Ricky Hatton Knockouts

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Ricky Hatton at his best.

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Remember in Scotland in the pub watching some of his fights.....The Scots were going mental.. They Loved him.
Albert Hofmann
hattons a badman!
Alladin Batman
Well, for any athlete the reitrement age is 40. Shane Mosley and Winky Wright retired at 40. I mean Bernard Hopkins and Roy Jones Jr went over 40 and kept on fighting. If he doesn't feel satisfied with retirement and wants to keep on boxing he should. Shit reguardless of age, i still want too see a Hatton Fight. I'm american but i love british fighters like Naseem Ahmed,Ricky Hatton, Amir Khan, Kell Brook, Junior Witter.Lennox Lewis. Britain produces some amazing boxers.
English legend!
what a great fighter this is the they to remember Ricky, the most popular fighter in British boxing history
Big Boss Man
Such a ferocious all action entertaining fighter. Imo his Prime was 2004-2006.
Bingo Pajama
Ok, exciting to have a good English technician back.However, whether drugs prep or personal life were the downfall if you look at the start of this vid, the great Hatton is young/fresh.I loved the way he fought, BUT, he got beat by something that the likes of Mayweather and Pac do not.That in itself says something.McGuigan said,90% of an old Hatton could beat Pauli.The question is can 3 years out,33 years old = 90%. I think there are better boxers to focus on,Uk boxing needs new stars right now
Bodo Blaze
Big up Ricky!!\nBad man boxer!!\nCheckout my uploads, got some epic stuff aswel!!
Cendra Nuvol
A lefty to the floating ribs! NO CHANCE!
paquiao knocked hatton
Chris Hansen
The guy could have been a great if he knew how to defend at the higher level
Chris U
One of my all time favorite boxers.. The Fatman Hatton will rise again!
Clark Nebres
Ricky the legend, Born and bred in Manchester,
Carlsberg don't do comebacks but I'm guessing if they did Ricky Hatton would be very much left out of their advertising campaign.
Danny Payne
Can't wait to see the hitman in his comeback!
Darth Maul
watching this wow...then will watch pacquiao vs hatton next....then watch marquez vs pacquiao 4 next lol
David Dean
would have been great if he had a chin
Daz Brown
Have you not watched the video?
Dean Phillips
stunning fighter loved watching him, his body hits where awesome, very under rated, 
Dean of Mean Keith Jardine
Ricky Hatton has a respectful killer left hook and uppercut that really digs deep right into the liver
He is kinda underrated, he deserves more credit!
Hell Is Real
but can't use his body shots against Pac-Man....😂
Jake Locke
He some good body shot
Jameel Mirza
He was such an amazing fighter. It's a shame he had to come back cus seeing his disappointment after the Shenchenko fight was heart braking!!
Jay Jay haitch
will always love Ricky Hatton manchester hero
Joe Lewis
hatton fighting at 40? Still in his prime? You high? He has not looked after his body, fights rough, heavily scarred brows, and relys on outworking and manhandling his opponents, at 34 that will be much harder and to top it off he now has to fight at a weight he was never comfortable with. Even Hatton admitted what people thought that he wouldn't have a long career, certainly not past 30. I hope he proves me wrong but he will NEVER cause a solid world champ problems. even paper ones cud beat him
Johnny Concrete
amir khan would have laced hatton in tmo rounds
Juliane Ambalod
hatton vs juan manuel marquez would be an interesting one..
Katherine Kat
WB hatton\n
Kevin Jenkins
great boxer. and a very nice person. what a gentleman. what i love about ricky hes down to earth and never forgot his roots.
Klate Wilson
I would rather pay $500 to watch Ricky fight than $5 to watch Floyd Mayweather fight.
Hatton is exciting fighter!
Logan B
And then a little Filipino man comes along....
Lourens Vd Berg
Old ricky was good
Luke Ashton
Those body shots tho
Mark Mc Donnell
ye Hatton is one of my favourite boxers of all time fair enough he lost a few fights but so what 46 fights and lost two nothing to be ashamed off he got beat off mayweather and paqiuio two great fighters but he rocked mayweather and was winning the fight in the early stages but mayweather is a master of dodgeing punches and is a defensive fighter so the guy who called Ricky a bum doesn't really know about boxing at all
Matthew Redmond
he isnt the best boxer but he is the most entertaining in my opinion i love his aggression and how he always likes to block punches with his face
Megadethfans Areajoke
Hatton was so good because he went out to have fun while he was boxing. He took boxing series but it was fun to him
Mert Isiktas
I used ricky hattons bag 2 days ago ,its suprisingly light and its blue and white. Im honoured.
