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California Orange Unified School District School Board

This is child abuse, pure and simple.
Abigail Sockeye
LGBT will soon add a P. LGBTP. The P stands for Pedophilia. I am not kidding. Look it up. This stops NOW.
Annette Passwater
They are not gay, they are Sodomites!! The Bible is more important than the perverted psychpaths' agenda. They are taking our children's innocence and teaching them the sodomites agenda. This is sickening!!
B Jones
Sex education does NOT belong in the schools. Has never produced anything positive.
insane people in charge, parents cant opt out. why do schools exist? to push sodomy and indoctrinate the young.\n\nhome-school now.
BMR Studio
Close the school and move the kids to somewhere else!
Bridget Boughner
Working Law Enforcement; find bones (skeleton/remains) in the woods, side of the road, wherever; they can say for 100% certain whether you're male/female, usually what race, age, height, etc.. So someone please enlighten me on how many genders there are... So a male identifies as female.. gets murdered.. bones found.. we will not say, OH! That's a male, but don't you dare say that, because they identified as a female! C'mon now! WTH happened to this Country?! If you're male/female and identify as another gender, you're screwed if you ever get murdered! They will be looking/searching for the opposite sex! Jane Doe/John Doe forever! Insanity!
Calvary Crusader
When God in the Bible says that sodomy is WRONG - you better believe it. He did NOT say that the subject was up for debate or to put it to a vote. Questioning God's authority is REBELLION - and we all know what happened to Adam & Eve!!
Chad Grant
When has the F.D.A. ever gave the facts on anything. They are paid by lobbyists to say whatever the lobbyists want them to say. I wouldn't take them percentages as facts. probably way less effective through what they are telling.
Cheryl Tomlin
This is insane. You must fight against this insanity!
Christine Harding
Is this blonde women nuts?? You can be a boy and a girl or neither...\nWHAT...NO YOU CANNOT..SORRY
Cid Sapient
gonna be a bunch of home taught kids soon\nnext will be mandatory public education aka indoctrination
Cid Sephtis
My son came home for months, every day, upset about the insanity and perversion being taught in his public school. The final straw was when he was asked BY THE TEACHER how he identified, and he simply said, \
I'm dumbfounded. It's bad enough that they're teaching things that aren't scientifically accurate... but the idea that a parent can't opt-out their child? This is ridiculous
Colette Ounaceur
Disgusting!!!! \n\nI learned just by becoming a mother, that what we were taught in school about Gestational development was very wrong, see, cuz they wanted to push their crap about abortion! \n\nAnd now I see bikinis for newborn babies! \n\nAnd this furthering if the destruction of the family, and further removing of things that were once normal and safe to replace them with satanic and evil things...\n\nWhat is happening?! \n\nPray people, Pray, and vote for change...
Cry Schwartz
California!! It really appears that state governments is insane. I feel sorry for the Patriots that live there.
DayDreaming Whispers ASMR
Erin D
Not going to be sending my kids to school ...don't trust my kids with these kind of people
Gaita Ponto
This is to give power to a minority, whose mental condition should be questioned, to control the whole of the society. Parents must fight these demented scumbags.
Glen Browne
Perversion at its worst all parasites a disease on our planet
Heiner Ali
I predict that working for these evil entities will someday be a very dangerous occupation.
Parents have a legitimate reason to transfer their children into an actual school.
Hilda Zevallos
This is not controversial, this is child abuse, kids should be kids. Why they don't teach to cook, sew, keep a tally of the bank account, etc. something that will be useful in their future, stop this depravity, brought to this Country by Obummer, to validate himself, even for me, a grandmother, this is nauseating.
Jack Frost
Taking over parental talks much? This school board is definitely a bunch of perverted sickos.
Hogwash! What the heck are they doing to our children?
Jen H
Let the parents teach this crap at home! Dont force this on all people. The rest of us survived without this crap growing up!🙏🏽
Jerry Moore
Satan is alive and well in California!!!
Jim King
They're really backing us into a corner. Bad idea. To all Communist, you better think carefully about what you're trying to force on us. This won't go well for you.
