"Smart" Meters - MUST SEE!!

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Everyone and anyone who uses electricity should know what these devices do and to what they are connected. And know your rights!

documentary smart meters

*Queen OGreen
In California .. sitting a few feet from my smart meter now. What can I do about it. Can't I choose not to have it? Of course our governor says get used to it pretty much.. this is our new normal! And no they have no idea.. just wildfires is all we hear, they can't admit that their meters are causeing this!! Omg I'm appalled. This cannot be the world I choose to bring children into, if I would have known then what I know now.. our sick perverted pysco government doing this to us!
spiritual battle between good and evil.
British Gas in England have asked me to upgrade to a Smart Meter. I said \
The first chick installing the smartmeter does not work for the utility company. She kicked in the guy's door to upgrade his meter? Would never happen if she worked for power co. Too easy to get shot, or quickly fired. She works for a 3 letter agency, or one of their affiliates.
Adam Kelly
Un Agenda 21depopulation
Alucard Lledroc
Probably the best video on this topic. But on a side note these people doing this shit to us need to be killed.
Americans for Truth
Lost my job because of these meters, so did the other 100 meter readers, but warren Buffet had bought NVenergy, he’s a genius, at making money....... at what and who’s cost? After 10 years they severance me out, after taxes THEY decided I was worth a little over 8 grand. DON’T EXPECT YOUR P-U C to protect you, they’ve been bought and paid for decades ago..... we’re all screwed in this 1% elites world, that none of us are apart of!!! ✌🏻🙏🇺🇸 \n\nWe were ALWAYS told, the meter is owned by our company, and we must have access!!! I drove around with bolt cutters, and so did 25% off us techs. All I did was go around with check reads, breaking into electric rooms, cutting customers locks was an every day thing for me to do. I read the Las Vegas strip and downtown, I read the Las Vegas motor speedway, I read The great Nellis Air-force base. From lake mead to sandy valley, I’ve done, and seen it all. \nAny questions, please ask, my life is great, but I never would have known that, had I not been severance out after ten years, with 8 thousand. Opens your eyes to a lot of things. Again it’s all about the top 1%!!!!
Anti NWO
These things are just examples of WHY we need a second revolution in the United States. That is not just a gesture, WE REALLY DO NEED ONE, its the only way to reset the powers back to the people and anything short of that will NOT work. Start getting used to the idea that every abled bodied male and female will have to fight for their lives and their country soon so get out of your comfort zones and prepare yourselves mentally for the big push in that direction because rather you like it or not, its going to happen. You can prepare yourselves by joining your local militia groups where you are now. Google your local militia groups and contact them about joining them. Follow their direction and prepare yourselves for the fight of the century for your nation and for your freedoms to be returned and the U.S. Constitution to be re-instated. Otherwise, start getting used to an expected life duration of about 25 years or so... .. ..\n\nIn the mean time, start an activist group in your area against \
Autum Myst
Looks like it is time for class action lawsuits against the utility companies and the manufactures. Everyone needs to stick together about this! There is power in numbers...never forget that! Also, I can see this is the reason why local county governments do not want people going off grid.
Bella Channell
Bernadette Kennedy
If they kill everybody you won't have customers
Bill Vin Ord
WHOA!! These smart meters are being built in CHINA?? And they transmit data?? Somebody better rethink this thru!! Can you say, National Security??
Bob Lem
you are being censored
Candace Mcghee
My nose bleeds as the older lady mentioned with her. Here I was blaming it on CHEMTRAILS another poisoning of citizens. \nWonder which it is ? ? ?
Carlton Bredell
Great documentary!
