Beetlechase by Alfa Romeo 156 - Nordschleife (2009)

"NO", we're not suggesting the Alfa is faster, it's just driven a lot better.Check the Nissan GTR @2.00 min. We see it once, then it's gone. Like it should be.So the Orange GT3RS with 400+ bhp should leave the Alfa 156V6 (FWD, 240 bhp max) in it's dust.However....If you know you're struggling, let someone with more experience pass, even if he's driving a 1998 Alfa V6.Don't fight to stay in front, it's not a race. You'll just look stupid trying.It's often better to follow a better driver in a slower car, you might actually learn something about the Nordschleife?But his "EGO" got the better of him.Driver (Stevie) has driven many laps on the Nordschleife, in 911's, M3 CSL, 147GTA and in this video a 156 V6. He loves the 911. In this case he knows the car and track a bit better then the Porsche driver in front.And it shows, that's why we post this.Hope you enjoy.Driver: Stevie (aka Wonderfulhagrid / Steve Warson)Video recorded during a Trackday, not Touristenfahrt!!!

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Nice lap!!! I Watch this video since many years and I still love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
one turbo in the alfa like the beetle have, and bye bye beetle :)
Adam Petten
Today's Porsches incredible specimens of tech but alfa 4c would have shown up much better driven beetle than this one.
You are driving too close to the Porsche
Alfa Won
Ive driven a 911 and they really dont feel that much faster than my 3.0 GTV. Of course it does go a bit quicker on the straight. But he should have let you pass if he wasnt going as fast as you were. I wouldnt like an Alfa on my tail all the way if it was me driving the Porsche
Aron Yang
Pushing throttle on straight road is the only thing porsche's driver can do..
Cap Thecap
bel video, complimenti. Bandiera gialla per la Porsche.
Love the Alfa , when meet the old Giulia and the 156 chase a gt3rs
Collin Bru
Really nice looking track
Alfa is the only car.
D King
Ok I think the point here is the geezer in the porker is a complete and utter ignorant useless idiot. Well done that man in the 156 👍
Daniele Naglieri
the Beetle (porsche) is a driving chicane...
This can't be stock... what did you've done to the car?
Dávid Kalló
Stock engine?
Edin Redzepagic
Fabio Macrì
Master Yoda is still in the ALFA....
Francisco Yantorno
the Alfa V6 music is just... amazing
Franco96 GTA
why do you use the 3.0 and not the 3.2 of GTA??
wonderful driving!!
Cool video
Hayk Simonyan
I always come back to this video, can't get enough of the Busso V6 and the tremendous driving albeit the FWD.
Helm Hurst
Fukin AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! Humble that porker LOLOLOLOL
Ismael Gonzalo
Porsche driver only push accelerator.
JM-500 JM-500
Almost @9.00 you nearly take him, great driving
Jakab Gibsz
What kind of car is that at 5:20 ?
James Clements
The 911 driver just wouldn't let it go, would he?
Kacper Lewiecki
Impressive driving!
Kevin Marshall
Great video Alfa power😁😁😁
Konstantin Stanislawski
I could see it forever...
Krzysztof Dudo
Alfa NO 1:)
Legio XXI Rapax
Alfa FTW even in straight line, see how cathc the Audi, the poor Audi now is very sad :,(
The Alfa 156 V6 is fantastic but you are a great great Ring driver! Congratulations.
Mad Max
tres belles trajectoire , manque juste un peu de puissance.... genial
Marc Sandu MTB Coach
a pleasure to watch!
Maria Cuzzucoli
Alfa complimenti: in curva più agile e veloce della Porsche , ed il suono del V 6 Busso è una sinfonia unica che nessun computer può superare o soltanto imitare.
Martin Strange
I thought it was a 2.5...fantastic vid.Possibly adding a small electric motor instead of the generator would make it keep up with the porche.\n...I have seen a vid where a small 10kw motor was added to a beetle (newer version) making a hybrid.
Massimo Naselli
bravo il pilota della gta
Michal V
Idiot in Porsche...
Mike Williams
Great driving in the alfa! Could only fault you on a couple of corners running a touch wide, but overall you could have easily overtaken if the powers and weights were equal!
Mirko Battistella
It does not need tons of horsepower to drive well. The driver of the Alfa Romeo is a god, the driver of the Porsche is a rich man with car Women trailer.Alfa Romeo cuore sportivo.
Is the 2.0 lt jts wtcc engine better than this V6 ?
Nick Naoum
Old crock driven by THE DRIVING GOD VS posh beefed-up beetle driven by... a rookie...
