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More insanity out of these people who are creating a future of poverty. Their actions are telling us everything. Why on Earth would we need "bike sharing" networks if we aren't going to have mass poverty in the future?

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Watch the movie Bicyle Thieves by De Sica, will give you awakening having a bike to survive.
A. McCallum
We need a massive protest
Antonio Borges
This is what you call a turnaround what goes around comes around.
BRad From THe Valley
i seen them being used downtown LA and there it can make sense like in metro NY were it so messed up, but it doesn't make sense in places like SD. I seen the scooters being used but hadn't seen them in a few.
Bill Lunebach
Thank God for Trump! We are going to absolutely destroy globalism and the communist left.
Billy Sand
This world starting to be weird!!!
Central Scrutinizer
.............planned poverty.
Chilly Willy
As far as bike share and GPS. You could keep from being tracked by having a GPS jammer so that BikeShate cannot track your movements.
The whole purpose of this is.........1984
Daniella Thoelen
I would tell those idiots: OK, go get your groceries on that bike, BUT... drag your baby and toddler along! And then get back home WITH the groceries and the little kids! Oh, let's not forget: it's over a 100 degrees out there!! LOL! Have fun Agenda 21 TRAITORS!
Darren W
Hasn’t mass immigration created the over congested roadways and there’s too many vehicles. 🤔
David Durflinger
They are imbols complete idiot's, I see it every day , the bums are breaking the locks are riding these all over , these government officials are kooks, I see it every day, what leftists communist, global kooks
David Lee
They can rent a bike. Politicians
Deborah Elliott
So let me get this straight--They want you to ride a bike at a grocery store? And if it rains, you still have to ride this bike? HAHAHAHAHA. I guess these people in the city who demands the agenda don't get out much. I can't wait to see what people will do when cars and gas are banned.
Diablo Ed
That bike shit is not working trust me the homeless are taking the bikes apart 😂😂😂
Not one of the f***ers in government or at local town hall level will ever do what they are trying to force on the rest of us.
Dreaming of Freedom
All the people dressed up to go out for dinner or to a party with make-up, stockings, high=heels and get there on a push-bike ha ha how suave and sophisticated,
Ed Debevic
Liberal Democrats in charge!! California is burning down in many ways..Yikes.
Elkin Jones
You could just buy your own bike.............instead of the year membership...........
Expose Agenda 21
Wow, never even occurred to me, Grindall!!  That we'll be so poor that we'll HAVE TO share the bikes, we won't even be allowed to own a bike!!  The cyclists fighting so hard for Agenda 21 are hardcore cyclists and owners of bike shops, who will be put out of business as a result.   Do you think this will wake them up? Doubtful.
Fred Last
Don't worry vacuum cleaner manufacturer Dyson is introducing lovely new electric cars for you;\
Hai Van Nguyen
Hope Young
Now if only you could ride your bike to the New New World
Hungry Hubby
This program failed in Seattle. bike stations very few used. It went away for a couple months. It has been resurrected but there are no bike stations. They put the bikes all over the place (no stations) and you unlock them with an app and money taken out of your bank account, then ride them, leave them wherever you go, and re-lock them. It is subsidized. Few people ride them. However the bikes are tipped over (scads of bikes laying on their sides) and thrown into ponds and Puget sound. People don't want them but they are being forced on us. Agenda 21.
Isaiah Welch
I've ridden my bike to many different places - and the one area that will make bike-sharing fail is the weather. Nobody wants to ride a bike in the rain or in the snow, and in places like Michigan, it is impractical for people to use a bike year-round, due to seasonal change and inclement weather. As I said, changes in yearly weather will cause bike-sharing to fail in places where seasonal changes are known and expected.
Jake Hammer
They want to outlaw cars in California for citizens... only politicians can have a vehicle.
Jasper Newcomb
America wasnt founded by people that are willing to let the \
Jay Bissr
Haha! I'd love to see them try to make me give up my vehicle that I own and make me rent of of their bikes to get around on!!! Bring it!!
Jeffrey Clarke
We're living in the movie The Giver.