Ce Drapack
Great film, thanks
Cindy Stenning
I live in Australia and have just realised i have one on my house..i didnt even know they had changed it. \n\nRotten governments.\nWe need to unplug and live without them. Theres more of us then them ffs
Cove Dweller
WRONG!!! My goodness! The Smart Meters DO NOT expose you to radiation. It is simply reading your energy consumption. It’s just part of upgrading billing to be particularly accurate. The meter sends the daily usage of power back to the utilities computer billing program. It simply reports usage on a daily basis which then becomes available for the consumer to study their electricity consumption. Think about this...yes, you will be able to tell, from data collected, what time of day you are getting home from work from each day and you can see consumption increase on Sunday, for example, when families are doing laundry preparing for the week ahead. Electric meters transmit data back to the utility via phone lines or send wireless just like a computer sends an email. Your cell phone is way more dangerous than a smart meter. If you are truly worried call your utility and ask to schedule a tour.
And yet, years later.....nothing is been done about it, same with WiFi.......it's detrimental and even deadly to our health but yet, here they're rolling out 5G in cleverly disguised everyday objects like trees, chimneys, trash cans etc, etc.....yeah fun times ahead 🤡
DR Mechanic
injury to insult they power this thing from the consumer side of the meter.
Daniel Simpson
Using smart meter to setup emp false flag..makesperfect sence..
Donna G.
This is all part of Agenda 21 started by Bush Sr. and reinforced by Bush Jr., Clinton, and Obama (all friends). Democrat or Republican doesn't matter. Trump was anti-establishment and anti-Agenda 21 when elected, but now he is for the Real ID and 5G technology. 5G technology has mind control capabilities. We need this before we put people in Agenda 21 \
Drew Phillips
oh my god!! This is unbelievable. Excellent documentary
Everything that happened in this video is the same exact thing that happened to me. The same lies, situation, all of it. After our first one literally exploded and was so hot, the glass literally melted, nearly catching our house on fire. They kept trying to install a new smart meter. We refused for a year. On 08/2/2012, without notification. They shut off our power from the street because our box was locked with our own lock. We went outside and when we told the guy to leave, he took our meter with him, leaving us without power in 112 degree Las Vegas heat. #NVEnergy pulled the same exact stuff seen in this video.
Dutch Bidwell
That so called meters, caused me to have severe headaches vomiting and had a stroke, there will be a lawsuit filed against the power company and the federal government for allowing this to happen, It's called premeditated murder, everyone needs to fight and hold our government and utilities accountable
Dyan Disraeli
Spread the word. Warn everyone
Eric Oakes
Thank you for producing this documentary Josh. You are a modern hero.
Eziekle Crafts
I went to a friends home and they had a smart meter on the side of their garage but I didn't pay attention but I was seated in a vehicle about 5 feet from it as I was waiting on others to finish up their conversations . I began to get a headache and unusually sick to my stomach . I then looked up and realized I was in front of a Smart Meter....I moved away from the meter and the symptoms subsided....It was rather scary.....People are not lying about Smart Meters who are saying these are dangerous....But the powers that be are lying all for the love of money and power.
Fed Up
((( Governments ))) round the world are assaulting their citizens, financially, morally, culturally, spiritually, physically, and have lost all respect for the wishes of the citizens.
Gregory Hamlet
Wonder if this is why the bee population was being decimated a few years ago and we were told they didn't know why?
Gremasaurus Rex
In the UK we are getting bombarded with calls about installing a SmartMeter. I knew some importants info so I refused and mentioned why. I've been met with laughter by the people on the phone who are hearing this info for the first time. Chattel selling their own demise. A worrying amount of ignorance
Hiram Abiff From Sirius
I declined the smart meter but my neighbor did not. Since then 3 of his dogs have moved over to my house. They lived over there for 7 years or longer! Even the dogs know better!
James Oliver
I placed a screen on mine. Few days later someone sneeked into my fenced in back yard and took my screen. They don't want you protecting yourself. I need to get a big bad ass dog
Jim P
Our current local government needs to go.
Julie Williams
The company's in Britain are all trying to push smart meters down our throats,we should all SAY NO.
Karen Grainger-Allen
I'm a truth seeker and have just shared this video with 24000 followers
Kenny H
The fascist elite are alive and well and their slaves are growing in number to surround you and destroy you. According to the bible, \
Kevin Michael
1984 is here. Is there equipment I can buy to check the RF coming off the smart Meter.
Key Lock
Until we the people drag them out and \
Everything started with that POS Obama.
