W.U.N - Soul Eater

Anime : Soul EaterMusic : Nine Thou - Styles of beyoundAward received :1st Place at G-Amv Contest (Canada)Public Choice Award at Japan Expo ( France)So this is my SE amv probably the most famous project i did until now it has been posted on YT by many people so you've probably seen it but still i wanted it to be on my channel.If you wanna download it use the link bellow :

[email protected] Soul's Team W.U.N beyound eater nine of soul styles thou amv

you made this too? you are one heal of an editor dude :D
AMV Strat
Alec Ziskind
ive been trying to figure this out forever NOW WHAT THE HELL DOES W.U.N. STAND FOR XD
Alex Black
@ArshavinatorTheTres Yea Mine.
@darklycan13 You're the funniest guy ever read the credits i made this clip i'm [email protected]\n\nIt's not because 100 people posted my clips on youtube that they're not mine anymore lol
Andres Belmont
amazing video,great music ,5/5 + fav
To all. This AMV Belongs to DnA. Go read Credibiltys33 Info. and dna you rock *-*
Anton Bober
what song playing in the ending, after main song?
Too bad you don't get more recognition... But I admire your character as a person, being one of the best, maybe saying the best isn't a stretch at all, as you have been here for a real long time, and always being at the top of what you did, the number of stuff you won does not lie XD really look up to you, keep up your awesomeness, including this amv I saw long ago but only now knew it was yours :D
Very coool one of the best vids...!!!
Dextar Unleashed
Lied ist Geil xD
THE BEST AMV!!!!!! [email protected] FTW BRILIANT WORK
I felt I should tell you that CW3361 stole the footage of this AMV and simply changed the song. I thought maybe you would like to know.
Ichigo Kurosaki
I swear iv seen this video uploaded on someone elses channel
Ido Levintant
@AmvDnA oh well i never red the credits XDD sorry man very good job man!!!
how can so many people think this isnt his? didnt he win an award or something for this amv in a contest?
Very nice video. I watch it over and over lol. 5/5 + Fav.\n\nAlso, where can I get this song? Like the way it is in this video, I've heard/got a lot of this song but they are always a bit different than this one. Thanks.\n\n-xIceex
About time this gets uploaded ^^
I saw this amv before actually like long ass time ago lmaooo. Well anyway it's nice :O
Vraiment sympa à voir ta vidéo, j'aime beaucoup^^! Il y a une bonne synchro et fluidité dans l'image. En tout cas, même si ça peut commencer à dater, félicitation pour ta première place =) !!!
Great work man, i really gotta check Soul Eater :)\nYou have my support, keep it up :)
Mask king? Wish i have seen you earlier ): U fuking pwn
Richard Massey
The best Amv I've ever seen, for sure, real style.
Robert Alp
I can't tell you how brilliantly your editing skill and this anime have come together in this video. Great, great stuff. Hopefully your views will pick up, considering the other post has over a million...
Saravia P
pretty impressive amv [email protected] i am most impressed. Your hard work on this video paid off
This is still one of the most badass AMVs on the net. Anyone says othwerwise and i'll give em an express ticket to meet Kid and his dad.
whatd you use?
Best soul eater amv :')
When i read soul eater this song is allways on my mind, thanks to you ;D\nThis vid is simply awesome! I'm glad the original is here on YT, so I can thank the incredible editor himself, for creating this ^.^
Vraiment, vraiment cool. La musique est entrainante et ton amv tout simplement génial. \nLes masques et les transitions, j'adore! :)
ahhhh this is the one i saw on credibilitys so its yours awesome ^^ youre a beast at amvs
best soul eater amv i've seen, props.
WUN 2 coming soooon!
0 dislike - : D
@Resonity are u retard ?
it's not a copie is the original ...
so ur the one who made this!!!\n\ndef subbing now
@TheAndrePinto you ned to keyframe the mask everytime it moves.
What video format do you upload with to get such good quality? O.o It's awesome!