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The Kavanaugh debacle was the last straw. I am an attorney, a woman, a lifelong Democrat and the proud mother of sons. Watching these soulless beings ruin a man's life in the name of power just brought me to the edge. Dr. Ford is believable, inasmuch as I think something happened to her, but she is being used in a craven and contemptuous manner by her party. Her lawyers never even told her that all of this could have been done privately in her home. And while all of this is happening my lovely senator, Kamala Harris who got her start in politics by dating Wille Brown, is fundraising. And Dianne Feinstein, who I used to respect, has turned into a party hack who will do anything to keep her job.So, here we have people who don't know this man calling him a predator for political reasons, and the people that have known him his whole life saying that is impossible. I choose to believe them. And if the FBI investigates and Kavanaugh comes up clean, will the Dems then vote for him? Ya think?If this is what the Dems will sink to, I am ashamed of them and want no part of this. A man is guilty until he can prove himself innocent, and we know that proving a negative is impossible. I fear for all of our sons.

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Jeff Schlagel Its not hard to tell you're being shadow banned by Youtube, 2.8k subscribers and not many of your latest videos have over 500 views...
Angie Magana
WELCOME TO THE CONSERVATIVE SIDE which is the TRUTH glad u left the Dems My mom was a Dem too she walked away in 2016 when TRUMP was running and now shes a conservative
Anita Fetters
We welcome you with open arms
Bella deGuzman
What you did is better for your Children in the long run. They are our future leaders and will carry on our American Values and Tradition.
Black Knight Fool
Welcome with love.
Brian Tilma
Thank you for your courage in speaking out. For what it's worth, I think you'll find that people on the right side of the aisle are more willing to listen to and evaluate your ideas without attempting to vilify you personally. You are likely to lose some friends from the left who won't talk to you anymore because of your views, but you will find new ones who welcome you and are happy to know you and can be friends while disagreeing with some of your ideas.
Cameron Walker
DEAD ON. He's emotional = \
Carly G
Love your story, I have a son..all I could think was what happens when that is the “new norm” for all people
Carole Wilson
Cathi Hopper
Good for you !! Welcome. Please vote RED in the midterms. We need every vote we can get .
Celeste Sylvia
Hooray for you. You speak for many.
Chili Pepper Jack Cowboy Action
Very happy you have opened your eyes and have seen that the Democratic party have become nothing more than Nazi's. It is funny how they always try and take the moral high ground not understanding they have no high ground. LOL
Cindi Vice
Welcome sweetie.
Claire Calitz
Perhaps it's good that these crazy people can expose themselves so that anyone sane who knows them can run the other way. Also I really hope that anyone who lied at the hearings gets jail time for perjury. I really feel like some heads need to roll for this because it's setting a very dangerous standard that simply should not be considered acceptable in society, it's just too destructive.
Cognitive Diss
Thoughtful, reasoned commentary.It must be exceedingly difficult for you to live in San Francisco these days.
Cosmic Kitten
Welcome and Thank You for thinking and speaking for yourself. I’ve been a Trump supporter even before he ran for president and I’d been wanting him to run for years-but I don’t expect everyone who decides to #walkaway to feel the same. I do believe he’s exceeded people’s expectations though, and even though I don’t like some of the republicans in Congress, I’ll vote straight R to save this country. Voting for a third party candidate right now, or staying home is the same as voting for a D and they truly scare a lot of Americans.
Dee Smith
All I can say is that if you think it's \
Denis Petit
Great video. The Dems have taken off their mask and exposed their true selves and it is not a pretty sight.
Diana Armstrong
I’m glad to hear of others who seem to have seen this situation as being as obvious as it seemed to me. I actually can’t believe all the Democrats who don’t seem to get it. We MUST be innocent until proven guilty! I am ashamed and embarrassed for my fellow Americans who have done this to Kavanaugh and his family.
Donald Jones
Congratulations. Trump 2020
It makes you feel better to think this Ford women is telling the truth when she is so obviously lying which just means you're one of the many millions who get taken in by the lies of the Democrat slanderous party. They were going to attack anyone that Trump appointed and they made that clear before he even announced it. I'm glad that you decided to walkaway and I recommend you take a good look and how the Democrats and RINO's are just corrupt politicians in it for themselves and not the American people. Congrats on having the common sense to realize a person should be presumed innocent before being assumed guilty. Peace.