Jesse Hardebeck
+grindall61 dude at around :57 u said something like under this communist system they are starting something to where you will own nothing. That right there shows me u are not fully awake. listen up. Right now you own nothing, you are a slave, you are being traded on a stock market, you are a corporation owned by a corporation called the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, your social security number is your bar code until they put it in you (rfid), but the reason I am saying this is, look it up, we never own anything as long as we are americans under this new world order controlled country. I usually don't say this to people that post wake up to agenda 21 videos but here it goes, WAKE THE FUCK UP!! WAKE UP TO THE FULL TRUTH NOT JUST HALF TRUTH. Hell if you have time and haven't yet, look into the major hoax. The flat earth/truth about our earth and what's really at the \
John Revelation
Exactly! I agree with the woman. Revelation 13.
John Tollen
The politicians need to lead this stupid plan by example. I'll bet that won't happen.
Just for Fun
Why do you think the N W O are talking about a globle pay every month instead of working its coming folks just like the new modern fema homes herd people into these homes you wont own a car remember folks self driving cars ! Yes bicycles will be all over the world the goal for the N W O is to have a bicycle for every person on the planet thats not a joke folks! Herd people into the new modern fema homes everyone not working will be payed 1 time a month everyone in the house will have a bicycle and own a automobile will be for the rich so every one else will ride a bike or use the self driving car like a taxi its all coming folks sooner then later! The real agenda is 2030 but the reports i have read say the. N. W. O. Wants all of this to be complete by 2050 a total takeover of the planet if the 7.5 billon people dont get together and stop it well folks it will be all over for us and that my friend is not a joke!
Karen Zietlow
Plus no basket for groceries, books or other items you can transport in a car without having to carry.
Kathleen a. Flynn
We pay, pay, pay for our cars. Now to be told no cars, ride a bike. BS!
There are lots of people who have difficulties with transportation cuz they can't afford a car. Jobs have been lost to outsourcing and recession, it's a fact many people are hurting moneywise. It's no mystery that the economy will get a lot worse before it gets better. \nSo I don't understand all this bellyaching about this bike renting program. People who need to go to a job interview may be happy to have transportation if the network is large enough. If more stations are added in other districts outside the beach area the program's success will improve, and as long as no taxpayer money is spent, well that's the business owner's decision.\nAlso to whoever is complaining that the bike program didn't consider mothers with small children, sorry but a bike is a bike is a bike.\nPeople in the Netherlands have been riding bike as a main means of transportation for decades, there are bike lanes every where, and in Paris a bike sharing program started a few years ago is very successful. Owning a car is not a birth right. Biking is good for you, and so many diseases are due to air pollution, I don't see what's wrong with biking. It will also save you a gym membership since you won't need one anymore.
Kim Wilson TV
It will be worse than Venezuela, you must get these flying monkeys of Satan out of office NOW.
L chavez
Wait, wait a minute. If pollution comes from cars whats all this business about that WE OURSELVES contribute to the \
L. E.
This is the VERY reason I NEVER moved to Irvine in the late 70's! Fricking planned communities are just little socialist enclaves. I'll keep my car, my property, my guns, my LIBERTY! You can take your Agenda 21 and shove it!
Linda Fukuyu
Vote with your wallet .. DO NOT rent the bike sharing in San Diego and anywhere else.
Madd Maxx
Buy your own bike. If the crap hole apartment does not allow them then buy a foldable bike. Piss on that eco bike................No baskets to carry things what crap. They're not planing for poverty they are planing for your slavery!
Marilyn B
So the taxpayers hv paid millions to put these bikes out there. Then they want us to pay outrageous fees to rent them??? What about us older seniors who can barely walk. We can't even walk to a bus stop. I believe they plan to kill us off..then they won't be concerned about how we get around.
They use the same \
Melody Montana
It's the mind game tell us we need it because it's good they are easing in for the take but they give us less power to make uninformed decisions based on their info's working from the woodwork to all around and too late. Every city has the agenda.
Missy Baker
You west coasters sound lazy. Taking public transit and biking and walking is common for all age and incomes in the north east.
Good thing you don't believe in this global warming propaganda that is the whole reason that they can push these kind of agendas in California. Thank God you're awake.
Natasha *youtube STOP censorship*
We have this is New York city.... at first not many people used them but after some time and them putting them all over we use them now. tourists here that rent bikes tend to go to bike rental shops near parks but people that live and work here tend to ride these city bikes to get to work quickly. it's not uncommon to see people in flashy buisness suits and briefcases peddling to work. works for us!!! :)
Patriot Jefferson
*Bike rentals are ONLY for tourists at quaint beach towns like Monterey, California.* There's a bike rental close to Cannery row. The bike trail is very long & safe to ride, because it's along the beach NOT the city. Another great bike rental is in Marina Dek Rey & ride along the beach to Pacific Palasades. *People want to rent from FAMILY OWNED BUSINESSES NOT THE GOVERNMENT!* Females mostly rent the 4 seater bikes for them to be together, small children can't keep up riding on their own. Many couples rent 2 seater bikes. \nWhat idiot would rent to ride every day? Owning a bike is VERY cheap.