Paul Cooper
Good driving mate. Your Alfa looks well sorted.
Pedro Spain
Very good under brakes, excellent driver , closes well into corners. Nice style confidence and knows what is happening with the car.\nBravo!
In the corners, the Porsche have no chance :P
Pietro Silenco
Grande Alfa 👍
would like to know what is the cost of driving 2 laps of greenhell in alfa hmm,,brakes r dead i guess or how is the clutch?tell me someone plz
fantastic car and very nice driver
Quincy Fong
I can't help but to compliment the driver in the Alfa, absolutely good skills and really know the best line to take for every corner. Like he said, \
Rajas MR
Nice video however, I did notice that you were trying to pass the 911 from the outside on many corners... quite brave of you :p. The 911's line wasn't wide enough, maybe that's why he had such a hard time getting away from you.
20 HP more, and you would have smoked that porsche.
Very good driving. You must know the track very well. Your lines and placing before crests is great. And what a lovely sound this engine makes. Q2 means it has the limited slip differential, right? That would explain why the cars doesn't plow (understeer) in the corners that much. You reasoning why you use the 3.0 instead of the 3.2 makes a lot of sense. Maybe if i win in the lottery I start a project like this. I drive a 2001 1.8 156 and enjoy it (within legal limits of course ;) ) very much.
Siana Gearz
Mhm, Alpha 156? Or Peugeot 406 Coupé? Or Citroën Xantia Activa? Or Audi A4 B5? Or Jaguar X-Type? Any opinions on what i should get?\n\nChances are, i might never race, or if i do, i'll probably never be this good -.-
Ridicoulous Beetle, the 156 is a family sedan, not a sport car...but....\n
That's the most enjoyable video I've seen on the internet in a long while. \n\nOk, the 2nd most.  But the best one I'd show my family!\n\nVery well driven.  That Porsche driver clearly WAS trying.  And he wasn't a bad driver, just had smaller balls than you.  I had visions of the drivers in the old Alfa's cheering as you passed them. 
Hehehe... I don't think the Beetle is the problem (even though I'm a true Alfista)! You know EVERY corner of that track. Maaan - that's driving skills I'd love to have ;-)
His go faster stripes didn't do much for him, eh?
The Daydreamer
If Porsche is a Beetle, then Alfa is what... Fiat?\nCome on guys.. Every true petrolhead would take an iconic GT3 over FWD Alfa.\nWith the new RWD Giulia it would be a tough choice though :)
TheDumb SelfDestruct
Love both cars but sorry. He wasn't even pushing, you can see that after he breaks he's just sitting there in front..\n\nDo this with 3 911s, at least 2... and see how hard they break away from you.\nYou're patting yourself on the back for almost taking on a granny with a 911.\n\nI could do laps around you with a Boxster S lol. you have insane body roll.
The noise of the Busso is glorious. Shame to Marchionne for having wasted it.
Thordur Hogna
I’m alfisti but would love to own old 911
Tomas Zahradka
911 is bad at cornering ... maybe he just doesn't know the track
You can't drive for crap.
Tummie Hond
Correction. Why?? Adding things up I end at the conclusion that you are following a real racecardriver eg. somebody getting a feel for the circuit and getting to know the car. Suddenly it hits me. They are trying to explain you that that there is a full yellow for the course!!!!! hence flag, light wave yellow and somebody in front keeping speed down. You seem to be relying on the Anti Blacking and ES. How do you know? former Alfa 33 driver who ende up here because it was no coincidence that my garage told me that the 911 probably was for me also, because the Sud was designed by a former porsche engineer. I learned this because I wanted to know where that crazy engine mount is coming from. Nobody who is in his right mind invents that it is sensible solution to place a very light engine in front of the front axle (oversteer gets a lot worse and you assume that you cannot get the engine light enough). That caused me to come by somebody who is trying to drive a 1.5 Alfa 33 on the bridge where you can see directness of gas pedal. Thus I remember how to drive lines with it and how the wheels react if they are fast while also I remember car dynamics. Than the Porsche quiet often makes more sense than you. That especially is true when you drive through the oldest part of teh circuit, where you have some extra flat asphalt you should not be driving over. You are mauling diffs, because wheel speeds are to different when one goes over the flat an the other over the old concrete (bumpy) part in this sharp corner that has a strong sideways inclination. Porsche is where you should be driving and is on the mark at low speed\u003e Somebody who is good hitting apex but not in this car in this wheather.
