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California Homeless Los Angeles

Democrats, just keep destroying everything they get their thieving hands on! Just like bringing in all the illegals & giving them everything for free before our own American’s. Sad, Sad!
1001words 1001cares
California must be purged, and all its insane leftist nutcases should be forced to work as blue collar workers in India.
Communism is NON-AMERICAN
How about walking thru there at night?
Alex N
Soon LA will be a place for new episodes of walking dead
Ammry 33
Wtf I live in a third world country and I'm gonna be honest we don't have this amount of poverty and homeless in our country
Arbor Mac
Its interesting to look at the google earth sat photos and goto the street view then click through the timeline. It all started in 2015. Check out the corner of Crocker st and 4th street from 2012-2018. It is very sad.
I heard a theory that Obama caused this. Republican and Democrat presidents are like strict parents vs relaxed parents. Obama was a very relaxed parent for the nation and consequently he raised lazy, unemployable children who are still living at home well into adulthood with no hope of independence from their parents.
Bear Who Cried Wolf
This is literally skid row, no shit it's bad, this the only part of Los Angeles with this much homelessness. Not all of LA is like this.
Bill Thompson
Homeless ,standing around all day with no purpose except being all registered to vote democrat.
Born Bred 113% Hollywood Local
It’s funny, liberals blame conservatives and rich people for the homeless population but they never seem to blame the people the voted for to run the damn city. So stupid
Carlos Pacheco
I used to think that in the USA you're free to succeed and you're free to fail. You can work hard and live in a mansion, or take drugs and do nothing all day and live on the street. It is your choice. Obviously these people are getting their food and drugs from somewhere, which is probably public money. Right? Food stamps, shelters, and other social programs. It wasn't that long ago that public vagrancy was a crime, now its a social condition. But now I see the sheer quantity of people on the streets and I get scared. If the EBT money ever runs out....
Chris Wyatt
I wouldn't lock my doors stay locked and loaded
Cole Petty
Wonder what would happen if all the Hollywood elites, Professional athletes, Democrats, liberal elites had to leave their gates to their homes unlocked, lay off their security guards, and live within the city limits?\nWhat if after they worked all week, received their paycheck and noticed 35 percent of it went for food,shelter and nice clothes and cars for illegal immigrants. Many illegal immigrants received all benefits from the American system \nIf a Republican panel would look into all US jails and see how many illegal immigrants were housed for serious crimes it would be astounding
Crystl Fire
THIS IS NOT happening in America but in CALIFORNIA! Conservative states would NEVER allow this NEVER! This is a third world country and Calif. is allowing this to happen. This is what obama wanted for this country. He tried his best to destroy the USA so we can be like other countries like South America and Africa but we saw what obama and hillary were doing while the republicans in Congress did nothing to stop them. SO WE decided to put a business man in office rather then another LYING politician!! President Trump is doing a GREAT JOB! Jerry Brown is doing a horrible, miserable job in Calif.!
Dan Bujor
So import more\u200b pakistanis they will solve the problems
David C.
That’s what happens when liberals take overs city.
Dee Bow 08
Standing around, we do that a lott here in Cali, it's called kick-in back..😁 I'm on my way outta this crazy place..can't wait.
Denzo D
Democrats are not fit to govern. They only serve to fill their own pockets and not solve the homelessness of their constituents. TIME TO VOTE ALL REPUBLICANS.!
Deon Van der Westhuizen
This can't be Harahe, the traffic lights are still working. Those people in the street tents still manage to have double the number of kids that housed people do.
Ed Cronin
My house is for sale in the East Bay Moveing out of California asap
Elvina D
And it's not only in America it's in Canada too!Trudeau has let the borders wide open and Québec housing is overflowing and now they are in Toronto Ontario and Doug Ford has said that all access are full so Trudeau is housing them for free in beautiful hotels and those who work there have said they are pissing and shitting in the hallways they are tearing electric baseboards off the walls, tearing off bed sheets,they smoke and they write on the walls they clog toilets and they had to call a plumber at $100.just to unclog it and so on and so on!It's terrible and I forgt to tell you about the bedbugs and they also have lice and cockroaches.It's the end of the world for us because we have never seen anything like it!They tear up Bibles and phone books!
Erik Hanger
if you come out here to California you will see a lot of young people walking around that do not have jobs because of the illegals that have them. but if you bring this up you're called a racist.
