Soul Eater Amv This Is Halloween

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Amv Eater Halloween Is Las Piranhas Sell Soul This W.U.N Your anime

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
This had to be one of the most wierd and twisted anime I've ever seen. Time to watch the serie now!
Из-за этого видео посмотрел это аниме. Первый раз в жизни аниме смотрю)
Aliens Exist
FOOL! We need more of me EXCALIBUR! in this video!
Ana Carol
O_o Acho q esse é meu AMV favorito no momento.
I remember watching this the first time and it's still in my favorites. First video added to my favorites when I came into YouTube.
Batman clone Gerome
Bilbo Baggins
This makes Soul Eater look like a horror genre...\nWhich it is not...
Britney and brett Thorpe
I'm amazed you detailed everything with perfection
I watched the anime because of this AMV, I wanted a horror anime. The actual anime is more of a comedy, hah.
Chris Cipher
I think I broke the replay button...xD
Chris OConnor
Every Halloween I watch this amv, and every Halloween I re-watch Soul Eater because of it.
Christina DM
Code Eli
It's never to early to start watching this repeatedly.
Daniel Rogers
Time to spam this on the forums again.
Daniel Winter
It s not Halloween but ok why not
Doris Barkler
Over 5 years old and I still get a kick out of this!
Droitzel Glaedr
This will never NOT be a fantastic AMV. It's been years since I first stumbled on it and yet here I am coming back to it now and again. Even though it's March and not October lol.
Soul Eater Rocks!
Ender Girl
Also love this video great timing.\nLive soul eater but when I first watched it I almost passed out almost all the monsters or characters are thing I've dreamed of before in nightmares... 😰
Felix Is Dying
Who knew something as funny as soul eater can get so damn creepy
Forrest Robinson
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Gamey Geemer
There is only one thing that I can't get over. When the song goes, \
Genaro Quintana
It's that time of the year again 😈🎶 HAPPY HALLOWEEN 2017🎃
Amazing AMV for an amazing show
Ginger the furry
I love this song and this show
Gisselle Gonzalez
fits it perfectly
It's Nearly Halloween...*Huge Creepy Smile* GET READY!
High-fructose corn syrup
This is fantastic I love the song and it so matches t anime to \nWhat the remix name?
Hitagi Senjougahara
I'm just a ghost
I dont know why but...i really love the end of this video ...\n\n~lalalalalalalalaaa :3 fuckin cool
I have to admit I'm not a fan of this show, but this amv was very well done! 
Jade Mirch Torres
I love how the scenes go along with the beats.
Jared Hamilton
I like it. Even if the anime is different, I think both versions are pretty cool. I also don’t get why people consider this scary, heck I find the moon, which many people apparently find scary, is actually pretty cool.
Jeff the killer
best AMV ever
Jere Riveros
Woaah is back!!!
Jeune Padawan
Now that's some amv... an amv with actual editing in it.
Joseph Oliveira
Just Away
Gosh, the animation and style for this anime is so unique
Kaim Argonar
The only AMV ever that I like.
Kenadi Marshall
The ending(credits) song is Final Reprise by Shiny Toy Guns!! Like, so all the wondering peeps can see, please (~-3-)~ thanks....
King AL
To everyone who watches this video every Halloween this year and future years, Happy Halloween!
Lefty Roy
makes soul eater seem way scarier than it actually is haha
Martin Lazarov
Please, end song.
That was my first amv I've ever watched. Thanks for this nice video, got me started with the whole anime thing. From time to time I come back and watch it again. :)
Max Walker
I love this
This move may seem scary but it's actually a little funny :]
Nomster Sama
creepy sometimes but overall its a damn good anime :)
this depicts the song all too well....witch is scary....get it...?
Person Behind a Screen
Can anyone tell me the name of the singer/name of the song in the last part when all the Credits comes up? ;__;
Persona Nerd
Why isn't this available....? Copyright...?