Good driving skills. I'd love to take my 1.6 to the green hell sometime  too :D
hehe, skill you have a lot.\naltough i dont like european cars, i would choose an alfa over a german car ANY DAY.. \nwithout hesitation ^^\nthen i am talking about design.\nsince here where i live.. you dont see much else then a boring audi or a polo or golf..such boring cars to be honst.\nbut thats my opinion.
Valentino Valentino
very good !
Wiśnia WRC
Omg, that's why nice skill is worth much, much more than expensive car!\nDude, you're doing it right!\nGreetings!
Porsche driver has a poor skill, but isn't a fault.\nBut like a man is a twat, a weak, a jerk and this is a fault!!
combination of very well modified alfa, good driver and bad porsche driver.\nCause the porsche is alot faster if handeld properly...\nOr am i mistaken?
Youssef Joo
I hate those blocking road drivers..
aam voor
Hahahaha The Beetle is about to be squashed
Man but this guy can drive - smooth as silk and working making that Alfa sing and dance
La Porsche ha almeno 30-50 cv in piú. Sul misto la 156 è molto piú veloce.
Was it rental car this GT3? :) I just don't get it why he didn't want to let you pass. :)
Very well driven, using all the track and the kerbs where it's possible.  That Porsche driver is constantly over braking, I was half expecting you to whack him up the arse at a couple of points.  911 has a typically inexperienced driver, fast in a straight line and slow through the twisty's, but more to the point, arrogant and therefore dangerous to follow. He should have let you through at the start.  Hope you punched him in the face really fucking hard back in the pits! 
clay walsh
I was cheering for you on those bends faaaaakkin great chase\nkeep that Alfa flag flying high
Very good driving. Pushing almost at the limit, but not risking to crash your car or kill yourself. Very good, balanced, fast ride. Smooth shifting too. Nice! What mods do you have on your 156 ? 3.0 engine ? Not 3.2 ?
eepeni ysikuus
Do you use injectors from 3.0 or original ones from 2.5?  How about ECU, is it remapped or original.I'm interested because i have 156 with 3.0 motor from Alfa 166.  Injectors are original (from CF2 2.5) but ECU is remapped.In future, i will use bigger injectors from 3.0 with original ECU, i hope this combination will perform nicely.
just clocked the Alfa at 10:44 too. guilia?
hernan gamondi
Está claro que el del alfa tiene tres cosas: \nUnos huevos más grandes que su coche... Conoce bien el circuito... Y conduce como dios!!\nUn crack felicitaciones por esas manos...
hilt m
Great driving, you really had him in the corners. I drive a 156 from 99 and love it.
Move over poxy orange vw, holding up Alfa :( nice drive!
I'd bet the guys in those 2 GTVs you passed, both white ones if I'm not mistaken, must have had a hard on watching an Alfa chasing a GT3...
kle deli
intanto li stava nel culo a una porsche da 150000 euro minimo cretino che l'alfa la trovi a 2000 di euro imbecille.\n
Great driving skill
Fantastic!!! Excellent driver!!!\nCongratulations from Brazil!\nForza Alfa!!!!!
nobu s
Good job Alfaman , And what a sound your motor !!!
Caught the Porsche up very quickly, so the Alfa driver is lapping much faster than the Porsche driver. At 9' almost alongside! but,.. as they say 'catching is one thing and overtaking is another!' Clearly the Alfa is better driven and closer to the limits and the Porsche driver either doesn't want to risk his car or simply isn't good enough especially on the corners. So once the beetle is caught it cant get away -except for the straight where it leaves the 156 behind. End game: a stalemate and only a risky manouver on a corner might have got the Alfa in front, but its best to drive safe! !.
sren lehmann
Great driving. And a nice ride.. I absolutly just love the 156...\n\nPlease let me know if the shootout between your 156 and the Boxster S is ever gonna happen. I´ll be there cheering for the Alfa.....
the br
Is the alfa 2.5 v6 prepared?
tuna uygur
The Porsche looks at a turbo in the bottom of 0.75 bar. then collect the porsche from behind? attention should be paid to the porsche turboludur alfa is atmospheric. ALFA AN EARTH WERE CREATED FOR THE PIST COURESPORTİVO
excellent chase!!! goes to show how driving skill has so much more to do than how fast the car is! Either way, Alfa for life.
vinny b
Great video and driving.. I 164 qv and thrashed Porches and gave a BMW M5 a good race. German cars have no character.or soul.
Виталий Дойко
911 мог и пропустить...водитель классный!!!