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Agenda 2030 Agenda 21 California SB100

So are all these tyrants taking public transit to these meetings??? I seriously doubt it. 'Do as I SAY, not as I DO.' It took my friend in San Diego 4 hours to get to work on a bus after bus after bus. I hope Trump dismantles this Agenda 21/2030 for the US federal government. These people are so disconnected from reality. LOOK at California. Many areas are becoming like a 3rd world country. Oh, wait.... all the new Democrat voters will still think it is better than the sh--t hole country they came from.
You will suffer, and I appreciate that. Not we will suffer, lol. You peasants will ride a bike, I will ride a car, or better yet, an SUV.
it makes my head actually hurt to know that there are people out there that are blind to these agenda's even though the info is everywhere! Some even support the very agenda that is against them!!! SMH
Anna Tullison
Anthony Alexzander
The only way we can continue to live as we do is to reduce the worlds population. No one wants to tackle that issue, instead they believe that they can get people to live like we did 2,000 years ago. It is all a big scam to raise taxes and take control of the few American industries we have left.
Any climate change that is happening is being engineered by TPTB. The usual Hegelian dialectic. These people aren't human. No cars, electric or water for us but the controllers will have plenty-
Art Deco
Just look at these brainwashed bastards like Obama who has a big house. and has the audacity to preach \nto everyone that they cant have the same as him. Knowing full well climate change is being brought about by the companies like Monsanto ., Who he and others like him are investing in to destroy the World as we knew it. People of the world. need to wake up to the Genocide that these maniacs have planned in their Agenda. Dont let them have your guns. otherwise the same will happen in the US as is happening to the Whites in South Africa. Educate your children when they chose to join the military or police to think of their own families first and their protection from the criminals running their country.
FACT: IF fuel/gasoline is BANNED from ALL citizens, THEN Americans will have 100% the right to KILL any elite VIRUS family member if they are caught in a vehicle (engine of any type) of any type! Hypocrisy will NEVER be tolerated!
Brandon David
South Bend Indiana has already begun this process. I have a feeling the Mayor of South Bend is being groomed for higher office.
Bruce Bennington
Notice that everyone arguing for \
Capone 3:16
Hey veterans, look up John McCains son James Mccain and notice his “awards” and uniform, he has USMC and Army awards on his Army uniform, he has service stripes on both arms, the family refers to him as a Marine but all his photos show him in an Army uniform, my point is this, the worlds a stage and a hoax!! I suspect John is very much alive this very moment, I suspect this was a typical stunt performed by most “dead” musicians and actors and politicians where they stage a death as a way to retire and go off the grid. You think I’m crazy, go look up the sons stolen valor actions and know that the world is a stage!!
Chris Van Bekkum
After escaping europe, i am not Planning on living in stackandpack housing, wait for never arriving buses, or ride a bike with inches of snow on the ground.
Christina Bugatti
what is more scary than the evil politicians /agenda are those who carry it
Da GuRu
Violent civil war is coming to the west
Darren Carter
so...cram everyone into an urban centre which will drive unemployment up. Take away cars so you can't have a wider chance of getting a job. Everyone relies on a socialist government. That is the stuff of nightmares!
David Whitten
And while you're walking around and peddling your bike, the only cars you'll see will be from these jackasses getting to their office, back home, and to these meetings.
Dedas Almeida
I live in Europe and frankly I studied American history and since 60s to 90s American wanted to surpass the Communist system with their capitalist system now in California we're seeing the opposite and it's a disgrace to the American people especially the young they want to engage in this Communist system it's sad.
Diana Blackman
Bravo to that Armenian lady.
Dogs Sing
These people build communist states. The elites these worthless scum serve will always be driving cars. But not the peasants.
Don Davidson
Oh, now it's a hundred years away. What happened to the 15 years shyster al gore said Florida and new York would be under water? Came and went. No proof any changes in the climate are caused by people driving. Maybe the crap they've been spraying in the sky is, but not gas. Pretending that it will get rid of the smog that comes from across the Pacific by paralyzing its citizens is ridiculous. These communists are criminals.
Donovan Martin
Are you kidding me, with trump in office, no body will buy this because the majorly of America has come awakened
All of those crazy mofos need to be rounded up & sent straight to he// & not pass go, just collect some gas & electricity to fry their azzes! 😈💩🐷& pancreatic jerry brown is not human!
