Lady Chatterleys Lover: Trailer - BBC One

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Adam Petruchio
The Warden of the North for The King of the North lol
Alice Grace
I am so excited for this!!
Ohhhh yesssss!!! Should make for some good Dissertation distraction right here... :D
Angela Santos
yep. watching this.
Anjelia Rakic
I have read the book. This BBC adaptation does not give the book any justice. It is too romantic. There is not enough build up to Constance's and Oliver's sensual relationship. It does not show her unhappiness in the marriage. And Sir Clifford is way to nice. And in the short duration of the film a lot of the book has been left out. the 1993 version is a lot better. But it is 3.5h long.
Belle ‘
James Norton is still hot with a stash and no leg
Beta Brum
The book is amazing and nobody better than BBC to produce it a TV version. \nAnd there's Robb Stark there. In love already,
Booty Messiah
(SPOILERS TO GAME OF THRONES SEASON 3!!!!!! PLEASE I DONT WANT TO RUIN IT BECAUSE ITS SUCH A GOOD SHOW!)\n\n\n\nThis somewhat makes me happy Rob Stark died so he could be in this show.
Calvin and Hobbs
Didn't see the need for this version at all Bean and Richardson all the way......
Cherry Candy
Cinderella Prince's wrong with his beautiful sister Anastasia
So that's Ned Stark and now Rob Stark playing Mellors...
Dany Alnero
I hate movies about cheating just hate everything from this film!
I see u Edward Holcroft \u003e:) \u003c3
Faith's Movie Reviews
Wow...that was sexy. I cannot wait to watch this!!!
James Norton will make one heck of an interesting Clifford
Jade Olivia
oooo.. I'm watching this for Richard Madden. Man there should be a law for being so hot.
Jessica 29
Why can't I watch these BBC productions in Germany? I love the BBC movies/ tv series so much. ._____.
Julianne Coye
this looks good, but I have to say, why would ANYONE want to cheat on James Norton?
Oh my! The Lord has opened a window...
Lynn Keeling
Forget FSOG - this is a love story. Wonderful cast and acting is superb.
Makeda Cox
Seeing this just because of Richard Madden 😍
Mar ve
I'm watching this for Richard Madden.
Matilda Bond
I was so looking forward to this,BBC does period drama's better than anyone,however I found this tame and rather lack lustre,The character played by Madden did nothing for me.I was really disapointed.Bring back Poldark.Racy? not by my book.
Olena Ambrosova
Does anybody khow what the music is in the background of the trailer?
Pev Frontreman
Just came here for Robb Stark [Richard Madden] The king in the North.
R.J Wibberley
Prince Charming and Anastasia....did anyone else notice this?
Renan C. Maia
I just watched the 1981 film... It's very good!
Sfat Farma
Wolf at the Garden featuring Dan + Shay with Michael Ray
Sophie Smith
Rob stark and tommy lee royce
The Raven
Lucrezia Borgia and Robb Stark ! two of my favourite actors
When did they pass a law saying all trailers must be stitched together with shots lasting a maximum of ten frames?
BBC and period dramas go together like peanut butter and jelly.
Tibor Franek
Robb Stark is cheating on Talisa Maegyr, outrageous
Tiffany Krug
I wonder if there is a way to watch all these amazing shows in America? It doesn't play on our BBC channel :(
Tyler Ray
Will this be shown in America at all?
If the King of the North is in it, I have to watch it!
The Richardson&Bean version was quite good but this one looks interesting as well. Definitely going to check it out :)
Oh my! Richard!😍😍😍😍😍
ava gord
King of the north is here
dan taylor
karron pitman
I saw this movie on Netflix or Amazon Prime, can't remember which. I love Richard Madden in the role of the game sexy. I have tried to buy the video, but nothing available, except the BBC version which will not play here in the USA. Still searching to purchase it.
kaycee derp
because Richard Madden is here..that's enough reason for me to watch this.. *u*
malin nilsson
värkar bra synd att man inte bar bbc kanalen
Ahh BBC never disappoints.\nit's like the borgias cast meets the game of thrones cast on the set of downton abbey!
megz mackem
So Prince Charming cheats on Cinderella with Anastasia?
Thank god I saw the film before the trailer
Oh c'mon! This topic has been addressed in a bazillion films and tv shows already! Aren't people tired of cheating wives yet?
Lucrezia and Robb aka perfection.
Richard Madden is perfection!!
It's an absolutely beautiful movie. The costumes are gorgeous. I love period piece movies.
Robb Stark!