Mercedes Benz S-Class on snow

How to get your Mercedes Benz S-Class out of the snow. Sibiu Romania.Jukin Media Verified (Original)* For licensing / permission to use: Contact - licensing(at)jukinmediadotcom

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Вот где понадовится 4matic
Altautofan Boris
do romanians know that there are such things as winter tyres? + if u rev on snow its likely that the wheel spins?
Baha Note
The best car on snow but please switch off traction control!
Cory Boyd
What an idiot
Daewoo Kim
rear wheel drive in 2015?
Dorian Thomas
Hasan Aksoy
Summer tires idiot
Hernan Giraldi
i found a nice mircedes at the junkyard
quattro rules
Impala Daily
If your buying a $100,000 car buy the 4 Matic
Jack Ripper
Wrong vehicle for the environment or what ! 🤣😂
John Smith
rear wheel drive with summer tires on snow.... (not Benz specific)... you get stuck!
Mohamed Kaafarani
German cars are over priced they only good for the kamel jakers in the Arabian gulf
Они сделали это!!
Nick Praskaton
Prezes zmy w
Rudi #23
Rear wheel drive. The most senseless drive ever.
Guy included in car price
Said Mahoney
He is the most stupid driver on youtube because he was driving with the summer tires on the snow !
Supercars Vienna
You need 4 Matic 😉
Tech Overdrive
exteremy nice car, but lacks 4wd, not meaning it dosent... it just dosent work like quattro or symmetrical 4wd (subaru)
Teodorovici David
Daca nare 4 matic.... Nu cred ca are vreo imbunatatire pe ea
detroit ghetto
Mercedes-Benz in the winter \nis same as a new born calf in the ice.
just go and buy the 4matic one if you are going to drive it in the snow !!!
sam sung
pišam ti se u zadnju vuču
stringer 2295
Mercedes =Great Pakistani taxis.
مكة المكرمة
Summer tires\n😴
벤허 벤츠 에디션