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should be able to do what you want on your own property
Afi James
This is yet another reason why I want to get the U.S. out of the U.N. and the U.N. out of the United States.
Al T
Did I hear him correct?? They are going to pack the most dense in the flood zone????
Alex T
I know what they're trying to do, the people that own acreage around that area are the ones that they are trying to get out. They can't take the land away from them so what you do is you drop a load of houses in that area and raise the property taxes. I know that one lady said that she own 40 acres so she would be paying a lot more than say someone owning a quarter of an acre. They are going to force you out with high taxes and traffic nightmares and the only ones that you'll be able to sell your property to is Developers. Who in their right mind would want to live in that mess.
Thanks for recording this insanity
Billy Graham
A woman is worried about traffic -- she doesn't know that \
The Politicians know whats best for you.
Danger Crow farts
Take your metro planning and hit the road nobody wants to live in a goddamn tuna can
Darren Espiritu
I am very encouraged by this huge outpouring of taxpaying residents standing up in strong opposition to this deceptive plan.
Darth Xero
Agenda 21 is why they are using HAARP to create all these storms. They are using disaster in targeted are as for a massive UN land grab under sustainable development. Fight this crap, this kind of shit is what the bundy and hammond militias were fighting too
David Sanchez
It's amazing to see!!! No matter what these home owners say these vultures are not listening!! It infuriates me to see this weasel standing up there and slithering his way out of questions. They clearly already have an agenda. Almost seems like this was all planned out.
Dennis Love
Look here's the bottom line you people in California need to wake up there going to take your land whether it's fake wildfires and burning you down into these zones they want you in just like Grind All 61 it's been saying so long or they're going to wall you in or they're going to raise your taxes or limit your resources and to you're so miserable and can't afford to live in your house if you don't have to move into a stack of back it's so easy to see this is a one-world socialist government setting up That's why nothing I say makes any sense they know that they just want you to be stupid and go along with it and that's that this has nothing to do with conservation this has everything to do with hiding behind the green mask this is so easy to see it's time that you people in California start spreading the word Grind All 61 watch it live it breathe it
Dicky Dunn
Tell city planners if they lie to the public about development and traffic gridlock. they will be put in front of a firing squad and shot dead. Then see if they still want to push their plan.
Donna Flowers
This is why California was burnt up, to be able to do this very thing! The builders could care less, it's all about the $$$
Donna Griffith
This guy is a snake
Freedom First
This presenter is a limey snake
Freedom Noey
They want to stack and pack for the money!\n#NOMOREUN
Giovani Strong
The people need to start fighting tooth and nail locally against the treasonous filth running their towns . Patriots educate your neighbors , run for office , fight them in the courts and take your towns, states and country back . \nReply
agenda 21 and the demise of the american citizen. these people who go along with this will pay
if people cannot wake up now to the lies and deception that has been going on for so long, they ever will. wildfires that burn down houses but trees still stand??? mmmmm
INFOWIND New news and commentary
A perfect example we give often when educating the public about powers that seek to integrate and control us. When ash trays somehow disappeared out of automobiles, gradually wild fires increased. Now they want to control you, make you feel guilty about people needing housing.....where do these people come from? 10 thousand new people ? Who are they? Cause and affect.
It's Me
The fires were ignited to move people out their homes
Adding 10,000 people, \
Research Agenda 21.......know their long term plan....stand your ground or leave California.....fight like hell
The sad thing is, they will do what they want.. These meetings mean nothing. I know. We fought for NO Apartments behind out home for 4 ys... but they are building them now.. Only thing we could do is MOVE and we did.
Vote them out
James Nasium
they want to Steal your Property...they ALL, get a Kickback over it !!!
Jane Winkles
Where is Trumps voice AGAINST THIS MOVE TO STEEL and place people in the type of homes that the communists used to build God Helpthe west with this corrupt AGENDA 21 / 2030
Wow....... it over
Jhere McKenzie
Sounds like \
They don't care what you think they are telling you what's going to happen people, Agenda 21 means personal choice is coming to an end!
Joyce Crumley
your going to walk. no cars.
