist. Not that i disagree with his message. I too read the Creature From Jekyll island, but was also a member of the John Birch Society in the late 80s and a \
Brady Vincent
Ha what a joke and a complete waste of time. Real deep economic lesson there. He says 9-11 was fake and your own cult just buys it and is happy with the entire thing. Or you can use a telescope and see what they left on the moon. I would destroy you basically on any topic that includes actual fact. Last time i checked Mexico has a Government. What’s funny about that. Thought you were going to talk about going back to the gold standard and I assume some kind of crypto currency but already have the gold standard and you want more government to implement 2 programs for the same thing.
Brandon Johnson
This man has a weak grasp on the function and purpose of vaccines. They are literally one of the best reasons we are able to live as long and as healthy as we do now.
Brian Barrett
What is this guy selling?
Burnt Popcorn Productions
There were NO PLANES on 9-11 ! The one plane that hit that Twin Towers(aka: Plane #2/the only \
Cornelia Meyer
sir, sure do hope, that you are a believer in Christ
The cake is a lie.
Daniel Simmons
Where can we learn more about this stuff?
David Coomber
I have listened to this shit for 40 years and it never changes, not to say this guy is not right, fact is he is right about every thing and that's what is wrong. This man is paid a fee to tell a audience what they already know, the reason they attend his talk is because they agree with his narrative and so it goes on and nothing ever changes because it's human nature to be attracted to a path of less resistance and the powers of corruption know and allow just enough free speech to satisfy our frustration but not enough to change it. In fact it is the very basic principles of politics to make a living out of not changing anything but to create a atmosphere of change. If you want to create a police state remove the police until crime is off the scale and the public will beg for a police state. If somebody was to really try to change anything our governments would label them terrorists and a danger to the state as in the case of Snowdon and Manning or Wikileaks. If you seek to change anything change yourself first.
DeWayne Stafford
When we fast and the body starts consuming itself, the first thing it eats are diseased tissue.
Deutsch M
Although I do think many of his statements have some kind of general validity.\nI find he doesn’t give much if any supporting evidence. Therefore it just sound like a lot of rambling superstitious statements.
Doña Remilgos
You're all nuts, and even though this might be true I will keep living my life the same way. The first and most important thing in my life is making those who love me happy. Cheers!
Dusty Durr
This guy is a ignoramus!
Eric Talkington
I'm glad someone else out there thinks like I do. My experiences that opened my eyes were different than yours, but nevertheless, my eyes have been opened. It's just one big game we are all forced to play, but they make you WANT to play along. They are tricky. I have said for years that in the 60's, once people started pushing back and they had the national guard out and people ended up shot and the ones running things looked bad, they decided to give the people what they want, and start working on the next generation and get them to not give a shit about any of the things their parents fought for. With the creation of things like MTV, and later \
Falcon Trek
I’m eating just one meal a day, most days, and it’s amazing how my bp is lower and the weight is coming off, and I really feel good except when I slip and eat junk or too much.
Fei-Hong Wong
What this guy is saying took me most of my life to realize. The amount of control the government/elites have over us is insane. The problem is that most people don't see it and if you tell them the truth, they tune you out or get angry. Most people can't handle the truth.
Still needs to be Red Pilled on Islam. Muslims don't really fast for a month - they binge eat after dark during Ramadan.
Freyja Griffith
I've been saying this for years... Jews are evil. 1% of our population yet control EVERYTHING.
I agreed with much of what he said. But I still believe we went to the moon. I dove deep into that one and found that the evidence that we did go far outweighs the conspiracy theories. He's spot on about 9/11. I never understood why people would fight for hours about the causes of the collapse, and building 7, when the real smoking gun was Flight 93. There was absolutely no plane or plane parts in that hole or anywhere near it. The government said it blew away. Was there a hurricane in Shanksville that day? How do 2-ton engines just \
Gabel Leberwurst
Good stuff until EVERYTHING is a lie, which is another wrong paradigm obviously. There is truth and lie and when you jump on these absolute beliefs you go wrong and start to believe any story which supports you belief. Too bad.