Peace For all
Especially if you live in hot (heat strokes) areas.
Richard Rodriguez
china has millions and millions of un used share bikes in huge piles all over the place
Robert Matthews
I was in downtown San Diego last Sunday and these bikes are everywhere. Let me edit that. These bikes are everywhere there are tourists. No one is using them to commute. Tourists use them to drive along the beach and to go out to a restaurant or something. It doesn't make any sense to rent a bicycle for $5 an hour when you can buy a crummy bike like the ones they rent for a hundred bucks. It makes even less sense when you have to commute 10 or 15 miles to work and back everyday. It seems like a good idea for tourists, but not for real people.
Robert Sylvester
Chicago embraces this crap
Ronald Runge
Why not put the people that's pushing this thing on these bikes. Take there cars let them see how they like it. Just let them ride there own bikes.
Rusty Appling
They became greedy. They use my money to buy the bikes. They use my money to build the bike racks. And then charge all that money from the people. Rent the bikes yes. But $.25 a day is fine.
Sarah Ann Bates
They are full of shi* why don’t they get on the bloody bikes then.😤
Scott Bros
But one must ask; do the lunatics at city hall all ride bikes?? \nI would freak out if they all did...\nNo worry of that ever happening.👽
Sergi Krap Lies
In a city Called Sheffield in the UK the yellow OFO bike scheme has been scrapped recently, because of theft and mainly vandalism.\nIf you don't want these things, then make it unprofitable ( loss-making ) for the companies operating them.
Snow Bird
How are we suppose to shop at Costco on a bike?
Sondra Cee
Why would someone want to ride a bicycle if they have a car,they pay for car insurance for the car they buy gas for the car they do maintenance on the car, these bicycles in other states are for the homeless people, and they use the bikes and just get off the bike and let it fall down wherever they are they don't return it anywhere the bikes are all over where they're not supposed to be it's hysterical!!! The bikes are really ugly!!!
Sparkitus Maximus
Liberalism is a human failure.
Spin Apex
Dear Job Candidate, after our exhaustive 6 month search we are finally pleased to tell you that you've been selected as our new vice president of operations and that you should be able to schedule that surgery you'd mentioned your wife needed. Oh one last question though. You are able to ride a bicycle, are you not? \nWhat's that you say? You've had an inner ear and equilibrium defect since birth?\nOh. Well then. Sorry.
Star Dust
This is USA and not China, if Obama have his way only the rich can have Cars and Electric for heating and cooling..
The Opinionist High Quality Opinions
Listen, I'm with YOU all the way, but I have to tell you that here in Milano, Italy this is a HUGELY successful thing. These bikes are everywhere and you don't even have to park them in a bike rack. I'm originally from New Orleans and something like this would NEVER work!! Too hot and humid and the city is way too spread out. This Agenda 21 /2030 is horrendous, in my opinion. Thank heavens that Italy is usually behind the US, so maybe it'll take us a little bit longer to crumble completely!! Thanks very much for the video!!
Theodore Wilson
well do not give illegal Mexican drivers license
Tom A
I lived in San Diego from 1987 to 1997, people are not going to ride bikes.....BTW its better not to own the bike, because it will get stolen...Now I live in WV, the only bikes around here are Harley Davidson's LOL.
Toni Lyons
Tracey McNeel
I guess I'm an oddball? I haven't had a car of my own since 2007.
Veronica Bolanos
Where are you suppose to put your groceries, On your head? This is also what I have seen in Norfolk Va. They just rolled that out! Cant wait to see it flop. Tell em to go to hell!
bby F
And all of our kids are exactly where they want them so dumbed down they aren't even smart enough to realize or pay attention
bipola telly
it depends on the city.\nAmsterdam is a pushbike city.... LA isn't.
cam urb
Why rent when you can buy and ride forever free?
