Soul eater AMV - hunting for witches

Update 11/04/08. V2 is up Link below.This is my first AMV, please leave comments and rate it.Series is Soul eater.Music is a remix of hunting for witches by bloc party. Fury 666 is the mixer.

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Not sure about this remix.
A Cool Name
00:00 - 01:05\nBest part -my opinion
Ad Libitum
i really like it. You live the music
Alejandro Acuña
Anti Noble
prof oak?
Ashkon Hojati
Prof. Oak: Are you a boy or a girl?\nCrona: *presses L + R*\nProf. Oak: Ahhh.... So you are a Hideyoshi, correct?
i will definetely come back to this video just to check the comment chain lol.
Barbara Christensen
I can listen to it over and over again!!!
Béla Görgen
Do u know the song writer& editor?
Circus Cutie
Connor Pool
Crona is a hermaphrodite its been confirmed since he was created magically he has no gender
Copher Martian
Bloc Party I'm a fan of most of your songs including hunting for witches... But you guys should hear this remix
Dankie Frankie
Cool totally fits Docter Stien!
Denzel Silver
\nI was falling asleep when I first sall crona so I he was a she at first
I actually like this mix better than the original. Been so long since I heard it last though.
Felix Andresen
I Love Soul Eater
Fildo Daggins
Over a decade now!
Friedrich Gutenberg
Crona is not gender less. He's a new gender.
Gerald Lightseeker
Grimm Rose
This is an awesome amv luv the song an the clip, So addicted to that beat (repeat x10)
Crona Is addressed as female in the manga and male in the anime because they didn't want the character to have any type of specific gender. So in a way Crona is \
Kaito Shion
At petco with my dog
you're not alone
Kevin Fleming
Prof oak: Are you a boy or girl ? \nCrona: I am kira.
Kikido Shinato
in the manga crona is a girl in the anime a boy don't know why though lol
5 is a better number and Kid is dumb.
... And then Crona murders Prof. Oak brutally.
Lou Lai
haha hell yeahh
Maruko McCafferty
this is amazing  both song and video
Maver Juegos
God I can't believe it.....EVEN CRAONA\
fuking sick  intro voice of this singer dont like it
This is awesome
In japan, the have a pronoun much like he or she, but it is gender neutral. It does not translate into english properly, so \
Ray None
A lot of people say BlackStar's eyes are black or blue, they NEED to see that first picture cause clearly it's BlackStar. Thank you for reading my rant.
Robert Warnecke
why would you destroy the originial with this bs
Samantha Seabolt
Love the music & action pieces.
Shadow Spirit
hehe YAY im not the only one that want to hunt witches
Spike Killer
I think that Crona is a girl, because Crona looks like a boy to me, but he's a character that seems like Crona would be the opposite gender of what he/she looks like
No 88888888
Tobias Maßar
Tristan Smith
but Blair isn't a witch
Truly Blurred
EPIC 데ㅑㅊ
I think corona is a girl because of the fight between black star and corona and in the fight between stein and medusa said she is my child
[ ]
abdulziz faaruk
one of the best AMV-es i've ever seen...
annie Bibilashvili
awesome! :3
yes it is
deathcityhma atkisson
bomb box
No one knows crona's gender because depending on who translated it to English they pick his/her
gaven aerts
0:11 - 0:21 the animation looks so real
haider saad
the veiws must be 888k not777k..7ISNT SEMMETRYCAL
WRONG, its like:\n\nProf oak: Are you a boy or a girl?\n\nCrona: I, uh, well\n\nRagnarok: SHUT UP OLD MAN! *punches*
kenzie h
love this anime great job on the amv:) 
By putting a line sideways through the 8s and 0s in one go (a line of symmetry) . It is indeed symmetrical
Crona is a it manga came first and it said crona is a it
who sings this?
laura paola castro diaz
Dude, my respect, im talking literally when i say this is one of the best AMV i have ever seen.
mike keenan
Bad ass, I love stein
NOOOOO. It's like this: Prof oak: Are you a boy or girl? Crona: I am neither, I am not crona. I am potaetoe
mind assassin
888000? NO!\n\n888888!
mollie turner
my favourite number is 8, wont kid be overjoyed?
moris ghost
song is crystal castles - hunting for witches, I think this mix is better dan da song
shadowstar darkstar
I want the original song lol
takuya's mole and xiumin's ah hoo
love it*__*
zero1wolf 16
soul eater :)