Judann Pec
Who is leading the side of gvmt and developers agaisnt the home owners? Wish it was posted. Just like 9-11 Hang in there house owner. They cut a slice out of your life intentionally as only a laser can do. You should be demanding an investigation into the weapon used to kill people into ash in their own Homes and many people saw blue flashes. Why are you not asking about that?. Your are dealing with the devil, and don't cave it, stay united. Get it in writing and talk to your attorneys.
Katie Marie
WHY would the build 3800 HOMES IN A FLOOD BASIN? what happens when it floods? This is good though. Seems people are rolling outta bed & present! This energy will hopefully keep spreading. H
Ken Reyes
Great ! You guys out west are showing us all how it should be done ! God bless you all ! PS. I'm a Puerto Rican American Citizen and I want every illegal out of our country along with all Agenda 2030 traitors !
Kimberly Thibodeaux
I totally understand not wanting to leave your homes but what you need to understand is if you don't willingly go , they will burn you guys out. Look at coffee park. Really look into it.
do not let them win. take out a lawsuit against this NOW!!!!
Latonya McCAIN
They caught him lying and the plan does stinks we in Florida we stopped a plan similar to this we threaten to stop everything and they didn't build
Lisa Zurek
That sounds like a low income housing project to me.
Lizie Lue
That guy holding the mike looks like a deer caught in the headlights!!
Lloyd Woodward
You are just see something that has been years in the making, billions of dollars already spent to screw you over, these talks ,JUST TALK !
Louie Ireland
Trump needs to come clean the swamp in california. I think your doing an awesome job. You should be apolitician for ca.
This guy was doing what ya call 'talkin' out of both sides of his mouth'. Go get him, land owners!
Michael Thomas
He said an average 3 per household.\nHispanics can fit 13 in a mazda miata ..\nHe said 3 in one house.\nMakes me laugh.\n--- a two bedroom house , illegals can fit a good 22-24 and be comfortable...
Mrs S
My gosh if this doesn't awaken the herd, nothing will.
NPC # 26094
Sue their asses, immediately. It won't stop here. Read Rosa Koire's \
Nadrolob The orc wench
These people are fighting a loosing battle, and there is also a karmatic factor at play here. The decision has already been made. They WILL be living on a government built city reservation, like it or not. Doesn't feel good, does it.
Nancy Peterson
They are not fighting hard enough where's the petitions? Where are fund raisers?? To hire attorneys to help fight?? They better unite quickly and organize to save their land and homes. Good luck to all of you!!
Nita Mayfield
They already have hundred of NGO's (Non Governmental Organizations) in every city, county and state to implement Agenda 21/2030.\nAll the while they are spraying us from above with chemtrails to kill the sun, our food and our water.\nAll comments made without prejudice and all natural law rights reserved.
It seems to me the fires were for a reason to clear the land for micro housing in the new world order of things.
Paulie Paparazzo
How did this guy get to walk out on his own two feet? You pull this shit in the heartland.The Army Reserves better be there. Oops I forgot, Chicago wants the UN to control their City.
Raina Baecere
You can tell they’ve been taught how to talk to people to make it sound all good...they use tested key words. Do you notice that?
Raymund Brown
This very scenario is playing out here in Cleveland, TN and I would venture to say is happening all over the country. Such a sad thing to see and hear. It all comes down to greed and a desire to control the masses...
Rick Higson
California is nuts!
Robin Devellen
The real problem here is that all these boards the zoning boards the city councils, are all Inc. And the public has absolutely no say whatsoever. They let you get up there and rant for a few minutes but you can't change anything. They've got their plan set and it's been set that way quite a while.
Ron Ronson
This is some amazing shit.... it never never seems to stop....Americans are being attacked on all fronts .... God Bless These Good People
Salvatore Mundi
These county presentations are very structured to give the story attorneys have established to \
Sharon Monaco
Don't let this happen folks!
Shieena Living Waters
OMG- There won't be traffic jams because they want to take away cars. I can't believe no one is there who knows about Agenda21.
