Lets peep this out! - Save the Squirrels Initiative

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In this video we do some observational experiments that lead us down a rabbit's hole. hahaha just a little play-on-words for ya! I dont even know what sort of hole it is. Either way, thank you so much for your love. I will try to not let you dubstep-sons and daughters. btw you little RATS, i know how to use a screen recorder, I AINT NO NOOBIE XD*ANLYZING IN BACKGROUND (STEP 1 OF 2)* __SUBSCRIBE ► _

Let's peep thi... USB camera android camera borescope burrow endoscope ground squirrel habitat idubbbztv2 observation squirrel squirrel den wildlife

Alex Quaesar
Amazon box squirrels.
Analysing background xd
An Evil Box
Come Back Idubbz
wanna see more of the stick cam
Bashful Inky
Uhhhh Content Cop on Logan Paul??
Content Cop them squirrels boi
Ben Dawes
You could be a stand up comedian.
Brødhi Hallen
Use obs to record you're computer screen
Bubba Sr
It’d be faster if you just put the hose in the squirrel hole and turned it on. The ones that lived would deserve to live and the ones who don’t live, well that’s just natural selection. And to ensure the ones who lived don’t come back, just fill the damn thing in.
Cade Carlson
Idubbbz the science guy
Cause Ziv
The squirrel looks like ricegum
Buy used endoscope on ebay, put in mouth. Thanks Ian
Da DarkBoss
Hey keemy
Daddy Donald
David Attenborough would be pleased
U and max have gay together?
Drew peacock
I missed those squirrels man.
Elijah Leavins
0:27 when that image pops into your head
why is idubbbz actually so attractive
Just tape it to a stick so that you can actually push the camera in
GD Syrinn
Man, these squirrels, I haven’t seen them these healthy in years! Do you feed them extra hard nuts? It’s very healthy Mr. Snack Dubbbz
Get oofed
I got an indoscopi I watched this vid they put a camera down my throat
How about instead of putting your camera up to the laptop screen like a 2008 let's player you record the screen with OBS or something while you handle putting the camera in the hole.
God I need a break
*_truly magnificent_*
Pretty sure you can record video with that you just have to click the video option in the bottom left corner of photo booth.
Holy Water
Your soooo hot to bad your to old for me 😭😍😘😫
I like to believe that after he puts the scope in his mouth, that the next shot of the ground is what is actually inside his body.
Ippei Morita
You need to post more of this series more often
you know that camera went up a butt shortly after this video was made
Isabella Love
He has beautiful teath c:
James Alexander
Idubbbz catches Squirrels, not L's
Jared Grillo
this is nuts
Kat. A
My favourite series on youtube
I can't wait for Keem to lose his shit on Baited again because you're catching squirrels instead of making content about your personal life for the internet to criticize lol
idubbz captures and releases squirrels, meanwhile jakepaul tasers rats and suffocates fish. \n\nBOY I WONDER WHY NO ONE LIKES HIM!
Lexy Luna
It's like watching a man slowly descend into madness and I'm totally okay with it
Nice shirt.
Memes And More
I love this and I don’t know why
Mr Grinder
Bro new SUB!!!
Mr Yeet 53
Flood the holes
This is the quality content I subscribed for
Nevaeh Middleton
No Body
idubbbz national geographic channel. Not as funny but not completely devoid of entertainment value either. BTW walking around barefoot on dirt is how you get parasites like tapeworms and hookworms. So um, try to not do that so much otherwise you may find you have some intestinal pets inside your guts down the road. Wouldn't that be a great video. You could use the endo scope as originally intended and catch a big fat tapeworm. Nah, that'd be clickbait as hell.
why would you cover that hole?
Nice place
Peep THIS Out!
Pegi 69
Personof_ 405
330 my name is reagan so at first that was rlly weird
Pewdiepie's Hot Dog Boss
