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My message to Leftists/Climate Nuts: We can't all be like Portland!!!
The plan is for you to pay for all the people that don't work including the Illegals which in turn makes everyone that works has to keep working. Pretty soon some law abiding citizen that has worked all their life and has nothing to loose anymore will just do something that won't be good for these Lib politicians. I'm surprised that it has not happened already. I pray that it doesn't but the Dems have a very bad track record of using other peoples money but their own!
Anna C
Global warming is a lie. gov is poisioning the air. and using everything they can and false /fake global warming that they are causing such as letting off bombs under water causing Tsumani's that is a fact. stand up people they are lies. they want its fake jew world order. they are not jews. they are not human. they are ped's cannibals. fact. wake up. look up strawman burneth about your birth certicate. we are 100 percent slaves without our knowledge. and truth about drivers license. please search. the laws are lies. biggest Scheme ever. this is depopulation. starving people out.
Badger Wild Gaming
you calis need to get some 4x4s and roll some coal.
Belisario H. Romo
The WAR against the automobile! Agenda 21 Is a matter of ignorance. Bureaucracy can't solve mobility, so they eliminate the only element that provides us with mobility: the car.\nCars are NOT the same thing than transportation vehicles (transit, cargo, vessels, trains, planes, etc.) \nThere is a huge problem though the global Co2 produced by the car (each year less until it will emitting water) represent only 8.26%  by the year 2014 (in 2017 it should be around 8% of the total.)  So what are they’re doing about the OTHER 92% CO2 ???...NOTHING!How come that, for this ignorant, sylogist people pretending to eliminate 8 % of what they consider a problem turns out to be A SOLUTION!The answer: Well at least WE \
Brandon Garcia
I would love to see bike lanes and people walking to work in Minnesota in the winter...\nWhen the cars throw the slush to the side... and where to they put the snow that is plowed up..?\nWorks poorly in a dry paradise city like SD.. But when you get rain every afternoon, and the temp gets so hot it is dangerous to be outside working for more than a few minutes, this doesn't work. When you live in the suburbs and travel 30 minutes by car to work... ummm. what then?? Stupid, stupid concepts... Stupid stupid city getting itself in trouble. Of course, it won't be in trouble, because the first time it goes to court the court will declare the agreement impossible to manage and abrogate the agreements.
CannaCures dgc.og.soldier
My friend I feel I have to remind you that you are in California. Go to the nearest dispensary and get some weed.. You need it. Heavy Indica.👍
Chilly Willy
San Francisco is even more bullshit than that. There are parts of Market St and Duboce street there that are closed off to all motor vehicles except buses, taxis, and emergency vehicles.\n\nThis idea of man-made climate change is bullshit. It is natural, not man made.
people texting and driving aren't going to hit cyclists , haha\n yeah right
Darren Nevares
So where else would I ride my bike if not on the street? A bicycle is freedom, no taxes, no license, no mandatory \
I'm subbed to you but lol I've had pink, blue, purple hair and I'm conservative not SJW lol
Duston Landscapes
sanctuary cities = forced integration if every american volunteers to help to build the wall about 16 hours pulse travel time we would be part of history making america great again
Dwight Turner
Geez, you guys aren't paranoid or anything like that.
Elaine Carr
I think you need some kind of nerve pill. Chill dude
Erik van zanen
Oh noo, bikes lanes! So 'liberal' to make room for people who wanna ride a bike too. It's pretty odd you call it 'so liberal' yet you imply with that that the streets are purely for cars. That bikes are just for a trip to the park or so. Not everybody wants to drive a car. Or live in a city that's packed by cars. Some streets in the Netherlands, had to be adapted, coz it was estimated you lose 5 years of your life if you life in streets like that. So how can you be so opposed to it? \n\nDon't mean to sound so hateful, but take a look at the Netherlands, cars, bikes, mopets, roller-skaters, even elderly electric wheelchairs share the road. Some cities centers over here are even 'no car zones'. U can't get in with a car. How's that for a 21'r ? ;'-) And aren't u tracked with a tom tom/phone as well? And what's so wrong with live and work closeby? Do u rather spend hours a week stuck in traffic? Not only traffic jams in car, but for instance, in trains and so. Even for a small country like the Netherlands, you could spend 2 hours in traffic to get home. Besides, more people can work from home due to cloud computing and well , the net. \n\nDon't see how these things are anything close as what u try to make them imo. Imo, there are too many cars, and it's funny u mention those rental bikes, how they make money off of u, yet , someone makes money of gas too, and if you own your own bike, its not only free, it's even healthy. And on the bike, you could have saved the poor lizard :P
Glenn Benedict
Trump is bird , lizards are dems ! there are no accidents .i like the rant you sound like me ! Trump in prophecy .must see .Mark Tayler prophecy .! GOD Bless all ,
Gorgon Don
You should see Canary Wharf, in London. Terrifying sight.