Stacy Elam
THE SMELL OF CORRUPTION . Southern California needs to drain the Swamp. These SKAG Zombies are Bought and Paid For. I bet they'll all have Country Homes waiting for them. I wouldn't put it past these Zombies to put Schools and Shopping in the same High Rises . I hope to God they don't try this crazy shit in N. California.
Steve Ryan
Those pesky central-planning control freaks. Funny how this same crap is happening all over the place, isn't it?
Fight this all the way, no more building . Tell them no . It's your tax money, your neighborhood.
I live in West LA and even I know that this entire situation is complete bullshit...everyone knows the fires were started on purpose to cause this. Unfortunately the best thing I heard in this entire video was one female commenting off-screen that \
The UnSeen, Seen
Is China moving over here? I hear they own us with all the bonds they own!!
Thsinger Thsinger
This guy has not one single answer to one question. He is fobbing these people off while pretending he is giving them a voice. These people are either wittingly or unwittingly implementing Agenda 21 and it’s being funded by the UN funnelling money to the fed government and them making trillions of dollars in grants available to local councils who then pay sole contractors to to develop these already designed plans. They don’t care what the people want and this is painful to watch because of that.
Tim Osmond
3800 units, 2 cars per household, 7600 more cars in a highly congested area, Agenda 21 at its finest
Tony R
Tar and Feathers, that's all I have to say.
Bill Gates is building a smart city in Az. Here we go.
bc Florida trails
bottom line is land and money and they want control of both, once they own all the land you're done for, the laws and regulations will fallow and soon after you'll be paying them about every little thing they and you could imagine.
c s
Man you will all be wearing jumpers and eating solent green. There will be no cars you will have tread mill roads. Chinese will force you into labor groups. Your children will be placed in observatories. You can watch them but not interact. everyone will be sterilized except for the breeders. locked in your rooms at night staring at a screen. unable to think a thought of your own. Globalism got to love it! at least he will have a pocket full of cash lol! Dont worry anyone over 40 will be euthanized! At least you can choose your gender thou. TAR AND FEATHER THIS MOTHER FUCKER BEFORE HE KILLS YOU!
Lady there will be no traffic jams when they take our cars away and makes us take the tram.
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james williams
janet alvarez
Talk all you want, they are going to screw you. Fact, this will go to other cities, towns and American homes
America defaulted on a loan with China and now they own California, Hawaii, and prey bought our flood areas of Texas which fema deliberately flooded. They plan to turn us into a 3rd world country. This why California is burning. Y'all have to sue collectively and don't sell your land China is buying it up through 3rd parties.
...’breaking up into small groups’, etc...?....folks, “Delphi Technique” is being used in these meetings...look it up........their agenda 21 plans will be crammed down your throats if people don’t wake up and stop it....stand together against them...
nicole fedora
I'm an architect, I build single family homes and I'm going to stick with that. i do not want to be apart of coffin apartments agenda 21 and all of this madness. Look here are the elitists barging in and taking people off their lands and packing them in like sardines. We need to stop this madness.
oh yeah USA
They are trying to cone them. I smell she from my house. And I live two states over.
Some people committed attempted murder, and murder, and many people need justice. Those were no ordinary fires, and the people should never buy it as such! It was a direct and successful attack! So much so, I can't even watch this! It's all lies and deceit and manipulation of people/property!
They are going to do what they want regardless of what homeowners want. These meetings are just to diffuse the anger by giving the illusion that their opinions matter. This is coming from an international agenda.
sherrie gibson
Isn't it great when the residents are far more aware than those attempting to screw them are prepared for. People are waking up and speaking out, excellent to see!
sir robert
commie govt
Santa Rosa, CA, inferno, Flint, MI lead poisoning, it's all part of being Agenda 21ed. May they all crash and burn.
is it still called 'agenda 21', or have they called it something else,-they never wanna let anyone know anything,do they
Where will the next fire be? They are taking addresses now lol.
Amazing how these con men will sell the people out for enough money. Must be Judas' descendants. (Rat bastards)
Agenda 21 that’s what this is all about.
Those SLIMY, money-grubbing (aged) soy boys want to make their $$$ and leave a ravaged community behind!!!