Douglas Sherman
Are you people naive enough to believe that the right is righteous. The Kavanaugh show was quit the event the last couple of weeks. I wonder what was done behind our backs because they don't let a good crises go to waist.\nRemember the Monica Lewinisky scandal when Clinton was president. We as Americans were so tied up in the scandal that we didn't notice that during that time congress passed NAFTA into law before anyone had a clue. The conclusion I have reached after a life of watching the liberal vs conservative values is that it is bullshit and fake. There is no winning or losing just raging over practically nothing while the powers to be go behind your back and pull the strings.Grow up and quite this liberal vs conservative game. Then you might realize is Government really the answer to run society. Maybe but not with this bulllshit two party system we have now and how everyone has to fit into one or the other paradigm, and learn to despise and argue with each other over unwinnable issues. One thing about this system it has made men like Rush Limbaugh and many others a lot of money.
Dude Ster
Deborah, thank you for sharing your story, to include your insight on what you saw transpire during Kavanaugh's hearing.\n\nCongrats on being a grandmother (pics! pics!) and may God richly bless you & your family.
Ela Neradim
thank you\nthank you so much\nthe party is above everything - in fascist regime\nan absolute obeying to the party - in totalitarian regime\nno due process - in a dictatorial regime\nthe D party is not even trying to hide that this is what she is, and that this is what she plans for the country to be.
Amen sister! I agree with EVERYTHING you say and all your observations. I grew up in L.A. and now, as a former Californian, I'm disgusted with what's happened in CA and the nation with the liberal left. Funny how totally 'intolerant' the left has become. Many people now are finding that they're above that.
Wow. Recent #Walkaway. I am native Californian too. Not the same state anymore.
G Vending
Thank God for people like you that actually have some sense. The media would have us to think that they've enslaved the minds of millions, and that their eyes are completely shut. You are proof of brain matter.
InformedSR Thankful
Welcome♥️🇺🇸You speak for many♥️
Jairus Hughes
Your testimony is right on the mark.
Jesuschrist IsLord
Thank you for seeing the light,help others see as well!
Joe Duke
When I marched for women's liberation in the 60's, it made perfect sense... \nthen I saw as the Marxists took over the movement, and they wanted ME! dead. That's when I walked away.
John Sargeant
i'm the father of two sons- and they are the reason i am so adamant about Kavanaugh's name being cleared from the smearing of these leftist loons. i see how these people are trying to kill off due process of the rule of law- i do NOT want my sons to be imprisoned and have their lives ruined by the reckless false allegation of some girl who is hell-bent on revenge. this debacle of what the liberals are trying to do to re-gain power is utterly the lowest of the low. i'm convinced they will never stop until the absolute GENOCIDE of all right-wing conservatives is the new norm- and it's TERRIFYING. thank you for your eyes-open view of what is happening in our country- we desperately need more voices like yours. so happy you were able to #WalkAway for good, as so many have. together we can ensure the safety of ALL VICTIMS of heinous crimes- including those falsely accused of a crime they never committed.
John Smelt
Everything you said was true. I feel so sad and so angry for all the bodies left on the roadside by the Democratic Party. Shame on them.
Julio Quancy
Welcome aboard.
Jun Acebedo
I'm not in America. I'm Asian. But the stench of the Democratic Party is blowing over in the Philippines. Thanks for witnessing
Good for you! Welcome!
KE Disbrow
Powerful, moving video! Welcome to the sane side of town.\n\nI agree with you completely on the Kavanaugh debacle. It was reprehensible, just shameful what was done to the man and his family. I would have walked away over that circus had I not done so decades prior over abortion (the offing little babies for the sake of convenience as opposed to behaving responsibly in the first place, which obviously does not apply to exceptional cases such as rape, incest or life of the mother).\n\nI hope you will continue to share your thoughtful, persuasive, reasoned opinions with the public and help us keep the crazed democrats from pulling the walls down around us. We’re living in dangerous times when people such as they are may gain control of this great and powerful nation. What will they bring down on us at that point?
Kass Arthur
Isn't it beautiful when you have your \
Kathleen Murphy
I left the party in 76...