E 10
Remove the oil you remove the Rothschilds... I'm down
Erna Bueing
Those nincompoops need to get rid of their cars first for a year before we even think of it............then maybe we MIGHT consider it. I know........everyone get a horse and leave the poop for the city officials to clean it up.
FuzzY One
I don't see the the f-ing politicians and the Elites riding public transportation? Those demon SOB's are f-ing crazy!!!!!! Hide your guns we're gonna need them. Start make laser guns to blast and eliminate the elites and politicians!!!!!
Gloria Lynn
Is this why they refuse to fix potholes yet are building beautiful brand new bike lanes everywhere here in San Diego? They raised the gas tax to now where it is almost unaffordable to drive anywhere anymore and they raised the license fees to outrageous amounts using the excuse to fix the potholes which was a lie. Potholes are not getting fixed but new bike lanes everywhere and also these new scooters are being put everywhere that people rent at exorbitant prices so you know somewhere somebody is making a lot of money off of this. CO2 isn't what is causing climate change. The plants, trees, all greenery needs CO2 to live and in the process create oxygen with which we breathe so in effect they not only want to destroy nature, they want to suffocate humanity as well. This all goes with their plan for genocide or population reduction. They use the excuse they want to save the earth when it is just the opposite of what they are saying. The war on drugs didn't stop drugs but increased it exponentially, and there are many more examples like this. They say one thing but it means entirely the opposite.
theses people have been trained on how to twist words in order to scam us.
Han Solo
These people are criminals . Anthropomorphic climate change is a myth
I Love My Girls
Gary, show us that video I showed you of the stack n pack housing where the citizens live like animals and the one or two room apartment is separated into more rooms with blankets...this is how our US government wants us to live..
I'm Cheech
@11:24...they ARE planning for poverty but, they are planning for poverty as a direct result of their implementation of Communism upon the once free people of America.\nIf We the People do not stop and realize the propaganda being forced upon us, quit our petty differences and playing into their divide & conquer techniques and become a single entity to fight back against this, we are all doomed and have the greatest of bleak future ahead that our children and grandchildren will suffer.
It's Gotime
Only the pee ons will lose their cars, The criminal and corrupt will not.
J.L. Herington
Junk science! It's not even science really. It's Propaganda. Total BS!!! It won't work! They are completely delusional. Off their rockers!
James Smith
This is why I live in a republican state
Jane Smith
Global WARMING is a scam for politicians to TAKE MONEY from the people of America for their Multi-million DOLLAR mansions and expensive vehicles and to satisfy their GREED!
Jerri Potras
Progressive California lawmakers have just about completed what they set out to do--turn CA into a 3rd world country.
Jos van Kan
No fear, it already is a third world country.
Keeva Nelson
Was that in china or japan where the huge crowds osf people were taking the train? I hope it wasn't here in the US
Ken Reyes
In 1960 Corporations paid 65% of all taxes and workers in the bottom 90% paid 20% . Today corporations pay 9% and the bottom 90% of workers pay 80% of all taxes . Most of that tax comes from payroll tax. Since payroll tax is capped at 150,000$ , the top 10% don't pay any more tax than the rest of workers . This is corporations and the rich getting all their military spending and bank bailouts on the back of the bottom 90% . All of this is a conscious decision, a political decision. When $$ = free speech then you get dictatorship by the rich and against humanity.
Klem Kaddlehopper
If these idiots would stop wasting oxygen , the world would be immediately a better place and the CO2 levels would drop drastically.
Kool Marrs
What do you expect when we have Satanist running this country? Its definately not going to be a trip to the Beach
LeRoy Boo
Number one let's stop doing geoengineering number two let's get rid of that weather machine that you control the weather with this called heart number three let's get rid of CERN but they are destroying their son the number for let's get rid of the New World Order they are the biggest problem of global warming and climate change its all man-made they're the ones that changing the weather patterns people just ain't paying attention to know what's going on I need to wake up
Lynn Delaney
Same thing in Oakland and lanes so fewer lanes, bike lanes barely used. Bikes taking parking spaces and also barely used.
