Mercedes Benz GLA 4MATIC in Deep Snow with Snow Tires

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You don't want to try this on All Season tires. This was a lot of old snow settled down to about the height of the belly of the car. Not too much of a challenge with Michelin X-Ice snow tires.

Caleb Vue
I live in Minnesota Metro area, we get snow this high. It’s a realistic test from what I’m seeing.
Chiorean Cezar
That's not wintet tyres on that gla
Christopher McKelvey
Fellow Minnesotan looking to buy one, how has this been in the winter for you so far?
David Mendolia
LOL your daughters comments
Paulo Lima
are you sure it was the tyres ? No credit for Mercedes' 4Matic system and all its other advanced systems?
Ryan Haines
It says in the description it wasn't to much of a problem for the tires or car..but I'm pretty sure it was stuck lol
Simon Maron
WOW GOOD JOB DAD! \naha that killed me
TSM Atmoz-G
Bye bye 4matic\nLeave space for quattro power
The Fault in Our Cutie Marks
Minnesota sure is beautiful. nice car, I bet it is lots of fun getting full of snow
john wall
Wifes ml 350 2012 handled great gotta say mercedes does it best
Would love to see more of the gla filmed that was some pretty deep snow.