Ricky Hatton public workout

See how Ricky Hatton went through his paces ahead of his comeback fight against Vyacheslav Senchenko.

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Regresa. Ricky
Benjamin Oconnor
excellent coaching. great passion from bob. great work.
Christopher Jennings
Diesel Muay Thai System
Where can you buy a body protector, like the one his coach is using?
George May
Working out to Oasis... what a geezer
Hatton BoxingTV
Jessada Stevenson
Hattons the only person to give mayweather problems since castillo
Johnny Cage
Josh Ashton
Unbelievable. Hatton is still the most entertaining fighter of my generation to this day
Hatton was such a joy to watch. Ledge
Ricky's a leg but hat off to the trainer!
Krishan Patel
One of a kind
Matt Ware
quality boxer the true peoples champion ...
Phil Brown
He sounds like a fell terrier, when it knows the Fox is down the hole yap yap yaaaap
Raul Mata
I mexican Ricky ,hatton is the BEST un your time
Reverent Bolts
There's only one Ricky Hatton !!
Romero P.
Crazy! how much weight he gains and looses during fight intervals...
Star Lord
no matter what that is one Bad man right there out of shape or in shape
His trainer must have tough hands if he trains his fighters using gloves to hit instead of using hand pads.
andrew hulme
read his book.............if ur a proper fan
bo staff
i read his book and i just love the guy watching him box got me back into boxing i could listen to him all day one of my favourite boxers along with nigel Benn
i love how. he screams .looks like a mad pitbull
g block
I bet he cums prematurely
Absolute legend !
so proud of ricky and where he came from. gives me inspiration to beat my own demons. here he looked good, but on the night it just wasn't there anymore. difficult opponent to come back against but i think you have to say that the old ricky hatton would have stopped senchenko when he had him hurt, but this does nothing to ruin ricky's career. fantastic legacy. britains finest.
He drops his trainer !!!