Kostya Tszyu vs Ricky Hatton (Highlights)

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Kostya Tszyu vs Ricky Hatton (Highlights)Title: Kostya Tszyu vs Ricky Hatton (Highlights)Year: 2005-06-04Language: English

Kostya Tszyu Ricky Hatton Kostya Tszyu vs Ricky Hatton Kostya Tszyu vs Ricky Hatton Highlights Ts... Tszyu vs Ricky Hatton Tszyu vs Ricky Hatton Highlights

A Black
Hatton was a very dirty fighter and won that way.
Adam Richardson
Seriously, Hatton looked juiced in this fight. He walked through some good early shots from Tszyu but Mayweather dropped him with a soft check hook. Wtf.\nHe wasn't as sharp or as quick against Mayweather (the proof is in the pudding).\nTszyu made a mistake fighting Hatton in England.
Alberto Ortiz
Una pelea muy fea, los dejaron hacer de todo , golpes detrás de la cabeza, bajos etcétera.
Alexander Aruchidi
for a deliberate blow to the groin (7:55), if I were a judge. I would have given a disqualification to Hutson
Andy Brennand
Ricky was too brave for his own good
Anne Shaw
One thing worse than being a BUM. A dirty Bum. Hatton was a dirty BUM.\nManny showed what a bum Hatton was
I would have loved to have seen kostya tzysu vs Miguel cotto.
Bah Bah
Always a fan of Hatton as a person, but god he was awful to watch. If he had tougher refs, would he have won all those fights?
Bhimraj lama
Is this wrestling or boxing Hatton doesn't know how to box that's why Floyd and many know out him 😃😃😃
Bill Lee
Made Tszyu quit on his stool though
Bill Makatea
Hatton kept on clinching, that wasn't boxing that just showed a scared man
Billy Robert
hatton sucks
Boxa Khan
Hatton is like a GAY hugging every 5 seconds
Carlito Serezo
not a good boxer but a good wrestler always hug opponents.
Cocaine for my Breakfast
Hatton couldn't win this fight by it not being dirty, very overachieved boxer
Cum Shot
Young vs old... Karma? Julio César Chavez is the best of all time 89 - 0
DC Youngin'
Kostya was very old; atleast 12yrs. N. N it look like he was dehydrated. but ALL fighters fade.
Daryl Younger
Hatton looks the cowboy from the village people. Where did he get those trunks.....George street in Sydney?
Zoo was 1 of the finest 140lb fighters we've seen in his prime. He ruled that division at a time when ANYONE in the top 10 could have been champ. At this point in his career he was finished. But Hatton was no soft touch either, he knew how to win, even if he was a bit of a dirty fighter. Zoo i.m.o is up there with the greats of the 140lb division, Chavez,Whitaker, Floyd,PRYOR,Pacman.
Deus Mauka
Hatton is the dirty boxer.
Don Bui
Hatton is a dirty fighter .
Don Johnson
Lots of wrestling and rough messiness from Hatton. There wasn't much clean work in the fight at all. Just rough stuff with Hatton doing anything and everything to make Kostya feel as old as possible. Tszyu could not keep pace with it. Hatton just wore the guy out.
Ricky Hatton is nothing more than a bully.
Eileen Scovitch
he was high on the juice, look at the pupils of his eyes . this was a fix, but the gate was packman but it didn't happen for hat ton……….
Emy Saldua
Ricky Hatton \nA dirty fighter too
Fait Accompli
This isn’t boxing. More like tackling, pushing and grappling
FightDrills Fitness
You say hes dirty!? He got knocked the F out in 2 rounds by you know who!??. 🤣🤣
Fil Solano
Hatton was a bum! Tzu was a beast in his prime, this was just painful to watch, just when he destroyed Chávez.
Francis Fisher
Pacquiao took all the \
Gee Frazier
Hatton is a dirty fighter head buts elbows low blows
Gunslinger Girl
clinching is the most gayshit tactic in the world of boxing.
Kostya was at the end of his career, hadn’t fought for 12 months, sad to watch such a great boxer lose to a moron like hatton
J Prasad
prime Chavez would have put both of them to heaven
Jaku CB
Hatton, execrable tramposo.
Jimmy Haley
Lovely Limmie announcers,,,,
Jose Espinoza
La pelea mas sucia que he visto en mi vida
Juan Ledesma 1969 Juan
No importa como aiga peliado Hatton lo que paso es que ya kostya estava listo pal retiro y no pudo contra golpiarlo con su experiencia kostya hubiera jugado con el
Kiowhatta C
Kostya really struggled to make weight for this fight, had to fight at 2am so it could be aired in the states, and as has already been mentioned the referee was shockingly partisan along with 20,000 screaming, drunk pro-Hatton fans.\nNot only did Hatton use his head, but he also used his forearms, elbows, clinches and was genuinely dropped by a body shot, which was called a low blow.\nKostya ought to have used the same tactics he used against Sharmba Mitchell in their first fight, but I think he was gassed by the middle rounds. Kostya's walk around weight was about 80 kg's so you can imagine what he would have had to do to make 140.
Lance Watson
I disagree with almost everyone, I thought this was a great fight!