Sticking a camera into someone's home is an invasion of privacy.
Stop flexing your squirrels on us
I rather this to any content cop.
PETA is going to molest you
Closed my eyes for 6 mins because he never told me to open
Robert Goes To School
Idubbbz you should attach the camera to an rc car or something you can use to move the camera
Roope Aallonen
When can i open my eyes?
Ruthie Adams
CAnh i OpeN mIy eYErs yet.,,?
Rycon Roleplays
I've walked through the desert for months in search of what happened to the squirrels now finally my journey is complete.
Sam Batchelor
Why not just screen record
Satnav Sangsue
Little bit of advice, attach the endoscope to a pole / long stick.\nPretty sure that's how you want it to work
Skip Adington
Get a Squirrelinator trap from Amazon. The squirrels are too light to trigger the style of trap your are using.
Stay for the peel porn Pls
How did I only find this 3 weeks later?!? 😭
Super Plush Productions
Analyzing in background (step 1 of 2)
Tennessee outlaw Pride12
Can I open my eyes now😂😂
Jesus, the number of Amazon boxes in the background...that's enough to fuel bad unboxings for the next ten years at least.
ThE gArBaGe ChAnNeL
How to catch a squirrel \nStep one: get markiplier (the king of squirrels)\nStep two : have bim sit by the cage\nStep 3: 100% GUARANTEE FOR CATCHING A SQUIRREL
The Fan
Best series after content cop
The Indonesian Communist
There is nothing I enjoy more than a grown man putting innocent animals in cages
Wrap the traps in some kind of fencing such as chicken wire the squirrels will have no way to get out also cover the bottom of the trap in leaves and cover the top if possible it makes it seem more natural
Underrated Meme
Chipmunks are more superior than squirrels
W!ld Thing
Can we just stop and talk about the squirrel at the end?! xD
I dislike Max.
Xmona X
Get an airsoft gun and fuking shoot em
Yarby A
Content Cop: Squirrels
Your Local Emo
I know this is on Twitter, but I don’t have it so I’m going to rant here:\nI was just doing my math homework whilst binge watching Content Cop. After I watched the Asian Jake Paul diss track video, it went to auto play the actual Content Cop. It told me that his channel was terminated. I was like “omfg not another glitch.” So I checked on my iPod and, sure enough, it’s gone. So I flipped and googled Idubbbz twitter as fast as I could. He tweeted asking if his channel was terminated and there were many replies saying yes. My life is over now\nEdit: OMFG DRAMA ALERT IS GONE TOO HAHAHHA! I need explanations!\nEdit 2: I found out that the channels are back up this morning.
Yours Truly
Logan Paul content Cop
Zoe Clark Vlogs
Ian, Attenborough here. \nI’m sorry to say I enjoy these more than chontent chop.
anthony Hurtado
I have ground squirrels at my house to
bradyn bassett
Puts peep in the title because lil peep is a trending search result. \nPeepin and creepin, real subtle.
*Hey squirrel family and welcome back into our home we’re so glad we can have you here.*
dabuu the god
But idubbz don't squirrels live in trees
good content on youtube 2017
Hey edups you should put anti freeze in the squirrel food👴🏾
you never told me to open my eyes so i watched the entire video with my eyes closed
Content cop logan paul
jessy //
soy sauce is cool
k c
Hey squirrel family welcome back
kayn rhaast
Squirrels live in penises i dubbz
lindsay sucks
Oml Ian you need to make a content cop on lele
You should get the Peep n Creep Papa Ethan made, it should make your life better
minibike_ fishing717395
Why does a wife wear white on her wedding day........... so the dishwasher matches the fridge.
nova gamez
Content cop logan paul
rielyn d
is this counciling?
What a worthless channel... struggling to get 2M views on a video not taking someone down.
If you go back to using the traps spray it with squirrel scent or some plant scent to cover your scent because that could be putting them off
wuhwuhbear HD
_Did it feel good though.avi_
xd [HTI] Pickle Rick