Franz Ferdinand - Walk Away (Official Video)

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Franz Ferdinand - "Walk Away" from 'You Could Have It So Much Better' released 2005 on Domino Record Co.Subscribe to Franz Ferdinand on YouTube:

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777 bouncy castle hire
such a great wee song !
8 Ball Paul
as you walk away, the pound is falling down #brexit
Airam Cotto
This has to be the song that solidified my love for this band. They're just so amazing at doing their own thing while still showing their influences through it.
Alan Brito
Mi infancia... tenia yo como 8 o 9 años cuando escuche esta cancion por primera vez :snif: :snif:
Aline Rio canal odeio escola
Sounds like this song would be in a Quentin Tarantino movie
Angela Anderson's
this song brings back so many memories.... had to get the album after i saw the video on E4 in the mornings as i was getting ready for the day ahead... was a horrid time of life, this song was one of the ones that helped me through it xxxx
Arcticmonkeys Fan
anyone listening to this great track in 2016? this never gets old.
Beatriz Delgado
what you mean my dreamy guy is 42, seriously, he seems like he is in his late 20's and omg i totally should be 20 years older *cries in the corner*
Bianca Burnes
Great song, but more than 10 years and I stlil dont understand this video clip...damn
Cadell Morde
Never gets old amazing music and band
Carlo A.60
Grande musica.....
so... what is this video about?
Charlotte Rodwell-Deligant
This never grows old. My favourite Franz song if not my favourite song. Alex is so beautiful in this video. Saw them live and they are as amazing as my first FF gig in 2005.
Claudia Hernández
Still the most beautiful song I've ever heard
Daniel P.
Alguien de Argentina 2018?? :)
Diego Galindo
No sé que diga la canción, pero ya me estoy masturbando por si las dudas :v
Domino Recording Co.
Franz Ferdinand’s latest album ‘Always Ascending’ is out now on Domino Record Co. \nListen & Buy here: \nMore from Franz Ferdinand on YouTube:
that's a beautiful pair of people
Durasno Fruta
La mejor canción :v:-D
Eduardo Rodrigues
grazi massafera
Ellis Watt
I'm not sure why but the guitar really reminds me of come as you are, anyone else get that?
Enrico Leonardi
maybe the best indie band
Eric Cardona
She's a model and she's looking good...oh wait wrong song
Flavio Foglietta
one of my fav..great song
Francesco Bonfiglio
Look like Beatles
Giulia Vannucci
lui secondo me è un giro abbestia
Hayden T
Absolutely adore the Hitchcock references in this video! Two of my favorite things merging together. :)
Henrique Vitorino
this is so Austin Powers, love it!!
Vladimir Puttin knows how to sing...
Isabela Rescala
0:41 I always hear \
Jill T.
This was uploaded on my birthday :3 Besides that, this is one of my favorite Franz songs :)
Joe Average
is the name \
I love the lyric \
Joseph Shaul
Kraftwerk \
I love the poetic vibes this song has
Lalla - chan
Ok, and Das Model?
Ledude canadien
the beginning sounds like The Model by Kraftwerk
Leo Do Carmo
Demais marcou muito
Luana Moura
Queria q ele fosse embora....
Luckey Wlas
2005... 10 years ago? It seems yesterday XD
MR Whitmore
Listening in 2018\nRemembering a time when music was friggin awsome still!
MadsFeltr 2
How powerful
Malina Cantemir
Christ, Alex looking straight at me in the beginning of the video was... UGH!
That song is so great!
Marcus Avelar
Nunca me canso de ouvir essa belíssima canção deitado debaixo da coberta com uma taça sofisticadíssima de chocolate quente na mão porém trajando apenas sunga.
Matias Paez
listen in 2016
Maxi Cortese
Mi adolescencia... :snif: ....(*.*)
Micaela Julieta
I feel like they have an influence of The clockwork orange, it's just a feeling
Militsa Ignatova
Genialny kawałek 
Navion Derget
The melody of the song is like as if she says \
Nehomia Lemmer
Sound like the doors
Palhadopala Palha
great music!
procurei essa musica por tampo tempo...e nao sabia que era do Franz pq so conhecia duas dele - to mo felizaoo -*---*
Plüton 1
que prolijidad tienen.. mucha destreza, terrible banda!! de lo mejorcito que tenemos en el mundo hoy en dia
Richard Saunders
One of the guitar riffs reminds me of a Nirvana song. (Come AS You Are)
These guys are so underrated
Salvemos Chile
La mejor canción de rock romántica que he escuchado
Samantha Fernandes
A moça do clip parece a Grazi Massafera \u003c3
Sammy M
The tiny eyebrow raise before he says \
Samuel Powell
This song and the \
Sergio Patricio Figueroa Labraña
recuerdo en mtv latinoamerica año 2006
The beginning rips off cornerstone lol
Sir Pounce-A-Lot
i love the way he pronounces \
Main riff from Kraftwerk - Das Model
Sofia Heiko
This is my favourite song by them, thank you so much for this masterpiece, love you!\u003c33
Only 3mi views? Wtf?
Tatiane Silva
Linda música! Franz Ferdinand é espetacular.
Tatiane Silva vieira
Como amo esse som!!!!\nLiteralmente Viajo!
Terry Lancer
3.000.000 visualizzazioni uau io lo guardo sempre sono contenta ^----------^
Vicky Pérez
And I'm cold yes I'm cold but not as cold you are ....
The intro melody was stolen from Kraftwerk - The Model. I can't believe thta I'm the only one who noticed this.
...opiera się czasowi ta muza...:-))
alan diego
Listen other songs with name of walk away this is the best
alejandro matzisport
ρε αρρωστειαααα
His eyes are so beautiful....
claudio ezequiel piña silva
Mi tema preferido de esta banda.
i used to listen to franz ferdinand a lot when i was in middle school, now listening again to them makes me realize how deep they were... such amazing music :'(
It not only rocks but is also poetic. A great song for undefined mood
felipe roa
film noir..wonderful...
Alex is a ridiculously beautiful man
jeferson gutierrez
me enamore de esta cancion
jesica silva
juan barracuda
KRAFTWERK - das model
matthew reddie
i am in love with this song
někdo tajnej
This song allways reminds me some summer romance with girl that will never exist, but you want her badly
samuel tickle
In the graveyard, the gravestone has the name Camille Lee Miller on it. Does anyone know who that is? She is also mentioned in Outsiders
Anyone know of any other songs like this? I mean songs that have their \ninstruments die down a little and focus on the singing? I don't know how\n to explain it but I feel like I've heard another song like this but \ncant pin it.
Sounds like the Kinks from the 60s...
this song is beautiful always
yan Morrison
mi adolecencia cuantos años
yopi chip
Love this song a los!
Gosh these dudes are awesome..
Érica Domingos
A moça da música parece a Grazi Massafera!