🔴 Soldiers Coming Home Surprise Compilation 63

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Soldiers return home from deployment to surprise their families and pets in this heartwarming compilation.Welcome Home Soldiers!Soldiers Homecoming Compilation 62

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I was doing okay until the end. The \
A Lozzy
For anyone who's parents or siblings have died I literally have mad respect for you just seeing all these soldiers come home and go the people who don't get to see there family come home actually is heartbreaking
it's 1AM on a school night and I'm binge watching soldiers homecoming videos
Abraziax ॐ
How can there be a dislike?
So the last one got me. (^_^)
Amanda Nikole
Watching these at work isn't a good idea.. Lol but I love them. Thank you for your service Soldiers!
Ana Gonzales
I wish this could happen to me ..........but he is never coming home😥😥😥😥
Angel Manon
The last one had me mad because my teacher would never let me run in the hallway like that.
AnnaSie Happiness
that last girl omg! lost it xxx
Anojan Nathan
Ashley Nicole Payne
The one where the girl was on the floor crying made me burst into tears.
Boua Sangare
nice beautiful
Britnee Morris
okay whose cutting onions
Caitlyn_slimes 101
Cari Lorenz
the last one omg 💜 bawling like baby
Casie Kirch
This stuff always makes me cry
Courtney Davis
My mom kicked me out the house..it was flooded with my tears
Dahomivic 93
I cried over the last one
Dat boi Gameing
Last was the biggest one
held on with out crying through out the video but the last one got me dammit
Duty James
wow just wow
Emily Denise
so sade that i cride 😰
I cry for 13:59 minutes
Felicia Amos
4:23 Made Me Cry Soooooo Hard 😭😥
Follow Your Dreams, Go Back to Bed
Enough to make a grown man cry
you cropped him in 😅
Geiziel souza
Putz .. impossível não chorar .. isso nos torna mais humanos !
I came home to my girlfriend from the army and i kisst her she was like who are you i turnt the light on she just was so happy
Immortal King Productions
That last one made me 😂
Ivette Martinez
Oh my gosh that last one.
Jocelyn Matos
love these stories touch my heart.
Joe Tolo
That last one! 😭 That moment of realization. Such a beautiful reunion!
Johnathan Hill
Daddy are you here, made me cry
Julian Valenti
Thank you for serving, soldiers!
Just Sayin
12:44 Bruh. That nerd kid trying to solve the puzzle on the white board
Kacia Parkes
These things make me cry 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Kay Mart
I was good until that last one....darn it 😭😭😭😭
why do i watch these right after i've put on eye makeup
Kevin Serpas
who put these bowl of onions here?
Kimberlin Salmon
welcome home guys
Kirsten Hoppins
i love the boy how he went up to his dad while he was still chewing his food hahaha so adorable. i had to pause and comment.
Kyro Raj
Those 800 dislikes are iranians
Oh man. Straight up sobbing with that last one!
God 13:30 got me, the little girl followed by her class running down the hall screaming Daddy I'm coming, as if he'd leave again. Made my eyes rain.
Lil Bitty Whores
My mom started cutting onions when the last one started
Madprofessor Phd
00:47 Lady is like \
Madysen Smith
The one at 8:42 made me start balling like a baby
Marie Grover
can somebody tell the girl and her dad to please give me back my heart
Melissa R
I never cried because of a YouTube video\nI never did, never, never\nuntil this one, that last one😭 so cute and beautiful at the same time\n\nI don't think this will happen, but I really hope something. the sister of a classmate of me, I know his sister as well, is in her final year of school at my school. Her dad is in the Dutch army, but won't be home when she (hopefully) graduates. I would wish him being there and something like this happens there too, because it's such an important, beautiful moment when people graduate.
Michael Waßeige
wellcome back boys and girls. and thank you for paece. merry christmas from germany
Milagros Barrera
Daddy and feathers got me tearing.
Niambi Davis
the last one got me real good
Petinani Fale
I cry a little bitt
Philip R
10:12 - the younger girl takes the older girl's hand so they can reach Dad together. Now that, my friends, was a magic moment. Family togetherness at its finest.
Puree G
This is what happiness actually looks like
So many onions here
Rxplayz RipX
Who ever disliked this video has no heart for our soldiers. They fight and serve this country well. They disserve all the respect possible. Do you know how it feels to have some one leave for a while? My brother left yesterday. I already miss him ALOT. He is going to Missouri for boot camp. Then Oklahoma. I already cryed over 30 times. People have no heart. Here is my question.. why go on a video and dislike it? Because you have no life so this is the only thing you can do? ≤- Fax
Ryan Famisaran
this video made me cry. i really miss my mom ,even she's not a soldier
Sagala Raja
the last one makey tears out
Sarah Barton
Where's that darn onion cutting ninja
Shelia Lynn
Please pass the Kleenex,(sniff, sniff).
Stephanie Cutts
first one. i cried\nsecond one. i cried\nthird one. i cried\nand so on so forth
Steven Phipps
I cry every time I see these. Imagine how the world would be if we would treat our family like this every time they walked through our door.
Summer Widmer
Cried like a baby on that last one.
Tracy Walker
They all make me tear up but that last one got me crying
Tyler Weatherall
my daddy is a Navy seal he is coming home in a 1year
Victoria Jackson
God dammit eyes stop betraying me ! 4:32 😭😭
the ending was special for that young girl, that brought me to my tears :'(
Warrior Cats
I'm gonna be a soldier
3:18 lol that guy bump into the woman and she screamed lol
Wynter Skies
Zirie Benton III
Lol that last one. Someone said take your stuff and she practically threw that shit down. I would've done that too in such a moment of joy and excitement.
Ninjas are in my room. They are furiously chopping onions. Someday I will find them, but at this time, I am having trouble seeing. Someday ninjas..... someday.
adam mukhtar
I am a very motional person all of it make me sher tiers
amythria Wheeler
is it bad that I don't even smile at these am I cold hearted
Last time I watch one of these while putting on makeup.
crazy peach
Whoever the uploader is, I know it's not many comments on here like this, but delete the comments from people who are disrespecting our soldiers. Flag the comments like that, there's one below, you'll know it when you see it. Don't give those cowards a voice.
I'm in the feels section of youtube again god dammit
These videos are so heart wrenching
eric mcmillen
I crying I'm so bad at the end 😭😭😭😭
iron psycho
holy...crap , alot of them got me. more than i expected
jack hunter
wow i just love the vidieos......but my dad did not come home alive...hellman prov took him ...still miss him....yup
jason raj
my loved 1 is guin to sarawak fr 5yrs im guin to miss u hope ur safe thr my dear.. i saw tis vedio i cant stop my tears frm ur loved one nisha love u ck..
jenn mo
these damn onions...😂
joel arrascue
I don't know why...but my eyes are tearing up big time
You cropped him in!! 😂
soccer brothers!!!
It made me cry😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥
I'm missing my brother so much right now. Why am I doing this to myself.
t-j morgan
o God the last part make me cry 😢😭😭😢😢😢😢😢
thats.my.sandwich ._.
11:31 The dog is like,\
torson kifer
Estos soldados son también victimas de gobiernos corruptos imperialistas que los mandan a guerras provocadas por ellos mismos como es el caso del gobierno corrupto de USA estos soldados siguen ordenes de maniáticos corruptos políticos. ESTO NO DEBERÍA OCURRIR.
vAllie K
veronica Zv
Yo pase por eso y están lindo qda en un lindo recuerdo ahora ya no tengo novio militar pero fue lindo mientras duro 05 12 2018 es hoy
wendy montano
That video make me cry
The last one got me good
im crying so hard
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