Alfa Romeo 156 2.5 V6 Vs. BMW E36 M3 Drag Race HD

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2013 - 05 - 18 [Hungary - Kiskunlacháza]

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Itt nem sajnos.
alfa 156.....
IT's not m3 ;). But alfa runed well ...
Andy Azad Khan
Hahahah that not a m3
Catalin Cata
If that E36 was an M3 it'll beat the shit out of that Alfa. Even an Alfa GTA can't keep up with an E36 M3.
Erich Glenewinkel
I love alfa's but the 2.5 V6 doesn't stand a chance against a M3. Either the BMW driver cannot drag race properly or it is a 325 or 330.
Filippo Ferro
Love the Alfa, but the bmw probably was not an M3 but a shitty one. anyway 156 top!
Francesco Bassano
ahahaha bmw always back!
Indy Pattiasina
It's not a bmw m3. it's a bmw 320. and the alfa is a 2.5 v6. so bmw with 150pk, and the alfa with 190pk. little tuning? than probaly 180pk for the bmw, and 220pk for the alfa. By the way and bmw m3 starts, accelaring insane much more than that bmw. And for a GTA the same. A tuned GTA would beat a standard M3. A tuned M3 would beat a GTA. BUT an Autodelta GTA would beat a tuned M3 everyday!!!!
Jan Banan
The Alfa has the GTA bodykit, which means the BMW is either a 328, or very unlikely a slow US spec M3.
Joci Gálosi
Mennyi lett a két idő? Lehet tudni?
Kostadin Petrov
alfa is runner 
Krisztián Kárai
This Alfa was mine, and had an 3.0 v6 24v engine. BMW was 325i, but imho had maximum 170 horses, because he run 16.0 :)
Luke A Edwards
Didn't look a fair start to me...
Lukáš Čejka
This is not BMW M3 but BMW E36 320 :DD
Mickey Ilic
Alfa the beast!! But probably BMW 325 .... not an M3
Mihail Petrov
Not m3
This is not a GTA beacuse GTA has a different bodykit.
N lj
Alfa 2.5 v6 have only 190hp ,while bmw m3 have 300hp hahah.
Oliviero Carrettoni
Pedro Moronta
jajajja in your Dreams Alfa Romeo beaat it all the time!\n
Petr Havlíček
Alfa Romeo 156 2.5 V6 is the best in my opinion !!!!
Re Bel
Alfa Romeo.
13.8 car lost to 15.8 car :)
Tiago Pinto
e pá não se para que que se metem com a alfa Romeo
Tiago Salgado
I don't care if its a M3 or not, because the 156 isn't a GTA, nether a 156 GTA autodelta 3.7.. By the way BMW M3, M5, AUDI S3, S4, R8 must be in shame.. look what AR 4C done with only 240hp.. look what AR GIULIA QV done.. and it's not all: 4C QV MUST be done with the based Ferrari motor of the GIULIA QV, and AR 6C will be done in the next years, so you don't have arguments to win ALFA ROMEO
WoLfriX WoLf
M3? :DDDD Impossible
daniel jordan nicol
thats a gta 3.2 busso and not an m3
elian luchkov
thats not an M3.I love alfa but if it was GTA still no chanse to beat m3
Ciao Ciao! See you later! (said the guy in the BMW) Alfa is the best!
kaszlacy dziadek
nessuno nessuno
m3 drag race???? facciamo un 320 normalissimo..
Вадик Шумахер
Альфа супер!!!!! 36 сосать будут все у Альф))))))