Lance Deal
So happy for you !!! Your welcome in Texas anytime. Dems have been like that since 1860
There is no walk away in general. The Washington Post poll does have a slight pro Republican bias, we see that in archive records comparing actual election results with results predicted in the final preelection poll. They tilt one tenth of one percent more Republican than actually happened, historically over time. But Nate silver rates them a plus , only a handful of polling firms out of hundreds get his a plus. They have asked are you a dem, a Repub, independent for years, including this year in their polls. There was a very tiny shift to more Republicans during the Kavenaugh hearings,breallybtiny, but since then right back to same percentages as all year long. Zero evidence of any net walk away. It ain’t happening. A few Dems go Repub, a few repubs go democrat, that probably happens. Overall tho walk away looks like total bullshit. Of course the wash post poll does have a slight pro Republican bias, we have irrefutable proof of that, so maybe a tiny walk away from repubs is happening we don’t see in the poll, but personally I doubt it.
Legal Immig
So nice to meet you, Deb.
You are so on key with everything you've said! I was more traditional liberal until I realized the left has been hijacked by extreme Marxist ideology. I now see myself agreeing more with conservatives, than what the left has become. The right has evolved in diversity of independent thinkers, who practice critical thinking & tolerance. I'm happy to see many others seeing the Stalinism behavior in our government & communities. Those who love liberty & rule of law, must come together.\n\nThank you for sharing your testimony! 🇺🇸♥🇺🇸
Linda Smith
I'm so glad u walked away now please vote conservative because it's the same as voting for the Dems if u don't vote so please I'm not trying to tell u to like Trump but the conservatives needs your vote to help them get things done because the left is only about obstruct, resist, and get Trump out even if it means killing him.
Long Nguyen
Yes, you are right. We now seeing the true color of the Dem. They are evil.. They will be Judge! And you have to go out and Red..
Lyn Travis
I do have to say that when you liberals change parties you're sweeter, softer and just nicer type people.
Lynn V
the democratic party has been hijacked. unfortunately unless you are ok with the country going to pot you must walk away and find new leaders. If Hitlery is going to run again it would behoove the party to shut her up and find new people.
Very well said great to have a perspective from a California attorney 😊👍
Thank you for sharing & from walking away from the Toxic-Democrats. \nThe Slavery-Party never left even in the 21st Century except now the are mentally-enslaving the ppl, indoctrinating them with the biased media “He who controls the MEDIA controls the minds of the people “
I’ll take you at your word that you are a lifelong democrat. I’m technically registered as a republican but I think of myself more as a centrist with libertarian leanings. Watching the Kavanaugh circus, I kept wondering: “do people really fall for this BS?” I surmise that because Finestein keeps getting re-elected, that yes people do buy this BS. I found the fact that a majority of Californian fall for this transparent BS repeatedly to be far more terrifying than the actual BS that was being spewed. Seriously, somebody leaked Dr. fords letter to the press and I believe Dr. Ford that it wasn’t her or her attorneys. That only leaves Finestine, who was the only other person who had the letter.
Margaret Womacque
Thank you for confirming my conviction that most people are able to see right from wrong. You obviously are using your brain and understanding that the \
Maria From California
Me too from SF CA. \nSan Francisco California where I can only wear my MAGA HAT in my home. \nWelcome to stand tall and feel good and positive everyday.
Mark Geiger
It must have been a hard decision, but it is clear that it is one that you are comfortable with, due to what has been happening for some time now. Political parties in America today (and there are really only two, by their careful design) are pretty much set up to cater to those in power within them, whether in elected or appointed positions. Open eyes are better in every real way than closed minds...
Maryann Anderson
It's very understandable that if you have integrity you would need to walk away from the Democrat Party.  Before the election some of Hillary's campaign workers were mapping out the strategies they would use to win the election.  The man who was responsible for giving the rest of the workers a pep talk and get them to go out there and work their hardest to see that Hillary won was being surreptitiously taped and the video hit YouTube.  He was recorded saying. \
Matt Fehr
I have always been interested in politics since I was a kid. I remember when I was around 12 yrs old watching the Clarence Thomas hearings and this Kavanaugh hearing reminded me of that.. a total BS sideshow.. I knew it was crap when I was 12 and really knew it was crap now.