John Fountain
These people pushing this warped agenda will burn in hell. Remember what God did to the people of SODOM AND GOMORRAH, He torched it with BRIMSTONE AND FIRE. These idiots will burn also!
John Holmes
Public schools are a joke and common core is crazy. Glad I dont have kids in public schools.
Kim Wilson TV
There you have it, a board or perverts and pedo's Get these evil chemically lobotomized maniacs out of your school system NOW
Kim X
So this is what is replacing learning cursive writing?
How do they talk about this stuff with a straight face?\n\n\
Lee Zadroga
This is what happens when you have politicians that are gettg paid off. And teachers that will teach anything they are told so they can collect their check. Nobody cares. Stick it to them and home school.
Log Ic
Sex and gender should not be taught in school. PERIOD! School is to prepare for a career. As far as I know prostitution is not a legal career so no need to teach anything about sex. Biology should be strictly universal health only. Parents can teach the rest.
M Willis
welcome to Sodom and Gomorrah.
Mac Pelao
Liberals have known for years if they control the education system, they will ALWAYS control the minds of the youth.
Mal Bruni
Move will not beat these sick people.leave
Mama Bear
😡 thats why I don't have my kids in public school\nYour kids innocence is more important than their social life
Manuel G Chapa Jr
Mary Mccarson
and People keep sending their kids to these evil wonder kids now days are so messed up....
Max Life
GET RID OF all leftist in the school system
Maxine Smithsmi
This is outrageous!! The school is way overstepping their boundaries. People we have to get the school system back into the parents hands and out of the governments hands. You have sick and deviant people running and ruining our school systems. These people need to have their asses stomped.
Michael Urgero
I wonder if they'll blame this on the Russians too. lol
Michelle Millington
Not in MINE, we homeschool our sons, and the first class taught EVERY DAY is Bible study. We start every day with prayer, and bible study, AND we go to school all year long, in the summer we go half a day and take more time off...but we do not have that 2.5 months to lose information like other children. Plus, we see LIFE as a learning opportunity. How one lives in their home if they pay their bills is their business, but they will NOT FORCE THEIR VIEWS ON MY CHILDREN. I do not force my beliefs on THEM, and by goodness, they will not do the same to US.
Miss Led
Degeneration indoctrination.. digusting.
Move to Texas!! We've not turned to a degenerate curriculum......yet. I'm sure it's coming; however, I hope that California secedes from the Union before then & the sane members of society can denounce loudly & strongly, without fear of losing our jobs or having ape-shit crazy libs yelling at us in a restaurant while we're trying to eat, or get our social media accounts shut down, or send death threats our way. Yep, that's happening all over the USA NOW. We've GOT to get to the election boxes & contact our legislature!
No name Brand
To hell with the gay communities \
So, teaching underage children how to play with themselves is ok nowadays?...
Parks Family
Since when did this become an important component to education. Studies show that most children can not read at a proficient level and cannot complete math tasks at a proficient level because this kind of illogic crap is being taught. Pull your kids out. Homeschool
Phil Perri
The policies are PURE COMMUNISM. It's time for American Patriots to strike back against the libturd horde.
R. Adams
Don't be deceived. It's not about \
R.C. Whitehead
California is lost. Get out.
Can we just kick California out of the union and let them be their own self destructive nation already?\n\nAlso I don't see public schools as a place of learning anymore but a place of indoctrination for radical ideals.
Rick James
It's training the kids to make it ok to be molested & less likely to think something is wrong.\nThus less likely to report it, as they will think it is result of their own wants & actions. Can we let kids be kids & not sexual prey? \nCalifornia has lost it's morals.
Rio Thomas
I just do not get why the hell this stuff has anything to do with public SCHOOLS?? What happened to just explaining to kids what the parts and pieces of anatomy are? This is really TOO much! TOO Much for school to be teaching this. They need to be stopped. This is not something that \
Robert Burleyson
This is pure evil, no other terminology fits. Just Saying
Scott C
And before big government got into the education business children were getting an education , now they're getting socially engineered ..