Lousy ref, lousy crowd. Hatton is obviously and visibly a dirty fighter. Biased ref, biased crowd. No points deductions for low blows. Ref scolded Tszyu for low blows and not Hatton. Tszyu had no chance in Manchester, trying to fight clean against a dirty brawler, a biased referee, and a biased, belligerent crowd. A total waste of time and energy for Tszyu. All Tszyu had to do to win this bout was to stay put, wait for Hatton's disorganized attack, and counter on the spot just as Hatton committed to released his first punch, as a bullfighter waits for the bull. Pacquiao did just this and knocked him TFO. Tszyu abandoned his fight plan, fought Hatton's fight, and wasted his time in Manchester. Tszyu should have stuck to his own game plan and fought Tszyu's fight, not Hatton's. Tszyu is a far better boxer than Hatton by far. He should have requested an early change of venue for this one from the very start of the negotiations. It was a big mistake to put his title on the line in Manchester, of all places.
Marlo Sangalang
Hatton is not a good fighter he is a good lover
Knockdown that should have gone to Tszyu's advantage in Round 7 goes to Hatton's benefit. Corruption in sports just never stops, does it? Voice your protest of corruption by avoiding all kinds of betting, or you'll remain suckers forever.
Pasha Pasovski
I would have pulled my fighter from the ring and stopped the fight! This dirty bullshit that home cooking allows is a no win situation !
Peace Loving
Pacquiao gave him a good lesson...
Peter Jongsma
Comments are BS.Ricky Hatton out slugged Kostya fair and square.Respect.
Peter Matahelumual
only two round for pacquiao
Que Huynh
hatton fight like kid holding too much,no tactic
R Greenup
Lesson for Horn from Hatton if he want's to fight the rush in style, it has to be all or nothing. Would this have worked against Crawford who like to fight at a distance.
Rain Man
Hatton is too dirty. He demonstrated everything I hate in boxing.
Ravi Gurung
Manny snapped Hatton like a rat ...
Red Cloud
People forget how ferocious Ricky is, they only remembered the 2 knockouts he suffered but ricky has achieved invincibility in 140, he was the lineal champ for a reason--the best of the best in that division. His first defeat was forgivable, Ricky himself believes he fought floyd in a weight limit that is higher than his best and the ref didn't allowed him to use his style. The second defeat was really unexpected for him, he ran into a wall(pacquiao), a little boxer who is just on his quest on climbing another division--his 140 division, it was laughable for ricky because in his mind, how is this little pacquiao is going to hurt him when a murderous puncher like kostya tszyu can't even dent him. Years later it was revealed that pacquiao is indeed a supreme talent when he continued devouring fighters higher than his weight stature. I think in the past it was hard for ricky to accept that defeat, but today it's easier knowing that he was beaten by a truly extraordinary once in a generation fighter.
I was hoping kostya would just body slam his ass and then quit. Hatton was not a good fighter
Romeo Ponce
Ruth Beeson
I'm a Hatton fan but just look how mayweather handled him all I say is mcgregor look out cus the way floyd fights at his pace and hardly ever been hit he is as fresh as a daisy
Bad boxing like chickens
Hatton is a dirty fighter
Salvador Monjaras
El primo hermano del canelo está pesado
Sean Merritt
Hatton obviously doped here ......
Sergei Solomonov
Hey Ricky, try this with Manny Pacquiao
Tarroy Bitay
Hatton is realy dirty fighter,he used elbow,headbutt idont like him
I wish Hatton got into Mma.
Thom Belleza
hatton is dirty figther
Tony Arevalo
stupid old ref must retire. dirty tactics of hatton didnt work on pacquiao
Wayne S
When Hatton got old we saw what happen to him. Age catches up with everyone, doesn't matter who you are.
Wilfred Ho
This is like the Jeff Horn and Manny Pacquiao fight.....hate it. The wrestler worn the fight. Headbutts, kept wrapping up Zu and mainly more wrestling than boxing....just like the Manny Pacquiao fought Horn....the referee just Ricky do what he wanted.
andrew gavin
this style never worked on manny...
araz sadiqli
judge slept all match
F**ck hatton !!!
Hatton , Dirtiest boxer ever....!!!!
broke wing
That dirty haton
craps 48
Hatton clinches alot
RIcky hatton capitalizes each time tszyu holds LMAO!
dexterz dex
Hatton tried a similar trick against pacquiao....
diego consafo
Terrible fight. It is obvious Hatton afraid to mix it up so he wrestled.
duck my sick
The Aussies only just out out of the stadium alive ...
herman hermit
Hatton style is like a past prime who're,loves hugging .. a dirty fighter
What about the pommie comentator
johnny cake
Terrible ref.
Kosta never fought again after this beating.
jomlo yg terhormat
Ricki haton🖓🖓🖓
kinda barabara
hahaha hatton not cheat to pacman hahaha
metal metal
hate hatton very dirty
oldmannofool oldmannofool
Hatton is a wrestler rather than a fighter
pit man
Kostya Tszyu was one of the best fighters ever. We all know he wasn't 100% against Hatton .
This was a real bruiser of a fight, mostly in-fighting and some bad low blows.
ron ron
hatton vs shawn porter is funny to watch
wayne welch
Even with a old Kostya, Hatton had to go ball hunting to get on top
Would of love to been able to see a Hatton vs porter fight....
zet zetov
Мейвезер показал, как надо работать с хаттоном
Геннадий Нефёдов
Грязнее боя и бойца я не видел! Это какая-то срань, а не бокс!
Михаил Тепляков
Хаттон сука по любому на стероидах был. Пидор блять.
Сережа Спасибо
Грязь какая! Хаттон не боксер.
Экспресс с кэфом
Хаттон даже не дышит, явно под чем то.
For Ricky, the scrum pressing is key to victory against Tszyu.\nIf Canelo do that, can beat GGG.