Ricky Hatton Career Highlights Knockouts 1997- 2012 (HD)

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Full Career Highlights & Knockouts of former two division world champion Ricky 'The Hitman' Hatton.YOUTUBE CHANNEL:

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That mayweather loss killed his career
Out and out scrapper....Lived on my estate back in the day, He gets a lot of hate but the record says it all, plus he's far from struggling.
Best Seller
It's called the mayweather curse
Bonz Santiago
Despite of his failures, Ricky Hatton is still the best Warrior in the ring, to sad for his depression, it is the hardest part in Boxing, Cheer up Champion!
Boom Slang
Ricky is a good trainer
Boxing Circles Around The World
that left hook/uppercut to the body....
Brer Rabbit
Win or lose I love watching this guy throw hands. Beast mode..
Buenavista MPS
my fav fighter pacman and hatton beast
C. Gull
Hands down best fans ever
Chris R
hatton great fighter but not same skills as Floyd. Pac in his prime would still lose to Floyd, Floyd to skilled
Daniel McGee
Ricky \
Ellen Joy Mabuslang
This is a great highlight. Honest and real. 💙
Filthy Jäger Main
When u find out he's ur uncle so u gotta see what the hype is about
Ged Barrow
Great edit pal 👍
Gustave Bacareza
wew... ez win by Pacquiao
he always ducked Junior witter it has to be said
Lasheem Richardson
Great guy big fighter
He literally is my twin that is fucking scary every single person I know agrees LOL wtf same hair, face structure, same skin colour. same height, wtf..
Hatton was a beast he was winning the Mayweather fight before that stupid point deduction got him acting too aggressive just a great fighter
Michael Billones
What an amazing career. The body punches was just devasting. Two loss from two of the greatest fighters isn't bad to be honest. 3 loses doesn't tarnish his accomplishments in my opinion. Hatton is a great representation for real boxing.
Be cool if you listed tunes used too
Mr Dynamite
Hatton was a great great fighter
made me sad
Murder Doll
This man punch like sending you to hell.
Pisit Tewtrakul
most aggressive boxer style I like one.
Nothing but respect for this man, greets from Holland.
RML Bobby D
Brilliant! Wasn’t he a ‘POG’ (or Gipsey), from York, Yorkshire, England?
Red Cloud
People forget how ferocious Ricky is, they only remembered the 2 knockouts he suffered but ricky has achieved invincibility in 140, he was the lineal champ for a reason--the best of the best in that division. His first defeat was forgivable, Ricky himself believes he fought floyd in a weight limit that is higher than his best and the ref didn't allowed him to use his style. The second defeat was really unexpected for him, he ran into a wall(pacquiao), a little boxer who is just on his quest on climbing another division--his 140 division, it was laughable for ricky because in his mind, how is this little pacquiao is going to hurt him when a murderous puncher like kostya tszyu can't even dent him. Years later it was revealed that pacquiao is indeed a supreme talent when he continued devouring fighters higher than his weight stature. I think in the past it was hard for ricky to accept that defeat, but today it's easier knowing that he was beaten by a truly extraordinary once in a generation fighter.
Ricardo Lucio
muy buen vídeo, pero la musica está de la fregada
Rich Stubbings
whats the song?
Suren Khachatryan
Great Video!!!!
Hes not a bad boxer why couldn't he hold up to pac?
The Truth
Drugs and booze free who knows it it could have gone even better.
The mugger
top British pure world class
Wines town
Strong boxer. Pacquiao is just stronger and more talented
ez win for manny
blinknudead lamine
great body puncher
u make th3 best highlights
geoff edwards
Ricky Hattom,top top fighter,if only he didn't party so much between fights he would have lasted a lot longer.Thats not to take away from his achievements,he did really well for hiself and was and is a peaples champ.All the best in whatsever you do fella,and get the bacon butties down you,you deserve them and don't let anyone tell you different\nGod bless you.
Was a huge Hatton fan . It's a shame that he blew up so much in between fights. Shortened his career.
What's the song please ?
radney legaspi
He still more better than gayweather atleast he face pacman in a real battle unlike gayweather 😂😂😂
Khan vs Hatton would have been a good fight.
sweet assassin
This is the real reason why mayweather didn't fight PACQUIAO in his prime..
Álvaro A.
He lost against Pacquiao and Mayweather, both considered top fighters of an era, big respect to Hatton, what a warrior
Антон Иванов
what a track?