Frank N Stein
It's not just Downtown LA, it's across the whole city. CA has basically legalized hard drug use and petty theft destroying many one nice neighborhoods across the city. I have transients shooting heroin and smoking meth on my block. They steal bikes and break into cars on a daily basis. Cops say they cant do anything since prop 47. AB109 released all these criminals.. It's getting so bad I will have to move soon
Gavin Glover
I visited California a year ago, I wouldn't go back if someone paid me, from So. Dakota and it was like being in a different country, all the places I visited with the exception of Rodeo Drive and other various high income areas it was a similar experience to what was shown, people asking for money everywhere and some even went right back to doing drugs if you had nothing to give. Can't believe people that aren't millionaires willingly go here as a vacation or to live.
Gene Jones
This is the United States of America??? These demented liberal officials all need to be arrested for crimes against human beings!!!!! This has to be a third world country, actually no, it's California. Same on you all for electing officials that do not care about you!!!! May God forgive you!
Gerry Wexler
Where did they get the money to buy the tents? Better yet who gave them the tents ?
Hemi power
Good video ,more people need. To see the reality of the Democratic Party.Obama railed for almost 8 years against what he called the 1% people ,he thought they had too much money,you never hear about how much he is worth,a multi millionaire living in a multi million dollar mansion.
Hi There
being progressive = cesspool
Hyrum Wood
Los Angeles is a terrible place, to be avoided at all costs. I only go there when I literally have to.
Jason Robbins
Detroit,Chicago,st Louis, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Baltimore wherever the Democrats go and control destruction follows.
Jeff Renfro
It just shows you what kind of “Dung-Heap” All cities and states will eventually turn into when Liberals are in power in said City or State. They really don’t give a rats behind about people, they just want to be in power.. very sad they fool so many good people.
Jhayne Art of Life Thought and Inspiration
California is a demonic Cesspool!
Jo Litsinger
When this was filmed, SCAG was run by an actual Soviet born communist who want you out of your car and taking public transportation with these people. Now, he's gone to San Diego to work his magic there...for like a half million dollars in salary and benefits.
Joao Goncalves
It looks like crackland in downtown São Paulo, Brazil. Maybe President Donald THUMP could solve this problem someday, building walls around the city, LOL....
Starting to look like India ... and this is the USA ...WTF
John Bruh
Thank god I live in a nice red state instead of Cancerfornia
John Hernandez
Julia Bustos
Rents are outrageous. If you lose your job or an emergency occurs, all you need are two months to get you into the streets. Welfare has destroyed the people's incentive to work.
Keep on voting Democrat, and this is what you get People!.
Kalyssa S
Gotta ban these plastic straws though! Plastic straws are causing an economic downfall!
Karen Bling
They should camp outside cher and Mcdannas homes!!!
I just realized that my dog is a democrat... He just lays around and expects me to feed
Konstantine Karayianis
If I had to drive through that criminally infected area, I would absolutely have the windows up and doors locked.
Kyle Christiansen
California is not the richest state in the USA. You must have been joking.
Lorne Holtzclaw
Man years ago I used to drive semi truck coast to coast, went to California quite a bit. Do the last time I went there was 1997. It’s completely different now, very sad thank God I live in Kentucky where life is more sensible.
Man of Action
You boil a frog by turning up the heat gradually. ... Wake up, California, you are being bent over the table.
DeLeon needs to be arrested, tried, and thrown in prison with the rest of these California socialists that the people have put in power there. Or not and they can fall at the hands of the policies they voted for. That might be a better end to this as long as they don't leave and infect other states with their stupidity.
Melanie's XCryBabyX
I live in Colorado (im only 16) every Tuesday I go downtown and this is how it is yes their is less people but it saddens me how everytime I walk by the mall (16th street) I see homeless people looking in garbage bins. Also lots of trash on the ground and how weed is legal here not saying its bad but I can't trust giving my money out for it to go to weed.
Mia Kayal
They blame president Trump, they allow illegal emigration, and the same people complain about the condition of leaving in sanctuary cities. I am wondering who is gonna fix this problem, perhaps white people ???? \nI am wondering where they get the money for drugs? Some of them need help for mental problems but most of them are on drugs and I do not have any compassion for them. They should take some responsibilities for their own life, period.
Mike Johnson
Progressive liberals are the kiss of death.
LA is the Venezuela of North America! Got fooled by liberals lapping the money up by using illegals as a front! Even if you are living good, there's still mass crime in the streets!
Monica Medina
Many homeless people come to California, because of the climate. Very State has a crappy area. The big earthquake will take care of that problem.
