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2017 Army Birthday Ceremony Compilation Force His Daughter Home Surprise Most Emotional Navy R... Soldier Coming Try Not To Cry Happy Tears Military

How are the first one related
Alex Brown
So happy to see this, my dad never returned, but he will never be forgot. It hurts but I am still happy.
Alexandre Rodrigues
no offence but the ones who had their countries invaded and relatives killed deserve to be remembered and some self awareness should exist in this american society.
Amanda Guthrie
Thank all of you for your service
I could watch these all day
Ashnoor Basu
The man at the back in the thumbnail 😂😂😂
Barry Erickson
These are cute, but when you only receive a large box. and 3 handsome men standing at your door....These precious scenes really don't matter. After a few hours you realize those handsome men are not lying....then your shoulders start to droop, then you try to pull them up, but they won't stay.....All I can say now is that enjoy the blessing knowing that you are not me.
Biondi Marie - Eve
Le patriotisme 😊😊😊
Bo Zi
Hmm...veterans? Soldiers? Or more like mercenaries. Kinda of difficult to have respect for someone wgi volunteered to go overseas and invade countries in exchange for college education and other undeserved perks and benefits
I love this so much!💗❤️but what makes me mad is when at school when the soldiers come back all the other kids just act like it’s nothing😔
Cai Harrison
Carl Loar
Cathy Cook
Dads seem have best hugs
Charlotte Johnston
I'm really happy to see this too my dad returned but didn't last much longer
Christina Elsbury
My fiance is in the marines and coming home end of June and kids have no idea that he will be home god bless the troops
Clash Royale. 145
Between their loved homes, and the wars desolation, may god bless u America.
David Goliath
Wonder when my dad will come back, he went to the shop... 20 years ago, he's such a joker.
David Johnson
I love these videos of soldiers coming home and surprising their kids, and to see the enormous amount of love between a parent and a child. As a father of 3, i learned that nothing i experienced in my entire life even comes close to the bond i have with my children. A reminder of how immeasurably sad and tragic it is when a soldier deploys overseas, and is killed and never returns to his/her family. God bless our soldiers.
Dawn Welch
“How long did he live in THAT?”\n\nAdorable!
How’d you all get that last video!? Haha thanks for adding me in the video! I appreciate it
Dennis Blocker
I love it, \
Dennis van der Zalm
americans: making war with everyone to make these moments
Emilio Manzano
Man I always thought joing the military but see this videos makes it hard to think about because I'm a family person and I would miss my brothers and I'll just keep think I hope nothing bad happens to them because I already lost one brother and I wasn't adle to be with him when it happened 😧😧
Evelyn S.
What else is different? What else is different? What else is different? What else is different? What else is different? What else is different? What else is different? What else is different? What else is different? What else is different? What else is different? What else is different? What else is different? What else is different? What else is different? What else is different? What else is different? What else is different?
Faten66 Faten
اتركو العراق \nكافي تدمير وقتل\nذبحتو وقتلوو اطفال ونساء وشيوخ\nويتمتو اطفال ورملتو نساء وحرمتو شيوخ من ابنائهم \nحسبي الله عليكم ونعم الوكيل\nالله ينتقم منك ياامريكا مثل ما شردتينا من العراق\nاللهم انزل غضبك عليهم ودمرهم تدميرى\nامين يارب
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I think the men and women who serve deserve to be paid a lot more than those over stuffed suits known as politicians......................
Gary Daniel
What if we stopped getting involved in stupid wars so these type of things wouldn't happen so often.
Haven Dekeyser
i miss my dad so mush
Hobin Rood
Ich war selber 3x im Krieg. Kosovo, Mazedonien und Afghanistan... Und es ist ein wunderbares Gefühl seine Familie wieder in den Arm nehmen zu können! Leider bekommt nicht jeder die Möglichkeit dies zu tun. R.I.P.!
This souldn’t be preceded by that stupid Nike commercial.
Jacob Keppler
Welcome home guys 🇺🇸
6:36 \
Jean Bulteel
Jennifer Smith
I actually cried\n\n\nFor all the loss men and women out that loss their lives will watch over us and their souls are in our flag thank you for your dedication for us all prays 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Jesus Chil
Man i should have joined the army they got all these hot chicks running up to them
Johnnyrocket Fromearth
First one was kinda boring
Juliet Arkison
My grandpa was in the marines he came home but years later he died from cancer before I met him
József Loboda
Hát én egyszer katona szeretnék lenni
08:06 IT'S OKAY !! Like me btw\nAnyway got cheated by the thumbnail
Kaylynn Palmer
Damnit who chopped the damn onions? I love our soilders
starting off with a couple of carpet munchers...WTF!
KrAzy Keren
9:15 YAAAASSS FOOD!!!!!!
Kris H
Whats wrong with these people?? Thats the most surprised they get??
