Céline Dion - Just Walk Away (Lyric Video)

Hey everyone I decided to create a lyric video with this song because I noticed that there were not any on YouTube.. Anyway, it is an amazing song of Céline Dion and I really love it!I actually hope you will like it and I urge that you rate, like, subscribe or comment speaking frankly! Thank you!Warning:***I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING***

Dion Just away walk Céline

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Anyone else in the bed listening to this and feeling the music so deeply
Agustin Urbina
Is just like I'm feeling right now!\nCeline, BRAVO!!
Aireen Ismael
yes!!! my very favorite.... this song yaaaahooo.......!¡!!!!
Aku Randelin
One of my Top3. Ever. And that list is not short...
Ana McManus
very sad song ...tears on my face
Anelia Ramkissoon
Lord you know how hard I'm trying....feeling like I'm not gonna get over this 😢😢😢
I love this, but Josh Groban singing Spanish version \
Benino Martinus Sidi
Beautifull Song. A Masterpiece From Celine Dion.. i love this song very much... Bravo Celine..
Boufagher Wahid
It takes you to the second world
Catherine Deniz-Dominguez
Like si tu aimes et si tout comme moi tu ecoutes cette musique en 2018...musique inoubliable...
Chris Hogan
Beautiful song celine s a fantastic singer the best
Corina aurelia
i can forget you to go on....i want just to be with you ,nothing more!
Is it hers originally ???
Effie efi
dont let my life be as it was before....
Egbunike Andrew
i got speechless after listening i had to stop driving on the road
Elen Calumpiano
omg!!! hearing this song make me wanna cry. why i only hear this now? i love Celine..
Eliana Freitas
Ai ai essa Celine Dion canta muito
Elizabeth Lipiecki
Beautiful lyrics - love this song!!
Hime Hina
Hüma Erbörü
This song was my mother's favourite, as my father told me. She passed away when I was 4, and what I really like anout this song is that somehow I find the words right when I miss her. Today is the anniversary of her death. Rest in peace mum, I love you.
Iwona Møller
dokladnie 50 lat minelo i wciaz zaluje ze ciebie przez glupote stracilam... \u003c3
Iñaki Etxeberria Labayen
celine dion´s best song ever
Jacqueline J Robyntjies
Love this song one of the best
Jan Caffrey
Joseph Joseph
Joshua Gacusan
really love this song thanks
Ken B
why do we fall for the one we can never have, just wasn't meant to be ?? then there's a beacon of hope somewhere there just have to be!!!! Better to have loved and lost , than to never have loved at all
Lotta moberg
Am crying.......my life just now
Margita Kabeck
this song made me cry , very nice brawo Seline , love you
Markus Felber
I need this kind of pop music back at the top of the charts. Seriously, what is happening? 🤷🏼\u200d♂️
Marry Sim
Martynas Trapas
So ist die Stimme,bravo Celine Dion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Megi Mariska Swandari
Just don't walk away from me... Because I can't walk away from you....\nNo matter what happened and what will be happened...\nI believe that our love is too strong to be broken ....
Mia the dreamer
Time for you to walk away from me.. 😞
Missy Manalang
i love this song ....for my Mi Amor....
Murat Beton
only want to say how much i loved my all loves which i lost in the past ...
My Allado
My hearts bleed,my eyes cried,my world ends,my hero,my baby,my bro,my Dad,my tall,dark,and handsome,bestfriend,u always in my heart..
beautiful lyrics with amazing voice....love u celine
Nicholas Caley
This is one of the few singers that moves the very core of me, such range, such control, such passion, I love Celine Dion's voice, Beautiful
Nicola Mcgovern
love her fantastic singer xxxx
Nikolas Geci
so nice to hear that song beautiful
Princess Diana & The Royal Family
🦋 💙💙💙
Rachel Paine
Josh Groban also did a beautiful Spanish version of this song: Alejate! So amazing, both versions!:)
Rajiv Dhall
Ramy Haj Mousa
Great singer
Ranim Ismail
Shit.. I shouldnt have listened to that now..... Strikes me Right in the bullseye of my heart :(
Rawa Rauf
I am here because of (Ice World) Jdrama, this song is just amazing.
