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Ricky "the hitman " Hatton Boxing Documentary

boxing documentary ricky hatton

1Hunna TV
They was reaching to hard comparing this bar fighter to Ali noone believes that not one person for a second agreed when hearing that lol
Alex massey
pitty hes a blue...
Oh look,its tosser!! 32:21
Blue Rainbow
Ricky was an epic boxer but wouldn't say he was a legend. Ricky loved pints, pies and fry ups, something Mayweather wouldn't scoff between fights.
Buenavista MPS
respect every fighter they r different story to achieve their goal
Chase Postell
Hatton was the man for a time. I loved his style and his fight atmosphere. He beat an all time great and won titles in two divisions and was undisputed in one. The only one I regret is the comeback loss body shot KO. It was really one of those what goes around, comes around moments. Ricky had done that to his fair number of opponents over the years but it was hard seeing it happen to him. He was the peoples champ and that's always how I will remember him ;) \n\n\
David Moore
he was a world champion with a heart of a lion you bunch of nuggets.
Dr. Banter
Those same fans drove Ricky Hatton to insanity when he lost - those Soccer cunts turned on him. You need to get rid of that 1970s Soccer culture. This is a new century!!!!! 45 years later !!!!!! and you're still doing the same [email protected]@@@@@@@@ \n\nAnd those same retarded cunts are screaming like drunken fools on 2 hemispheres. They are the Ghetto attitude of Europe, big mouthed, loud mouthed, drunken retards.
Ella Nat Wonderwall
Brillaint fighter was Ricky Hatton, he competed in the probably the best division in boxing and lost to the best. There's no shame in that.
I am a Filipino and I salute Ricky Hatton for his greatest achievements in boxing, although he lost to Manny Pacquiao but its a part of boxing there is a winner and there is a loser but you cannot measure the capability of a fighter because he lost. Ricky Hatton is one of the greatest boxer in history.
Filthy Jäger Main
Only reason why I'm here is cuz my mom told me he's my uncle 😂😂
all heart never in a boring fight and was out in america flying the flag for britain when no other british boxer was and taking thousands of fans with him fighting in multimillion dollar high profile title and title unification fights at 2 different weights then going on to train and promote his own up and coming boxers so if that's failure sign me up please because i'd kill to be half the failure Ricky Hatton was/is #PrideOfHyde
George Willerton
I still know Ricky to this day , what a guy and legend even the way he trains us to this day , unbelievable 🥊
Hugo Bardsley
to all the people calling him weak, saying he never won a hard fight: he fought depression and alcoholism among multiple other similar deadly opponents and won. now tell us; who have you fought? and no, battles fought as keyboard warriors does not count. show some respect.
Ricky Hatton. Good man, good fighter. I wish him the best!
Master Yeet
Ricky Hatton lived in my town
Mitch Stone
comparing this guy to Mohamed Ali is a joke. Who has this bum even fought
Mugshot Marley
The sound is foooked on this
Octavian Caesar Hibernicus
His style when he went to America was absolutely horrible, through a maximum of 5 punches then tie them up, he couldn't do that against Floyd or Manny and got his arse handed to him. He reached his peak against Kostya. He was dreadful after that.
Out and About
Overstated bum ?????? He took every fight he was offered and won them all respectfully bar two
Phil Tanics
Glad this ended before the Pacman fight.
Pistol Pete
No denying he was a very good boxer
Shark taiga
Nigel benn also did kickboxing when he was young it's funny cos a, lot of boxing champions have have been involved in martial arts in the past.
Tope i belong to JESUS CHRIST Arewa
Ricky is a hitman for real
Weedy Guitar Studio
He was atleast a people's champ
brian Cuthbert
Yeah and he is a nut case when he has a drink in him. Assaulting civilians outside a bar in Spain.
hell yeah
that feeling when you thought you are the best boxer until you fought mayweather and pacquiao and got knocked out...
Every time this guy went up in class, he got well mashed up. Completely schooled and exposed. Like many Brit fighters. Oh. And I'm a Brit, so save your breath. The Pacquiao fight should have *NEVER* been sanctioned. It wasn't good for boxing. The one-sided beating and KO Hatton took here was as crushing as it was embarrassing. There are enough people out there saying boxing should be banned and this is kind of mis-match gives them credence. Hatton was a decent enough pro with a swarming, crowd pleasing, take no prisoners boxing style on the British/European stage, but he was never world class. A latter day smaller Frank Bruno you might say, but probably a bit better.\n\nI'm off to watch a Calzaghe video. Now there's the real deal.
john smith
warrior (Y)
martin randles
Thought I'd gone deaf 2 minutes in with my headphones in lmao
overrated bum