How I Took The Red Pill And Realized Everything In Our Cult(ure) Is a Lie - Jeff Berwick @ Red Pill

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Jeff discusses his early experiences in business and the dot com crash, his long series of awakenings starting with reading 'The Creature From Jekyll Island'. Health and well being, fasting, what is going on in the USA and how to get out, finding freedom and much more. Apologies for the poor video qualitySubscribe to the TDV newsletter here:

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dude isn't crazy... he is aware and awake
91.5 the phoenix!
I had the red pill halfway to my mouth when I realized it was just another drug and all drugs have side effects. Then, I woke up! I cannot listen to the radio or watch a TV show or even go on the internet the same way anymore, and most human interaction seems a tad flawed lately. Food is Almost unrecognizable same with drink. I can't even rely on my memories of how things used to be because now I see how they really were. Only wake up if you have to! I also don't think I will be getting employed anytime soon as well, and I'd be happy to change that status in a heartbeat, but the employment industry is looking for sheep, not Black Sheep.
The perfect slave is the one who think he is free!
Allan Bolton
you remember the engine from a plane they found in the streets of new york???? the plane did not go to the planes they claimed hit the planes.then they think an aluminum frame can cut through hardened steel.....and no one even batted an eye,in fact,there is not one new yorker who didn't see the planes hit the towers....amazing.i guess building seven,hit by nothing,fell at freefall out of sympathy.....sick times.
The fundamental ideas discussed touch on some really important matters.. More government generally means less personal liberty, Central Bank manipulates currency, and was never meant to have so much power. In principle, these general truths are not known well enough to people.. Unfortunately, a lot of the specifics are completely false, absolute myth, and/or complete garbage.
BFoReal Son
It is written. He is the greatest of all deceivers and it is he who controls this fallen world. Satan said to Jesus, if you bow to me I will give you all the riches of this world. Wake up sheep this is not by chance... there is a dark force waging war on Gods children. This force wants your soul ..... accept Jesus Christ in your heart!!!!!
Sometimes i wish i was not awakend i really do it would make my life so much easier if i was still brainwashed living in my baby blue bubble but now i see the utter crap i was fed my whole life growing up in EU1 schools/media etc i see the world for what it is sadly and it makes me very depressed to a point i just don't know what to do anymore.\nMy father got released from the hospital today, and we had to pick him up ourselfs because the insurance litterly said no he allready went into the ambulance 5 times last 2 weeks we ain't paying for it again.\nMy father is 65 year old worked his whole life payed insurance never stole a piece of bread just a model civilian and should be retired now but my government (Netherlands) changed some laws some years ago so age for pension is now 67.3\nMy father had surgery again on a hernia in his back and works for a multi billion dollar company that even spends millions on a NASCAR team but do you think they say to my father well you worked hard for 41 years its fine now go enjoy your pension nope, once the doctor says you fine to go he can go work again for the remaining year this makes me so freaking mad it is so unfair and i don't have a million lying around to pay off my parents house and send them off to have a few unworried years sadly.\nI don't even know why i am sharing all of this so take it or leave it i am just mad at the moment i quess.\nI actually came here to watch the footage and share this link with you people, maybe you seen it allready maybe not but it is a perfect example of mass indoctrination of the sheeple in this so called free world(modern slavery)\nHere they attack the internet flow of information that goes to fast for governments to intervene for the things they are litterly doing themselfs for decades it is actually pretty funny/sad.\nEnjoy,\n \n\nRegards,\nBoero
Please! Where is that city with No chemtrails? Clean water? Great video thank you.
Carl Cisc
The speaker is trying to convey a shit load of facts. This makes him sound manic. Something's he says are incorrect the way he says it but what he is trying to say is correct. The problem is that most people are overlevereged and trapped by jobs and money. Very little solutions given. Individuals cannot over come all of this. People are not desperate enough to \
Darth Floyd
I have no idea what people can take from this! The man struggled to articulate at the best if times then jumps from one story to the next without presenting a single fact yet, people applaud him?! Wow! Must be the fluoride?
David Coomber
I have listened to this shit for 40 years and it never changes, not to say this guy is not right, fact is he is right about every thing and that's what is wrong. This man is paid a fee to tell a audience what they already know, the reason they attend his talk is because they agree with his narrative and so it goes on and nothing ever changes because it's human nature to be attracted to a path of less resistance and the powers of corruption know and allow just enough free speech to satisfy our frustration but not enough to change it. In fact it is the very basic principles of politics to make a living out of not changing anything but to create a atmosphere of change. If you want to create a police state remove the police until crime is off the scale and the public will beg for a police state. If somebody was to really try to change anything our governments would label them terrorists and a danger to the state as in the case of Snowdon and Manning or Wikileaks. If you seek to change anything change yourself first.