It’s one thing to listen to people discuss things and try to figure out what they’re trying to say but when you know your listing to a pack of liars it just makes one want to walk away
Madison Eclectic
Illegal aliens are a cheap and renewable source of energy.  They also make an excellent fertilizer and high protein animal feed.  Their bones could be used to build a border wall.  They could also be used for target practice for police and military training, or by civilians just for the fun of it.  Also useful for medical experiments and biological warfare testing.  Their bloated corpses could be used to fill in swamps and as paving material.  Let's be creative.  We can solve multiple problems at the same time.
Michael Johnson
Did they say SKAG or SKANK? The f'n marxist luciferian criminal banksters implementing soviet style beurocracy right under our noses! \n Say no to skanky SCAG criminals!
Micheal Tull
I can't express the Hate that is\nFelt for Jerry Brown and his communist administration, by\nOur whole community .
Mike Knife
In Mexico they run red lights all the time, now that California is a sanctuary state they are now running red lights all the time, like California is Mexico.
Ms. Sonshine
I don't know what they are teaching in science classes nowadays, but plants need Co2 for oxygen production. What they are trying to do is feed American people communism little by little.
Nat Zee
Are people not aware of the rat studies that have been done? What happens to rats when they are crammed together in dense population to one another is exactly what has happened to humanity already. Look at our big cities for example. It will only worsen what is already a bad situation in these areas. \n\nI imagine that any living beings, not just rats, jammed together in too large of a group with each other, reach a mental and emotional breaking point. Then anxiety, stress, violence and eventually murder ensues, as the rat studies had shown (and observation of our big cities).\n\nNot to mention the physical proximity to others' bacteria, viruses, other contagious disease, stale air, increased noise levels & further concentrated areas of electronic frequencies. All of these things are counterintuitive to all aspects of health and happiness for human beings.\n\nNothing is meant to live in a densely populated area without suffering ill effects to their mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being. \n\nThey seem to be trying to recycle what was attempted in communist russia and other countries who had done similar things many decades ago. Stack & pack, self-contained cities are an old idea. They too tried to build the population into such compact \
New Hampshire
Too bad getting out of the Paris made NO DIFFERENCE in the agenda that is attacking our towns!
Nicholas R
Beautiful video juxtaposition of the utopian leftist verbal spew with the dystopian reality of the grittiness, filth, and disease of life on our Kalifornia streets and neighborhoods.
Nichole Cervin
I'm a scientist from California. As a student you were shunned if you dared to question the professors about the global warming models. As a scientist I say BS on global warming!
Niseema Young
Wow! Those people are sellouts and I feel sorry for them when judgment comes and it is coming. This is good vs evil and they are NOT on the side of good.
Nunya Biznis
We could reduce global temperatures by about 6-7 degrees F if these communists would shut their mouths. And the only way they will do that is if they are buried them 6 feet under. I'm not a bible thumper so I do not heed the bible when it says so do nothing of the enemy and let god take care of it. I am down with putting these commies 6 feet under any time, any place. I can't wait for god to do it, he take too long. The best time to \
Offgrid Jack
The Kenyan...there is plenty of energy for ME but none for thee!!
Oke Fixico
Deviant, commie globalists scheme to rape America.
P.Gallo Original
Industry is causing most of the pollution. Not cars, not homes. The planet emits a huge amount of gases and chemicals. That is nearly impossible to offset.\nBut the only thing we could do is make MUCH stricter rules about industrial dumping. The making of blue jeans is one of the biggest polluters in the world. And China is making its country almost un-liveable. And it has the most coal fires burning out of control. This isn't all an American problem.
As you drive into town where I live in upstate NY, there are designated bike lanes that cross into traffic to accommodate those cyclists who want to go straight instead of turning right. That's bad enough... but as you get closer to town, the painted designated bike lanes disappear (there's no longer room for bike lanes), the bike lane symbols start showing up in the middle of the traffic lane. What are these people thinking? Has anyone else seen that? While I've never seen anyone stupid enough to ride down the middle of the road, somehow I think this is a bad idea. LOL
Parks Family
These people don’t believe Americans a free to choose they believe they our our overlords.
TPTB could have fixed India, China etc but they did not want that. What they wanted was to set the conditions right so that when the time was right, they would use the man of a different nation or nations to destroy the more developed and cultured civilization. This was done to extract wealth and to ensure that the corrupt piratical cabal's hegemony would not be challenged. They have been doing this for thousands of years.