Michael Rzeszuto
JoJo Rey 100% agree. That's why we all need to VOTE in November!!!!!! Don't stay home thinking we have enough votes to get it done without your vote added to the final tally. Don't believe me just review Judge Kavanaough 's final vote 50 to 48 . We don't want to just scrape by with a dangerously slim win, we need to completely destroy the evil from their side in a overwhelmingly large turnout at the polls in November. Even if you are not a Republican or conservative , you just want this dangerous,crazy times to stop before it gets to the point where we can't. Vote, Vote, Vote.!!!!!!!!!!
Missy Norris
In spite of what the Democrats want people to believe, one by one they check each box that demonstrates they have become a party bent on DICTATING the status quo. They do not represent Democracy in any way shape or form.
NPCs Go Away!
Democrats create Mobs\n\nRepublicans create Jobs
Nadine Wheeler
Yaaaas! Preach the truth sister!!! God was asked To expose the evil and now look at the snakes in the democratic party ask and you shall receive it and the truth will be exposed! Let the Awakening of the people continue!
Patricia Dunn
Very well thought out and well spoken. Welcome to conservatism.
Patrick Grace
Powerful. Welcome. Also get over Trump’s ego. But he is a great leader
Pete Rodriguez
God bless you...💝💕💓🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
R Brown
I do believe that they should make an investigation in private before they make the allegation's public. I am disgusted by the Kavanaugh allegations. I sure hope Ford looses her Doctor license and serves time for lying under oath.
Ray Milligan
Great Video!
Rene Wagoner
Well lady my sentiments exactly. Welcome to the Trump train. Now he will not be an angry person your heart will beat normal. I think what they done to that man was beyond words I could tell you. But just remember they're going to do the same thing when it comes to a woman just watch they destroy anyting that gets in their way about getting the power back in the gavel in their hand. Just watch it's divide and conquer and they have every awesome trick in the book. And it's beyond hurtful to see it disgust me to my very core. I'm like you I'm halfway through this whole world and I've paid taxes my whole adult life and worked hard to see Washington so dysfunctional and it's mostly because of them they've even take politics and made it even uglier than what it already is. But I also know the evilness can't always win we the people have the power back we have to vote God bless you and your family stay safe there in California there's a lot going on there and when you can get out of there. God bless
Richard North
Powerful thank you, there is hope for our republic.
She gets double respect saying this from San Francisco! Welcome!
People like this lady gives me hope for salvation from anarchy and chaos. We need more to keep America from turning into Venezuela.
Hate to say it, at this point in history, you must vote Republican! Any other vote will give the Left an opportunity to continue the charade that the DEMS have been projecting for decades. Once we can get this country back on track and for the PEOPLE, rather then the deceiving politicians, then we can bring back a third party to give us options. We need to send a signal that we are awake, and this filth can no longer be tolerated.
Scratch McGee
My feelings exactly. However, what brought me to tears was what the ACLU did. It actually scares me knowing what they have become. I literally have trouble sleeping at night over the add the ACLU put out. Guilt by vague association from the ACLU?? God help us all.
Second Thought
Welcome home!! I also walked because of Hillary, whom was either incompetent and/or a criminal! Maybe both!! Roits in the streets, attacking people for their political choices and media lies! We are better than that. Glad to have you!
Shelley Bayless
Good for you! Keep digging! Democrats been lying & deceiving for decades! Look up who were the slave owners, started KKK, Jim Crow & were against Civil Rights! Look at how Democrats ran Demo cities! Follow the money! Especially in CA!
The only drawback to Kavanaugh confirmation is that now he cannot run for political office. We need leaders like him to fight the Left.
TJ Bozwell
All conservatives want is for people to make up their own minds on any issue. We need liberals to keep an eye on us. The media and our schools are trying to convince us that we are stupid. They try to push their agenda on everyone and a lot of people listen. All we ask is that everyone think for themselves. A country doesn't run on emotions, it is run by the people and our elected representatives seem to think that we don't count anymore. They think they know what is good for us. Thanks for listening to the Senate hearings and making up your own mind.