DeWayne Stafford
When we fast and the body starts consuming itself, the first thing it eats are diseased tissue.
Dennis Spain
To Hell with Fractional-Reserve ‘Debt’-Based Banking Constitutional Amendment\n\n(It is extremely important that the average citizen understand our present system of debt-based currency issuance, which most people, unfortunately, do NOT understand, although it amounts to nothing more than a simple extortion racket clothed in a lot of financial mumbo jumbo: YOU (hereinafter referred to as the Serf) sign a promissory note of some kind, a mortgage, a business 'loan', or you swipe a credit card or acquiesce to some other credit instrument to THEM (hereinafter referred to as the Neofeudal Lords); they then create the money out of nothing (\
Des Behan
My vote is for Jeff Berwick to run the Planet.
Eric Talkington
I'm glad someone else out there thinks like I do. My experiences that opened my eyes were different than yours, but nevertheless, my eyes have been opened. It's just one big game we are all forced to play, but they make you WANT to play along. They are tricky. I have said for years that in the 60's, once people started pushing back and they had the national guard out and people ended up shot and the ones running things looked bad, they decided to give the people what they want, and start working on the next generation and get them to not give a shit about any of the things their parents fought for. With the creation of things like MTV, and later \
Still needs to be Red Pilled on Islam. Muslims don't really fast for a month - they binge eat after dark during Ramadan.
George Doumanian
This man is woke AF! It's refreshing to hear a speech from a successful man who also is awake to the truth of our reality.
Hans Zarkov
Jesus called Satan the 'god of this world'. And people wonder why the world is so evil. Fortunately God the creator placed an expiration date on Satan's authority.
Helen Watts
A lot of us are all waking up the programming is failing, I’m so grateful to be awake and aware.
Hot Lady
A friend of mine was at the Pentagon on plane.
Ian Tierney
how do people not realize this is the most important problem facing our society today?? everything else is a distraction
Isabelle Layla
yeap, sounds about exactly what we're living nowdays and USA the most. At least in other countries people are fighting the system, but here it got so perfectly indoctrinated that people don't even realize what has been done to them.
Jarvis Tech
Woh! Wait a second! Respect the national anthem. People die for the American dream, not so much the reality. At least respect the soldiers who paid the sacrifice for our freedoms. That's at least what most of them had in mind when they joined. I can get on board with most of this, the alternative to government is anarchy, though, and we do need rules, laws, law enforcement and military for the protection of physical safety. America as the dream, is a beautiful dream. The anthem and what it stands for is a beautiful thing.
Jason Harding
Wake up we are slaves to a dictatorship system! Your born into a military life
Joe McCaffery
Hawking’s is the only person to ever live so long from his purported disease, way, way past anyone else who had it, if you believe his story i have a bridge i’m selling.
Joe Smith
When you are able to look at tv & internet stuff as a a entertainment big joke and carry on with your life without allowing it to effect your way of thinking, also, as in going every other place to cloud your true judgement (learn to think for yourselves) then you can stay in control of your lives(don't allow yourselves to be suckered by those claiming to be more intelligent then you; trying to make you believe that you would need them to totally instruct you in every aspect of your lives. Always allow yourselves to make your your own final decisions , especially when deciding to make drastic changes to your should never be someone else's decision.\nOh they will try- but don't let them! They try by intimidation, mocking you(through peer pressure tactics) as if they know what's best for you & your lives. Learn to alway be your own persons. Don't care what they say or think of you. This way you might be able to figure out what best for you and actually get something done (that counts, in your lives). Stop being zombie like followers and lead yourselves around (Always be a controller & leader of your own lives & destiny)!\nThat is, total freedom!\nNever be slaves to/for's that simple.\nStop buying into taking their credit schemes (at high payback interest rates)...stop allowing them to practically own your soul; as the old song used to say : \
Joeri Van De Weyer
LANGUAGE is a MAJOR tool, people. EUFEMISM everywhere. You don't buy toilet paper, you buy bathroom tissue. Soldiers don't have Shell Shock anymore, they have posttraumatic stress syndrome, which really eufemises the meaning.. FEMINIZATION of our language. They change meaning of words over time to bend away from the truth.\n\nGEORGE CARLIN WAS WOKE AF
John Jones
People are waking up due to the internet, free exchange of information
Jon Dana
Um, sheep - this guy IS a nutjob. He's right about the Fed - even top economists agree with that. But, FGS - \
Jonathan King
Thank you for having the courage to speak so openly about this without fear for your own safety and that of your family.
