GEMS - w/o u (Live on KEXP)

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GEMS KEXP KEXP-FM (Radio Station) Washington DC w/o u

Adonis Warchild
Spellbinding song. It's very VERY soul grabbing.
Agent 2K
I lost it for more years.. Ohm! Now, finally i found you and this music is about my life.. Oh dude you give alright now and ever and ever for always
Alexander Komarov
Alfredo Herrera
love her voice
I love love this song. its sooo Chiilll.
Austin Sillman
How nice!!!
This song sounds like \
she's an angel omg
Brandon Urtiz
Amazing song.
Carlos Henrique
Caroline !
Can you save my soul?\nCan you make me whole?\nTry to remember\nI wanna get out but\nI can't live without you \nPs.brokenheart
Dale Canarsky
Most excellent!
Dragon Penteado
Eldon Tyrell
Thank you for let me hear angels sing while I'm still alive. Thank you so much.
Emily Roland
I had to find what this song was after I saw before I fall
Now this is soooo coool ! Love it !
G. Sellenrod
Love this song!
Gabrielah M
Melhor música♥
sometimes you just randomly stumble upon gems like this song and you thank the world for it
Grooming By Rudy
You guys are awesome.Beautiful song.Keep pushing!
Hazel Woodley
I feel so sad about Sam bc she save Juliet from danger but when the movie ends I hear this song so I’ve stayed a while to listen the song
Himanshu Sontakke
Hossaena Tesfaye
Pure talent!!!!!!!
Hoài Linh Nguyễn
Before I Falling bring here, sad end :(
Deserves way more plays. So good
Hyun Jee
I saw the film. beautiful song!
I Love My EQ
Like y isn't this song on the radio yet??? #before I fall
Iam PatienceParker
before i fall brought me here. they were listening to this song before they crashed at 12:30am
Indah Hutabarat
Before I Fall bring me here
I could listen to her sing all day long.
JJ Covers
gosh i love this darn song
Jake Martin
Before I Fall brought me here!!!
Jennifer Lopez
Amo esta canción 💕
Jennyfer Garcia rojas
Joanna Laughlin
Rock on
Kind of reminds me of some of the song styles from Hooverphonic!... Absolutely Beautiful!
They made a pretty damn good song
Juraj Borcha
Best song I've heard in last years! Can't stop playing it around :)
Just Jesse
‘Watch the road’ tribute—before I fall
Kiara Nascimento
Kleber Matos
Le Gaby
some how this song gives me dejavu from one of the shrek movies
Lila T
Best movie I've seen in years. I can't believe it has not been as POPULAR as it should be! It's like 13 reasons why Meets Groundhogs day 😭👏👏👏💜
Lisa OfElohim
After seeing Before I Fall, I had to search the soundtrack and find this song!! It stays with you. She's hauntingly melodic.
Manuel Ozuna
I saw Before i fall and i loved this song, now i see them in this video and GEMS are amazing!!
Maria Furmage
Such a beautiful song! Thanks Before I Fall for bringing me here.
Miki Mi
Before I Fall
this is probably the best song ever
Monika 22
Absolutely in LOVE
Natalia Konowalczyk
OMGGG u re AMAZING \u003c3 !!!!!!
Nathon McCoy
Yes we know before I fall brought u here 😂😂😂 I've been listening to them since before the movie STFU poserssss
Navin Singh
Before I fall 🔥🙌🤘
Nihed Ninou
I love it OMG \u003c3
Ondřej Gromský
Amazing :)
Peter Godwin
Great song and great movie
Phuong Hoa
Awesome song!!! It really fit Before I fall
Loved it!!
Priscila França
God knows how i love this song
Raymond Carlson
Not to mention the poetry.
Remy Spezzano
If these two never created another piece of music again, they can rest in peace knowing they have achieved something which most artists spend a lifetime aspiring towards. This song is nothing short of perfection, both musically and lyrically. In other words, it's a masterpiece. Absolutely beautiful in every way, and it will stand the test of time. Bravo! to the GEMS. :)
Rick DeLillo
Smooth...Great Hook...Beautiful... Cheers & Peace.
Rick Scudder
Fantastic song and how they're just as talented live as they are in the studio ❤️
Ruth Pumarejo
Before I Fall
Rys Ździchu
september 17,still listening
Siziphiwe Mbange
the song is so calming for real, I heard it on Before I fall, and I had to search for it, it is powerful😍😍😍
SouL Prisoner
Steven Clodfelter
Would definitely be a good song for a good action movie like Bourne or Bond and such.
Sulakshana Maitra
Beautiful song. Thanks Before I Fall. Need to do a deep dive in this band. Are all their songs as good?
stuck with it\n... the intro reminds me of Dandy Warhols
Taylor Hope
Teach tolive
before I fall
beautiful song
Thrash Metal
que hermosa canción!!!!!!!!!! beautyfull song
Tori Ivra
Literally love this song but it makes me cry bc the girls die to this song and that's all I can think about
Wow ! Amazing
This song 3 chords but effects and atmosphere wow...
Val FG
cesar reyes
So beautiful
cherr sims
Close your eyes and feel this song, I feel so relax.
cloe silver
Before I fall 😍
david precious
beautiful song and it was a great movie
diana Sinner
Before I fall
gökhan işgüven
Genuine song
Beautiful song. Cross between Lana del Rey/Cranberries/Cochteau Twins. Heard it Before I Fall.
katia vanf
with touch of Dandy Warhols / like this song !
ravi indran
this song need more views
The very cool music !
Before I Fall - nonchantley just listening to the end of this movie, and this song complimented the mood in was in! Great song! And they did a top job live!
Стрелок Инкогнито
прикольная музыка =)
[Verse 1]\nLong way down when there's no way out\nHow I long for the way we were\nDays go by in the dying embers\nI still remember\n\n[Pre-Chorus]\nThese days are haunted by\nEach day that passes by\nThese days passing by\n\n[Chorus]\nI wanna get out\nBut I can't live without you\nI can't live without you\nI wanna get out\nBut I can't live without you\nI can't live without you\n\n[Verse 2]\nLong way down and there's no way out\nStill, I ache for the way we were\nIf I repent in the dying embers\nWill you remember?\n\n[Pre-Chorus]\nThese days are haunted by\nEach day that passes by\nThese days passing by\n[Chorus]\nI wanna get out\nBut I can't live without you\nI can't live without you\nI wanna get out\nBut I can't live without you\nI can't live without you\n\n[Bridge]\nCan you save my soul\nCan you make me whole\nTry to remember\nAnd the wind will blow\nBut I won't let go\nTry to remember\nCan you save my soul\nCan you make me whole\nTry to remember\nAnd the wind will blow\nBut I won't let go\nTry to remember\n\n[Outro]\nI wanna get out\nBut I can't live without you\nBut I can't live without you\nI can't live without you\nI can't live without you