Saboteur 2 gameplay (PC Game, 1987)

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Gameplay for Saboteur 2, Dos PC game produced by Durell Software in 1987 -

... 1987 Arcade style Dos (Operating System) Dosbox Download Durell Software PC Game Platformer Saboteur 2 (Video Game) action Game (Video Game Genre)

Andreas Oliver
This game was really hard, i never finished.
Did you teabag that guard? You did! lol
Bred Tit
что за лошара играет? пиздец блять
Coenraad Loubser
Eeeek the music is a few octaves too high!
Daniel Viljoen
Okay now imagine playing this on a black and white screen and being 7 years old. fun times
Duke Nukem
Ha, people think games today are difficult, they clearly weren't around for titles like these. I'd like to see how the bulk of the current generation tackles the original Mega Man title.
John Ziggy
awesome!!! The first game that I played on a friends pc back in 1989!!!!!
How come the music at the start is different on other videos this is the music I remember :)
a the eardrum destroying pcspeaker music that you couldn't turn off :)