Jules Mitchell
This is all true. 9/11 woke me up when I first saw a film by Richard Hall debunking it, then the fake moon landings, etc.. and so forth...
Julie James
Capricorn On, Soylant Green and Logans Run are the movies to watch from the 70's. Alcohol is made with GMO hops, rice, and wheat, same with Wine (sulphets) check out Beer Babe
Kenneth Hudson
It was the Israeli Zionist in Mossad.
Laura Godin
The hunger games is what happens to us if we don't stop this now.
Lena An
Wow look at you, you are so cool! You moved to Mexico because you were concerned about your pineal gland calcification and now you are on your boat reading the news or while at the airport passing by the tv and hearing the news, laughing how stupid and brainwashed ppl that they believe this nonsense are and now you are on stage sharing this discovery. Wow! How Do you know there are ppl that at the age of 50 that never been on the plane or there are families that live on the $100 a week, ppl that got cancer give their last penny to so called cancer healers and when it worsens the condition just go home to die without even an answer why because the answer is another appointment and it's $30000 that they don't have. But here you are taking about joe banks are scammers and everything is a lie the only thing for some reason you believe in Christianity. In the new literature you reading from your cool sources they didn't tell you that it also was man made to control the masses. Or they did and you just use the Moses name so masses believe you about how great the fasting is? So what is the average Joe supposed to do with your half ass info where you tell that average Joe how stupid he is and how cool you are for selling your company for some millions, then went backpacking from country to country for couple of years without worrying how to feed the family and how to pay your rent or you and your kids will be out on the street. Another beautiful fairytale story how some guy who lost his path went out in to the world to look for the meaning in life. Just like another soap opera at 6pm. Bla, bla,bla look how cool I am and how stupid everyone outside this conference. \
Lori Morgan
You are spot on my dude. Hopefully you’ll wake up some some of the people in that room.
My top 2 movies.\nMatrix \nThey Live
Martin Barba
I dont watch tv anymore its all crap and lies!
This guy is right, basically everything is a lie in the USA.
A lot of what this guy says is very true however i will still pledge my allegiance to the flag. Reason being, i am not pledging my allegiance to the government, i am pledging allegiance to the idea of America out founders had. Because the idea is worth fighting for.
Monster Magnet
Mark my words, the closer we get to the truth and everyday humans understanding it, the closer we get to the people with their finger on the button actually pushing it. It’s quite a paradox to digest.
Ms. Lisa Marie
The elites and authorities should be very scared, people are angry, and they are sharpening their pitch forks as we speak. There is more of us then them, and for what they have done and are currently doing, they should be scared, and they deserve everything they get!
Nigel Town
This guy is an uneducated oaf of the first order. To lump all these things together into a crack-pot theory of everything is far worse than situation he is describing. Fluoride is not poisonous! Vaccines do save lives - does this make central banks good - no, not one bit - but you cannot lump all these things together and tar them with the same brush FFS!
Noel ryan
Funny how when 911 happened the plane and everyone on it disintegrated on impact but somehow hours later they find one of the hijackers passports on the ground outside one of the towers..!
Nothing Less Than Epic
I love that the guy knows the truth, so do many of us. So put your tail between your legs and run to Mexico is what we should do?
Racine Horsinaround
What a relief to hear the truth. Yes, fasting is the cure for all your moon landing explanation it resonates with truth♥️
Ray Whittington
Some of the wisest words I've ever heard concerning the fiat money scam mentioned here, are as follows: \
Richard Kennedy
Is this the first time this guy ever spoke to an audience?
Robert Burke III
I have been researching this for the last 16 years. It took me over 3 years to start believing the stuff I was finding out. And the people who's videos I was watching was making the statement the internet is the only media they cannot control right now mind you that was 15 years ago. October 2 years ago Barack Obama sign whatever to give the internet to the United Nations. And if that don't bring up a red flag there's something wrong with you and the United Nations Watch Dogs over the internet are communist China and communist North Korea, because they do this in their country anyway America like William Cooper States prove us wrong get off your fat rear end and start researching some of this stuff why you still can. And if you are a so-called Christian this is following the Book of Revelation unbelievable close to the scenario of that book of Revelations. If you are a mature Christian this should be good news to you but the good news is we have to help others focus on God through Jesus Christ only only to help them get under the blood of Christ to wash away their sins and to love others more than yourself. Americans just 60 years ago even the atheist actually cared about other people they didn't spend millions of dollars trying to debunk God that's not the case now. 40 years ago it was against the law for a lawyer to advertise why it was unethical, apparently our ethics has changed you want my surprised look wake up America we are free people right now if you don't believe in God through Christ it doesn't matter I still want the best for you and so does he wake up stop being so childish in your believing anything and everything the government says. There are good people in our government but if they don't play with the powers-that-be who has home field advantage their rules their equipment and their judges over the game wake up grow up I love America I love people so does God he doesn't love our agendas
Rosalyn Manning
Don't Waste your time on this one. Nothing new. Very superficial information.