Mac Plumber
Does anyone think this might be a mass international cull? I saw something about AI and Blockchain..... Doesn't sound good.
Mar MDog
I think that this information about smart meters being global that there are a lot of serious issues that are being over looked than we realize.\n\nWith these wireless digital smart meters, they will be able to know when you are using power, what you are using power to run, when you use your washer, when you watch TV, when you turn on a light, when you leave your home and when you come home, etc... They will know this about every home, business, and building that has one of these smart meters installed on them globally. \n\nWhat is the need for global surveillance? The only reason I can see where they would need global Surveillance would be to monitor civil unrest. I think that they are about to make some drastic changes that most people on this planet are not going to be okay with it and people every where will probably resist the change that they try to make. If they are able to monitor people all over the world with these smart meters, they will be aware of what types of activities people are involved in and they will have a better chance to counteract any resistance that might erupt in stopping their plan from succeeding. \n\nIt's one thing for PG&E to be installing these smart meters within the United States. But other countries don't have PG&E, they have their own power companies. This raises a question for me. Who is behind and backing the installation of smart meters globally, what is the smart meters purpose in this action, and why? How did they get all the countries involved with this plan to cooperate with them and get on board with them. \n\nIt's already concerning for this to be happening just in the US. However, I found it to be even more concerning and suspicious when I learned that this was happening on a global level. Things on a global level means that they had to get leaders in other countries on board and willing to go along with their plan in order to carry out the installation of smart meters in that country.
Mark Person
Thank you for making this video.
My Story\nVery Alarming what they are saying about the baby sleeping with the smart meter or bank of meters on the other side of the wall of the baby crib, because I have a friend that has become extremely sensitive to these frequencies, to the point that she had to move out of the home she built for herself and her son and sell her home. She raised her son in that home and never had a problem, until they installed those smart meters. I had some sensitivity to these frequencies, but nothing to the amount of anguish she has felt, but now I too have become more sensitive to these frequencies. At one point, before she had to move out, then sell, I stopped over for a few minutes, never suspecting what would happen next. There was a bank of smart meters directly across the street, ( about 30 feet), from her kitchen sink. I walked in and stood in front of her kitchen sink for only a few seconds and My Legs Collapsed Under Me. At that point, I Could Not Walk Or even Get Up. I called out to my friend, who had stepped out of the room briefly and she was shocked to see that All I Could Do Was Crawl. \n If this smart meter effect isn't Alarming To You, it Absolutely Should Be. What Is Happening To Our Babies, that Are Being Severely Effected and Harmed by SMART METERS and Cannot Even Tell You What They Are Feeling? Please Wake Up, People !!!!!!
Michael Annen
The smart meters work great on the flat earth, think about it.
Michael Duffalo
For Truth Seekers\n This just another cog in the wheel of Technocracy that will aid integration into a 5G network for the coming One World System. \n5G is not yet here but there is enough info in the publics access to plainly c the implications of the 5G Network being developed. \nSo as communications and utilities infrastructure are being upgraded, we can now c how 5G will be implemented to surveil and target specific individuals and our privacy.\n We need to wake up and see that we've been deceived and seduced by Our Corporate/ Government overlords through the Mainstream News and Media who push Their lies and false realities that have shaped our perceptions and have twisted our priorities into accepting and even welcoming Their tools of infiltration and invasion, and Their ever tightening grip of control and domination.
Michelle Mitchell
Take down the smart meters or i say the whole country decide on a date and everyone in this country turn of there electric and shut them down. These meteors are death meteors are nothing more to death meteors in my opinion. If you agree just comment.Take the smart meters down.
Mike Rehling
The cop cutting cables on gates and arresting that women  should be in prison.
Mike Wilkinson
representative government as we know it is dead.....corporations and their lobbyists have highjacked our government in the name of money and control....