Mr. Mike
Do your homework, pea brain. CA isn't the wealthiest state nor is the USA the wealthiest country.
Nick Soccer
I live in a condo complex in San Fernando Valley. it's getting bad here too. piles of garbage everywhere, dirty streets, city cleaning services gave up. the amount of homeless people I see is pretty scary. dozens of my neighbors who lived in the condos near me for decades have sold their places and moved away. another 3 are moving next month. I am also moving. so if you can afford it you need to move out of LA or California. USA is a vast and beautiful nation don't be stuck in this shit hole.
Nigg Jones
That Jew in Sacramento, Jerry Brown, claims that his gas tax hike will be used to \
No Excuses
I'm sorry this is in no way worse than a third world country tho this is horrible it's in no way a good comparison but really just the beginning to the start of one
Olivia Mantrano
This is how Democrats run a city in the US.
Paul's Colorado Photography
AAAaaaand they want to bring that to Colorado. Any California wonder why they are hated by so many of us in CO? This is why
Paulo M Vasconcellos
Absolutely a street slum, unfortunately. A rich and beautiful country that has gifted the world with a wonderful lifestyle does not deserve this. My opinion, excess of immigrants and outsourcing of products once \
Philip Jennings
California....the new 3rd world country....damn shame.
Phillip Scott
That video wasn't fair. You didn't show the populated homeless area you missed it by a couple of blocks you didn't show any public defecation which I've seen with my own eyes, and you didn't show any sidewalk oral sex which you usually see.
Pun Jab I
Jerry Brown needs to die already.
Raghnall MacPhadraig
Look at where they come from, that's what you get. Ever noticed the smell around communists?\n\nGeneral George Patton noticed it. And mentioned it in his diaries. He also told us where it comes from,\n\
Randy R
I will keep screaming an protesting until those out of touch leaders around the world wakes up. Apathy an selfishness is OUT
Welcome to the new 3rd world America the fallen nation.
Rick Scorpio
...Most of those homeless and miscreants lurking around are black. This is what happens when illegals are allowed to flood in and dominate the lower end labor markets. If you are not in a high skilled profession in California, you could easily end up on the streets!!!
Tender Turd
Let's hope Trump will clean this mess by the end of his second term.
I live in Brazil...and i can tell you: a lot of places here doesnt look that bad. (and im not talking about the great condos by the talking about the middle class areas)
Tony x
instead to mexico, build a wall around commiefornia
She's talking about spending a day in New York city and not wanting to go back to California? Don't get twisted might look like the big apple to YOU but Native New Yorkers (such as myself) call it the \
Wayne P
Yòur future if the demoncrats ever get power again
Wondering Woman
Just remember, when one of these fools says \
Yoshi Todo
Wealthiest nation. Is that what they tell you? Newsflash. 20 trillion USD national debt. And it's gonna get exponentially worse, soon. 😂
What a shocker, you import countless 3rd world thrash, then your once great city becomes a 3rd world shithole. Who would have seen that coming?
dani cali
Shame on all these effing celebrities who live in the Hollywood Hills, Malibu, Beverly Hills, etc for not helping out. How do they sleep at night in their mansions knowing that not far away, so many people are in tents in the streets. I think it's absolutely shameful. Anyone with lots of money who lives around here ought to be ashamed if you aren't helping.
fishing cat
The governments pays a lot of MONEY on ILLEGALS but what about our OWN Citizens?
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Rats in a cage. This video is as close as I'll ever get to California. Thank you for confirming what the reality of that cesspool is.
john dyer
Kick everybody out of their tents, take a street sweeper, push everything in a pile. Load it on a dump truck and dispose of it.
Sing along \
judy valencia
OMG! Thank God I live in Texas!
Democrats did this and you stupid people keep voting for them.
like it is
LMAO Cesspool they got what they deserved !!!
mister smith
Cali taxes don't fix broken roads, they go to the criminal illegal aliens
monsieur boeuf de tête
this is why i stay home.
This is why we need mandatory no children policy world wide for the next 60 years.\n\nThe world can't support more than 1 billion people and we now have 10 billion
peter Eat-her
California where criminals can be free... all criminals are welcome....
rAdiant Jet
This literally looks like the beginning of the movie \
scooter bum
sloopy skates
Arrest Jerry Brown and Feinstein
victor bruun
not very safe to stop like that at red lights around streetshitters.\nTotal wasteland all about, asphalt and cars... its like a empty dead desert without the peace and quiet of a real dead wasteland.
In England we have ads on the telly ti visit California live the American dream