Walk Away - Christina Aguilera


aguilera christina singing song music with onscreen lyrics

Aaliyah Smith
Cry everytime I listen to this song because it makes me think about how I feel about this person even though I know it won't happen
Alana James
mmmm\nhow come in the last picture she got brown eyes?\nthere blue right...
Amber Brown
Christina is a BEAST!! This song is so deep and her vocal skills are AMAZING!
Anderson Jimenez
Angélique Nomade
This is it .
Armina Borruel
Beate Ellis
My live, but I am getting away from the poison......that man.....had enough......
This a perfect song to strip to 7u7
Carmen Smith
Now this song is so deep I can relate to this song right here!
Casara Mayer
This is my relationship with food.
Cass H
Top 3 fav songs of Christina. Takes me back to my teen years x
Cecilia Diggiss
That's the sound of my heels walking away....
Celia Fleur
I've been singing with her til .. \
Ch Harr
Cheri Lones
Christina B
Great song for Fifty Shades of Grey:)
Christina N
When you know you need to leave them bc they are toxic and only tear you apart. But you somehow find your way back..the pull..they have a grip. Never really letting you go...
Christina Padilla
I play this song over and over, Christina the best...
Dana Martinez
i total agree with you about the food girl
Donald D
Cool song, got me thinKin of j.brwn
EMPRESS, C Phillips
This is an amazing son!
Ellen Birkinshaw
Harley Quinn and the joker ❤️
Emma Donovan
This is for my daughter Ashleigh. Pls listen and think about what you are doing. we love you and very worried. MUM.xx
F. Mora
0:36 1:20
this is the type of music that should be playing on the radio
I'm not sure if this song is about love or drugs :)
\u003c3 greatt
Genie Gines
This song reminds me of HIM.... \nand it's still so powerful 15 yrs later.
George Shonia
gentle walks in my hear
Gorgi Joleski
Scott Storch !
Hannah Symcox
Reminds me of my break up \u003c/3
Holly Green
I forgot about this song... I love the lyrics and christina's voice. Making a Playlist for driving and going thru my YouTube favs. Oh I listened to this song everyday years ago. The lyrics were so close home.\n
Hélia Joana Pinto Alves
The lyrics describe somehow the state my life is in. I'm so sad :(
Igor Naedro
Ines Rossi
Jackie Sinvil
but I love this song \
Jackie lynn sinvil
this song gets me so emotional bruh I'm in this stupid ass relationship that i don't even know what's going on anymore i just can't let go😭
Jacquelyn Ramos
My life
Jassy Aguilera
I love this kind of Christina song
Jesselle Mata
Ariana's 'Into You' sounds like xtina's 'Your body' now this too. 'Dangerous Woman' sounds too familiar.
Joanna Andreou
Aguilera's voice is INCREDIBLE none grande or anyone else can reach this voice
Juan Catalan
My relationship with my phone & junk food........
Julie Ann
I healed... Yes, I healed from you!
Karma Queen
Can NEVER go wrong w/ Christina 💞
Kk Holliday
Krissy Whoo
2018 still jamming\nSinging my a$$$off on this jam!!!
My fav of Christina!
Leonel Alvarez Escobar
beautiful like Xtina!! so talent! so pretty god! so Aguilera! I love every word! every tone! every note! every part of this poetry! Xtina never stops! you can rock...
Malik Hauter
Love the song yesssss
Maria Zajac
the best voice in the world
Mariah Reyes
jersey 413. loves the way she conquers.this song. she's trully an amazing artist nd vocalist. she's one of a kind love her nd her music.
Mary Mertens
I agree Nica..
Mary Moore
Best singer i ever heard
Matthew Lapping
This is how I feel at the moment about a man that's I'm so addicted to but all he does is cause so much pain but it's hard to walk away
Megan Anderson
freaking gold! !!!
Miss Holly Wood
Love this.....
Ms Lightfoot
This song is my marriage of ten plus years I don’t walk away
Naj la
Natashia Taylor
Amen to this song
this should of been on the 50 shades of grey soundtrack!!!
Paweł Ryś
The best song of Christina Aguilera :)
QOTD by Tony Roberts
best in the game
The 'Stripped' album is a Classic!
Reda Okbani
Roxana Martinez
Hermosa Xtina!. 💖 Te adoroooo!!!... 😍
Ruthless XOXO
One of my favorite songs of Christina.She is a legend.What a marvellous voice \u003c3
Salvi Dok
Кристина - Талантище, браво, хочется слушать и слушать, владение вокальными данными, красиво, super! Love ❤️, Thank. RU. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Sammy M
Nothing can ever top this song.\n\nAlso does anyone else automatically except Fighter to start after it xD
Shante Barze
this is very deep.
Shawn Berman
Every so often there comes along that one song....
Shawn Lewis
this song is perfect so what im going through right now.
Sheena Whitby
This use to be me... its soo damn hard to walk away but it's what's needed inorder to be happy
Shelby Taylor
Shine Your Light Collective
I forgot all about this song. Really brings it back.
Titus Ware
One of my favorites, One of her best songs #Christina
Wesley Vantricht
Best song ever!!
Zoe Huson
akoli17 17
🤔🤔🤔 😨😨 Ariana Grande stole the tune from this song for her 'Dangerous woman' 😤😤😤😠😠😠
bell rod
She is amazing. This song is perfect for her voice
c cane
capi andrade
christinejoy tungpalan
I like the voice of christina
danny D
Every time I listen to this song I think of walking away.
jennah maurovic
this songs makes my heart break all over again :( been over a year now and for the first time in a long time I hve cried :S \n
Beethoven moonlight sonata
medulla oblongata
her voice is sooo beautiful but hmmmm..... i absolutely hate her eyebrowns.
morgan lewis
This song helped me through my abusive relationship. Technically it wasn't a relationship because I was a minor and he was over 18. Unfortunately I didn't know how to break loose. She is my idol, hands down.
robert van der woord
I'm dying, just like you.....
Its scary how this song describes my life perfectly...
sweet black
3:04 - 3:12
Don't miss Christina's new song (cover) :\