GeoMac Granddad
Great comedy show! Hope you feel well compensated.
Glywnnis Wells
About the moon landing,it happened the lander does not need any strength zero atmosphere 1/6th gravity
Hans Zarkov
Jesus called Satan the 'god of this world'. And people wonder why the world is so evil. Fortunately God the creator placed an expiration date on Satan's authority.
Helen Watts
A lot of us are all waking up the programming is failing, I’m so grateful to be awake and aware.
Hot Lady
A friend of mine was at the Pentagon on plane.
Jeanmarie Tuggle
All of that’s true!
Joe McCaffery
‘Big Pharma doesn’t make cures, they make customers’.
John & Jane Smith
Omg. This guy needs to wear his tinfoil hat so we can recognize the crazy before listening to a word. I totally get that pretty much everything in our society is bullshit, especially the financial and education systems, but “fluoride closes your third eye”? Is that third eye so you can see the invisible unicorns? 😂
John Jones
People are waking up due to the internet, free exchange of information
Moon videos are hilarious , I love when they run around kicking up dirt and all the dirt falls to the ground real fast, like it should on a planet with gravity.
Kathleen St. Clare
John Rose @ He is a great great great teacher with so much empathy to help all of us so we can change the world to Paradise on Earth. 64 years old ~ amazing body and mind and spirit.
LA Turley
Bogus thought processes. Makes outlandish claims to get people's attention. Some of what he's saying could be fact, but he immediately alienates people trained in critical thought. Enjoy this for what it is, entertainment not education.
Laura Godin
The hunger games is what happens to us if we don't stop this now.
The American nightmare
Lilac Milkshake
So... being \
Herd mentality is such bull
Martin Barba
I dont watch tv anymore its all crap and lies!
Matt Gilbert
This guy is full of half-truths.\nRead Marx. Read the post-Marxian critics. Read Hyman Minsky.\nThen read Jameson and Fisher for the cultural critique. \nThen you'll get a glimpse into how Capitalism thrives as it gets more rotten.\nThen read Steve Keen and Michael Hudson.\nNeoclassical Economics is based on belief, not evidence.\n\
Mental Insight
OH REALLY NOW ...⚠️⚠️⚠️💯💯💯✅✅✅LOVE THE FAMOUS FAKE PRESIDENT...DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH...WHAT IS THE GROWTH Delivery of the government meaning as 123 it’s simple stand together or we all stand for 👍👍👍👍 mental else slide inside reminder getting it start it without fear it’s only gonna be a few
Miggy Z
This guy is all over the place, just rambling.
This guy is right, basically everything is a lie in the USA.
Mike King
Any fool with a reasonably powered telescope can see the \
A lot of what this guy says is very true however i will still pledge my allegiance to the flag. Reason being, i am not pledging my allegiance to the government, i am pledging allegiance to the idea of America out founders had. Because the idea is worth fighting for.
Monster Magnet
Mark my words, the closer we get to the truth and everyday humans understanding it, the closer we get to the people with their finger on the button actually pushing it. It’s quite a paradox to digest.
Ms. Lisa Marie
I agree. And this is something i am irate about. The doctors are killing people. They have killed at least 2 of my friends and family. They are screwing with my health also. I am not being taken care of properly. And it's a system where you can't say anything, or else your file is flagged, such as mine. I'm trying to figure out how to cure myself naturally with herbs and diet, and cutting out things that i know are bad for me, such as quitting smoking 10 years ago, and not really drinking alcohol much at all ever, barely socially. Next is fasting and watching and changing what i eat. There are people sick and dying all over because of the pills people are popping. People need to think logically, or else they will be dead. You can't just blame the doctor if you are willingly submitting to what they prescribe you, without questioning it, or even refusing to take it, if you don't REALLY need it! Nowadays you have to be your own doctor, with natural herbs, OR THEY ARE GOING TO KILL YOU! Just look at people's comments on medical sites, look at people's reviews of doctors they have seen. Some of the reviews are PRETTY BAD!