R Gile
The zero energy, zero water, means zero humans. These people want to commit mass murder in the name of saving the environment.
Obama! Obama! Obama! You're getting what you voted for fools! When the great Obooba says everybody he's not talking about himself! Slaves!
#train\nOne door in, one door out!\nProblem solved
Ron Palmer
We don't want to get out of our cars I enjoy driving myself that is just wrong just another way to have more control over the American people u all are still trying to bring this new world order into effect what is wrong with u people California will have fallen into the ocean way before this ever gets off the ground
Sarah Formelli
And how will they do it???? Hit the grid and black out the country.
Southern California Deplorable Henry Lindeman
I think the crackhead that put in the traffic buffers in Ontario on 6th Street is the same crackhead that designed these bicycle Lanes in the middle of the traffic Lanes.\nI thought he was doing time in jail but apparently he must have got released on California's early release program.
Staci Heuschkel
Ok, well if this is the case, no more private jets for politicians. No special treatment for them. I need to move out of California.
Strange Sightings
Lol look at the overweight politicians that want people to ride bikes let's start with them right now let's take away thier cars now. And let these politicians ride bikes to work right now let's turn off thier electricity right now and see how long they last these people talking have no brains or are brain dead.
T Rex
*The climate alarmists are running a scam.*
T Tyrell
The Left has already done too much damage.
Ladies & Gentlemen... This is Marxism at its finest. We MUST resist this crap and get back to rational thinking. Something these warped minds cannot fathom.
Tiger Bond
This is very fascinating to me, I never thought how STUPID the Elected Officials are! Or at best how STUPID the population is in California! 100% renewable energy?????? This so STUPID what the are really saying the want Poverty ! But he politicians wont be poor they will have tax everyone so much in California they will be on EBT !\nWhat about JETS Airlines? Freight /Railroads, Shipping lines ? Construction equipment Graders Road workers? Then how does DWP PUMP THE WATER ? FROM COAL! Where will this change?\n\nThen lets talk about the TAX BASE that will disappear under this law! The culling will begin and they have their sights on who ever opposes this take over!
How in God's name will you be able to get to work on time. This will never work.
The guy in the plad shirt, isn't that meet head?
World of No Borders
Very powerful video. I like it and will be sharing.
Jews behind the curtain
The government is purposely allowing 3rd world overpopulation here so we will have no choice but to live this way
don't blame me
Globalist, Commie-fornia politicians; \
frank l
Congrats Gary, and Co. Absolutely one of your best to date.
frederick pace
What did you expect from nutjobs running some of our states .
future past
EVIL at its finest #trump2020󾓦
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hello hun
Laws are meant to be broken. When graphene technology fully kicks in , there will be no need for gasoline and oil . You don't know how this will change our world. It is about to begin.
j diiacova
Thank You G \nGOD be with you my friend
jerry henrie
This is what happens when a people who don't know god almighty, who don't have any light of Jesus Christ within them. These are sick people that want to enslave all of us. God is in control and these idiots don't even understand that very fact. If they had any brains they would fear God almighty.
just a thought
no gasoline hmmm ,wonder how they plan to deliver goods . they also mention electricity in the same speech . looks like the unfit ,injured ,sick and old people will have to go on a Hitler vacation.( they never came back ) as they will need services that use both power sources , then every one will have a horse and cart ,as they don't need gas or electricity . but wait what about the manure ? isn't that polluting and adds to global warming . solar and wind will not cut it .hydrogen is still expensive to make , the list goes on .
nEs S
Gary, You guys are in deep trouble over there if the citizens don't start standing and fighting all of these corrupt laws/bills, implementing the evil agenda. I keep thinking your citizens would never let this happen, unfortunately, they are....and by the looks of some of these comments, most are completely clueless to the bigger picture. You may need other states citizens to come help you guys fight/protest for your freedom.. before it's too late. God Bless you as you're the only individual I see in that state who's speaking out against the evil corruption and begging for change. I'm really shocked and saddened for you guys...for all of us really because once it's in place for one state all others will follow suit. Citizens of California...Stand up with Gary, PLEASE!!
no available options
it's part of the REHEARSE FOR THE REVERSE!
redneck rebel
Has NASA ever told truth about anything. Billions on swimming pool space station. Man on the moon hahaha
Climate change..The new taxation system..