This is a worldwide U.N. agenda and force of law and gasoline + carbon taxes will be the method used to force folks out of their vehicles. The rent-a-bike scheme is common throughout Europe now and after the Dec. 2015 \
In Cali they should just install dildos on the seats
Where do these fools get this idea that things are better in Europe or other parts of the world? First of all, many of the people in other parts of the world are willing to break the law to enter OUR country. Second, Europe is not all that civilized. They are dirty, don't shower everyday, don't use deodorant and women frequently don't shave their armpits. Yet they, somehow, are doing better for the planet and we need to follow their model? No way, America sets the standard for want people truly want. Clean smelling people ;-)\n\nRegarding Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, I saw an article recently that the lake around that city is so contaminated with feces that you shouldn't even swim in it. Great, let's bring third world practices here like riding bicycles in city streets! What a fucking joke!\n\nNo thanks, I'll stick with my large SUV. It's safer, has easy access to my gun, more comfortable, keeps me dry in the rain, and keeps me cool during our 9-10 month long Florida summers. And at $2.29 a gallon, it very affordable for me; I can drive 20 miles for about $3. If spend a few hours biking 20 miles it would cost a lot more via this rental place, and I'd need to be hospitalized for heat exhaustion or might get robbed by thugs.
gerry mander
They just started them at the  lakefront area here in Milwaukee,Wi.  It's being treated more like a touristy thing.  This could never be a widespread plan cuz we have unpredictable lousy weather 9 mos out of the year.  What are people with infants and children supposed to do--strap them on their backs??  Could someone please ask those morons that question????
Good video. you've been diligent in keeping a watch on transport, and I've watched the ridiculous 2030 tiny houses.
$5 for a half-hour.. LMAO!!!
kathleen halhead
Makes sense but it’s hard to except this the goverment are greedy business people they will not allow no cars a billion dollar industry
lue lunsford
You can conform peopleso easily
where i live they have free bikes for 2 or 3 hours. even so it's not much used and only by young people. if we had to pay NO ONE would use it.
Don't worry they will just make everything so expansive that lower middle class and the poor will have no choice but to use bikes or buses.
Yes hoping in and out of Public Transit trying to get home with your ice cream dripping out of the bag. God bless.
organi holic
That's why our forefathers fled Europe now they're bringing Europe/European ways to us. \nLife is NOT always a BEACH!!\nIf we are unable to afford to buy a bike what makes you think we'll be able to rent one? That is not the plan.
They have them where I live. The racks are always full. I've seen a couple of people riding them. It's very dangerous. So easy to get hit by a bus or car. They're only good for a couple of months a year. We have extreme winters and very wet Springs. So stupid.
They tried something like this in New Orleans a while back. The program didn't even last a month. All the bikes were stolen.
sandra byzewski
This is coming from the phyco elites!
sheri wilson
Put the CORRUPT City Council MEMBERS on the BIKES FIRST-To set a good example of course. BET THEY WON'T!
ya know whats gonna happen? they will take the cars, or make them so expensive to drive people will have to give them up!!!
I live in NE Texas and would never ride a bike 175 miles to watch the Cowboys or Rangers. Who do they think we are? Pro bike riders?
The  people  have  no  idea  the  horrors that they  have in  store  for  them  because  they  did  not  stand up  to  them  many  decades  ago.  They  have  been  testing  the  people  for  a  very  long  time  as  to  how  much  they  will  take  and  they  know  that they  will  take everything that  they  throw  at  them  until  it  is  too  late  to  for     them  to do    anything  about it.
steve smith
This is insane. The only person I ever saw ride their bike to work on a regular basis was during the gas 'crisis' back in the 1970s. He was an engineer at Bell Labs, and he rigged a small gasoline engine to his 10 speed bicycle. He even had a dental mirror on his helmet so he could see behind him. LOL.
timothy montgomery
This idiotic plan has been a failure!  I have had my eyes on these rentabike stations since they began appearing around San Diego.  They have been an absolute failure!  NO ONE is renting them!  I knew the program would fail!  I'm surprised Deco-Bike didn't take the subsidy since every other green organization can't wait to feed at the trough of the tax-payer!  Just what we need, more idiots clogging the roads and sidewalks with bicycles.  The city is also spending a fortune in federal grant money to expand the bike lane program!  It won't do any good, people are not using them.  It reminds me of a \
I just started laughing and couldn't stop! \
They need to explain how we transport the elderly on bikes, take home our groceries, put baby seats on bikes, side cars for our walkers, snow tires for those in winter locations.......and on and on..... part of the Stack and Pack and all those UNUSED bike lanes taking valuable traffic lanes of the Agenda 21