GEMS - Full Performance (Live on KEXP)

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Wow, incredible! I heard this song this weekend when I watched Before I Fall.
Adam Meisch
Glad I discovered this, just listened to their album and it's really good! \
Akilinen Kuolema
Esto es música relajante nivel ssj blue full power
Alexander Zinchenko
instant goosebumps
Austin Sillman
How nice!!
ниче так)
Big Wayne
This is some good shit!
Bill George
Breath taking!!
Charlie -Coyote- McKinnon
OMG! The range of her voice is truly amazing! I am going to post the shit out of this band, so they can get even more listeners. ❤️
Charlie Hively
this was better than I was expecting it to be!
What a great performance ! Love it !
Wonderful vocal , rhythm, melody, guitar, instruments....... perfect new music for me. These songs need good sound system to enjoy, not by the tiny iPhones. Thanks for beautiful music.
Daniel Jimenez Guerrero
T.H.A.T. voice 👅dou ;/\n 👍👋👏👐
Darrell Crenshaw
Please make more music!!!!
David Domino
Epic! seriously! I hope i hear more of you in future :D Good Luck you two !!!\nMy favorite is W/O u
Dennis Porter
My son and I share discoveries. For instance, last year I shared Wolf Alice, and now he's shared GEMS with me. May our tradition continue forever. Tremendous music here.
Effort Award
Holy Super epic cool sound. Remembering Birdlips transfixing ears at tea bazaar w 12string and nord. Magic.
Ekjot Singh
definitely not what I was expecting to hear!!!
Eliab Reyes Urzúa
I kinda love that sexy sound mix that this guys make between dark indie pop, alternative rock and New Wave thing.
Ellie May Carson
Makeup/no makeup/male/female/ying/yang/fascinating.
Felix B.
The movie \
Fermin Moreno
Great music, great band! - thank you
Five Eyes
This is pretty, pretty, pretty dang good! Really enjoyed it! Thanks, KEXP!
Franco Polichino
w o u now my favourite song ever
Phenomenal pairing. My favorite from a huge year in new music.....
Very nice, thanks!
George B
Very interesting sound, me likey
Get The Beat
Bravo! 😎 True Gems......
Gina Weber
Wow. Love them!!! This sound is so very sexy!
Hey Wolf Moon
The humming gives me chills.
Lekki szum w głosie wokalistki jest fantastyczny, mam wrażenie że naturalny i nie modyfikowany, reszta to syntetyk ale w sumie brzmienie utworów bardzo klimatyczne. \nBardzo mi się podoba.
Hillary Shields
This reminds me of something that would have played at The Bronze on Buffy \u003c3
IeL Nobre
4:47 damn she's not human! Perfect execution
Ivan Sanchez
i love Gems they need to be more recognized.....share and share and share. love her voice the guitar to scars.
I love this girl's voice. Congratulations guys, you made a beautiful music !!!
Jake Zook
Omg can't wait to se Dr. Dog again
James Scott
This is made for playing outdoors. Terrific sound, thanks very much.
WOW! NICE!... Thank you KEXP for showing me yet another new artist that I\n didn't previously know about, which I absolutely LOVE!... I wish I \ncould work there!... SOUNDS like fun! :)
John Allison
Pft... I love their songs so much, instead of popular songs that common people love. This dream pop 🌸
Jordan Leshea
The beginning gives me shivers and hits me omg
José Antonio Aguirre N.
This song took me to the state of the ether. No need to drug me.\nExcellent harmony
José Jerez
J'aime beaucoup... sa voix est incroyable
Like Kane
She looks like a hipster version of Celine Dion at certain angles.
Lipstick Revolution
Stellar name, they are truly gems!, lyrics and vocals are flawless
Lois Farrier
absolutely fell in love when i saw the movie before i fall
Loren McCline
todos los días escucho esta performance. me genera clima y me calma. Gracias. Es hermoso lo que hacen. Sigan haciéndolo. :)
Lucas Spurrell
O.O\n\nWow. Adding Gems to my list! Thanks again KEXP!!!!!
Luiz Paulo Martins
Amazing Amazing Amazing .............
LДен Якушик
Очень крутые!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Беларусь с Вами!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Marc Vander Linden
Thanks to KEXP to make me discover all these exceptional music!
Bewitching & luscious!! Love it
Mihaela Jermilova
I am so happy that I discovered this duo. Amazing music
These guys should team up with Haelos for a tour!
Спасибо за такую музыку. Супер. Переслушал десяток раз. Очень круто!
Noël Jonathan
The music is great, however I am a bit confused by everyone saying that she has such an awesome voice ? I mean both their voices are so drown in lots of differents effects that I feel like it's really not possibe to tell. With that said I still loved the music.
Pablo Rodríguez
Beautiful dream pop!
Paul Cronk
Hi I am from Brisbane Australia. Where can I hear more from these guys ? They are awesome !
Pedro Baptista
Awesome show...her beautiful voice sounds exactly like in the album.
Pušpo Kámen
I'm comming back every week to listen this
Rhynne Ross
You can't hate on this !
S Dailey
Amazing performance 😀
Sebastián Aristizábal
Infinite thanks to KEXP for bringing this and many other musicians!!!
Taric the Gay brought me here.
Sergey Smetanin
Listen next and next... it's amazing. thx for your work.
Flawless performance. Jesus.
Shawn Rodgers
I've never experienced Love before, but this is how I imagine it would be. The only thing missing is to be touched. Thank you!
Stefano Baron
Wooooow! fullfilling music!
so baffling that these guys aren't massively popular. amazing performance
This Lady's voice is so powerful
Totes Magee
I didn't know Anakin played guitar... (but seriously, great performance, most definitely checking these guys out)
Twin Peaks Revival Project Archives
Huge. Next level stuff guys!
Vaidas Gembickas
My year top music, I love these artists, I want more of your music tracks.
I love Gothic Metal and Progressive Metal and Doom Metal and Death Metal, but W/O U really struck a chord in me even though it is much softer than what I usually listen to.
Great Sound!
aaron ku
el sonido te lleva a donde necesitas ir.
Im fking in love with this!! what a feel \u003c3
First song is too good.
clark hall
Wow just wow!
Just bought their album! Thanks again to KEXP for turning me onto such great tunes.
These two are awesome! I couldn't love them more if I tried, and I just discovered them 4 days ago! ✌💜💛💚💙💟
This... this is hauntingly superb..
Great sound. Heard this on \
The best music will be on stations such as this, not SNL...
This is amaze - ing!!!!
jā carter
got some Robin Guthrie in his guitar, fantastic! Her voice def evokes the siren-pioneers of trip-hop in the 90s and early 00s
Really digging the sound, nice find!
matthew still
Are they dating ?
monkey dangus
4:22 Tim and Eric worthy 25 full seconds of maniaclly mashing buttons on the gear
Absolutely massive sound... This is a lesson on how to make every note count to the max. Fantastic, thank you Gems and KEXP!!
robert schultz
the reason i love bandcamp
tee hee
Łukasz Pakulski