Princess Raven Diamond
Wow I didn't know how creepy the anime is. The manga seems playful compared to the anime
SSJ Carl
One of the the few animes that deserve to be famous, and wowie zowie is this one famous.\n\n6 million views over 6 years, and overwhelmingly liked. Well deserved sir, you put much time into this, I can tell. \u003cRespect\u003e
i remeber hearing this on Nightmare Before Christmas its brings me back (although the original wasn't like this this is a remix if you didn't know)
Sabrina Weinstein
I love how the editing is so effective that it makes Soul Eater seem terrifying. I never really realized how crazy this show actually was.  Without the humor (especially Excalibur....) this show would be completely different
this is so amazing... i cant stop watching it!
Will forever be my favorite video of this anime 😗
Serena Webb
This amv is what made me watch the show and years later I still love both!!!
Shakib Momen
wow, i never realized how ungodly fucking scary some of the stuff in this anime was
Sharon Edelsteentje
This is brilliant!!!!!!!! Omg!!!!!!\nThis is really the best AMV I have ever seen!\nHow did this person made it??? Really this person should just get a award for best AMV ever or something! I'm really serious!!!
happy halloween 2017
i got chills from this XD
Stefan Kuschesky
Stevonnie Jenkins
its that time of year again......*creepy smile*
The Anime Fanatic
this will always be my favourite amv 
The Creeper
Better than the original.
Ahhhh its that time of year again, and as every year i seek out this video to get me thoroughly excited
Thomas Parrish
Still good though
Tom H.
I remember watching this AMV maaany years ago
that is no doubt the coolest part of this amv 1:50
but it's not Halloween... its November 16th
What the Halberd Vlogs & Stuff
Epic song to an epic anime, just yes.
Yomiel Shields
If someone hadn't seen the anime, from this video it would look like the protagonists were Death the Kid and Blair with the main antagonist as Death
Ready for this Halloween \nOctober 2018😍😍😍😍😍😍
Zahlen 0
That time of year again!
Zetsubou Junko
Okay, this video forever. It highlights how absolutely unnerving Soul Eater can be at time. If Soul Eater ever gets a revamp, I assure you that the battle on the moon between Crona and the Three Mains would cause nightmares. \nBut I love this video so much. Yes, Soul Eater is bright and has a lot of funny and awesome moments, but it gets CREEPY, *especially* where witches are concerned.
What is the song at the end?
calli de calliclès
It's back!
Name 2ond song?
This gets better everytime I watch it.
ichigo korusaki
Epic dude!!!!!
I keep coming back here\nHaPpY hALLoWeEn\n:)
i've begun listing to this every halloween morning ..... i'm an odd one ...
Happy Halloween 2018 from New York City!!!
I forgot to drop a like on this amazing video when I first saw it 4 years ago. Still just as good as ever
When people, who did not watch Soul Eater, watch this, they will think that Soul Eater is super creepy which it is definetly not, lol.
great amv!\nyou machted the video great with the lyrics and the scenes.
whats the song in the credits?
This AMV inspired me to watch Soul Eater
Wow, this is the first time I really understood hiw creepy the anime is ;__;
Every Halloween of every year I come to watch this AMV xD It's so awesome
I'm back here again, just like last year, the year before, and every year for the past 5 years. I can't get over how amazing this amv was. It still holds up even now. Great job Viper, you are awesome man.
Someone told me soul eater is depressing. I don't talk to them anymore
Now this video... THIS VIDEO got me into watching soul eater :) i was seeing other amvs like naruto bleach or whatever and to the side i see this video... i click it and my mouth dropped and now im like addicted to soul eater :) Thank you Credibility33 THANK YOU... your a beautiful miracle worker :D :D :D :D
btw, soon a spin off of the original soul eater is going to be animated, called soul eater not.\nit is more slice of life with a different cast, but for those who missed the anime you might check it out