RX-7 Veilside body kit installation

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Veilside body kit installation / Установка комплекта обвеса Veilside на Mazda RX-7

RX-7 Veilside Veilside body kit installation

if im not mistaking i think the second to last car they showed was ruined supra lol
390 hayabusa
Don't forget to double clutch like you should, not granny shifting.\n\nGood grief, poor car.
Aj Hansen
Would it be cheaper to import the whole car from japan, or to buy an rx7 and then a kit and get it installed ?
Albert Arroyo
It's n 9 pieces and I think u need to get in contact with the brand of vielside
Andrew Goro
Who's here because of Tokyo Drift
Anonymous ***
Anyone know the song @ 4:29 that shits fire
I put my Duraflex R324 Conversion Body Kit on my gtr r32 I didn't get mad I just had fun doing it with friends if you love so much about cars you'll never get mad at putting your body kit together! I enjoyed putting my body kit together really looks sexy :)
Automotive Connoisseur
VeilSide is crazy, and that's why I like 'em
Awesonymous RC
This looks like a Koenigsegg CCX (my bad spelling). It looks like it's worth half a million $ to somebody that doesn't know it's an RX7.
I want buy it but I can't find it
Christian Wright
what rails did you use to install the VS seats in the fd3s?
Dark •Side•
Классные тачки были не то что сейчас.
Denir santos
em media quanto custa um kit desses
The car should be a little bit lower
this seems like a plausible way to spend $13k. i might do this
Dr. Lazio
El Gordo De Corea
Cambia por completo el rx-7
EliteSuprah X
Does all veilside rx-7's need to be orange?
Family Guy/Simpsons
japanese music is so weird
Family VEVO
Тачка круче чирона 😃😄)
Fernando Pekeur
How long does a veilside body kit install take?
Francxsco Sxlva
Algun dia te tendre!! yo lo se
Gabriel Nielsen
Can i get a tolk.\nor english subtitles.
Those cars and that Japanese chick are beautiful. 
The orange RX-7 is the fast and furious one
.. look like saleen s7
Joao Mecenas
I'm really looking forward to forza horizon 4,let it be so with many costumizations
Joey Arthur Zooberry
Holy hell the supra now looks awful
Ko pap
Kouhei Watabe
Wish more shops out there took pride in their work to fine craft and so perfectly install like these guys do
Kristian Brandt
I can just see myself crying in a corner, trying to fit this.
Lars Rijkes
How much cost this Veilside bodykit on the Rx-7
MR57 music E vídeo
ponha a play list das musicas gostei do som
Manuel Gottwald
So the kit is installed with bolts?
Martin 801
this is my dream car every time i look at it i fall deeper in love with it supose no1 has got one for free lol it would be a miricle if  that happened lol
Marvin Lagos
Bruhhh y you messed up the Supra
veilside makes some really disgusting bodykits...
New Star
One Desert Mustang
Does anybody think the rx7 looked better than with the kit?
Oppai Ѡ
Why does this body kit costs so much...others cost around thousand..? cus it's in a movie\n or what?
I love Mazda Rx-7 my favourite sport car
Pericles Carrapicho
Qual nome da música
Peter o.
Sieht gut aus der RX7.\n\nWie heißt das Lied?\n\n
All of us are here because of fast and furious
Pinnacle Boys
They also made this wide body kit for the s14 200sx but with the option to run any front bumper, side skirts and rear bumper you like eg BN, URAS, ORIGIN etc .... very very rare only 5 made and i have one sitting in my shed gathering dust lol
R Bautista
All that money going into the kit can easily be going to the engine bay or saving up for like a 20b swap
Rhaizen Obligado
i painted mine orange and black
Richard Archer
Very curious.... Name of song at beginning?
Robert Wolfe
How much horsepowers does this kit add?
Rulerpaco .paco
my god are these cars bad ass.\nwould love to have one.... good work
that is why I love FD's so much mod's to count \u003c3
I wonder how much itd cost to change the side of it. Fill in that gap
Sedition Society
Anyone know the first song? That shit is fire
If I ever got an RX-7 I'd consider doing this, although in Canada... It's not cheap. On second thought, I'll leave it as is, it's a good looking car from the get go. As if I'll ever own an RX-7.
Silvio Alves
I preferred the original Rx-7
Takumi beats of the rising sun
I prefer RE-Amemiya kits but this is good too
The Critic
This video must be called How to kill the best car Mazda ever did.
The Ultimate Drifter
Forza Horizon games needs more body kit options.
That blue Supra at the end looks like an rx8 with downs 😐
Thomas Hart
Can the VeilSide kit go on any rx-7?
What r those wheels and what ppl called those type of wheels?? (inner embossed type)
expensive as hell kit and a hard as fuck to find car in any condition at least in us spec have to wait a few years to import a jdm one without the hassles.
Tony Müller
Which rx 7 is best for a veilside bodykit ?
Tony Stark
Porno music??
Who else would rage trying to put this on
VoLAnD FMpanic
Охуительно получилось!)))))
+Behunterwow Do you know who they are, and where they are ? I mean, ofc they're in Japan, but do you know where ? (far from Tokyo ?)
Wesley C
I want it bad hahaha
William Su
That intro was mega long lmao
XRB Performance
How to ruin and add unnecessary weight to an rx7... pure racer
You have to get it in orange
Same car from fast and furious tokyo drift
Zack Dirie
Damn that MAZDA Rx7 looks like from Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift! Nice car!
alex hyper
Tokyo drift
I love the 80s porn music
Love da nsx at da end, and the rx7 veilside kit.
esteban dias
que lindo queda muy bueno !!
frangky mantiri
27:56 Ricers
The first silver one is a Veilside Fortune 03 Toyota Supra and the second is a Ver.Ⅲ Model Nissan 350Z. Paintjob as seen in Fast and Furious tokyo drift
joshua martin
has anyone successfully registered a RX7 fortune Vielslide kit in AUSTRALIA?
What year rx-7 is this?
kyle lamay
does it work on any rx7 from 1993-2001???
lin spark
have RX7 Veilside body kit installation?
marie danielle gandanghari
its good:-)
mark smith
1 word\nWhy
puk puk park
han car..
shadow pony
Holy carp fricking I f knew it was a body kit
silvia samurai
tan tan
umut şimşek
Is it 1.5 million yen for rx7?
26:36 what car is that?
Артём Акимов
красота, молодцы хорошо делают