Heather Wise
we are getting the same here in Toronto, Canada. cutting down our car lanes.
Helen Kovacs
Heartless little pricks for laughing and not stopping to rescue the little creature in need of help. You're no better than those you criticize in your video. Yes, the lizard represents you and the rest of us. If this is how much consideration you have for the lizard's life, you have no right to complain about how the powers that be treat you. You deserve what you dish out.
Her Ladyship
This was great....especially the pathetic lizard, the purple hair...yada, yada....just the best...
James Hornback
Dude are you seriously complain about paint on the street. That's pathetic
Janusz Dworak
To get a good perspective, please make a video about bike lanes in Kolkata, India.
John Figueroa
Grindall161 ,\n\nI appreciate your observance and insight into agenda 21 and the new world order that is steadily gaining ground here in America and around the world. \n\nBut did you know there is also a push for SUNDAY to be enforced as the law of the land to combat climate change
John Tollen
California will be the next Venezuela. Voting is an exercise in violence control. If you can't vote these commies out, and get rid of them, it's time to quit exercising.
Jorge Dominguez
what a bitter person.
I actually think living where you work is a good thing but not if they're going to pick our pickets. The idea is to be able to SAVE 💵. But if the rents are too expensive you're not saving money 💵 are you. \nGreat idea screwed up by greedy capitalism.
Katie Marie
oh crows & what a sign...I thought : Communism & Islam (the crows) pecking the United States(lizard).
Kephas Ben Abraham
Dude wait until you're 40 years and older. No problem just give good life insurance and have your wife is beneficiary bye-bye. Oh don't worry your wife will find someone else
Kim Wilson TV
They truly are mentally ill. If you are not going to STOP these maniacs NOW, protect your families and leave
Lalehan Lale
go to denmark or holland and see how people travel...
Lara O'neal
And you’ll notice all of them EMPTY.
Laura L
left/ right is controlled opposition AMEN
Laura Pierce
Grindall, just wondering if you know Jesus?
Madd Maxx
What crap, I have a family and grocery shopping runs us up to at least 8 bags of groceries, where's that supposed to go on a bus or bike yet alone carrying all that up a high rise stack and pack? Stupid - But one thing I do know those people hate the family unit and worship Planned Parenthood. And on top of this what part of their ignorance helps the disabled or the elderly OH I know does the movie Logan's Run ring a bell........That leads to the movie Soylent Green!...........
Manuel Samaniego
I drive for Lyft, I have to deal with this crappie every b day! thanks for taking the time Grindall
Matt Nelson
actually we are headed for an ice age.
Oh bullocks! We have the technology to have cars run on water, use maglev wind turbines that are thousands times more efficient, each home could have one that could power the big needs and each small appliance could have magnetic powered generators inside that use only the magnetic pull on each other to keep the generator running. We could easily pull static electricity from the air, eliminate plastics by using hemp instead, instead of huge solar farms that we have to pay a monthly bill to, why not have that same Sun and solar panels on the buildings themselves? I'm so tired of this rhetoric. This clean/cheap/free energy technology has been around for decades, some for centuries and we act like we're totally oblivious to the control grid of the big power companies that has paid off the patent offices to hold any and all of these techs back due to \
Michael Berta
It's one thing to be against Agenda 21, quite another to be against all things environmentally friendly. You sound like one of those douche bags who like to leave your AC on all day long while no one is home so you can come home to a cool house. Did you ever think, people like you Rush Limbaugh disciples are so bent on trashing everything environmental, they, the globalist powers, had to step in before you destroy it all for everyone else in a matter of decades?
