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The TOP 5 KNOCKOUTS of RICKY "THE HITMAN" HATTON career. 5 excruciating knockouts from one of the greatest body punchers in boxing history. Subscribe for the latest boxing promo's, series and tributes.YOUTUBE CHANNEL:

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AB 84 #ABeast
Ask Floyd and pacman about him
Aidan Shaw
christ ricky really knewhow to rip the body:)i rem seeing him in an interview saying he loved a liver shot and wait to hear oppenent exhael and land another.he said the 2nd one was the finisher:)
Ben Levy
I used to love watching him fight!
Buenavista MPS
nice skills i like hitman hatton. offensive fighter
Bảo Lâm Hoàng
One of the hardest body puncher in the world
Chris Jonson
Watched Ricky over the years.Was never the same after costa fight.Defo world class but most of his fights in America did not look like the old hitman.Also Ricky was never a welterweight but had to fight floyd.He was well done after that.Still best body puncher ever.Very exiting boxer.
Chrly Martinez
What about pacma???hahahaha
Curtis Neilson
Hatton rose quickly and faded quickly
Davey C
Loving this top 5 series. Keep em comin.
Diego Alvarez
0:41 How Nazis swat away flies.
DvFc Scotty97
If hatton was allowed to fight on the inside against may weather it could have been a different story, pacman was just quality on top of his game
I wish mayweather was one of these lol
Hannah Caintoy
I like hatton, among all the British figther
Horacio Santiago
Fake chapion ? Inglan need A hero 😂😂😂 when he fight a real man THE PACMAN ... PACQUIAO
Hatton used to be a BEAST! I loved his relentless style!...To be honest, the Mayweather-Hatton fight(to me) was a defining moment in Mayweather's legendary career, I figured if Mayweather could win against Hatton when he was still in his prime, then no one could be Mayweather after that, and I was right, Hatton career declined and Mayweather remained undefeated and went on to boxing glory of The Best in his era!
James carrier
Thank you Ricky ! God bless bro
Jimmy C
I want Pacman and hatton part 2
Jon Hill
Ricky was a one off, exceptional talented exciting fighter and a great character outside the ring.
One of the best body punchers in the business.
Top 5 Tito, cotto, jones please
Macey Rickard
kastat tzu was his best fight
Mark Turnbull
his body punch were a different class hook your insides out instant pain
Mark Zedd
There is only one
Marky D
@2:53, almost the same technique Pacquaio used to knock him out
Mauricio MF
love your videos. Keep it up man
No disrespect to Ricky. He was an excellent fighter. But the best fighters he defeated were jsut past their primes Castillo, Kostya Tszyu. When he stepped up he was handily defeated by Pac and Mayweather. Nothing to be ashamed of. He had a brilliant career but there's only a few fighters allowed at the mountaintop.
Nij w
100% british boxing legend
Paddy Murphy
The monumental outpour of utter rubbish from these idiotic droning British commentators evidently was firmly believed by two entities........Great Britain and that stiff Ricky Hatton......neither were relevant. This twit was incapable of defending himself.
Pele Pele
He beated Kostya Tszu because he was using steroids and other doping staff which is unfair. But when he started fighting with real boxers he showed that he was nothing but a piece of shit like those fighters he faced in the UK.
Prof Doc
Castillo what a QUITTER! He turns around, walks away, thinks about it, crumples and stays down. No doubt killed a 12 pack of Tecate in the dressing room...
RVN García
Juan Manuel Marquez (Mex) Hubiera hecho pedazo a Hatton
Rey-J Monje
he got no legs..
Hatton's left hook to the body was no joke
He's decent for a Brit... LOL
Sergio Alanis
Canelos big brother!
Shakka Khan
Hatton reminded me a lot of a young Duran. Always coming forward applying the pressure and hitting hard.
HIT-MAN HA-TTON *clapclapclap*\nHIT-MAN HA-TTON *clapclapclap*
Tank M
Hey Editinking, can you do a video of the best feints in boxing? I think it would be a good idea to see skill in something other than knockouts
Ulises Riko
The best chanel of boxing
William Ortiz
Miguel cotto destroy hatton by the five round no challenge for cotto
Zizou Zidane
the only knockout he'll be remembered with is when mayweather made him miss and knocked him out the same TBE!!!!
alz solyz
Britton manggud...
Hatton recklessly lumbers in at 2:23, hands down, chin out and with absolutely no regard for defense. Works just fine with tomato cans/limited opponents, but the minute he stepped up in class, he was completely exposed.\n\nHis trainer should have been lynched for such an oversight. 101 in boxing is \
Hitman a class act. I was heart broken when Pacman dropped him... Still a great champion.
gsxr 1000
Christ I've just done the biggest fart ever!
mawar berduri
Hatton receh
miguel martinez
Nice bodyshots
0:45 that is one hard body shot you can see his entire body jar with it's impact