Krishna 28
The last one... Was really touching... Could see father's love ther
Laura Vazquez
Los reencuentros mas lindos saludos y gracias por luchar 😉🌻😘😘😘😘😘
Liam No Name
Bing dang ow
Libtards Suck
Linkin Pаrk
It's decided, I'm quitting computer science to become a marine and make one of these videos to embarrasse my kids in school
Lisa Chavez
Liuba Khymytsia
So sweet meetings 😘
Luigi Schingaro
Sono bellissime queste immagini.
Lyndon Baker
I’ve always liked seeing these videos
Why, when I see such passages does not move anything in my feelings but I am very sad because I did not experience feelings that I have a father or mother or brother or sister or even relatives, even from afar I have lived alone live orphanages I do not know if a day will come and know that I But I know one truth that I will kill them, and when I see the orphan of my heart breaks because I know what it means to be alone
Mike Butler
In the clip starting around 3:20, I wonder what they said to each other? Can't imagine how touching that must have been.
Morranda Williams
I cried so much😢😢
Mya Brown
Nicole Hoffmann
Every time i saw such pictures,even i didn't come from the USA,i understand that all this people do a great job and should come home save...i hope my english isn't to bad...and also i understand that no matter how much politician here in my country tell us:\
Ori No Game No Sekai
Who can't cry here?!!, No one with a human heart in their chests is not gonna drop a tear at least, that's for sure :(
PEARL sowers
welcome home soldiers thank you for your service to this county
Patricia Hock
I Love it
Piotr Imgw
Ci żołnierze nie muszą wcale tam jechać .Dlatego uznaję że wlka dla obcego kraju jest IDIOTYZMEM i egoizmem czyli zaprzeczeniem miłości
Raffaele de Angelo
Respekt ❤
Randie G.
you kidding me?
Roy Wayne
The American people have so much more appreciation and respect for what the armed forces do to protect us all. It is rather taken for granted by most of the UK. I love these compilations. 😊
Samira Cardozo
Os pais se emocionam mais que as maes...
Scott Odonahoe
Cry it cleans the soul !
Sergei Shadrin
На первом видосе это что, лезбиянки чтоли?
Shiny._. Decidueye
I gotta stop watching this shit i was crying so long i got a headache
Lucky to them 😉
Vanessa Willson
I love these things when my dad was in the army and he went away he couldn't come back for my surgery but later he surprised me like this thank god he made it back and so sorry for those who didn't and the families too
Victor Petrucci
Who is the best soldier? That one who kill more people? That one who believe more in the american imperialism? That one who believe the lies about Irak, Vietnan, Lybia? That one who come back in a coffin?
Vijay Kumar
As well Every time While I am watching Video, s my Eye tries off with love
Vivek Yadav
Every country army person is hero real heros slaute them respect them
Wilson Dajao
salute to who serve!!! 👍
Zaki Qadri
Wow parents\nWow families\nWow daughters \nWow sons\nWow wives and lovers\nSalute to your sacrifices and patients.\nDo realize, this community suffers in each and every country.\nSo why not make this a better place for all
Zechary Khoo
10:00 the dad is trying so hard not to cry. bless him
abhineet gupta
i saw this video early morning an i fell sick... and i was admitted for food poisoning it happened with someone else let me know
amanda Gross
I mean 923
bartek qbica
helo we just back from middle east where we was killing innocent people and bring them democracy
bill fancher
Love it
After killing other children's parents'...
ella rider [shy,killer,slendermans proxy]
My dad served for 15 years he was killed in combat 2 years ago i only got to meet him 4 times and now my brother is in the military please keep my brother in your prayers i don't want to loose him too
glen judge
there is a rank higher than the president it the military
jacob wilson
awesome man love it :)
james thomas
I'm Happy these young men and women get the respect they deserve serving there country. I was happy that I didn' get spit on in the airport when I came back from Vietnam.
kendra Chapman
My dad was in the war and I was at school and he came to my class
lihtsalt mina
salute all soldier. UURRRAAHHHHH
maddiecat maddiecat
Hey you told my mom on the video that where my brother was coming home for Christmas that you were going to put that video on your channel and you have the permission to
marshell mitchell
I wonder if black members and families of the armed services have moments like this. Hmm. Just wondering
satan seeker
As a army man I know how it feels to meet your own family after a long time😭
sumit sharma
1k dislikes why?
wayne gilbert
Why The Heck are these people not standing and appluding this soldier notice how most of these people just causally keep eating no respect for this soldier and his daughter its ashame
wilson colla
cuando quiero llorar . veo estos lindos videos 😭😭 Que hermoso es el reencuentro de padre hija . madre hijo. y de parejas . 0
Юлия Элизабет - I Don't Know Fam
These always make me cry but I can't stop watching them. I'm so proud of our soldiers. Everyone that comes home and everyone that doesn't get to. To anyone that serves/has served or any military families I just want to say thank you for your sacrifice for our country. It's a really hard life to live and you don't have to but thank you for helping keep our country free.
지구촌을 지키는 미용사들 하늘의 은총이
beautiful video..god bless all of them from south korea