We need more people like you.
This guy acutely says nothing. He says a lot of words but has no conclusions,explanations or reasons. Just a lot of words. What a waste of time
Somsay Sam
great stuff thank you
Sophicus Ratio
BUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA. He tells you not to consume but then buy his gold or whatever. Why would gold have any value in a post apocalypse world? So dumb
Sound Media
Regarding health, 'they' don't want to cure you but just keep you on medication until you die so that the pharmaceutical companies get richer and richer. We need some doctors to come straight about all the lying!
Sterling Lowery
The world governments know if they can control the money, they can control the people. They also know they can control the people, if they control the food.
Steve Clunn
Everything's a lie? I think anybody that builds anyting works with their hands might feel different. I work in electronics and I find very little lying going on when it comes to what and how circuits work and what parts will do what. You think there's lying going on with carpenters, plumbers, mechanics. All of us that are working to keep Society Running do very little lying and we count on the information we get to keep things running. Do you think the cell phone that you're using right now was built buy a bunch of people lying to each other. I noted 40 years ago that most people think that everybody thinks the way they think. When people talk to me I keep that in mind. Somebody that lies also thinks everybody else lies. This is a hard thing for people like myself who depend on accurate information to build things with have trouble understanding.
Street Skater 66
Great left wing thinking and I used to be on board with this bs. I now would ask what is the real alternative? Certainly our culture is not perfect but it is the best there is in this world currently. I honestly do not see idiots like this changing things for the better,all they bring to the table is socialism and that only ever goes one a living hell on Earth.
Even this dude know watch his tongue...on certain things
How many red pills did this guy take? It's like he drank 5 pots of coffee just before speaking.
Finally some truth ! Thanks for being candid about our facist government. We've been lied to from kindergarten through whatever. The more years of schooling that you go through in America the more non intelligent you become. Just one fact.
Terry Johnson
I have told so many people that everything they know is a lie...and people just look at me weird...I believe everything is a total LIE!
Theodore Vegh
TiMatitYah YsrayL
Xcellent!! I'm 51 (next week) & have been making presentations at libraries & 2 the students i work with, & on subway trains since 2010, & have written 3 Documentaries & dozens of essays & flyers regarding everything Jeff talked about & SO much more. (No Dinosaurs, a nice size portion of the Earth made of Giants [humans & animals], the flat, domed, unmoving Earth & the utter ridiculousness of a supposed 1000 mile an hour spinning, 67,000 mile an hour traveling, 23.4 degree tilting, globe (ball) Earth! FYI- 90 degrees - (minus) 23.4 degrees = 66.6 degrees!!! Does any1 else need any other evidence?! BTW...THE biggest lie is regarding the names of our Creator & our MessYah, Their names R YAH, az in HalleluYah = Praise You YAH, & can be seen at Psalm 68:4, Isaiah 12:2, & the actual spelling of the Hebrew names of most of the prophets. & Our MessYah's name iz Yahoshua. Yahcanan/John 5:43, 19:19, Acts 4:12, 26:13-15, & origin of the letter \
Tim Berecek
Needs work on his delivery \nSounds like a rough comedy routine \nBut true stuff nevertheless
Tony Kimery
One important argument I have is hundreds of people SAW a jetliner slam into the Pentagon. Why? At that time of the morning, with five -- at least -- major interstates and highways encircling the Pentagon in full view, with thousands of vehicles and their occupants ... not to mention the plethora of buildings, nearby apartments, etc. -- a jetliner near ground level traveling at roughly 500mph in that environment can hardly go unnoticed! Moreover, a couple I know were on THAT plane. Then where did they go if it they weren't on the jetliner that struck the Pentagon? Did the Men in Black remove everyone from that flight, and where, and what did they do with them. I was half way to the Pentagon. I drove in. There WAS major aircraft debris all over and inside clearly identifying the aircraft, as well as pieces of bodies. It was a horrific ground level truth, one conspiracy theorists try very hard to prove away ... who weren't even there. Hmm!
Trevor Seines
I GET OUR SYSTEM OF USURY BUT Circumcision? Really? Who does it at 2-years old? It’s 8 days and there is no research indicating circumcised boys will grow up and “not have a sexual connection with a woman.” \n\nTHIS GUY crys about circumcision but is probably a staunch abortionist??? \n\nCrys about alot but slaves? Dumbed down, yes!!!!! Slaves being beat and forced to work? No.\n\nScientism, yes? \n\nNot perfect but you wouldn’t survive in Cambodia or Guadalajara without the money of slaves from America?????