Mike Conard
Bikes are a great way to get around towns. More people should CHOOSE to ride bikes but NOT be forced to. There should be a safe lane for bikes as well. I don't like Agenda 21 and understand your point.
Mike Scott Singh
We have had bike routes and lanes all trough out San Diego County and along the Coast Highway since the 70's. It's a wonderful thing.
Mr. E Atlas_94
Reminds me of India's cities. Barely any difference if any at all.
Burn it down!!
I know this probably sounds stupid, but i wish you would have saved that poor lizard.
MyAvatarTablet 2
You are mispronouncing barracks. It sounds like \
Naya Revolutionary
what's wrong with a bike lane? ride a bike! nothing wrong with it! it's good for you
Oriental Queens
omg the road looks so bad indeed like developing country even in Europe we do not have such roads.
Haha this is perfect! Such a wonderful job... as usual!!! ;) I wish I could watch new vids from you everyday Lol! I'm also loving the high quality content. I think you are definitely getting better and better! I'm already on the edge of my seat for what's next!! Keep it up and don't stop!! Have a spectacular day!!! :)
Pat Taylor
San Diego, is iargely, a liberal cesspool
Patty Cakes
Rebecca Person
It's possible that some are missing the point of the larger picture ...not that people would not want to bicycle or ever live in apts. It's the idea that there is a giant plan to depopulate what is called 'sprawl', doing away with single family residential areas, farms etc. This is a plan to Forcibly move people into urban areas (which are already overpopulated) to control them, doing away with private property by deceptive means (note the CA fires and the suspicions and observations of the residents involved)....the put it's all pre-planned and people have been deceived into allowing or supporting measures which are said to be for the benefit of the environment and the population but are really ploys.
Republic of Texas
Wait one of those crows are an La Raza .
Rick Martinez
Did anybody notice that there are not any bicycles on these Bike Lanes? On our downtown Main Street here in Salt Lake City there is one lane for each direction of traffic on each side of the Trax Train and the lanes are painted Green which means that somebody riding a bicycle can ride in the lane and any cars behind it have to drive behind the bicycle no matter how slow it is going. I am sure that if a car tried to pass the bicycle the car driver would receive a traffic citation.
Roger Surf
Cant you see all the cyclists using the bike lanes? Whats wrong with you? ;)
Ryan Wilson
lol we got these bike lanes all over uk the cyclists have no laws unto themselves they're all over the god damned place they're a bloody nuisance in their Lycra pants 😡😡😡
Saharra Quasar
I like those apts. I will live in one if it's closer o work and I can have my 2 tiny chihuahuas. It would be fun to bike down to a coffee shop and meet my friends. Don't care for the green, narrow bile paths thouh, or a cashless society.
Samuel Mbengu
4:20 😂😂😂😂🤣
Steel Briar
I live in a midsized town in Iowa. Our City Council squandered money painting bike lanes on many of the streets and you hardly ever see anyone riding a bike. So the whole town has to be inconvenienced for the sake of a few. Fck that shit.
I hope all of California ends up under water!\nWhen that happens, all the rescue teams will be military and will only rescue conservatives! A reality I wish for!
Tijuana Foreplay
Sorry, I love what you do but their is a difference between agenda21and having a pleasant city.
Where are the areas for Muslims to lay down their towels and worship Satan? You guys have that too in Cali, don't you? God help you.