Lies: abortion is about choice not murder, taxes are good, gun control is good, public education is great, there is no God, those are some staples of modern culture. USA needs a new birth of freedom
No King
Don’t put shit on Stephen Hawking. He survived a cruel disease that kills everyone else within a few years, and gave his life to study and share his knowledge. He has nothing to do with the corrupt goings on
Noel ryan
Funny how when 911 happened the plane and everyone on it disintegrated on impact but somehow hours later they find one of the hijackers passports on the ground outside one of the towers..!
Nothing Less Than Epic
I love that the guy knows the truth, so do many of us. So put your tail between your legs and run to Mexico is what we should do?
Office Productions
I stopped watching the news years ago
Omer Tolken
This is bs. This guy is smart, he knows that people like you are out there and are easy too fool.
Pavel Novikov
This guy is an absolute idiot, he has some notions about the general banking and government standards that are correct, but talking about Stephen Hawking being drugged up and talking through tube is beyond ignorant, fluoride in water is not poisonous the same way salt is not poisonous because of a different molecular bonding and the amount present. Al Gore never said that he invented Internet, he made a vague reference to credit himself with the promotion of Internet. Vaccines are absolutely essential to a healthy adult life, the microbes in the vaccine are dead, they absolutely cannot negatively impact child's health, but they will ensure immunity for the longevity of the life. Men like this are smart, they make money on the ignorance of the public, they are evil, and all you guys are buying into this nonsense.
Portia Venetia
Lmao! Bush Sr died today 🥳
Psychokore Underground Rap
this guy.. he could get killed for speaking the truth.. happens all the time and will probably never stop\nStay safe people
The first I thing I do when I take the red pill is put on a sports blazer lol
R Heiss
Given the chance to have his 15 minutes of fame, a wise man will need only speak for five. A fool, intoxicated with the opportunity, will prattle on irrationally for hours, days, weeks... Beware of guys like this. He shows all the signs of being a consummate con artist (and not a little unhinged). Unfortunately, the world is full of them. I feel sorry for Mexico.
Ray Whittington
Some of the wisest words I've ever heard concerning the fiat money scam mentioned here, are as follows: \
Robin Hood
So true - people should wake up - like and share 👍🏻
Rodney Caupp
Jeff Berwick suffers the same deficiency that I do. \
Rosalyn Manning
Don't Waste your time on this one. Nothing new. Very superficial information.
So everything is a lie and one big conspiracy? Ever think maybe the biggest conspiracy is there is NO conspiracy. But you'd just say I was another zombie in the herd.
Seamus Martin
Sean McL
DO NOT WATCH. it's just a guy listing a bunch of stuff he does t believe in with nothing to back it up. Clearly trying to promote whatever book he mentioned or something
Sound Media
Regarding health, 'they' don't want to cure you but just keep you on medication until you die so that the pharmaceutical companies get richer and richer. We need some doctors to come straight about all the lying!
Stacie Stark
This rabbit hole he speaks of is much much deeper than many of you could imagine. Our biggest problems here on earth are not domestic.
Street Skater 66
Great left wing thinking and I used to be on board with this bs. I now would ask what is the real alternative? Certainly our culture is not perfect but it is the best there is in this world currently. I honestly do not see idiots like this changing things for the better,all they bring to the table is socialism and that only ever goes one a living hell on Earth.
How many red pills did this guy take? It's like he drank 5 pots of coffee just before speaking.
Zeek M
The red pill and the blue pill are the same damn thing, idiot.\nIf you can't pay enough attention to figure that out, you won't last 2 seconds against an evil A.I.
at0M X
You need to eat animal flesh and secretions for protein. Lie
I dont like this guy.
God is not a lie.