Veronica Zrnchik
You hit it on the head--people believe they see what they are told to believe. When you realize the truth, it will frighten you to your core. Yep, the jumping off point was Jekyll Island. Then when you find yourself in need of any type of help from any government agency--you realize it is all a facade. Lots of agencies by they actually don't do anything. The ADA is a paper tiger. All the protective agencies actually only protect the industries. The regulatory agencies work for the industries. The FCC is an arm of the wireless industry. Basically you do find out everything is a lie. It is kind of earth shattering. Busts the paradigm right over. And once you discover the shocking truth, you find that you cannot relate to lots of people anymore. You have to be selective of those you spend time with. Time is a very important resource and you realize that you must spend those resources wisely. Thanks for talking about this because people need to know.
World of No Borders
You didn't mention the $21 trillion dollars missing from the DoD. 😫 guess it is fairly new information though.. that media won't dare touch.
Xero Of Nine
hes right but i still wouldnt rather live in any other country and im proud to say my pledge of allegiance, things are bad here but ive learned enough useful information to survive and its my hope that one day soon others like me will band together and take our great country back and reform it back to what it used to be and was originally intended to be...\n#MAGA
Kudos for putting this out here!!👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
All our wars are to expand Israel. All our debt is owed to the Jewish owned federal reserve.
If they don't make the Jewish connection, they are talking about symptoms. You can't fight an enemy that you're afraid to name.
b ryan
About five years ago i took a whole bottle of the red pills..........Its very hard to get out of bed but now i know the truth.
bert wesler
Wholy Crap! That was the best thing I ever heard about vaccines!!!!!! But aren't your kids vaccinated???? So, what the hell are you worried about???? Wow! Just Wow!
brian thompson
The ultimate eye opening, consciousness expanding \
It all starts with the spinning ball that flies through empty space at unimaginable speeds. The biggest and most powerful lie of all time. Earth is flat, space is fake.
I do not agree is wrong to cut the skin of the penis, it actually keeps bacteria away from your wife and avoid sicknesses for her, old statistic showed Israeli woman had no incidence of cervical cancer and that is when that \
im awake
Another movie/book we live in is very similar to George Orwell 1984!
just interested
I agree, I have never allowed my schooling get in the way of my education.
ken Hawk El Hawk
king Xeno
Pray for this man he is too woke. Anyone who is woke is a great threat.
lauren c
the deep state is Isreal and the Jewish mafia which controls most media Facebook, google, tweeter , Federal reserve, \nconstantly brainwashing people the end goal is a one world government Agenda21
lucas white
Guy in video sounds like everyone who ever \
marky MArky
hahaha the TV bit is exactly where I am No TV for 30 years.
matias johnston
The greatest Red Pill video! Eye opening!
me him
Lots of comments calling him a conspiracy nutjobs! It's ok go back to sleep! Buy! Consume! Obey! Government is good!
sonja k
I agree with some of the ideas, but It is not nice to make fun of people who have a job for life and free dental. They may have something else going on in their lives, such as children, to make up for the lack of excitement at work.
I think the one thing that made me re-think 9/11 was a pile of crap, was that out of all the smouldering wreckage of a burnt out airliner which nothing literally could be identified, bodies, etc, was right in the middle of this burnt stuff was a passport in MINT condition of one of the alleged terrorists.\n\nWow amazing, no books, no other paper survived and everything else was incinerated except for this one passport
This guy has a big pair of balls. Today, ANYONE who tells the truth does... just look at poor Alex Jones.
viperdemonz jenkins
sad when men like us are straight honest like this we look crazy to the brainwashed little sheep.
WASTE OF TIME. The guy doesn’t explain any of his arguments or offer any info whatsoever about his point of view. All he does is go on a 30 min rant about everything being wrong. On top of that (which literally made me laugh) he goes on to say these are the reasons why he lives in Mexico. Because the system there is much better and the government doesn’t brainwash the people 😂😂😂. He literally lost ALL credibility with me that very second. Yeah buddy...a government that’s in the pocket of the drug cartels and that keeps the majority of its people in extreme poverty is so much better 🙄. That’s why they’ve been crossing our border in the millions for decades. Maybe they’re just “brainwashed” into thinking they have it bad. What an idiot 🙄🙄🙄
I'm 58 yo. I agree with everything Jeff says in this video. He mentioned everything I have already researched except for Steven Hawking. That was new to me.