Victoria Francois
years ago there were mental istitutions for crazy liberals all over the country but they closed them down
W. S.
LOL!!!! Thats what happens when you have bike lanes birds eat innocent lizards,,
Walking Journey
It's like their planning a future of poverty for us
allan caudillo
i grew up and live in san diego and my father also is going in this state is crazy jerry brown thinks he has the power to take our freedom take are guns so we cant defend our homes and family i think he forgot this is america love it or leave it
alvin chipmunk
Ignorant. \n Bicycle's can alway's be rode on the sidewalk, jerk.
bonnie wood
In downtown Venice, CA, where streets are already congested, they have taken away one lane and replaced it with - you guessed it: a bicycle lane! A friend tells me they have also taken up more of the road with \
I'm a Fan of the channel, but disagree with some of the viewpoints made within this video. Not sure about San Diego, but in NorCal bicycle lanes are created in dense areas and thoroughfares to mitigate a history of accidents, and to prevent traffic congestion. They.are necessary in these areas if you DON'T want them blocking your car lane. While not every street needs a bike lane, some city planning is actually important—not necessarily driven by Agenda21 motives.
I fled San Diego in 2001, after living a miserable 25 yrs there. Every day was a drag to survive and pay the rent. Cops were always out to get you, it's a police state! I don't miss it one bit! From your video, I barely recognize anything other than some street names. Looks worse than ever! So glad I left that hell hole! Hope they have a massive earthquake!
I am so so sick of social justice warrior with green or purple hair.
harles5000 Chembetrayals
No they teach your Children that they are UNsustainable and keep piling on the guilt while all third World Nations breed out of control.
hoodadvertisement xjew4ux
bike lane on the Fwy
j k
Dude, You should have saved the lizard.
UN AGENDA 21 (Now UN AGENDA 2030) 95 PERCENT DEPOPULATION PROGRAM -Behind the Green Mask WE HAVE THAT HERE IN OAKLAND, CA also they are doing this in every big Metro cities, from two lanes down to ONE LANE for their ONE WORLD ORDER DICTATORSHIP
jj m
Wow, glad to see some woke folk. You guys should look into agenda 21.... That's what sustainable living is all about!!
I live here. DON'T get me started on their incompetence.
I should have saved the lizard.
I live here too. I wonder what that green marking paint costs the taxpayers per linear foot. Does anyone know???
I don't mind bike paths on some of the streets(wide separate paths) because some of us can't drive and some places have no bus or train public transportation. What does bother me is the new Sharia-compliant public schools in San Diego.
I live in a very rural area and every summer the bicyclists overrun the roads and they don't move out of the way when cars or big trucks come down the road we have to stop for them. I hate it. When they are not having a race they are training for it about three days a week. And one stopped and peed on my lawn
90042 Highland Park on York Blvd Traffic is Worse beacuse of Cyclist Lobby carpetbagged into neighborhood council meetings & Founder of CICLAVIA lives in Highland Park.\n90041 Eagle Rock on Colorado Traffic is Worse because it is a Classic Hipster Neighborhood of the likes of Quentin Tarantino.\nDTLA is a Yuppie and Hipster Cesspool of Urbanism\nCyclists are Roadkill\nSO Cali is the Road Rage and Hit & Run Capital Anti-Trump Protestor got Run over in \nCiclavia is a Waste of a Day of Street closures Mocking the LA MArathon.\nCrows are Tricksters and Bullies like that Purple Haired Anime Character SJWs\nLizard needs to Dicard Tail to give Crows a Snack while Lizard Survives and Scuttles away to regrows Detachable tail.\nLearn how Animals Behave rather than Metaphorizing Wrong.\nStay out of Major Urban Centers grindall61\nHitting a Cyclist lost in LA County due to the rejection of the five foot buffer zone \
the final frontier
Bicycles on the freeway? There don't even allow mopeds on the freeway. WTH?
I thought republicans were anti-homosexual... I guess no one told the narrator.
tosh 120
agenda 21s happing to me in NZ huge apartments going up in my city
Downtown Orlando, Florida now has same green colored bike lanes.
Ah. You can't judge a book by its cover so the girl with the purple hair you really don't know. I used to have long hair and smoke pot when I was young but still hunted and loved guns and right all the way.\n\nHell grindall61, we got real social justice in November when DONALD J. TRUMP was voted in office. I like saying that name and title just to piss the snowflakes off. President Donald J Trump. I have been to San Diego so I know where you guys are coming from. I have been to Berkley too. Now Berkley was weird.\n\nAgenda 21? Not Proposition 21? They aren't even trying to hide it anymore after the last eight years.