Shane Martins
No man, when he hath lighted a candle, covereth it with a vessel, or putteth it under a bed; but setteth it on a candlestick, that they which enter in may see the light.\nFor nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad.\nJustice is coming. Not social justice, REAL justice.
Sheila Arp
These people are so freakish they are demands straight from hell and hell is where there'll be in the end lm glad I left cali wish my family could get out
The people who teach that to our children, have no children themself! \nThese are perverts, they try to prepare our children, \nto serve pedophiles, without any remorse!!\nWe must get rid of them!!
This is a society that has finally crossed the great divide and is heading downhill fast, locked in a now clearly terminal decline. These people are too close to it to see things clearly. But this is the end, my friend.
Sun Rabbit
Wait, how many genders does it take to screw in a light bulb? For the record, I identify as a marijuana plant, and my preferred gender pronoun is \
Susan Martin
This is a pure Satanic agenda.
Theresa Buccola
Huxley predicted this would come to pass 85 years ago. It must have seemed demonic then. It's demonic now.
TilDeath1776 US
I have an idea teach our youth abstinence, saving themselves til marriage!
Tina Segura
I want to go back to the days of Jax & Marbles, Hopscotch, Jump Rope, and the time when teachers treated you like you mattered because... well... you did and it wasn't because of what you looked like or who you identified as. It was because they were passionate about seeing you reach your potential and they didn't stop until you did. Miss those days... Too bad this generation won't get the opportunity to experience it.
Tuija Ruotsalainen
Direct from hell.
Veronica Bolanos
law? It's not a \
You are soul
I'm a male primary teacher. If I were told to include the LGB+ agenda in my lessons I'd tell them to shove it up their arses.
I don't think school should have sex education at all health classes should be more about CPR, caring for a wound than sexual identity. We no longer teach our kids about how to deal with everyday health and life.
Talk about teaching mind control. Pathetic!
drew t
The policy is straight forward about it's intent. The people trying to institute it are dishonest. YES... Everyone of them. Democrats have largely abandon truth in California.
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kc Cox
Crazy, getting my children out of the Public Schools are the best for my kids!\n🎸🎤🎻🎼 luv Memphis!
This is sickening!!\nOnly perverts would want to teach children about sex, and use such words to them
This is not curriculum it is pornographic fiction designed to corrupt the morality of the youth.\nAnyone teaching this filth to children should be put in prison for committing immoral sexual acts with minors......
lloyd munga
Any parent who subjects their child to this is sacrificing their children to Molloch as surely as if they threw them in the sacrificial fires themselves
lucien Taar
This state is dysfunctional and crazy.
m. b.
this used to be called corruption of a minor and dealt with by the vice squad of the police department.
If these people would've tried this 40+ years ago, they would've been drug out into the street and shot.
michael collum
The ACLU referenced...I would never send my kids to a school that listens to that terrorist organization/hate group
The fact that this is being discussed among adults is disturbing, let alone they actually teach kids how to do it.
🤮 worse than vomit!
sherry eagles
Home school now!!
This is what happens with all empires towards their end, a fixation with all things sexual. The western roman empire also went through this fixation towards its end.
This is pure evil insanity that any of these adults would entertain and discuss the implementation of any of these destructive demonic policies. This district board and any teacher or parent that in any way agrees with them should be immediately arrested and jailed for child abuse and be thrown in a rubber room for eternity..
wanda johnston
this is why we had \
wwg1 wga
I paused the video at 11 seconds! Are you kidding!!!??? I've got news for them, I reserve the right to pull my kids out at any time!
ydely Suarez
No wonder our schools are failing, our kids are not ready for college level because these people instead of concentrating their efforts on teaching math, reading, science they are concentrating on this abomination.... no wonder we are becoming an immoral and dumb country. The left are insane. I hear this woman talk and I want to vomit.
I cant believe what I am hearing, this is UNREAL. HOW DARE they abuse our children like this!
They want to hear our thoughts, but they do not want to obey our thoughts. They only tell us hypnotic words without consequences to our advantage...