TS 112
as someone who walked this path away from the DNC, I understand that resolve that you display here. Congratulations on walking away, opening your mind, and holding true to your morality. for myself, one of the things that woke me up was noticing the double standards of the left.\n\n take immigration and their calls for open borders. do these same people protect the borders of their personal property? do they demand control and knowledge of who enters those places? of course they do. now, look at Kavanaugh and the \
Tara Arrington
Thank you! I live in California and feel alone so often in my feelings. Walk away stories from Californians give me hope
The Boss
I've always been critical of straight-ticket voters, but I might have to go straight-ticket Republican (except my Sheriff, he's a democrat but sheriff is essentially a non-partisan office and he does a damn good job). I wasn't sure about Trump. I KNEW FOR A FACT I did NOT want Hillary. Ultimately, I ended up just sitting out the 2016 election. \n\nI regret it. —Not because of what I've seen from Trump, but because of what I've seen from the left, the \
Tim P
Good For You!!! I Walked Away too!!! Once A Dem Neva Again!!!!!!!
Tina Alvarado
Good for you! Stand strong for justice.
Vilma Kuis
Bravo !\nGreat Lady.\nI am from Croatia but a passionate follower of the political moment in the U.S.A.\nI couldn't believe something like that KAVANAUGH CIRCUS was possible in the land everybody was seing as an example of civil behaviour,not so long ago.Unbelievable.The Democratic Party turned to be a bunch of terrorist.\nCan you imagine,something like that happened to your son?\nSo sad,so sad.\nCongratulation for these wonderful 5 minutes of your video.I really enjoyed it.\nAll the best.
William Hosey
Yes, it was a sad event of destruction of a good man and his family as well as mob violence and manipulation of Senators by the Soros funded robots.
ben lakh
Americans need to realise that the show offered to the World is more uglier and nasty than the years of Bush' son.\nDemocrats and womens need to stay on planet earth and not in looney asylum.\nfanatism and violence, vicious arguments can't win this battle.\ni understand that since Trump was elected thoses people have an full of heatred\ntoward him because he have play a little bit dirtily than his opposant.\nBut arena political has never be a fairy tale or a Hollywood movie\nwith an happy ending.\nso people need to step down and respect their fellows americans\nwho have voted for him.\nrespect of the democraty, and respect of the voters.\nI found all this story so sad and pathetic honestly americans need to wake-up\nand recounciliate with themselfs.
Powerful and well reasoned. I hope we now will vote - every one of us - because Shumer, Pelosi, et.al. are viewing the midterms as wins in both House and Senate, especially the House. Cory Booker is promising there will be impeachment proceedings of Kavanaugh. The thing is Booker doesn't understand the Constitution even a little bit concerning this issue. But that doesn't matter. They want their power and they truly believe come November 6 they will get it.
I have exactly the same feeling like you do. That woman could no remember who took her to and from the party. None of the people he mentioned said there not in that party, nobody corraborate her testimony. She lied few times. I feel so angry about what they do to this man and his family. Democrats do not have honor.. They will abuse you, smear you and discredited you. We do not live in a communist country in which that the norm. This is America. We must go in November and cast our vote if we want to save this country.
dominique dupouy
make your country great again with God and good morality .
Common sense makes us racist? Good video!👍🏼
You’re a very nice lady :-)
owen prince
Thank you for you video.
shelly shay
It seems the Democrat Party has resorted to hate, rage, bullying and lies all in the name of politics and power. I'm from Florida and I wanted to go visit my friend in Oregon just outside of Portland as I have not been out of the state in years. My friend teaches on line college and sends me beautiful photo's of the landscape of Oregon. She moved from Florida back to Oregon where she grew up to help her aging parents and from some of her postings on the internet about Kavanaugh and other things I have realized my friend has changed and unfortunately not for the better. I am sad because I will not be going to visit her because of what is happening in Portland with Antifa as they are destroying her city, I am frighten to go there.
ted Clauss
Debra, easily we can see you are an educated woman that see’s what’s going on. I and my family grew up all devote Democrats. 8 brothers and sisters.Over the years we have all walked away. My mom 95 years old was the last. She voted for Obama both times but before his second term was over she thought he might be the antichrist.lmao.she voted for the first time in her life for a Republican (Trump)and is glad she did.wecome to the ☀️ side of life.You know ever since I switched over I feel so strongly that I’m on the good guys side. Wish you happiness and God bless you.
vernon knapp
Great job pretty lady!
white whiskers
So true, how angry I became watching that obvious, blatant, smear and seeing Feinstein smugly sitting there stewing in her depends, all comfortable in her evil endeavor. Welcome to this side of the bubble!
ydely Suarez
Thank you for your walkaway testimony, love it! Welcome to the right side, 👏👏❤️🇺🇸