He is way past it mate. He has had so many years of being out of weight and unhealthy yoyo dieting do you really think he could last untill he is 40?
Funny how you fail to mention Ricky's record against Americans:-\n\nFought 12, won 11.
i would rather watch this than a live khan or brook fight.The boxing world welcomes back the vicious body shot.
My Opinion
Remember when he dismantled Paulie Maliganni 😂😂😂
you sick fuck\n
Oliver Stirling
Your comment's a bit embarrassing now, eh? Smashed in the Ashes, smashed in the Olympics. If we suck, Aussies bend over and take a full length.
Peter Ward
There's only one Ricky Hatton.................
RLF online
Hatton @ his peak would of knocked out anyone. Never known someone to have a body shot like him.
Reece Paterson Fitness & Motivation
Ricky Hatton was one of the best boxers I've ever seen, so humble, honest, down to earth, determined and he wasn't like any other celebs or boxers that think they're almost god-like.
Rich V
Great vid. There is only one ricky hatton
Richard Rich
May weather was heavier Hatton went up a weight.
Shark Attack
Great fighter great man.
Ricky won 7 out his 9 fights he had in the USA. Thanks ;)
Tino Perez
Do y'all know who his trainer will be?
Tony England
He was always exciting to watch
Fearless and relentless...No nonsense....
Wayne Holnes
Ricky Hatton is another mentally handicapped short bus driver from Manchester bum who never fought anyone and when he did of any note he was knocked out in 2 rounds.
i dont care what anyone says, Ricky Hatton is still a great fighter. hope he does well on his comeback.
ad da
one boxer with huge talent. shame he was drinking at his peak career, otherwise his record would have been most wins. from pak
ash farmer
not the best fighter, but so much aggressive energy and always goes forward, fearless, that's what you call a fighter 
hes officially out of retirement with a comeback fight in november!
cristophere mina
at least hatton have guts to face every opponent unlike mayweather his to affraid to loose and become chicken!!!
d horton
hall of fame fighting pride of manchester
danny matthews
I saw him jogging in Hyde the other day.... Go Ricky... 33 isn't that old.
Shame Hattons lifestyle caught up with him he was such a legend.
he was the hitman back in his prime he had a good legacy long live hatton
halo bekas
his a smack head,,hes fakin shit his nothing \n
jackie boy
My favourite 2 in this video has got to the the 2 devastating knockouts that went to the judges scorecards ☺
kevin wiskari
beats up everyone overseas then comes to the USA and gets his ass kicked
Hatton vs Canelo, would be interesting
lewis tedstone
the reff was a joke when he fought Mayweather better reff and Hatton would of done him in my oppinion!
mike ham
All you people asking if Hattons still got it... Hattons KNOWS hes got it still else he wouldnt be back, He seems as if hes in a much better place now whick is fantastic to see hos fights are allways great to watch all action bouts :)
That is a tough fight. I worry for Hatton. He can't possible be as good as he was in his peak. He seemed to lose some of his punch resistance in his last few fights.I think the partying caught up with him against Pacman.\n\nI really hope i'm wrong though, good bloke.
Dont knock Ricky Hatton,he never ducked a fight,he never hid from nobody he has fought them all and won most of them,Mayweather beating him and Pacquiao beating him theres no shame in that,as unlucky for Ricky these 2 are exceptional fighters,he always gave 100% fought to his strengths and very entertaining to watch,and don't be so quick to right off Kel Brook i think he may finally be starting to get his act together,but as yet he's unproven
Name of bgm at 0:04
raymond torrez
I agree with Kevin Ricky is awesome
rosemarie dagle
i want you to teach me hatton how to do that
rthyuj fnhjymuk
The aggression he has is unreal,Proper British fighter!
washed up bum, lost against the greats
simon gibb
Great Vid...
steve godfrey
That's how everyone will remember the hit man,he was awesome!
thats the story of about every UK fighter.
tom hancock
That's true. Hatton is an exciting fighter. He just got in over his head against Mayweather and Pacquiao. I think he'd knock out the lot of the rest of them. I'd like to see him knock out Amir Khan especially.
There should be nothing but respect for Hatton. Huge overachiever who made up for limited skill with huge heart and determination. He could've milked his popularity for all it's worth and defended his title 10-15 times in Manchester against nobodies. Instead he went out of his way to fight the best, he might've lost but at least he tried to please his fans, unlike Mayweather and Pacquiao. Anybody shooting down his achievements is a hater, simple as.