I have one and im not sick, but im sick of being overcharged, a bill normally around £113 per quarter (in the UK) jumped to £166 based on the same estimated usage.... \nThey are effectively ripping me off
Naseem Khan
Sneaky way of passing of a bill by corporate owned Congress and this bill becomes law and once that happens, they do not need anyone's permission to proceed with this agenda just the way the Feds did in 1919. We all have to come together with a strong voice. I have been having some of symptoms for th past couple of weeks and I want to join this movement againt the smart meters. It is senseless and we are dying a slow death from our children to the adults and seniors. This must stop, they have to listen to us.
I`ve been warning people about RF radiation since 1985. The problem is people either don't want to know, refuse to accept information or are married to the propaganda promoting the \
Nunster's Place
Here is something that just tripped me out. I went shopping at Walmart and paid with my debit card. Then the next day I went online to Walmart to check the status of some things I ordered through Walmart. But what do I see first? Adds for the exact same products I just bought the day before. I don't know if they can do that if you don't have an account with them online or not.
Paul Noel
I am fairly expert in this topic. The devices have a fatally flawed security system that is completely failed and hackable. The meter itself is fatally flawed over CMOS read/write errors in time causing massive billing errors. The metering technology is less accurate. This was all a scam to foil power generation regulations by the governmental bodies for such purpose.
Poker Girl
We don't need the government anymore . They are terrorist ... 🖕🏼
Question Everything
Please look into the Sonoma county, Ca wildfires. Smart Meters........
Richard Picone
Yesterday, I wrapped my power meter with heavy aluminum foil (front, back and sides) and grounded it to the earth. Last night I slept thru w/o waking up once and today is also the first day w/o a headache!
Rob K
Microwave ovens were developed by Russia. In 1962 at the worlds fair in Seattle, they demonstrated the first microwave ovens to cook hot dogs. \nInteresting fact is that Russian official in the Health administration said Microwave ovens are too dangerous to use. (both the food and the leakage from the door, were above safe levels)\nASK YOURSELF WHY the Russians passed on this technology and sent it to the USA... WONDER WHY..? Are the Russians just looking out for the American's health..?
Robin Hood
Are these Meters Axe-Proof? Lol Down with the NWO!!!
Romeo Popaz
And Google is a Satanist like every other corporation/government. There is a place prepared for them all and you're little underground hiding place won't save you when the king of this universe gets to you. Revelation 20:10 the lake of fire awaits you google you're 666 Chrome icon says it all. Making away for the Anti-Christ since he cannot be in all places at the same time that's how little he really is my god rules and allows Satan for a short time to do what Christ allows him to do for god's plan. You may have the upper hand in you're evil and spying but there is my god watching and knowing every single evil thought agenda and act you do will come crashing down. google hell awaits you. For all you are is GOOOO .
Omg .. seriously out of fucking control
Thanks for posting!
Second Sister
Ephesians 6:12 \
so why have cell phones gone from being able to take the battery out to now you can't take it out? because as long as the phone has power (as long as there's a battery connected to it) they can tap into your camera and/or microphone and listen to and/or watch you. think about it people!!! google can do this with their \
Welcome to the Agenda 21 stack and pack modern versions of mass, \
Stephanie Murray
If you have a smart meter then any power surge from a nearby cell tower can arc through your house and its gone !! look at California ! it was a quick way of clearing the land and it left the trees almsot untouched !! and such a fire as melted granit worktops and high grade steel !! yes smart meters are great but as weapons and we are allowing them into our homes. I have been bombarded here in France to have one, was told that I had no choice , that is was a 'national decision' but I am holding out, no way!
Steve Leach
Sounds like more nwo control to me
Terry Frederickson
bull shit, they dont do anything your smart phone does not do. and they arnt stuck to the side of your head.. worry about your phone that tracks everything you do and say
Tich Boyz
Better figure it out quick! Is it a hoax? Or is it the Truth? U better pick one ☝️ quick.. because u are dying!!!
Tiffany Anderson
If you have watched this just keep in mind California was leading the opt out of Smart Meters in towns such as Santa Clara, Sebastopol and Southern, California and now they are burned up  (October 2017 Santa Rosa fires and December 6, 2017 Southern California fires) if you fight back they will eliminate you. People can't make this up
Tristan Burns
Gerad Morin's channel shows you how more power flows through the meter than your home uses your meter counts all power flowing in the excess flows back out to the grid to the next house and it happens again. . There scam meters.