Reynald Bajo
I can't forget u 😩
Rita Reitano
Bellissima emozionante
Sara jojo
Ho take dislike...is krazy..😶😶😶😶!!!
Sari Ecm
sher shon
Seetal Boodram
Great Singer
Stefan Van Don
Love this song
Susan Karambelas
So extrodinary Wonderful
Susan M.
He did walk away
Svetlana Todorov
Szi Mari
Thank you!!!!!
I just walk away now, i am in that position😔 Is just a life, yeah.
Tiffany Koh
I can't hold back my tears anymore... They are words the heart can't say...
Veronica Ligaliga
Celine all the way....love your songs girlfriend \u003c3
Yevgen Skrypnyk
просто обалдеть как здорово!!!!!
Emotional !!\nThanks dear.
For the first time i have heard this song in a Japanese dorama. It was a part of OST. Very beautiful, haunting and very-very sad
aileen wilson
this song means a lot 2 me as my young cousin requested this song 4 his funeral and little did we know he would hav been murdered 2yrs later x celine is brilliantxxx
ashok das
It's ecstasy
dato Metreveli
I love this song
ella Banag
i love this song,just walk a way
ella angel
I walked away for a good reason!! There will be no more pain,there is to many lies in you and lots of fake promises and I couldn't lives with you anymore.\n\nI know I never loved this way before and no one else has loved me more.With you I've laughed and cried I have lived and died what I wouldnt do just to be with you. I know I must forget you to go on I cant hold back my tears to long\nThough life wont be the same \nI dont know how to let you go but I will find find the strength I need to let you go,closed the door and never turn back you may see me cries \n\nFor am strong I can face tomorrow \n\n
Just walk away ......
farsal rm
takes every bit of strength u hve to act \
jim asimakopoulos
what's the name of the most romantic girl? ALEKA
Χριστινα 014τελοιο τραγουδι😰
market lauret
Love this song
He was never really mine. All the lies. They finally make sense, Why did I fall in love with someone who wont ever be mine
murat ber
4:07 miracle begins
noeno noe
awesome sadness song
octa aza
good song..!!
pampalini pamp
Just Walk Away
patricia parchment
wish walking is as easy as that
peggyann ang
My all time favourite. feeling sad when I listen to this lovely song..
sue carrigan
I already have, you know when the right time comes, and this is the time
susan robo
love this so much......its so me......thats for sure ive said goodbye twice in my life....but only one meant the world to me.....and will always mean the world to me no matter how old i get....i dont mind dying alone...as long as it stops my heart from being broken.....cant do it again.....so il just walk away...and say goodbyeeeee
vera veruta
i love celine for this song !!i feel it very!!
wissam sooma
I know I never loved this way before\nAnd no one else has loved me more\nWith you I've laughed and cried\nI have lived and died\nWhat I wouldn't do just to be with you\n\nI know I must forget you and go on\nI can't hold back my tears too long\nThough life won't be the same\nI've got to take the blame\nAnd find the strength I need to let you go\n\nJust walk away\nJust say goodbye\nDon't turn around now you may see me cry\nI mustn't fall apart\nOr show my broken heart\nOr the love I feel for you\n\nSo walk away\nAnd close the door\nAnd let my life be as it was before\nAnd I'll never never know\nJust how I let you go\nBut there's nothing left to say\nJust walk away\n\nThere'll never be a moment I'll regret\nI've loved you since the day we met\nFor all the love you gave\nAnd all the love we made\nI know I've got to find the strength to say\n\nJust walk away\nJust say goodbye\nDon't turn around now you may see me cry\nI mustn't fall apart\nOr show my broken heart\nOr the love I feel for you\n\nSo walk away\nAnd close the door\nAnd let my life be as it was before\nAnd I'll never never know\nJust how I let you go\nBut there's nothing left to say\nJust walk away
zahra_ jabbar
I loove this amazing song
İlteber Hanok
very good and sad.I from Turkia hi world :D
Touching heart this song for those who loved someone ! ❤️
I love this song\nやっと見つけた❗