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The Kavanaugh debacle was the last straw. I am an attorney, a woman, a lifelong Democrat and the proud mother of sons. Watching these soulless beings ruin a man's life in the name of power just brought me to the edge. Dr. Ford is believable, inasmuch as I think something happened to her, but she is being used in a craven and contemptuous manner by her party. Her lawyers never even told her that all of this could have been done privately in her home. And while all of this is happening my lovely senator, Kamala Harris who got her start in politics by dating Wille Brown, is fundraising. And Dianne Feinstein, who I used to respect, has turned into a party hack who will do anything to keep her job.So, here we have people who don't know this man calling him a predator for political reasons, and the people that have known him his whole life saying that is impossible. I choose to believe them. And if the FBI investigates and Kavanaugh comes up clean, will the Dems then vote for him? Ya think?If this is what the Dems will sink to, I am ashamed of them and want no part of this. A man is guilty until he can prove himself innocent, and we know that proving a negative is impossible. I fear for all of our sons.

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