Total rambler, making blatant statements, despite their truths, there's no real point to this talk. Other than provoking mayhem, the only positive thing he mentioned is fasting. Despite our country's lies & drama, there is a certain level of 'order'. Until a more woke form of 'order' where millions of people can co-exist is established, this current level of 'slavery' will continue.. Or it will implode on itself (i.e. anarchy.. cuz yes, it's not sustainable). \n\nChange for the sake of change is not a solution. Way too many lives at stake, and based on our advanced weapons, disruption of the current state of the world can devastate our landscape and make it unlivable to those who survive. That being said, it is a miracle that there isn't greater levels of anarchy happening in the world.. Despite the bad news & chaos in the world, for the amt. of people we have on the planet, the degree of civility & harmony we have is impressive. Basically it's time to evolve. Aa higher level of 'order' beyond our current societal structure is required. \n\nBeing 'woke' isn't anything w/o action for setting up new systems that can be woven into our current system, while the parts of our current system gets dismantled (as it inevitably will). Pointing fingers & pulling the plug on the current system is not the answer. \n\nBeing 'woke' doesn't mean u 'see' the lies.. It means u'r now compelled & personally accountable to live ur life, & all that u have control of, according to a more sustainable system of society. & in doing so, influence others to do the same in their lives. This is the time that we're living in. Full transition may not happen w/in our lifetime, but we get to assist in the building of the new order by the small things we do.. like not buying products from corporations, taking care of our health & not needing doctors, creating community w/ our neighbors in whatever way we can even if just via birthday cards & saying hello everyday.. Hence, building a world where even if the govt. collapsed we as people wouldn't attack each other, bcuz we're actually looking out for ea other, rather than expecting the 'govt.' to create 'order' between us & our neighbors.
just interested
I agree, I have never allowed my schooling get in the way of my education.
keko tutu
I just lost 31 minutes of my life, he's doing the same thing he's accusing others. He said a lot but nothing at the same time. All I learned is that the guy is a conspiracy theorist. No explanation of anything, proof or any info on his remarks. But he endorse a movie and a book. Maybe he has something to gain here?
kelvin urena
kevin burris
Guy thinks he is a genius and Stephen Hawking is a fake LoL, enough said time to turn the dial. He is welcome to his beliefs about his preference for a third world penis, I’’ll stick to what the Bible teaches about circumcision and everything else the Bible teaches, it’s served me just fine.
king Xeno
Pray for this man he is too woke. Anyone who is woke is a great threat.
me him
Lots of comments calling him a conspiracy nutjobs! It's ok go back to sleep! Buy! Consume! Obey! Government is good!
sonja k
I agree with some of the ideas, but It is not nice to make fun of people who have a job for life and free dental. They may have something else going on in their lives, such as children, to make up for the lack of excitement at work.
Oh boy. Government does lie about many things, but this video seems like a conspiracy compilation, I’m surprised the flat earth conspiracy isn’t in this video as well. Also, all these comments are in favor of the speaker, seems like if so many people are in denial of these theories, there would be more debative commentary. Unless perhaps some comments are being deleted or chosen to be seen to help push an agenda. I don’t know for sure. Also what’s up with everyone denying space? Go buy a telescope
I know how this guy feels. I'm 71-years old, and I've been watching the TV news all my life, and I believed everything they said. \
Ah this guy is half right and half nuts. So was Manson by the way.
walter halpin
Don't you think think of all the people that were supposedly involved in all this conspiracy there would be at least one whistle blower? Come on !!!
I'm 58 yo. I agree with everything Jeff says in this video. He mentioned everything I have already researched except for Steven Hawking. That was new to me.
If Big Pharma is being predatory, why have they decided long time ago to charge massive prices for polio shots..for insulin..for anti-malaria vaccinations and for antibiotics?\nMore people globally are afflicted by these illnesses ( save for polio) than most of the other illnesses put together.\nAlso, these medications / treatments are generally fully opposed to endless outlay of research dollars being spent on cancer and heart disease research. Sure..they get money in for these afflictions but then lots of money goes out to research costs.. If its to just make money...heck..charge through the nose for insulin and antibiotics and be done with it....lots more money in that than anything else..And thats why I think this position is bullshit....and if Paul Allen or Steve Jobs cant buy a cure...then it truly doesn’t exist.