So what can I do about this I bought a home that already had a smart meters installed.
Vedder Girl
There are 8 meters near my condo. I am disabled senior been here a year and a half and im at least 18 hours now in bed feeling so sick. when i moved here i was much more active, gardening, etc. How do i get 8 meters changed? I thought i had the old fashioned ones because i thought these so called smart ones were small and sleek, and these looked old but just found out they are deadly dumb meters!
Viva los pepes
So the sun is the source of our energy but they are blocking out the sun with the Chemtrails that's how they are controlling us. No more freedoms. People have become Godless completely.
andy roswell
my friend works for the electric company and told me never change the power meter to a smart power meter i ask why he told me the meter releases dangerous waves and the can have control over your tv and everything that is connected to the power line in the house so the smart mater is the key to give access to all devices in your home sending signal threw the computers meter !! if you have a smart TV and a smart power meter the government can access your camera and mic threw the power meter since all houses have a serial number threw the power mater
known this for years,if you have one god help you
I encourage you to check out the latest development from Josh del Sol at www.inpowermovement.com. The InPower Movement, developed by Josh and Cal Washington, uses the Notice of Liability process to address the 'smart' meter agenda, holding those responsible accountable for the damages done by this technology.
fleeta smith
i think i have a smart meter in my home how do i get rid of it
Zionist control Canada govt....Zionists control The corporation of the U.S....Zionists control all the central banks that give money to the corporations that enslave the populace ...while never ever telling the citizens what is going on in peoples lives that will make it much harder and difficult to survive and raise families....They have Demoralized   destabilized     false flagged crisised    and normalized  the subjugation of the western societies to fit their agenda 21 and 30 of world enslavement with Zionists as your Masters...
james keith
Why are we allowing this to happen, is this all part of the master plan to take control of the whole world. We are all in the hands of these monsters. They have taken out the means to heat our homes by burning fossil fuels, these corporations can close down the power supply to every home in the world George Orwell wasn't even close with his vision of things to come. I believe that Satan is behind this in the guise of power companies.
In Maryland we have paid the fee for not having a smart meter and got gang stalked afterwards.
karen l Smith
Your tax dollars are going to a corporation.
karen rose
kevin jiles
Shoot the home intruders
leeann dinelli
who the fuc? gave thumbs down ? politicians, utility providers, elite ? hey it just shows theres a much bigger percentage of us that do care and absorbed all the info contained in this video. I watched each and every second of it and loved how deep in details they went during filming it thank you guys and i give two big thumbs up to you and two middle fingers up to anyone who pushes smart meters on anyone .
marie Russel
The result of microwaves (electromagnetic radiation), which are emitted by Smart Meters, is thermal heating. Human being's body tissue is damaged and other health problems.
nick canale
The public feed into the digital world voluntarily,like lambs to the slaughter.Information is power & whoever has the information has the POWER.
sneaky wristy
most underrated video i have ever seen
trash macann
Thankyou for making this video - I have passed it on.#Scotland
I refused / opted out. UTL told me that they might have to charge me for reading meter. HA! Try it and see what happens.
I can personally attest that this is all true. I never lived in a home where there was a smart meter. I moved to texas where just about every home has one apparently. About three months after settling in, i had severe anxiety, chronic headache, 30lb weight gain, hair falling out, skin lesions, ringing in the ears constantly, inexplicable nauseousness, loss of memory... i found out about smart meters casusually talking to some one at the pharmacy picking meds... that i never had to take before. I went from being a marathon runner to being a sickling in a matter of months. I went home immediately and discovered not only did i have one on my house, but it is on the wall just outside my bedroom. I am so f'ing pissed about this, i think that every corporate individual that knew about this or individual who has helped to cover it up should be publicly hung, and those aren't just words. It is a crime agains the people of the united states and the rest of the world.
I have refused to have a smart meter installed and will hold out as long as possible.